Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Still New Year's Eve Somewhere

Happy 2010, kids! Let's start the year off right with some Freebies & Cheapies! :D

Dress - (Elate!) Felicity (Silver) - FREE (Group Gift)
Pose - esme for (pda) - Modern Mystery - $50L (Fatpack)

First up, Elate sent out this awesome Group Gift of her famous Felicity dress in silver. Couldn't have been more timely or more fabulous. It's a bit early for $50L Friday at the moment, but there are some goodies out, like the 2 pose packs over at Penny Dreadful Arcade. The event will run all weekend, so everyone will have a shot at getting the goodies. And there *might* even be a 3rd pack of poses before it's all over ;D

Dress - DCNY "Gloria" Dress - Ice Blue - $1L
Shoes - *YS&YS* Playa Llevante II - FREE (Group Gift)
Pose - esme for (pda) - Glue Girls - $50L (Fatpack)

And, since it's a perfect night for a party dress, DCNY just set out this adorable white feather babydoll. It's only $1L, so you have no excuse not to get it for all your alts. The shoes are prim-toed stilettos from YS & YS. You have to join the in-world group to get them, but entry is free and, if you like prim feet, then you're gonna need these. Even I managed to figure out the HUD, so the rest of you experts should have no trouble.

Wishing you all the most wonderful new year. Be good to each other<3

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sexy Pixel Doll

Oh Hai! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday whichever you celebrate! My holiday was nice my daughter turned Five on Christmas so I was an extra busy bee. I had a small gathering and my daughter had a princess cake and she was thrilled! This will be a short post since I'm expecting the Mother in Law tomorrow. I just had to tell you about these cute free outfits from PixelDolls, also some other goodies I found from 10-100L.

Pixel Dolls - Gift Outfit II - Free in the main section of the shop

I just love all the parts to this outfit which you can mix and match!
PixelDolls - Gift Outfit I - Free
Courtisane Shoes - La Vivien Xmas - Subscribo Gift

This entire Avatar was 10L! I especially LOVE the shape and I rarely say that. I only wish it were mod so I could make her a wee bit taller. The avatar comes with the outfit, shape, skin, pretty gray eyes, glowing hair, and this neat flowing flexi thing called Star Field.

PixelDolls - Yvain Avatar - Everything shown 10L

Of course I had to throw in a little bit of Latex. You knew I would.
Get this nifty lil number for just 10L.
I had one more outfit I was going to show its similar to Gift II, but instead of orange its black white and gray it was 100L and hell of a deal but I lost the picture somehow.
Worth checking out! Happy Shopping and since I will be busy with my In-Law's I'll wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elf Gone Wild.

Dear Santa, I'm done building toys! I've been tinkering in the toy factory for the last month non-stop. We've met the required Quota and I'm off for my Vacation. See you in a few weeks!

Nushru - Elf Girl - Subscriber Gift
Xcentricity - Hawtspur Holiday Gift - Mrs. Claws Boots with Hat (hat not shown)
Check out the wild spurs on the boots!! They fold into the heel by a click of the shoe.

OK.. so I wanted to show you this Jewelery I made for the Twisted Krissmus Shopping Tour!! Each set is only 100L, and its Trans wrapped nicely for gift giving. The event was an attempt to make sure everyone could buy awesome gifts on a budget. My idea was to make these sets as great as possible basically its a lot of bang for your buck! I have three sets total I'm showing some of the two Christmas themed sets. The Third set is a Turquoise Jewelery set I'm very proud of, and which will go back to its normal price and permissions after December. Each set is huge with many attachments and options. Come to my shop and pick up a Twisted Krissmus Shopping Guide to see some of the other amazing offers! You have till Dec. 30Th.
((RIPE)) - Christmas Tree Jewelery Set - Bracelets, Ring, and Necklace Shown.
((RIPE)) - Christmas Light Jewelery Set - Earrings shown
(comes with blinking and non-blinking options!)
I continue my Journey... I'm a long way from the North Pole. I'm an outlaw running from the law of this rinky dink steam punk town. This is Livin! Good thing I wore my Rocket Boots.
They never had a chance.

