Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Treats

There are two great events you've got to hit before the night is over!

Left - Twosome - Longshirt - Black -FREE
Jacket - *Fishy Strawberry* Decadence Mongolian Fur - Coal - $50L
Pants - *Fishy Strawberry* Benatar Leather Pants - Gun - $50L

Right - *Fishy Strawberry* Cuddle Maxipull - Black - $50L

First up, Fishy Strawberry has marked down everything that's black in the shop to just $50L! So much great stuff to get. Even the new stuff is available at the sale price! Woot! :D

Jeans - *Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans - Charcoal - $50L
1 - ::SUGARCUBE - Sugar. puff sleeve tunic [ Orange ] - FREE (Hodgepodge Gift)
2 - Top - [Miseria] Pacific Survivor Cami - FREE
Necklace - [ glow ] studio - necklace - Black Rose - FREE

3 - ::SUGARCUBE - Hearts tank - FREE (Black Market Gift)

4 - (Madsy) Tiered camisole - pumpkin - FREE

The Black Market is holding a Halloween Trivia Hunt. Search all around the shops for pumpkins. Give them a click and you'll be asked a multiple choice trivia question. Answer correctly and get the prize. Tons of great stuff to get!

While you're running around snatching up all the last minute Halloween gifties tonight, be sure to swing over to the Hodgepodge Sim. That's where I found that first top from Sugarcube. A bunch of stores there have gifts as well. So much generosity from such fabulous creators! Have a Happy Halloween, kids! :D

Oceane's Skins and Seldom Blue

I got a notice about some Seldom Blue offers at Oceane's Skins, a shop I had never heard of.

I scurried over to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised I really liked the looks of the skins. Seldom Blue has some really good buys out there too including this very sexy quite revealing spider web lingerie I'm showing in this post for you. The skin pictured is a Halloween special from Oceane which you can purchase for 100L. I am very happy with it I love the porcelain skin, blood red lips, the cleavage is awesome.. I like! I also left Oceane's with pockets full of demos and I now have a wish list for the next shopping spree I'm able to go on. The prices are pretty reasonable for 900L each and there is cleavage options which I like.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing more!

Halloween Witch Skin by Oceane's Skins - 100L

Spider Body Suit by Seldom Blue - 1L

Hair By Vignette - 0L

Vignette is offering all the items free from now on to help those avatars in need.

Lets give back generously to them, As they are giving so generously to all.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bittersweet October

$50L Friday brings the pretty!

(epoque) Petal Dress - Cocoon Spice - $50L (Fatpack)

Yes, there's been an overwhelming influx of orange on the grid these days. But don't let that stop you from grabbing the 3-dress set at Epoque. You get 3 different shapes of the floral-inspired designs in the spice color. So lovely.

*katat0nik* (orange) Wish Dress - $50L

And, yes, the grid is saturated in the orange & black combo, but who in their right mind can resist a new dress from Katat0nik? You know you're gonna be bouncing around all weekend in it, don't try to pretend.

Jacket - !Ohmai: Cocoon Cove Jacket - $50L
Pants - [SC] Surf Couture - Yoga Pants - Slate - $50L (Fatpack)

But, if you're really sick of the Halloween spirit & are ready to start kicking in pumpkins, grab this great Autumn jacket from Ohmai & the fatpack of yoga pants (3 colors) from Surf Couture. There are lots of fun options this week - happy shopping! :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hair, Hair, Glorious Hair

Boo! Sorry. So, yeah. I've been away and will be kind of in and out for the next few weeks. My step father died, and it really isn't such a bad thing as the condition he was in, when the decision was made, was not a good one. So I'm at peace with it and everything is alright on that front. But, I'm still super busy with real life right now, I am less than a week away from moving like 1200 miles away from home. I'm totally freaked out, but its a good thing. Hopefully this will be an end to a year of upheaval for me, and I can start having some really great things coming my way. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive and helpful to me through this journey I've had the past 10 months now ^^; I appreciate your caring an generosity more than I can really express.

