Monday, November 30, 2009

Trash Picking

Have you hit the Starlust Trash Hunt yet?

Left to Right:
Top - !O Basics Thrash Tank [CONCRETE]
Leggings - DUBOO*Cheetos leggings
Top - !O Basics Thrash Tank [TEAL]
Leggings - DUBOO*Dots leggings
Top - !O Basics Thrash Tank [PIG]
Leggings - *Ninia* zebra pants
Top - !O Basics Thrash Tank [GRASS]
Leggings - DUBOO*Coffee cup leggings

The 10 sims of Starlust are literally littered with bits of trash and nearly all of them are filled with gifts from some of your favorites. Look high and low and in and around the shops. You never know where they might be. There is no official starting point, so just pick any one of the sims and get hunting!

Dress - bb**TrashHunt tank dress in purple
Leggings - Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now tights - Blue

Necklace - .:Periquita Heart Soul necklace (Group Gift)


Dress - bb**TrashHunt tank dress in green

Leggings - Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now tights - White

Necklace - bb**beady necklace in Aquarius stone


Dress - bb**TrashHunt tank dress in cream

Leggings - Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now tights - Pink
Pose - @waffles! [TRASH] The City

I found mountains of goodies. Everything from clothing to poses to furniture and jewelry. I even spotted a few left over clams from the last big Starlust hunt XD And the gifts are all so generous! Some are full sets, some add up to fatpacks and others are outright fatpacks of stuff unto themselves! :O

Outfit & Shoes - :WhoNose: Sanna SILVER Outfit

Top - Starlust Trash Hunt - Pig - Anarchist Slumber Party/Black

Leggings - Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now tights - Red

Jewelry - *Ticky Tacky* Mi Corazon Jewelry Set - Why Are You So Emo?


Top - Starlust Trash Hunt - Pig - Anarchist Slumber Party/Olive

Leggings - Thimbles - Lucy is a big girl now tights - Gold

To top it all off, while I was snapping up the pics for this post, Periquita dropped a new gift on her Subscriber Group - the Heart Soul necklace (1st & 2nd pics), with matching earrings. I dipped back into my stash of Periquita shoes for almost all of the pics in this post, too. And nearly all of the poses are from the latest releases at Glitterati.


So today my lovelies we're going to talk about lag, and ARC. Over the past week and a half there have been a series of parties going on at the DeVOL sim. Good music, and the added bonus of gift tickets has made them very desirable parties to go to. They're over at this point for the time being, but until yesterday they were great fun.

So yesterday morning I log and hop over to the party, grab my tickets and get called away from my computer for a few moments. Unfortunately I had just woken up, and it didn't register that I was still wearing the Alienbear Jewelry from the shoot the evening before. I return to my computer with an IM from someone at the party informing me that they had to kick me and I could return in ten minutes if I de primmed. Totally understandable.

Now, I'm just going to clarify something here before we get into the nitty gritty. This isn't just about me, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who got screwed over by the sim owner. There are probably a fair number of other people who got an estate ban for less.

Let's fast forward to this morning. Time for the last party, and I log on. I already knew my ARC was under 1k, which is what the hosts at the so kinky parties had been preaching so I hop on over. Banned. What? I was told I could return in ten minutes yesterday. I have some friends do some investigating, the Sim owner is at the party but not responding to IMs. My friends message her, I message her, I also send her a note card in the event that she's not hearing IMs. Finally a response.

