Saturday, January 31, 2009


Its cold, there is snow and there you are plodding through the cold, cold day, well now you can make that plodding a little more manageable with these adorable boots from, where else, Plod!
This hunt works the same as the last Plod hunt, and the other Sick hunts. This time though when you have all of your presents and are ready to get your item, you'll go to the red box on the end of the pier, to click and claim!


I'm a pretty princess

I'm feeling like hell today, but I got lucky as I found a couple of nice gifties in my inventory from some nice designers who must have been psychic and KNEW I was just not in a place to be spending hours on blogging! So thaaaaank you x\

So Lemania Indigo has a special dollarbie for EVERYONE today. Today as in January 31st, today as in TODAY ONLY. Its this beautiful princess dress, and like I said TODAY. ONLY. So don't dawdle, go get it NOW. Its important that you get it now too, why? Because I see you eying the jewelry I'm wearing.
You like it huh? Well, if you wear this dress into Blood Diamond today you can get the necklace and earrings as well! The catch? Like I said, you have to be wearing the dress, and you have to find Endra, the owner of the store! You know you want them. I knew I wanted them, and I'm happy to have them. Same with all of the other Blood Diamond jewelry I own. There are lots of other freebies in the shop as well, so stick around and check the rest of the store out while you're there.
You might also find Endra Here.


So Japan Seychelles sim is having a hunt! And one of my lovey love stores Slow Kitchen is participating. In fact, I think all of the stores on the sim are participating! I found a few things before my computer started to go sloooow so here they are:

Slow Kitchen dress!

Rily dress!


And this bracelet is also a group gift from Slow Kitchen. Shell-tastic!

I am not including individual slurls for each store, just for the sim itself since it is a sim wide hunt.


So SkinSane has released a new line of skins and to celebrate there are some new cheapies and dollarbies!

The skin in the first photo is 50L, but you have to be a group member to buy it. The other two skins are only 1L each for everyone! The pasties are also 1L. All the skins from the old skin line have been permanently reduced to 650L.

The pearl jewelry is a subscribo gift from DM Designs, which is located inside of Reasonable Desires. I think it is hot!

P.S.-Something I am wearing in this post is a hidden dollarbie at Nightshade designs, but since it is hidden I can't tell you what heehee.

Friday, January 30, 2009


This is getting a bit out of hand. Every time I hop over to Tigerclaw there is something NEW and usually FREE! The mind BOGGLES over all of the new awesome and free stuff that is there right now. SINCE my last post, how many days ago? Three?

Ugh *Falls over*

So when you land you'll see this awesome hover bike! Its only 10L ugh, and its fantastic, it doesn't fall into the water or anything as you can see! 10L! AHHH!

Once again you'll hit up the teleporter and go up to the house with the shelf of freebies. Instead of 4, you will now find like... NINETEEN. WTF. 19?! Yep, nineteen, all manner of toys, houses and other fun things.

Just when you thought the bunnies might be tapering off? HAH! Now you can have bunny options, OR you can be a mousie (in your face haters) :3 they are both so cute, I can hardly stand, and yes, you can wear clothes on top of them buahahaha. SLSecrets be DAMNED! Also, its somewhat good news for all the people who missed out on a bunny av!
you're also going to find a bunch of really cute, small houses, furniture, posing sets. I don't even know where to begin. I was totally lucky enough to meet the owner today when I was double checking my stuff before I posted, and Gon is adorable!
so yeah, go back to Tigerclaw, hell, you might as well just move in, cause its not like you have much of a choice. There will probably be something new tomorrow too... I dunno if I can keep this pace up! xd

Picture Perfect

So Lecosse Designs has a pretty steady following on SLX for their unique picture frames, and their success on SLX has enabled them to open their very own inworld shop.

Obviously, having a reason to celebrate, they're going to be having a party tomorrow from 3 to 5 pm SLT with music and trivia to win picture frames! Also, they're having 50% off sale on selected items, one frame in every vendor. Can't be around for the party? Well you have a couple of options.

This darling picture frame is just 1L until February 15th! So at the very least, drop by Lecosse Designs to pick this up! Its totally gorgeous. There is also a lucky chair that is set at 5 minutes, so you're bound to get something without dropping days in the store!

oooh i has a lazy >.>

or its just that I'm totally overwhelmed with everything going on right now, its just been hard to sit down and get a post in! But here I am, here to give you the new hotness :O

There is a store I've been watching for awhile now, they have a couple of freebies in the store, but they always escaped me when I was sorting through my stuff to blog. This morning though, I got a note card informing me of a sale. 50% through Sunday, at Adore & Abhor.Nurse Grenade(White) -188L

It was totally exciting getting to go buy all the things I'd lusted over for so long! The prices were MORE than reasonable, and the quality? Well, god. Just LOOK at that naughty nurse up there. Not only is the set HOT, you can get it in black too. What makes it even better? It comes with TWO really nice skins. Not the one I'm wearing tho, you know how I am, can't get me out of Nomine, sorry!

