Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latex Love

So, my friend told me she found some free boots and gave me an LM. I went there and the boots are AWESOME. But a warning: the place is very....mature. So if you are easily offended, then you might want to skip these boots.

Anyway, these boots are the monthly freebie from a place called SHI. They are really nice and seem to be good quality. Also free there is a collar with slave hud and master hud as well as leash.

I am wearing the boots with an outfit that is free in the notices from a place called Kayliwulf Kingdom. I have been going to KK ever since I was a noob pretty much. Joining their group is a must. They have TONS of freebies in store, as well as freebies given regularly out in the group. All of it is latex. There is even stuff for boys too!

I had to show a close up of the back of the boots because they are hot.

And here is a close up of this freebie skin from [Whimsy] which I am still in love with. it comes in four tones and is available for 1L currently at the Crush Row location.

Hair from the Calla gift in the SOM.

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