[9:22] Wrenja Czaczkes: Hi K----, I was banned from the sim yesterday for an ARC issue, which was a complete mistake and I apologize for. But I was told I'd only have to wait ten minutes before I could come back and I'm still banned.
[9:27] Inventory item offered
[9:34] K---- M-----: I will unban u after the party
[9:34] Wrenja Czaczkes: that's kind of cruel :\
[9:34] Wrenja Czaczkes: but thank you
[9:35] K---- M-----: yesterday, u were over 10,000 at here, it was so dameged for the party ppls, pls understand it.
[9:35] Wrenja Czaczkes: yes, but it was accidental
[9:35] Wrenja Czaczkes: i wouldn't intentionally show up to a party with an ARC that high, but I understand. It just sucks because I went to every party
[9:36] Wrenja Czaczkes: and if it's any consolation my arc is under 500 right now :P
[9:37] K---- M-----: I hope next so kinky if u fix about arc before joint the party, u can enjoy with friends ;P

Well, okay. We're all adults here I'd assume. But if I get told, "you can come back in ten minutes" I feel like I should be able to come back in ten minutes. Now lets think for a minute here. There are SO many people who don't even know what ARC *is*. How many of them were banned during this party series?

There are SO many more people who don't realize that with lag, ARC isn't even the real issue. The sim owner above included. The issue started coming to light after hair fair when Pandora Wrigglesworth of Curio Obscura wrote a very enlightening post about the real causes of lag, I.E. bandwidth, textures, scripts, etc. you can read it here, it's a great read and more people should really understand what causes lag.

So here we are, I'm angry with how rude the sim owner was to me. I understand why I was kicked yesterday, I don't question it, and it's fair. I should have been un-banned in that ten minute time frame though. Playing vindictive and rude to people who are trying to be gracious and clear the air is a nasty way to act. At this point, I'm somewhat glad I didn't get around to blogging the so kinky gifts before the weekend started, and in the future I won't be endorsing their parties to anyone, not on the blog, not to my group and not to my friends.

I think the lesson here, isn't even 'don't wear a high arc to a party' it's DON'T BE FUCKING RUDE TO PEOPLE BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU'RE RUDE TO THE WRONG PERSON. Also, educate yourself on what actually causes lag :P Oh and, if you say a person can return in ten minutes, YOU LET THEM OKAY? Kay. Rant over.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's a rare thing, a girl and her jewels. I can't say that I wear a lot of jewelry, but when I do, I tend to go all out. I don't think anyone can deny the quality and just pure exquisite glamor that Alienbear jewelry provides. Despite it's strange name, the store offers up some of the most beautiful jewelry you'll see... anywhere.

has recently released a new set, Azucena. Whether you're a princess or just like to flaunt it, the set has every piece you'll need to look completely and utterly extravagant. Pieces start at 180L, and go all the way up to 1199L for the most elaborate work, and come in a range of Platinum, Gold and a gorgeous Antique Gold. It's expensive, yes. Totally worth every penny as well though, and I can say with absolute certainty, I've never regretted an Alienbear purchase. *Nudges Narita* ;x

Friday, November 27, 2009

Paint It Black

Today's the day, kittens... It's the $50L Friday to end all $50L Fridays - 45+ shops, all with at least 1 fabulous item for ridiculously cheap!

Jacket - *Fishy Strawberry* Tweed Jacket Beige - $50L
Skirt - Kyoot - Corduroy Mini - Nutty - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita Q-Steps Shoe
Pose - (pda) Black Wave / Bad Vibrations - $50L (Fatpack)

There's so much great stuff available today, you'd be crazy to do anything but shop your little pixels off. First up, this killer little jacket from Fishy Strawberry. It works so well with the little mini skirt from Kyoot, you'd think they planned it. That skirt even comes with blue striped leggings that are good enough to stand on their own.

Dress - -L`Abel-Cara black minidress - $50L
Hair - !lamb. Bang Bang - Ink - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita ChickyChic Pumps
Pose - (pda) Black Light - $50L (Fatpack)

There are 2 dresses available at L'Abel, but you know I had to go for the black one. It's got a hint of glitter and has a really casual sexy drape across the body. It even comes with 2 skirt options, the A-line (shown) and a classic tight prim. The hair was the winner of the popular vote on Lamb's Plurk, and gosh do the kids know how to pick a perfect prim hair... So sleek and sexy, it's mandatory to have in your wig closet. There are 2 others availble there today, so if black isn't your color, or you really can't work a blunt cut, you've got more to choose from.