As for really great things coming *your* way, there is *hair* ladies. Free and cheap and wonderful hair all over the grid right now. I wish I could be more present to mess myself over all of the great Halloween stuff, but I have a whole house to gut, and that's no fun. So last night I took a little break, and got some pictures taken of a couple of things I grabbed last night. Starting at [Gauze] Mmmmm.

[Gauze] has a lucky dip, a pretty nasty lucky dip, but the prize is so worth it. It is a pack of hair in four colors (pumpkin not shown). You don't have to catch all four colors, just the pack, but it's a challenge. It's the only gift in a sea of booby prizes, but I know you can do it, and for the low, low price of *free*. Why wouldn't you?

Curious Kitties
also has some special Halloween hair out. Four different styles which will be disappearing after Halloween, for only 100L each. I couldn't live without the piggy tails, and the limited edition HUD, which included the orange below, as well as two streaked versions of black. Black with red, and Black with green, also 100L. There are also a pile of cheapies, a couple of freebies, and other fun stuff! Grab these while you can, as they won't be around for long, and you will be kicking yourself later on.

Pumpkin Pie

There's a Hunt at Atomic! :D

Hair - [ATOMIC] Hair_Creepy Josie - Onyx - FREE
Top - [ATOMIC] Pumpkin Tank - FREE

Skin - [ATOMIC] - Skin Baily_Porcelain - Pumpkin 1 - FREE


Top - [ATOMIC] Costume Tee - FREE

Skin - [ATOMIC] - Skin Baily_Caramel - Pumpkin 1 - FREE


Top - [ATOMIC] BOO! Tank - FREE

Skin - [ATOMIC] - Skin Baily_Honey - Pumpkin 1 - FREE

There are 12 little pumpkins hidden all around the Atomic Sim, all easy to find, all FREE. And, OMG the gifts! You can find 3 fatpacks of skins (3 skin tones, 2 make-ups, with & without freckles) - all of them gorgeous! There are also 2 fatpacks of hair, 3 T-shirts, 2 tank tops and 2 fatpacks of batwing tattoos in all fades. So generous! And the quality is just fabulous.

Outfit - MIEL PUMPKIN COUTURE with & without face - FREE (SoM Group Gift)
Hair - [ATOMIC] Hair_Creepy Josie II - Onyx - FREE
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn Eyes - FREE
Left - [ATOMIC] - Skin Baily_Caramel - Pumpkin 2 (FRECK) - FREE
Right - [ATOMIC] - Skin Baily_Honey - Pumpkin 2 (FRECK) - FREE

Know what else is fabulous? This adorable new Group Gift from Miel! You get 2 sculpted dress options: with & without pumpkin face. And the pumpkin face is animated! It's too freaking cute for words! XD I paired it with the Blue Autumn freebie eyes at Poetic Colors. You're out of your mind if you don't have these already.

Tattoo - [ATOMIC] Tattoo_Halloween Batwings (color) - Fresh - FREE
Skirt - *CUPCAKES - Cutesy Skirt - Halloween - FREE
Finger Tape - *Linc* Finger Tapes w/ nails - $1L

Never one to let an opportunity for generosity to slip them by, the girls at Cupcakes have marked down some of their Halloween stuff to just $100L or less. They even snuck in a couple of Freebies, like the cute skirt in the pic above. I tossed in the Dollarabie fingertape from Luck Inc. cause I was feeling a little chilly taking that photo. You get 2 options in the set, with & without chipped nailpolish. So much great stuff to grab these days, it's hard to keep up with it all! XD

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat!

The Sunny Sim is hosting a Halloween Hunt!

(Elate!) Eve Halloween Dress

There are loads of fabulous clothes to get - all FREE! All you have to do is grab a HUD from one of the kiosks around the sim. When you wear it, you'll see a shaded skeleton on your screen. Fill it in by collecting the bones scattered around the mall. Each bone is for a different store. Once you've got all of your bones, just go to each of the participating stores & ring the bell at the front door to get your treat! :D

Jeans - [Decoy] Stevens Jeans - Faded Blue
Tops Left to Right:
1 - Twosome - apron top black
2 - .:MALT:. Halloween Tie Top

3 - OHMAI Lippin Denim Tunic PUMPKIN WASH

4 - (Elate!) Eve Halloween Corset

5 - Sh*t Happens - Orange Birdie Tee

Twosome - Sophisticated Necklace/Halloween

There's loads of really great quality items from some of your absolute favorites. And not everything is strictly Halloween-y. (Hurray!) Just about everything can be worn year round.

