Saturday, November 22, 2008

Soft Touch Hunt

One of my fave people in SL owns a great skin store called Soft Touch Skins. She has decided to have a hunt for 11 packs of her skins! Yes, not just single skins, but PACKS.

This is NOT a free hunt. The prices range from 1L-100L and are spread between 5 different locations. The skins include discontinued packs as well as brand new ones and the 1L one is a male skin (at Sarah Nerds).

The skins are hidden in white boxes and are pretty easy to find. There is a list of the locations and how many boxes are in each location on the Soft Touch Blog.

Also join the subscribo while you are there to keep up to date and to receive lots of group gift love. AND if you join the regular group you get more gifts. Wait! There's more! She also has item camping, picks rewards, and a 10L box with limited edition skins that changes about once a month. That's a lot of skin love from a really cool lady!

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