Top - [W&B] I'll Be A Ghost Shirt - $50L
Pants - (Milk Motion) My wool pants - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita Silly Wedges

Pose - (pda) Tes yeux noir - $50L (Fatpack)

The top here is a darling little, bow-necked sleeveless from Whippet & Buck and it works great when paried with the wool pants from Milk Motion. Have you noticed my shoes yet? All of the shoes used in the pictures today are from Periquita and you can find them all at the Shoe Fair. I cannot tell you how much in love with Periquita shoes I am. For less than what others charge for just 1 pair, you get a set of Periquita's with more color change & customizable options than you'll ever know what to do with. And no one does a cute, flirty quirky shoe quite like this. You need them all.

Top - Pig - Georgia in Black - $50L
Belt - Kunstkammer Cosmic Belt - Crystal - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita S-Steps Shoe

Pose - (pda) Odessa (City on the Black Sea) - $50L (Fatpack)

The boustier top pictured above is from Pig and it comes with an optional babydoll flair prim. The killer Kustkammer belt you'll recognize from Wrenja's post. It even comes with just the buckle part, so you can work it into outfits in various ways. All of the poses used in today's post are from Penny Dreadful Arcade. You get a total of 10 poses for just $50L. I love how expressive they are. And this deal is too hot to pass up.

Dress - (Elate!) - Celeste - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita Stilettos
Pose - (pda) Danse Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi - $50L (Fatpack)

Last, but certainly not least, is this great little mini dress from Elate. A mini from Elate is always a must-buy, but one with a 3/4 sleeve, black top, and glittery sliver mini skirt... That's just a no-brainer.

There's certainly TONS more great stuff available today. You'll be kicking your butt till next year if you miss out. Happy shopping! :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Diamond Dogs

A little bit of a 50L Black Friday teaser for you. Kunstkammer pulled out all of the stops for this event with a gorgeous belt, that sits beautifully on the hip. Sassy and stylish, and a menu with every color you could possibly want in a belt. On top of that, you can change the metal on the gems too. It also comes with an option to just wear the buckle which is lovely, wouldn't you say?

Mmmmm pink leather belt? I say yes. for 50L, how can you say no? There are practically 40 different color options in the menu all together, so you're getting a whole pile of belts for hardly the price of one. It also has a setting for sitting while wearing a skirt, how rad is that? 50L Friday starts at midnight, so grab a list wherever you can (there is one in the L/H Group notices for instance) and be ready to shop, because I'm not going to be done shopping until I've pulled at least one bitch's weave out. That's how black Friday works, isn't it?

Schools out

So for the three of you who are reading this, this lovely Thanksgiving afternoon, I've got shooz and a freebie for ya. Starting off today with that adorable naughty school girl top, pink, ugh my favorite. You'll find this as well as a blue, green, yellow and black version in the lucky chairs at Paradisis. I waited like... ALL DAY for the pink one. Totally worth it. Also, don't forget to hit the midnight mania for a super cute dress set.

Yes, I know you've seen the pink ANEXX boots at shoe fair. So have I, and ohhhh how I lusted over them. And now, now they are mine. Lust with me. Mmmmm The textures are gorgeous and they fit beautifully, just like you'd expect from ANEXX, two different styles are available in six colors each, and retail for 580L, not bad for the quality you're getting. Mmmm boots. These are definitely going to pose stiff competition for my J's engineer boots >.>

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


INDI has another completed freebie puzzle outfit out and is ready for you to claim. If you've never taken part in it before, every week the owner puts out a new piece of the outfit for 1L. Once the outfit is completed you can buy previous pieces for 5L, and the current for one. This set has 6 pieces to it, so if you get the whole thing it will only cost you 26L, So it's much cheaper to stop by weekly, but if you can't, what's 26L? Not bad, especially for the quality that INDI provides, and these are some serious quality separates. I'm torn between the hotpants and the suspender belt as my favorite piece in the set. This will be out until sometime on Saturday, when a new freebie outfit puzzle will begin.

