Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year, New Things

So I've decided this is to be my final post on Love/Hate until or unless the owner, Wrenja returns. (It's been over a year, I'm so faithful. x: ) Thank you to anyone out there still watching for updates.
I'm going to be continuing the freebie thing over on my own blog, realistically at about the same rate (one post a month, go me!) but optimistically a little bit more (let's make it two!). I'll be throwing in some fashion posts, observational rants and questions and some other stuff. Possibly. Many thanks if you wish to follow me in my Second Life over at Trickett Blogs Stuff.

On to the good stuff...
Priss is a store I've been watching lately. The clothing is earthly-hippy-bohemian, sometimes comfortable and modest, sometimes elegant and vintage and all impeccably made. As far as I can tell, all the textures are unique to Priss.
The stock is spread out in stores across the grid including the main store at Taejin and satellite stores at Warrumbungles and Cupcake. You can find all the stores in Erin Winterwolf, the designer's picks, for future reference. :3

This is the prize for The Millenium Hunt, which ends on the 31st and is hosted by the For The Love Of... (or FTLO for short) hunt collective.
This hunt is different to most hunts in Second Life. In each participating store, one of the vendors has been repriced to 1L. Your task is to mouse-over the vendors and find the 1L thing. :3 This means for the awesome price of 1L, you can get the original item being sold and the bonus hunt prize. :D
For a list of all the participating stores and the prizes hidden in the vendors you can check out this post at The Rumor blog. (Er, The Rumor is going through some renovations so some of the picture links are broken but it does list all the stores and if you see stores in there you like, you should definitely drop them a visit. x: )

I was browsing the forums a few weeks ago and I came across a post asking for free faun stuff. One of the comments helpfully provided a SLURL to the store In The Fur Enterprises.
There is a male and female version for 1L each. The box contains hooves (in leg and hoof pieces), horns, a tail, a skin and shape and prim eyes. The legs are mod/copy but the horns and skin are no copy/no mod.
The skin wasn't especially flattering on me so I've opted for another sin in my inventory and a pair of tinted white socks, however it does include the original fur for the legs, which goes up to the hips.
The hooves have invisi-prims but you can remove these by rezzing them, going to edit mode, selecting "edit linked", going to the build menu at the top and selecting "unlink" and deleting the invisi-prim. Then deselect "edit linked" and pick the leg/hoof back up. :3 You will need to provide your own alpha layers, I advise checking in folders of boots you may already own. I did have to shrink these legs (actually it might have been just the hoof part) to fit me but I do like the shape a lot. The hooves themselves have rather long dewclaws suggesting, to me, these would be well suited to deer, as I think goats tend to have more subtle, stubby dewclaws.
I also really like the horns, they're an attractive shape and the texturing is quite beautiful. :3
The dress in this picture comes from Priss too but is set to full price of 160L. An alpha layer is provided for the Priss dresses to help combat the avatar mesh moving outside of the prims however if you have an AO that moves quite a bit, you may experience some ghost legs. x: I found the prims fitted me very well and didn't need to be resized although an avatar with a larger stomach may have problems and need to mod. This outfit came full modify for me although some others (such as the dress) may have resizer scripts.

And on a final note, I recently joined the Second Life Roller Derby Association and have been helping out as PR Assistant. :3 The Second Life Roller Derby Association (or SLRDA) is SL's first roller derby league and we aim to replicate the fun and community of roller derby within Second Life. :3

Currently we are in between seasons and in between HQs so I'd advise anyone wanting to sign-up to join the in-world group and sit tight for a few more days. :3 In the meantime, we have a Facebook and a Tumblr you can follow and more excitingly, we have a mash up bout tonight and you're welcome to come watch the punks battle the disco divas! 6PM SLT at Mad Hell Razor rink. :3


Mustard dress and bag // Priss // The Millennium Hunt (1L)
Cream dress/ Priss // 160L
Hooves and horns // In The Fur Enterprises /// 1L

Oh, hey, this thing has spellcheck...