I love me some Union Jack, and when I bought it, I thought I was only getting the top, but it came with pants and the belt too, hoooooot. There is also a dress version, that I considered getting, but this set struck my fancy.

Finally, probably some of the prettiest wings I've seen lately! They are color change to boot! I almost bought the the first time I saw them, but I'm glad that I held off, totally worth the L dropped! So yeah, Adore & Abhor is awesome, they're participating in the Saturday Bazaar, but their sale is lasting from now until sometime Sunday, so don't procrastinate!


Pose Type Goodness!

The new store On The Cover (which Pru previously blogged) has MORE free and dollarbie goodness than you can shake a stick at. Any kind of stick! (Ah, I crack myself up)

Here is the prize you receive for winning the lucky fortune machine, a fab set of pin-up poses:

Here is a Halle Berry dollarbie:

An Usher Dollarbie:

And a Ginger Spice dollarbie:

There is also a lucky chair (yay!) but there were other S's waiting so I figured I'd go back and stalk it later. AND there is a midnight mania with a..get this...JESSICA RABBIT pose in it!!! Those who have known me the longest in SL know of my obsession with all things Jessica Rabbit. I got down there and clicked that thing so fast my pretty little SL wig spun. I promise to show you a picture tomorrow when I receive the prize!!

Past dollarbies still available!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Midnight Manias

Here are a few MM boards to click today.

333 Designs has another cute lingerie set for you in their board. YAY! Comes with sheer and really sheer options.

Stina's Gorean Fashions has this set in the MM that made me make a wild face! ARR! Could make for some fun role play *wink,wink*

And also Flaming Designs has this set if you haven't been a sweet enough girlfriend this year. Whipped cream and strawberries, can't go wrong.

Ztique and Fairies!

Ztique sent out this hat and shoes set in their subscribo an I LOVE them. The hat makes me squee.

And look at those shoes!! The jacket in the above picture is free from Sunnyday Sunday and the lingerie only 99L at Reasonable Desires.

And FAIRIES!!! Namiya's Fancy Goods has three lucky boards with a different following fairy in each one. This black fairy is in the center board which changes letters every ONE minute, so it shouldn't take too long to get it. And the head fairy is color change and only 30L :D

You gotta love it!

Junwave Cheapies!

Junwave's latest release is set for sale at only 30L for a limited time! This cute hair is only available in this color, but the color is a good one, so that rocks.

Next to this style is another style that costs 100L, but you get three different colors and 2 hair bows in the pack! This style makes me feel very old-days Bardot.

The collar is available at Blood Diamond Jewelry, not free but i think it could make an awesome gift for your little subbie girl ;)

The lingerie is just a small sneak peek of something being released by Reasonable Desires tomorrow I will want this.


Unfortunately today us girls are all busy, but in a quick rush before I head off, Sileny dropped a NC on. Today is the Grande Opening of the village of Petite Chou. For today, in celebration many of the stores are presenting dollarbies. You have to look for them, and I'm sad to say I have yet to actually pick many up as I am late and must leave pronto. So! Go here, wander around and collect all of the dollarbies creators have left out. Tonight I will try to update this before the days event is over so you can decide if you want to go spend your pretty dollars. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Today ONLY for dollarbies.


A-Bomb and BDJ

Ok, a couple things real quick!

A-Bomb had a bunch of cute tees on sale for 10L for a limited time and one of them is only 1L...and i felt it was pretty funny...


And the black color of the new ballet boots is currently only 100L. I love ballet boots so I swooped over to the store as soon as this popped its head into my inbox.

Also today, go stalk the new chair at Blood Diamond Jewelry. The scarf wrap pearl necklace is in the lucky chair and it is just so pretty. I love the styles of all their various pearl necklaces, but this style is one of my fave (I have all but one color so far haha).

OK, keep it awesome.