Continuing on the Lazy Places love, probably one of my favorites among her new releases would be the Hen-Tai heel. But I *love* me some tentacles. You might have noticed among the various Lovecraft references I make throughout the blog, but check these babies out, elder-godly and fashionable.

There's been a lot of boo hooing over beaten up skins lately. All I really have to say about it is "You ought to see the other guy.". Following along that vein, Patiskins has recently released her own line for beaten up skins called.... 'The Winner'. Damn straight. Totally affordable at 150L each, if you're really hurting there is also a 10L version available too. No one should go without a black eye, here, let me help you out with that ;x

If you're on the U&R Dogs' subscribo, there is a new group gift out, which is lovely as you can come to expect from U&R. This bracelet was just put out yesterday, and is available down stairs on the wall adjacent from the lucky chair. Mmmmm I love me soem U&R Dogs freebies :o

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rambo's got nothin on me.

Last Thursday, which just so happened to be my birthday, my favorite Ghanima from +++Blue Blood+++ dropped a folder on me. "I worked extra hard to finish these because I know it's your birthday." Awwww x3. When I put the dresses on I died. After the white excitement with the Acha dress, I was beside myself, rolling around on the floor all around Ghani squealing with glee WHIIIIIIIITE. MOAR FOREVER PLZ. Well, Ghanima is coming through and from now and into the future will be providing white options for her dresses, can't you just die? C'mon do it with me, die with me.
On Wrenja 1
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart Goth white dress - Midnight Mania TODAY ONLY
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Kalnins 'Dragoness' Heel - 800L
Wrenja 2
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart dress (Red) - 300L
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Lazy Places 'Ankou' cloven hoof (black)- 350L
Wrenja 3
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart goth white dress (pink) - 300L
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Lazy Places 'Ankou' cloven hoof (white)- 350L

The perfect complement to the new +++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart dress, is Lazy Place's Ankou boots, which come in cloven, equine, paws annnnnnd Elven? I'll be showing you those ones later, but Mmmmm cloven spooky kid boots. Like the lola hooves I showed you yesterday, they come in black, white and brown. Another option would be the new Dragoness heels from Kalnins, which don't disappoint at *all*. Totally pretty and of course color change, so you can perfectly match them to whatever you're wearing.

You might have heard whisperings of a S.I.C. hunt going on. Well, that's because there is, and the prize would be those glorious machine guns strapped to my thighs. The hunt is on sick5, and is no easy task. This isn't a data box hunt, this is a hunt where you find one item and get a hint to the next. Your first hint? Get ready to dig through the garbage. I think I love +++Blue Blood+++'s dresses even more because the full skirts conceal the guns well, and the open skirt just makes you look intimidating. I dub thee Aggro Lolita RARRRR >:O

If you weren't listening yesterday, the new Deviant Kitties skins are TO DIE FOR. And here is another reason to part with your lindens. Hello Gypsy5, can I lick you? You really, honestly should check these skins out, as they are utterly gorgeous and amazing and wonderful, and I um... I really like them, if you couldn't tell.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barbee with a side of LeeZu

I first found Barbee wondering around the Elliot sim, doing the panty hunt in a random moment of boredom. I was instantly taken with the clothes they had on display and did some mainstore investigating. I soon forogot about the shop, mostly until I saw it on a Halloween Stamp Rally poster and found it situated in a new store in Devol and it had a subscribe so I could keep updated on it, yay.
So Barbee now occupies a corner of the Devol sim where it has a beautiful black and white theme. I think there's also an art gallery out there. I was close to taking my pictures there but ended up back in a skybox. x:

This red sculpted dress is a freebie at the mainstore.

