Saturday, November 8, 2008

Electric Lady Land!

I was searching for a cheap Doll AO (didn't find one :P) when I came a cross this store called Electric Lady Land. Everything was really inexpensive and they also had a bunch of freebies. My three favorites were the bunny inspired ones.

The first one is a simple pink sexy type bunny. Fluffy toed shoes included!

The third is a big poofy gown (that can also be worn in the "sexy bunny" style if you remove the skirt).
And the third is my fave, the tier skirt is super cute.OH! And even though I did not find a cheap doll AO, I did get this free doll key from Designina!Pretty rad, huh?

Pink bunny skin by SkinSane, not free (but still on sale by one get one!)

Goth skin by Little Bird, previous lucky chair gift

Hair free from Analog Dog freeball

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