Xcentricity - Rocket Dragoon Boots (Comes with both Small/Large size options) - 240L
These Boots are AMAZING! Highly detailed. The Boots Clang and Hiss when you walk! The rockets swing down when you fly and they Ignite and the flame roars it even has
Animated Gauges and Fuel Flow.

The Awesome Wings I found at 109 Prims while shopping for my CSR Cards.
109 Prims - Fairy Wing's of Clockwork - 300L Each OR 500L for the fat pack of 7 colors.
I opted for the pack.
Not one to take it easy, I'm ending my vacation in space! Where else!
I've joined a vigilante space gang who travels the Galaxy apprehending violent space pirates.
Yes. I'm a bad ass. This isn't your keebler elf.

Just wanted to show you the Hawt Spurs from Xcentricity in the awesome Color Changing Version!! OMG. Its got soooo many color options its ridiculous 34 Texture options, 93 Color Tinting options. The Spur folds into the heel on click, and they are only 200L. No Wai.
PixelDolls - Heart Gold Back Zip Latex Suit - 10L Each

Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Wrens a gloating

Good Morning my lovelies, it's Monday morning, and you know that that means? New +++Blue Blood+++ release! (also five days until Christmas :O) So this week, is so obviously the best release Ghanima has ever done. Four skirts, gorgeous texturing, exciting and dramatic, and it's called... 'Wren'.

Talk about a Christmas present, I can't wait to hear what the haters have to say about it. This set comes in all of the traditional colors as well as all of the whitegoth colors (of course) and is only 300L, per usual. Don't forget that Ghani also put up a new 29L xstreet dress, and I hear word of there being... what's that? A hunt at +++Blue Blood+++? Later today. This dress will be out in the next few hours (as of 8:18 am mountain time) so be ready for all kinds of yummy new stuff from Ghani!

I shouldn't neglect to mention the skin I'm wearing in the second photo is from Chaisuki, and is one of eight gifts sitting under the Christmas tree in the store. All kinds of skins and tattoos to behad, completely free!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidaaazeee !

Been a while since I blogged. I've had these pics for a few, I haven't been very focused lately I have the attention span of a 5 year old. Maybe that's why I was drawn to this awesome holiday gift that Honey Kitty has out right now till the 26Th. Its so fun with the glowy stars and pretty bows there was a couple hair attachments too but I'm not showing them here. It can be yours free all you need to do is activate your Honey Kitty group tag and search out five boxes hidden around the Main shop. There is two outfits to mix and match with many options.

The skin I'm wearing is one of my new favorites! Its from Oceanes's Luscious Skins and its out for the holidays for the special price of 100L. You can pick it up along with some free Christmas lingerie at the front desk in the store. I love the lips!! The body shading it to DIE for and the cleavage!? Don't get me started. There is a holiday touch to this skin it has green nail polish, and a "Santa baby" tattoo on the lower back.
Deviant Kitties - Savanah - Holly - Ink
Like the hair? Isn't it cute. Its one of two styles you can find at Deviant Kitties in a special holiday pack for the low price of 70L. You get four color options, with Xmasy tips and accessories.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's $50L Friday time and I'm about to run off for the holidays, so let's not waste another minute of shopping time!

Dress - This is a Fawn - Leda Dress [seafoam] - $50L

First up, the ethereal Leda Dress from This Is a Fawn. By far my favorite dress in the shop, now in the delicate soft green color. Flirty, sexy, and yet, somehow, angelic. Just love it.

Dress - my little blue christmas dress by caLLie cLine - $50L

Callie Cline is offering up her little blue christmas dress this week, and it's got to be my favorite dress that I've ever gotten in her shop. The texture is really elegant and the details in the back are lovely. All in all, a perfect little blue dress. Plus, this edition also comes with sheer thigh high stockings, matching gloves & a little blue Santa hat.

Jacket - PIDIDDLE - Em Blazer - Red - $50L

And, finally, the little red blazer from Pididdle. It's got tweed details on the pockets, as well as the elbows, plus little gold buttons down the front. Perfect for this time of year.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Truly Generous

Truth just sent out another great Group Gift!