These leggings are a gift from the Switch Mall / Creator's Pavillion branch. It's still small but I have high hopes for Barbee, hopefully it'll keep growing. :3
The scarves used were given out by Leezu Baxter earlier this week in her subscriber.

First Picture
Dress - Barbee - Mainstore Freebie
Scarf - LeeZu Baxter - Subscriber Gift
Poppies - Flirt - Mass Freebie Re-Release for Thanksgiving (Lots of pretty jewellery)

Second Picture
Leggings - Switch Mall / Creator's Pavillion - Switch Mall Opening Gift
Scarf - LeeZu Baxter - Subscriber Gift

(I'm not in-world to grab LeeZu's and Flirt's LM but Flirt is on Rigby and LeeZu, I think, is ToTheNines and they'll both be in search. Yay Search.)

A winter fairy tale

In the dark forests, as the snow begins to fall, for the eyes of no mortal to gaze upon, fairy tales unfold. Strange creatures of great beauty and ferocity, ranging from the hideous Baba Yaga to the fragile snow maiden, inhabit this world. Though we can't go there, it's fun to pretend and RFyre has just released 'Oksana' to help you pull together the perfect Russian fairy tail of your own.

The dress comes with two skirts, one long and this beautiful mid length one, so whether you're a capricious spirit or an elegant maiden, they've got you covered. The set also comes with a gorgeous posture collar, and the head piece is so much fun, you'll spend hours looking at yourself.

In case you *didn't* hear, the shoe fair started this morning at 10 am SLT, spanning two sims, with lots of ridiculously beautiful shoes, and a lot of really great charity pieces. My lovely hooves are available exclusively at the shoe fair right now, Lazy Place's new style of Lola hoof, comes in a cloven (shown), equine, and as a paw. It's very different from their traditional hoofies, and it took me a little bit to get used to them, but after I figured them out, I fell in love. They come in black, white and brown, so if you're hoofie inclined, you should find one you love. There are a lot of new shoes from Lazy Places in the fair, and I'll be showing you more over the next week :D

I have no doubt you've been wondering what I got for my birthday. Well, one of the gifts was the gorgeous skin I'm wearing. The new Deviant Kitties line of skins, is gorgeous and makeups to make *everyone* happy. From blood spatters, bright aggressive colors, to more sensual and traditional makeups. The Gypsy line within the new set, is one of the most beautiful and edgy sets I've seen, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've had not one regret about asking for these skins, and ugh, how could I, look at me. I'm feckin' gorgeous.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Warm It Up

What did you buy at this week's $50L Friday event?

Dress - Top - ~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater - $50L (Owl Set)

I couldn't pass up this sweet little sweater dress set from Scribble. It comes with 2 skirt options, with & without the owl decal. You can even wear it as a sweater top (seen in the picture below), again with the owl option waist prim, or on its own, without any of the prim attachments. How's that for a versatile bargain?

Top - ~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater - $50L (Owl Set)
Boots - SLink - Sydney Gold Edition Overknee Boot - $50L
Wagon - Reek - Reek Flyer Red Wagon - $50L

The smexy gold boots from Slink were impossible to pass up. With a regular retail price tag of $700L, this was practically mandatory. And, gosh, are they ever sleek; the shading is nearly obscene. I did a little dance of joy when I spotted the reduced price on the Reek Flyer Wagon, too. Been wanting this one for a while. It's insanely adorable and comes with size options, junk in the trunk and even a version that allows you to take along a few passengers. Soooo cute!

Skirt - *katat0nik* (pink) Le Milkshake Bustle - $50L

Returning to teh smexy, KatatOnik is offering up this wickedly hot little bustle skirt, that comes with a set of little pink heart pasties. While it's perfect for paring with corsets and puffy-sleeved blouses, on it's own, it really begs for a private milkshake dance. ;D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's Get Unconscious

Pig just released a new Group Gift to the I Heart The Starlust Group!

