Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slow Kitchen New Lucky Chair Fun!

So. You may know by now that I enjoy the foodstuffs that can be found in SL. Therefore, I was very excited when Wrenja pointed out the newest Slow Kitchen lucky chair items to me. Weeeee! Cooking glee!

This fabulous gifty includes the cute apron, whisk, mixing bowl, and even a frosting dollop for the tip of your nose! I can't not smile at this.

And for the festive Martha Stewart types, you can win this so cute platter! It has a cake topped with Christmas decorations on it, and even a stack of plates too! I'm in love.

If the cake on the platter is too small for you, check out Wrenja on this chair prize! She's celebrating her birthday! It's actually today, so its only appropriate she got a cake!

The chair also has fantastic snow flake earrings which can be seen here on Wrenny, as well as a big snowman which I have yet to win.

If you don't have time to stalk this chair btw, all items are for sale at decent prices.

Hair and dress by Katat0nik.

Skin from Marianela group notices

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