Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ornamental pretties

I first learned of Oranmental Life on the now deceased Linden Lifestyles blog, and was taken by her commanding use of color. Last night I peaked in an found a couple of things for you guys. She has a couple of cute tops as freebies on the coffee table to the left of the store. First up there is a pretty pretty cami, and everyone needs a pretty pretty cami.

Next there is the totally cute Space Cat tank. I love this tank so much! It's totally adorable, and freeeee!

While I was bunking around, I noticed there is a sale on select items! 50% off! RAWK. Not for my L count, but I couldn't pass up these gorgeous dresses. Right now they are 110L each, a vast improvement over 220L each.

The come with two skirt options as well as different layering options. The colors in these gowns is so phenomenal. Its so rare you see color used like this, I love it.

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