Left - Pig - Ambrosia Bodysuit Full Coverage - Silver
Right - Pig - Ambrosia Bra & Underpants w/ Garters - Silver
FREE (Group Gift)

To celebrate her latest release, designer Apatia Hammerer of Pig sent out a set of lingerie in silver. The set comes with both a full coverage teddy and a bra and panty set, plus garters and stockings, on all layers. The top of the teddy can even be worn as a tank. The shading on the bodice is just excellent and the ribbon details are wonderfully delicate. Totally sexy, with a twist. Love it. Need every color.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

are we in kansas anymore?

So, I dumped Frank after he tried to strangle me for kissing him. You know, I'm just a girl who can't be tied down anyway. Sorry boys. I realized my true love is Trin Trevellion at SinDecade, and I'm sticking to it. Especially after dropping an amazing skin gift, two shades (Pale and Tan), sitting smack dab in the middle of her store for free.

You get a second post today because tomorrow is my RL birthday, and though the event list for tomorrow may be low, since I'm in a new town and really don't know that many people, I'm not posting :P

Now, who can I hit up for that SinDecade Fluke fatpack in Snow :x

Bride of the undead

So, what can I say, I was swept off my feet by a well-to-do zombie. It was all a whirlwind and next thing I knew, I was walking down the aisle to say those certain two words we all know so well. He was dashing, debonair, a real Casanova. How could I say no? Well, despite his appetite for the living at least. As long as he's not partaking of *my* brains, it's fine, right?

We know how over the top I can be, so Seldom Blue's newest wedding gown, which literally goes for miles, was the perfect fit. It was beautiful, we said our vows, and made our bond of eternal love. We both knew it would last forever as we ran away on our honeymoon. He held my hand so tight, but part of me wonders if it was just rigor mortis.

I know my parents wouldn't approve, but what can I do? It's love. And just look at him, the way his Stygian black eyes just suck you in, and how well he dresses. It's always nice to find a zombie who takes care of himself. It's so rare among their ranks. He takes real pride in who he is.

The honeymoon, well, heh... yeah. It was something to make the girls blush, and the boys grin. Of course Seldom Blue came through again with plenty of lingerie for me to choose from, and I know Johnny enjoyed every bit of it.

It was beautiful, and I loved every second of it. But while I was in the hotel bar, I met Frank. I'm sorry to do this to you my love, but we've run away, and I'm not sure we'll be seeing each other again. The papers will be in the mail.

The future Mrs. Frankenstein

p.s. the lingerie comes with ruffly mid-drift pieces too.

Monday, November 16, 2009


it's weird to think that it's actually just around the corner, but the creator list for this round of CSR for winter is UP, go check it out. No prizes yet tho, we'll let you know when those start appearing ;)

thanks for the heads up Kris <3

pale and white

This morning Ghanima of +++Blue Blood+++ dropped a new line of dresses for her devotees to drool over. Named Acha, after the one and only Achariya, for suggesting she should use more patterns. It's funny cause I'd been thinking the same thing only yesterday, I'm just no good at remembering to tell people things that I think. It comes in Purple, red, Pink teal, and.... black? If you'll remember black is generally only for group members (50L people, whats the problem :P )and this time is no different... except one thing. The black set has an extra skirt and corset, giving you WHITE. Can you say amazing? I immediately IMed Ghanima with a pile of gibberish upon seeing it. It's. so. beautiful. And perfect. And wonderful. And *white*.

If you're in the +++Blue Blood+++ group (again, 50 L, what's the problem :P) you've been getting notices about exclusive sales. Super special sets set to 29L for a limited time. Ghani never tells you how long it's going to be out for, but there have been two sets in the past few days, and what better way to build your +++Blue Blood+++ wardrobe. Join the group to get word first.