Left to Right:
1 - fri. - Longsleeve Layering Tee (Halloween Purple)
2 - fri. - Capsleeve Tee (Halloween Purple)

3 - fri. - Vneck Tee (Halloween Purple)

4 - fri. - Boatneck Tee (Halloween Purple)

All of the shops have been really generous with their gifts, most notably They're offering up a Fatpack of 5 different style tops in purple! Lots of ways to incorporate these into your wardrobe. And those perfect blue jeans worn throughout are from Decoy. This is one Halloween Hunt that's not to be missed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

La, la, la, la....

Lark has some Freebies at their new store :D

Top - {Lark} Cozy Sweater - Bluebird - $1L
Pose - [LAP] - CC-Bringin It - $200L (Casually Chill Fatpack)

The clothes at Lark are really quite lovely. To celebrate the opening of the new shop, there is both a FREE dress (pictured below) and a set of great little sweaters (pictured above), all just $1L each.

Dress - {Lark} Bustier Dress - Cardinal - FREE
Pose - [LAP] - Slip-Slink $200L (Slippery Fatpack)

I also need to mention the 50% Off Sale going on at Long Awkward Pose. I've been meaning to post about it all week, but have been a total space cadet. The poses used in this post, as well as the last two, are all from Long Awkward Pose. All Fatpacks are half price through Monday, and a total steal! I was on such a buying frenzy at the shop I managed to get one set twice - D'oh! XD Anyway, run now & grab everything that's not nailed down!

Halloween Fabulousity

I have been wanting to show you these absolutely fabulous new skins for a while. They are from one of our favorite designers Munchflower Zaius of Nomine and, there is nothing more perfect for Halloween I assure you! Munch has just out done herself this year!

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 1 (Light)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 2 (Mid)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 3 (Pale)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 4 (Dark)
The Zombie skin series is really gruesome and disgusting, and executed flawlessly! Each stage is considerably different and with stage 4 you get all kinds of rotting gory goodness in fact you get 8 attachable fleshy parts including an exposed brain prim! I have no idea how Munch does it but the way she makes these exposed bone and organ prims is amazing! They are remarkably realistic! It also comes with Zombie hair.

*Nomine* Frankenskin Female Skin (Light)
*Nomine* Magdalena Gown - Virgin White
*Jetdoll* Bride O Frank Hair Black/White - 100L
Del's Shop Pet Shoulder Rat - On Sale 15L

*Nomine* Peach/White/China Dollskin Seamed - Vamp
Dilly Dolls Wendy Orange Dress - Lucky Board Prize
Dilly Dolls Dolly Retro Rose Shoes - Lucky Fortune Prize

*Nomine* Seamed Dollskins - Vamp
Peach - White - China
All the skins featured in this post would be a treasured addition to your holiday collections. While they are not cheap - selling for 1,000L each, they are absolutely worth it! The quality and attention to detail are amazing and exactly what we've come to expect from Nomine.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Be Jealous

There's a Hunt on at the new Gal Sim!

Left to Right:
1 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Mauve houndstooth
2 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/White houndstooth
3 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Black houndstooth
4 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Cyan houndstooth
5 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Mint houndstooth
6 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Moca houndstooth

Liquid by Envy is taking part in the hunt & has hidden a whopping 9 sets of their houndstooth print lingerie all around the sim. Hempy & I are modeling just 6 of the colors available. They're too adorable! Each set comes with little resizable, prim ruffle attachments for both the bra and panties, plus a babydoll option. Super sweet & sexy & all totally FREE.