Dress - TRUTH Martini Dress Pant [holly] - FREE (Group Gift)
Leggings - Source : LE.LOOK! la femme - Leggings - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair - Maitreya Nimue - Ebony - $295 (Pack of 5)
Skin - :GP: Petal [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays - FREE (Group Gift)

If you're not in the Truth Subscribe-o-Matic group, you've missed a bunch of Group Gifts lately. Today we got this adorable little red strapless party dress. Too cute for words. I know I'm in the minority when I say this, but I've always been a bigger fan of Truth clothes than their hair. I know, I'm a blasphemer and I should be tarred and feathered. But seriously, how cute is this dress?!? More clothes please! XD

The leggings are from Source and it's part of today's gift from Le.Look. If you've been living under a rock, everybody and their sissypoo has been flooding the Le.Look sim daily to grab gifts from some of SL's biggest designers. There are gifts for both men and women, and they add up to build complete avatars. Join the Le.Look in world group and then TP till you can squeeze your pixels into the constantly full sim. It's well worth it!

The hair is one of the latest styles from Maitreya. Not free or particularly cheap. But with 5 color tones per pack, it's a damn fine deal for gorgeously made hair. The skin is from the Group Gift Curio set that I showed you the other day. You can still grab them in notices. And if you were worried about a group joining fee, don't be. It's free and you really truly need these.

One last note - I bet you're wondering why I took this picture at such a cute little candyland kinda setting. Well, this is part of HappyMood's entry into this year's Winterfest. They've got 3 giant snowglobes filled with the most insanely adorable winter scenes. You will just fall out of your chair and die from the cuteness. But if you survive, you might just stumble onto a secret prize room! :O HappyMood has 3 very generous holiday-themed gifts this year, as well as an in-store Group Gift. And, if you're clever, you might just see that I've given you a major hint! ;D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


All kinds of wintry wonderfulness is finding its way across the grid, in the form of everything from clothes, to shoes and skins. There are plenty of options to keep you snuggly and warm, or just looking hot in the bedroom.

The lovely Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary released this beauty, 'Cherubim', last night. I hope we know how I feel about white at this point, and this gorgeous set has lots of it, with some lovely fuzzy trim. The hat and capelet complete the set making you look like the snowiest of all lolita.

The skin is from Tacky Star, and right now is only 10L, it's a special preview of what her offerings for the next Designer's united series will be. Totally excited for it, the theme this time? Vaudeville. Mmmm. But hurry, this skin is only going to be out for a limited time!
+++Blue Blood+++ Also had a new release, and I'm *still* geeking over the whitegoth options available. Of course you'll find these lovelies in the traditional colors, but you know, in case you forgot. WHITE. This set is Fluture and comes with two different skirts, as seen below. A whole slew of colors, and if this isn't enough for you. Ghanima has a new 29L sec on, there is a midnight mania, as well as a mob vend that goes all the way down to 50L.

But we can't forget the shoes! Lazy Places has recently released a whole slew of new boots and hooves. These lovelies are feathered and come with lots of color options, seven different colors to be precise. They also have an option for particle feathers to rezz when you walk, which is totally fun. If your budget is a wee bit tighter, well Nix Sands at XCENTRICITY has a NEW pair of exclusive holiday D'Fly heels for you. These lovelies are Ice Queen blue, and as you can see have their own fun particles.

After a long day of looking lovely and stomping around in some crazy awesome footwear, you need to have the right kind of lingerie so unwind it, or maybe get wound up in. Seldom Blue has release a whole pile of yummy, fun and festive styles for you. Just today Indigoblue dropped a gorgeous holiday version of my favorite set 'Kira' on the SOM group. If you're lucky you might still be able to grab it, it's serious yum.

Another recent addition to Seldom Blue's lingerie line is the Portia series. Right now you can get the purple set for a hugely discounted 195L, that's 25 pieces people, and for a set that normally runs at 800L, it's a deal that can't be beaten. This set has so many options it's ridiculous, from skirts, to bras and panties and corsets, you'll spend hours playing with this set, if only a few minutes taking it off.

