Monday, November 24, 2008

Something Different I usually post freebies finds that are either clothes, skin/hair/other body parts, or food related, but today I found some cute lil things I want to share that don't fit into those categories.

For those of you wanting more fashionable finds, hold your horses I'll post some in a bit! :P

First up we have these cute candles from Picnic. The flames come in either red, blue, or yellow glow, and they have a matching colored light glow around the bottom. They are only 2 prims, but they also come without the bottom glow option to make them only 1 prim each. I'm not usually a candle fan, but I thought these were kinda neat.

Also at Picnic was this pose stand for 3L. Yes, i know, it only has the default editing pose stand pose in it, but for some reason it struck my fancy. I thought maybe if someone had like an old fashioned theme in their house they could use this. I dunno. I have random fits of being interested in stuff that I normally wouldn't find exciting. Whatev.

Then I went over to a store called Plod and found a couple fun things. This box is really cute, the animation is different from most cardboard box freebies you find around. It makes me look cute! hahaha

Also at Plod was this tree stump pose stand. I have one kind of like it from BP* that people always compliment me on, so I thought I would show a cute free version for everyone!

And finally, a combo of Picnic and Plod. The Christmas tree is and adorable freebie from Plod and the background texture is a freebie from Picnic. Apparently they are giving away this nice texture because it had been ripped and someone was selling it, so they thought pfft screw that we'll just give it away then! I hate thieves so much. Seriosuly. /me stabs thieves were her thief stabbing stabber.

OK, now I promise you all fashion :P

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