So recently on the blogs, everyone has been messing themselves over the Kalnins Boudoir booties. I'd agree, but I feel like showing you a couple of other pairs of shoes from the store. In the top picture I'm wearing the Fall ankle boots and the gorgeous and amazing Empress prim footed heels. Bottom picture is once again the Fall ankle boots. These shoes are gorgeous and affordable, and they're color change. What now Stiletto Moody? You need to wear these shoes, you need to try them on and love them and possibly lick them. Or have some cute boy lick them.

When I saw the empress heels I kind of just stood in awe, and when I put them on... I kind of just stood in awe. One of the totally awesome things that sets these shoes apart from so many others, with the skin tones they don't hate on the pale girls, and there is a factory preset just for you. You may have to add a tiny bit more red, but the color HUD is so easy to use, you'll have your perfect skin tone in moments. If not instantly by hitting that wonderful pale factory preset.

That's important to me, do you know how many pairs of prim footed shoes I've slaved over to get the right skin tone because the designer doesn't think that pale is a skin tone people use? Sorry, not all of us desire to be orange, and you can know Kalnins will support you in your endeavors for being pale. High Five to you for that.

Can You Beat My 1.4-5fps?

I know why I hate taking photographs. I have a framerate of 1.4fps right now with my atmospheric shaders on and the highest I've seen this weekend was 5. x: (You can find out your framerate by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 and it's the number at the top.) Somebody buy me a new computer? x:
At least I found a decent screen, everything's not so dark and I can see details better, I don't walk into walls in dark shops. :D

In attempt to get back into the swing of blogging, here is an awesome shirt from Whippet and Buck. It's actually a man's shirt but I think it'll work well for most women too. :3
Ack, Shania Twain in my head. D:

Men's Shirt - Whippet and Buck - Freebie

Friday, November 13, 2009

Coltrane on a Gray Day

Azul just released a new Group Gift!

Dress - -AZUL- GroupGift0911#1 - FREE (Group Gift)

Who in their right mind can turn down a pretty purple party dress? To get yours, join the Azul group (it's another group slot one) and click the board at the Mainstore. It's too cute to pass up!

Pressure Drop

The ever-generous Coco has just dropped another Group Gift!

*COCO*_Gift_ShirredTubeDress - FREE (Group Gift)
Left to Right:
Blackberry, Wine, Purple & Black

It's a Fatpack of the Shirred Tube Dress. You get 4 colors of this sexy little mini dress for FREE. All you have to do is head on down to Coco, click on the group joiner (yes, it will take up a group slot, but it's worth it) and then click on the vendor on the wall to get your gift. It's fabulous. You need this!

Ruined in a Day

As someone on Plurk remarked earlier tonight, it's $50L Friday time! (banana_dance)

Dress - (Elate!) Tuli (Navy) - $50L
Pose - esme for (pda) St. Exquisite's Victims - $50L (Fatpack)

This week's mandatory purchase has to be the fabulous new mini dress from Elate. It's the perfect little sweater dress, with some wonderfully crafted sculpted parts, among them the cowl neck collar that can be worn on its own as a scarf.

Vest - Pig - Draped Vest J F'kin Pink - $50L (set)
Pose - (pda) Vortical Phonoteque - $50L (Fatpack)

Next up, this very relaxed, unisex vest from Pig that comes as part of a set of 2 colors. All of the poses in the post today come from some of the offerings from Penny Dreadful Arcade. There are 3 Fatpacks of poses available, all of them fun and unique. If you're one of the many who can never get enough of the $50L Friday deals, start saving your money now! Later this month, on November 27th, there's going to be a major blowout $50L Friday to celebrate America's insane shopping spree day Black Friday. There are expected to be 45+ shops participating, some with exclusive items. Plan to be broke by sunrise.