Monday, December 14, 2009

So Many Good Deals It's Surreal

Have you hit the So 2010 Sales yet?

Jacket - Mimikri - Leather Jacket/Alexa gold - $50L
Pants - Mimikri - Leather Pants/Alexa gold - $50L
Skin - :GP: Sundust [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays - FREE (Group Gift)
Pose - {flowey} cold in the fire - FREE (Group Gift)

Some of SL's biggest names are participating in a secret $50L sale through December 27th. You have to search the shops to find the goodies, but there's so much great stuff to be had! (You can find a copy of the shop list in The Love/Hate Hivemind Group notices.) Soon as I spotted Mimikri on the list, I ran! There are items marked down throughout the shop, almost every room has something, so there's lots to choose from. I also have to make a note of the pose used above. It's a Group Gift from the new {flowey} in-world group. There's a $100L joining fee, but there are 2 poses available now in notices, with the promise of more to come.

Jacket - Mimikri - Lady Minx/Jacket red - $50L
Pants - ::HH:: Hucci Mid-Rise Denim - Medium Wash Worn - $50L
Skin - :GP: Acorn [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays - FREE (Group Gift)

House of Hucci is another shop on the So 2010 list with a big selection of $50L items. So much so that it was hard to choose. I settled on this great pair of jeans. They come with loads of options and the texture is really fantastic. You can really never have enough jeans, so be sure to grab them.

Dress w/ Gloves - Mimikri - Lady Minx/Dress red - $50L
Skin - :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays - FREE (Group Gift)

Last, but most certainly not least, I have to mention the Group Gift Skins from Curio that made every girl in SL scream her head off last night. It's a sample Fatpack of the new Elf line of skins, and it's got the superlative quality you know and love. You must join the Gala & Rita Designs Announcements in-world group to get them. They're waiting for you in the past notices. There are 5 skin tones, with Light & Dark options for each. They're gorgeous and you desperately need them right now.

I would also like to note the setting for these pics today - the outstanding Primtings Gallery, run by Ina Centaur of IC Skins. It's a gallery dedicated to realizing famous works of art in 3D and it's heaven for an art nut like myself. There's some truly wonderful work here by some great SL artists, all made with sincere reverence for the original masters. It's a must-see. And while you're there, be sure to drop a few Lindens into the donation kiosk. Art keeps SL exciting and places like this need all the support you can give.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's A Pamela o:

"You're looking for a Trickett? Don't think I've seen one. Have you tried their favourite shops? How about the forests? Lay some sweetie trails and a pillow trap. A pillow trap? It's a strategically placed pillow for catchin' Tricketts. :D That? It's just a random smiley face. Go about your daily business, no Tricketts here, just us Pamelas. <.<"

This is a Pamela. :3 Or maybe a Trickett interpretation of a Pamela. The skin is by Lazolli and the shape and pose are by Plastic Flowers, your latest store for cute and edgey shapes. :3

The shape has a very versatile, sexy face. She worked with every skin I tried on, including skins that haven't been my favourite on Trick. Shown here are the Lazolli Pamela skin the shape was designed for, Summer by Vive9, Bella by Tuli and Enchanted by Cupcakes.
There are three no mod shapes with varying heights - 5 6", 5 8" and 5 10" by height measure. There's a couple of things I'd change but I am a shape-freak and overall it's probably a better shape than other freebie shapes I've picked up from skin and shape shops (I know you're all saying "well duh" <.<).

I think I have to switch to the offical viewer when I take photos, they just don't seem as sharp in Emerald as they did on LL's. I don't think Photobucket compression helps either...

Shape - Plastic Flowers - 1L
First Skin - Lazolli - 1L
Pose - Plastic Flowers - 1L
Necklace (Colour change) - U&R Dogs - Lucky Chair


Just an FYI kids, CSR prizes, for the most part, are UP

2009 Winter CHOICE! CSR

Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Past Breakfast

There's nothing quite like starting off the day with a massive Photoshop failure and 5 dumbfounded tech support personnel.... Anyway, let's get to it!