Hempy's also showing off the 2 new Tatum hair styles that came out last night. Every girl on the grid is running around in these right now, but they're too cute to pass up. Each set of 4 shades in each color tone is $250L. Hempy's also got the new Donna Flora dollarabie Spider Necklace in that first pic. It's really well-crafted and comes with matching earrings. You're gonna need this for Halloween & nights at the goth clubs. ;D

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Jasmine in My Mind

Nicky Ree's getting in on the $50L goodness this weekend!

Designing Nicky Ree - Summer Breeze - Rouge - $50L

Designer Nicky Ree is offering the exquisitely hand-painted Summer Breeze dress in Rouge for just $50L! This special deal is only for the next 2 days, so don't miss it! You can find it in the middle of the store, where the rest of this collection is on display.

Designing Nicky Ree - Betty Short Dress in red - FREE

While you're down at the shop, be sure to check out the freebies. I spotted this gorgeous little red cocktail dress sitting up front, at the end of the runway. No clue how long it has been available, or how much longer you'll be able to get it, but it's a must have.

Aux Folie Bergere

$50L Friday is upon us once more :D

Dress - *Shai* Kimora Evening Gown - $50L
Skin - (5th&Oxford) FAIR Audrey Little Miss Horror - $50L
Hair - !lamb. Milk - Ink (After Infection) - $50L (set)

Pose - (pda) You Can Fall - $50L (fatpack)

One of these days I'm going to learn to save up every last penny for Fridays, cause there's just way too much good stuff every time. This week saw the return of several favorites as well as some new entries. Among them, Casa Del Shai, who offered up a full-length backless gown. Woot! Another surprise - a skin from 5th & Oxford, complete with bloody vampy lips. And to top it off, a set of hair from Lamb that includes both a bleach blonde shade and a pitch black, with red streaks (pictured above).

Skirt - Kyoot - Loathed High-Waisted Mini- Taupe - $50L
Sunglasses - Swank Glasses Black - $50L
Pose - esme for (pda) Might Like You Better - $50L (fatpack)

Another new shop this week is Kyoot, who offered up one of the new high-waisted mini skirts for the event. Deco's got these fabulous black sunglasses that are just irrisistible. And Penny Dreadful Arcade returned with 2 new fatpacks of poses, all of them expressive and great for your collection.

Outfit - ::SPLIT PEA:: Paper Doll Female - $50L

But it's Split Pea who wins for most awesome item - Paper Doll costumes for both boys and girls. Each cut out comes with longjohns to wear underneath, and a pose imbedded in the costume. It's just too freaking cute and clever. Love it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deviant Art

I got to take a couple of the girls around Burning Life yesterday, on a mini-tour of some of my personal favorites so far. Why not share? If you haven't hit these yet, you're missing out!

Sekhmet's Serpentures - Madcow Cosmos & Lorin Tone

Be sure to pick up the Serpent Tooter Hat at the entrance & make your way up to the top, to join in on a snake jam session. Click on both the hat & the snakes to change sound loops & create your own music.

Cabaret of Flames - Poid Mahovlich

Beckoning you across the playa, waits this build from Poid. Overflowing with rhythmic percussion sound design, it's the perfect spot to dance in worship of a bit of fire.

The Invisible Dancer - Yoa Ogee

This stunning statue by artist Yoa Ogee stopped me in my tracks at the Sculpture Garden. So much form & movement, it had me waxing poetic and drooling like a fool. Yoa's got an art plot on the playa, as well, and it's not to be missed.

Straight Outta Compton - Anonymous Sorbet

Unicorns rising from a slit in the earth is a notion that makes me raise my fist in solitude with the artist. Oh yes, my friend. Oh yes.

Among Other Things - AM Radio

When you get to AM's build, be sure to enable your media and click the spray paint can on the table. Follow the link to the website and start painting.

Waiting for Pippin - Loki Eliot

This one stole my heart this year. When you start listening to the parcel music station, the full story of the build and it's characters unravels and come alive. Curl up in a donut, pop some popcorn and stay a while.