P.S.- The skin in the BDJ picture is from the Nomine lucky chair, which still has all of the awesome Xmas skins in case you missed some.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hatpins (and Durex :O )

Elliandra IM'd me in appreciation of my pink post before this one, and put on a mini fashion show for me. Sadly, something was up with my settings when taking the photos for this post, but nonetheless Elli was an outstanding model. You doll you. She was gushing over Hatpins. If you haven't been, they provide wonderfully made hats, among other accesories. Below is the latest group gift and newest dollarbie. The LC has some other gorgeous hats in it, and at the Haute Coutour Sim location, there are two 90 minute camps worth hitting. Sadly, I don't have to time to fetch any of it now as I am working my buns off on something big!

Below Ellie is modeling the latest group gift. An amazing steampunk/victorian themed top hat with moving gears. The group DOES cost to join, but it's worth it.

Also, there is a new dollarbie hat out. A cute Poorboy hat.


On a side note, my love sent me a link to a commercial on YouTube, and well... I died. If you are white gloved and can't stand any kind of sexual innuendo or humor, don't click here. (It's safe to watch, it's on YouTube after all.)

Frilly Froo Froo.

A few weeks ago when we hit 500 posts, we celebrated with a nudifest on the blog. In the same post, we casually introduced the "Dress Us" idea. While very few people responded, one person bravely suggested we dress me up in pink, frilly.. crap. Being a trooper, I followed through with the request as I couldn't let our dear friend Elli down. So, enjoy.

(This post portrays a request of a "Dress Me" post, and not our usually freebie or bargain blogged items. How I got this dress is beyond me as it was deleted moments after the photos. While lovely, I don't do pink dresses. The shoes are and old group gift from Periquita, and the box I am in is from Zanzo LC. Hair is from Truth.)


DZ Skins and Bubblegum

So while waiting in line to camp at a different skin store, someone told me about a place called DZ Skins. i had never heard of it, so I went to check it out. So much free goodness! Skins, shapes, and manicures were everywhere and freeeee! I am not modeling the shapes in any of these pictures, just the skins, but there are some cute free shapes for sure! Even male ones :O

This skin is a 20 minute item camp (the rest are just straight up free). It is called BJ...but keep your minds out of the gutter >:D

Here are some of the other super cool skins you can get for free. There is a huge variety of skin tones, so everyone should be able to find a shade they like.


And if you need something to wear with your new skins, go check out Bubblegum Boutique and grab this free red gown. Saucy!

OK everyone feel the love.

I Like-a These Goodies!

Last night I got TP'd to a group only lucky board at LikeA. I was man now I have to shuffle groups. But I did. And it was cool! I won these great pants (which are unisex, btw!).

And there is a group gift near the board too. These cargo pants are also unisex, and I love the cute little sculpted pockets. The belt is 10L at JC Project's new store. An the skin is a previous Halloween gift from Chipp'd, which is surprisingly still free and available!
The animated sucker is also free from Blow-Up.

*CBW* New Gift!

Today is the most awesome skin day ever. Anyway.

Custom Body Works (*CBW*) sent out ANOTHER skin in their subscribo. It is super cute with hearts and awesome.

And ALL of the past subscribo gifts are still available :O Check them out here:

Well, the one with the neutral lips and smokey eyes on the upper right is an item camp. 100 minutes will get you your choice of several different makeups, and in my opinion is totally worth the time. Buy some stuff too while you are there! on my stump for a second..PLEASE BUY STUFF. So many shops are closing in SL and it is getting really heartbreaking. So like if there is a store you really like and you have been putting off a purchase, now is the time. Show the people who keep your av beautiful for free some Linden love. Even if you have like 5L to spare, drop it in a tip cup or something. Now is the time and we all can make a difference! Go splurge! No where on the planet is it easier to splurge than in SL..five RL dollars can get you some major awesome in SL. :D

OK, off of stump now.

Romi Camp!

Romi has a new group gift, only this time you have to camp for it! They have a new main store and upstairs is a 20 minute item camp for this AMAZING skin, called Romi 5. There is a shape included as well, but I am not wearing it.

I am in love with Romi officially. The camping is group only but joining the group is so worth it because there are past group gifts as well (that will expire on January 31st so get them fast!!!) and the for sale skins are really inexpensive, ranging in price from 300L-1000L (most are 600L-800L I think, and they have men's skins too!).

So go, join, run, camp, love.

Discord Yummies

Ok so I think a ton of people have blogged this, but I don't care because I finally tried it on and it's hot so :P

Discord has a billion gifts and lucky chairs/boards at their store, but they also released a new 2000 members group gift. It is so hot. Ok enough outta my mouth, onto the cute!

And green too!

Gotta love them. So many pieces, so much love.