Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Give Up

I have been waiting and waiting to win the new items in the Katat0nik chair so i could take a photo for you all, but i can't seem to win and I'm itching to post!! So...I am going to do a heinous thing and post the sales ad instead of a pic. I's bad; however, I feel the need to inform our loyal readers and I have failed at winning :(

Anyway, the above dress is one of the super gorgeous awesome items to be won in the Katat0nik Santa Claus lucky chair. There are also three jumper dresses like this which are on sale for 100L only through this weekend. After that their price will go up a whole bunch.

There are also adorable winter themed katty dolls you can win in the chair, as well as a cute abominable snow man. AND if that wasn't enough awesome, there is a random prize orb which will give out katty dolls to people in the whole Axis Mundi SIM, not just the Katat0nik store. So if you feel like shopping for those purple Axis Mundi exclusive Lazy Places boots, you still have a chance at winning the cute dollies.

Look! I won one! (And yes, that is last night's skanky sue me :P)

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