Monday, December 13, 2010



I come back from my break to this. THIS. It's not fair. Other than an overwhelming urge to end it all in the face of this news, I have to say I am enjoying the sale. Everything in the store is 50L or less. I can smile just a little bit through my tears as I fill the holes in my collection. I'm not sure I can take another store from my noobdom closing, first ~Momo~, now Canimal. I just can't do it anymore. Canimal was the first store I fell in love with. I will still stand by my claim that this shop has the BEST flippy prim skirts you can get. And my Punk Rock plaid skirts will NEVER leave my inventory. Ever.

Canimal is an older store, she hasn't had an update in ages, and about a month ago I was discussing with Narita the possibility of it closing. Sigh, it didn't have to happen THIS soon after the conversation happened, but what do you do? Sure, Canimal really stopped creating ages ago, but it still feels like a huge loss. From casual, to punk, to goth, to naughty, there is so much to love and so much that we as a community are losing with this shop closing.

I honestly can't tell you when the closing date for the shop is, but you should get there and buy it out ASAP. There are also some freebies hiding around the shop, a could of jewelry sets, some stockings, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

So Goodbye Canimal, you're definitely going to be missed. Thank you for all of the awesome you graced the grid with, and making my noob ass look hot. I'm more than positive I'm not the only person you helped with that, and we're all going to miss you. Like desperately.... Ohmygodpleasedon'tgoooooo :[

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The One Where Trickett Forgets How Wide The Blog Is, Again

And has to unhappily rescale her pictures which she spent a surprisingly long time measuring out the pixels on but is too lazy to redo them all. (This is why I like Paint, I can count the pixels. This is also, partially, why it takes forever.)

Anyway. A couple of weeks ago, before my computer died from dust overload, I decided to download Viewer 2 because I wanted to utilise the tattoo layers and because every other viewer that uses them hates me. I am taking the ability to rez things over the rubbish interface. Since then I've been looking out for tattoo layer freebies across the grid. :3
Also: free hair. :D

If you're sick of all the antlers and hooves on the grid you can adopt a seal-like disposition with this seal tattoo, a hunt prize from T&P. :3 There's a lack of interesting head gear and feasible tails for seal-people though. x: It was a store I found browsing through some Flickr pictures. It sells a lot of big shiny eyes. :3 There's a couple of clown make-ups out for 5L but officially-broke Trickett decided she may come back for those another day.

Elegant Epiffany was a store I found a last month. I think it was through a blog but unfortunately I don't remember which. x.x Since then the owner has very kindly gifted a lot of skins she's been working on and several make-up packs to her group as well as regularly changing her midnight mania (group only) board. These were a couple of the latest ones. The top ones are part of a pack available in the archive for a few more days and the bottoms ones are Christmas freebies available to everyone. There's also a Christmas themed lucky chair. :3

The back of the tattoo reads "...don't club me" but it was difficult to get a pose showing both the make-ups and the back without looking like my mother was part-seal, part-owl. Slight-fail blogger moment. You could club me for it but I will be using my antlers in self-defense. :3

I copied SLURLs from map so hopefully they're not messed up, they look suspicious. <.<

First Picture
Hair // Yuna's Hair // Group Gift (Fatpack)
Seal Make-Up / Eyes / Chest Tattoo // T&P // Winter Animal Lovers Hunt

Second Picture
Hair // Eha // Store Gift (Fatpack)
Eyes // T&P // Subscriber Gift
Top Eye Make-Ups // Elegant Epiffany // Group Gift
Bottom Eye Make-Ups // Elegant Epiffany // Christmas Gifts
Chest Tattoo // T&P // We Love Animal's Hunt