Top - PIDIDDLE - Hungry for a Holiday Cardigan - Mauve - $1L
Pose - esme for (pda) Id Engager - $50L (Fatpack)

While you're out and about snatching up some bargains today, drop in on Pididdle to grab the entire Fatpack of the Hungry for a Holiday Cardigan set. Each color has been set to just $1L. This is my all-time favorite Pididdle item - just so delicate and sweet and cozy. The sweater comes with a matching mouth feather and its very own pose. It's an abolute must-have.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have a bunch of goodies today, and one of them might even be free. We're gonna start off with the newest release from +++Blue Blood+++. Dyna is a new dress st with THREE different skirt options, a jacket prim, and a whole variety of ways to wear this gorgeous set. It's perfect for getting snuggled into those winter months that seem to be fast approaching us, and is totally adorable.

Next up we have an item exclusive to the Roman sim, at one of The Black Canary's satellite stores. The Seri Corset Gloves are gorgeous and totally sassy whether you're dressed up, or hardly at all. Prim frills, and gorgeous details like you expect from Morrigan. They are so much fun, and I think I'm a teensy bit in love with them.

I am wrapping today up with what might be one of the best freebies I've seen in the past few weeks at least. I didn't know what to expect when I got it last night, but when I opened it up this morning, as an after thought even ("oh yeah, I was going to blog this tooo!") I feasted my eyes on one of the coolest new accessories you're going to find. The Icarus wings from Hairoin are gorgeous, not to mention color *and* texture change. You're going to find these beauties by joining the subscribo group, and reading the most recent post, option number 1. Now, shall I try and touch the sun?
Hairoin 'Icarus' head wings - Subscribo group gift
~*{TBC}*~ Seri Corset Gloves - 150L

Let It Rain on Down

There are some pretty dresses to run around & grab today!

MP Blue Seta Pura - $69L

First up, there's a new weekday sales event to add to your shopping list - $69L Humpday Happiness! Just like with $50L Fridays and all the others, there's a list of stores offering selected items for a set discounted price. This time it's Wednesdays & you can find some cute stuff for cheap! This is the first week and it's just a handful of shops, but they're some great ones! I snagged this adorable little blue dress from Moxie Polanos Haute Couture. You've got till Midnight tonight to grab yours.

Left - SYSY's Autumn Roses - Red! - $1L
Center - SYSY's Autumn Roses - Posh models {pre-release} - FREE (Group Gift)
Right - SYSY's Autumn Roses - Blue! - $1L

If $69L is out of your price range today, SYSY's is offering a fatpack of her Autumn Roses dress for just $5L! There are 5 different colors, just $1L each. Hop around to each of her shops to find them all. There's even a 6th one for free in the Subscribe-o-Matic! You can find both the dress & the list for each of her shops in group history. The Autumn Roses dress comes with 2 different skirt options (frilly and classic mini) so you'll always have something cute to wear when you're headed out for a night of fun ;D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nummy Nummy Cupcakes

There's a Hunt at Cupcakes! :D

Top - *CUPCAKES - Sweater Tank Top - Hunt
Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Wheat - Raspberry


Top - *CUPCAKES - Lacy Halter Top - Hunt

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Nutmeg - Raspberry


Top - *CUPCAKES - Ruffly One Shoulder Top - Hunt

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Lace - Raspberry

Everyone's favorite shop Cupcakes has just gotten a brand new home for their Mainstore on their very own sim! Hurray! And to celebrate the occasion, the girls are hosting a sim-wide hunt!

Lingerie - *CUPCAKES - Hunt 2
Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Cameo - Hunt


Lingerie - *CUPCAKES - Hunt 3

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Copper - Hunt


Lingerie - *CUPCAKES - Hunt 1

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Nutmeg - Hunt

As of this morning, there are 29 gifts from Cupcakes alone - all of them FREE. Plus, a lot of the shops in the mall (including our very own Hempy's shop Ripe :D) have gifts to share, as well! There are a TON of skins in the mix, all of them gorgeous! Run! Give the ladies a very happy sim-warming! :D