Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skin Party!!!

OK, a quick post because I need a nap soooo bad.

Here are four skins, from 3 different designers, that I have recently come across that I think you will enjoy.

This one is a lucky chair prize from Blizzard of Auz, which is right across from the super awesome Dilly Dolls store. I am not usually into Drow (is that how it's spelled?) skins, but this one is just really nice.

This one is a 7seas fishing prize from Lunacy Skins and Shapes. There are actually several different skins to be won from their fishing area and manicures as well. If you are not into 7seas already...what are you waiting for? it's awesome.

The last 2 are from the notices of a group called Marianela. Seriosuly..join this group. These skins are apparently just the beta test skins...can you imagine the final product?? So gorgeous. TY Sophia for showing me these!!

OK, hope you all have some skin time fun time awesome times. I need to sleep before I turn into a rotted pile of prunes or something. Ciao!

Hair in first two pictures from Old Gravy, not free (but not very expensive if I recall correctly!)

Hair in last two pictures from Zero Style, free for the whole fatpack!

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