Berlin Stage - Kazuhiro Aridian

Ready to party yet? Like its counterpart, the Tokyo Stage, the Berlin Stage spans two sim boarders and enables two separate parties to run at the same time, and the parties never stop. And that's to say nothing of how unbelievably gorgeously crafted the stages are this year. Seriously - WOW!

Live, Explore, Grow, Evolve - Thend Destiny

Simple, elegant, warm and sweet. Grab some friends and give this one a spin ;D

Proud Flesh - Adam Ramona

As you run around inside this build you activate a jumble of sounds and release pods into the air. The pods then rain down and activate even more sounds, creating a chorus of music and sound clips that's hard to resist and even harder to stop.

Buddha - 2nd Magic

Sitting way down at the lonely far end of the playa sits this Buddha head that is so serene and profound, it begs you to take a picture of it in all of your favorite Windlight settings.

Transcendence - Sand Castle Studios

The art at this year's Burning Life is heavy on jaw droppers. This build is no exception.

Have fun exploring and be sure to see as much as you can before it all ends this weekend!

Drowning in Decommodification

I've been wanting to show you guys some of the Freebies you can find down at Burning Life. But I gotta tell you, there's TOO MUCH good stuff!

Burning Life Main Gate

Literally my inventory has jumped by more than 1,000 items since Burning Life started. O.o I'm only half way through the sims and haven't even unpacked a fraction of what I've gotten so far. It's going to take me straight through to next year's festival to sort it all! I know this because I've still got a massive folder of unsorted items from last year's event XD

That said, what I can tell you is that Burning Life people are so generous it's insane! Everything at Burning Life is FREE. As you enter the Main Gate, there is a tent filled with gifts and Burning Life starter items, to get you into the spirit of the event. Then, nearly every one of the plots, on all 34 regions, is offering at least one gift. Some have piles of gifts. One has a hunt for 25 items within her build. Others are offering every single item on their plots! In addition to that, there is an entire camper down by the Art Department just bursting at the seams with sandbags filled with even more gifts! It is overwhelming to say the least!

Gift Tent

Don't feel like sorting for the rest of your SLife? How's about a ton of the most outlandish & imaginative personal art cars you'll ever see? The Burning Life DMV has stations all over the sim, plus a main depo, where you can rez out whichever one you like to ride around while you're visiting. And keep an eye out for the bike stands dotted all around; those, too, are all for the borrowing.

Burning Life DMV

And, let me just say, this is one event where the items are nearly unanimously unisex. I now own more T-shirts, avatars, accessories, furnishings, decorations, sculptures, art pieces, toys & vehicles than I ever could have imagined. The boys have nothing to complain about here. It's a freaking bonanza for them right now! So, get your greedy grubby booties on down to Burning Life pronto and watch your inventory EXPLODE!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Harvest at Jill

My girl Okrebecca summoned me to the lucky board at Jill. She finds the best boards and lucky for me they are often on H! So I got there and I was tickled pink to find this amazing outfit in the board I had not seen before. After my win I stuck around to check out the newness, its been a while since I been to Jill. Right next to the lucky board there is a sign with a free dress to celebrate Jill's First Anniversary and bunches more goodies to find if you look!

*Jill* - TD Black - Lucky Board Prize (both ties included)

*Jill* - 1st Anniversary Group Gift
Activate group tag and click the sign in the shop by the lucky boards

*Jill* - CDD Black - Group Gift upstairs have group tag active

*Jill* - RD Black - Group Gift upstairs have tag active

*Jill* - Group Gift JBA-S upstairs have group tag active

*Jill* - CD Olive - 100L
This last outfit I purchased for only 100L. I think the textures are excellent, it comes with three different skirt options. The jacket part is versatile I'll have fun mixing and matching it with other things. The hat is from Split Pea, called "Oliver Twisted".
All the hair shown in this post is from a favorite store of mine Tiny Bird! Some are from my extensive collection, and some are new I picked up from the recent 50% off sale the shop is having to celebrate the Sim's first anniversary! If ever there was a time to run out and splurge on hair... it is now! Happy Shopping the Sale ends Sunday, Oct. 25Th!