Dress - This is a Fawn - Deep V-Neck Dress [slate] - $50L
Hair - !lamb. Witch - Powder - $50L
Tattoo - /artilleri/ Spotty mix tattoo - $100L
Pose - esme for (pda) Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood - $50L (Fatpack)

Loads of great stuff at this week's $50L Friday event. This is a Fawn has the fabulous little V-Neck mini dress in slate blue. The platinum blond pompadour hair is from Lamb. There's also a red shade of the same style available. The tattoo is from the big sale at Artilleri, which is not to be missed. If you don't already own everything in the shop, now's your chance. And I just love her rockabilly style tattoos. It's a small section, but as with everything else in the shop, the quality is top notch.

Vest - Schadenfreude Cranberry Deep V Vest - $50L
Boots - *Shai* Lizard Boots - Red - $50L
Tattoo - /artilleri/ maggie tattoo - $100L
Pose - (pda) I Gotta Get Smart - $50L (Fatpack)

The cranberry colored vest from Schadenfreude is perfect match for the red boots from Casa del Shai. Both items are gorgeously textured, with outstanding details.

Outfit - (5th&Oxford) Rebel, Rebel Outfit - $50L
Boots - [SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots - Black - $100L
Pose - (pda) I was having sexual nightmares - $50L (Fatpack)

5th & Oxford has this sexy little tank and mini skirt set on offer this week, with loads of layering options. And the boots are from the sale at Surf Co., also on the Artilleri sim, and they come with dozens of color change options. The texturing is just to die for; an unbelievable steal for just $100L. You might need to Fatpack them.

And, speaking of Fatpacks, all of the poses are from the 3 Fatpacks available at Penny Dreadful Arcade. There are samples here from each of the packs, all of them mandatory for your collection.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love Love Hate

So, real life was supposed to end on Sunday night. Then I get a call telling me that real life is being extended another two weeks. Sooooo I don't want to sit on all this good stuff forever, and I guess I'll just be rationing it out nightly. Until I can get to a place where my schedule is a teeny bit less hectic.

As soon as I saw the ad board from LVS' Dollhouse Boutique about their Tarot hunt gift, I raced over. Old school carnie style really does it for me, and better yet it went beautifully with my newest skin from Deviant Kitties. The Tarot hunt seems *really* promising, this is coming from someone who is so worn out from hunts, that for the most part, I really just don't do them anymore. Pretty sure I'm doing this one though.

The hair is from the Love Soul lucky board against the tree, that is devilish and long, but if you're persistent or have a friend who will stalk it for you, then you might just be able to nab this cutie. Okay, now I'm going to bed. You might see me tomorrow night, depending on how beat up I am.


hey kids,

Real life is calling like WHOA right now. You'll be back to your regularly scheduled program on monday. Sorry!

So, for now, enjoy some IAMX.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

get y0 kicks

Right so Shoe Fair 2009 ends TODAY.

J's thigh high boots are *not* new. But they are some of the best you're going to find on the grid. Reason everyone's messing themselves over them lately? New colors, a whole pile of them, and they're gorgeous. Get a fatpack.

Make sure to hit up the vendors that go to toys for tots like these heels from Heart and Sole. The money is going to a good place. Could you imagine being a kid with no presents on Christmas day? Super sadface. Do a good deed.

Probably some of the most normal shoes you'll find at Lazy Places would be the Pr0n heels. But don't forget the hen-tai heels, the hooves and then their darling Knuffle boots, a pack of which is set up for the toys for tots vendor.

ANEXX has piles of good shoes, but I couldn't not show you their toys for tots donation item. These boots are CRAZY awesome. They are so rock star you can't not love them, even if you're an angry little girl like me who hates everything. Details and texturing and everything is gorgeous, and your purchase will help get kids presents for Christmas. Everyone wins.

Don't forget all of the other amazing shoes too, Kookie's Lolita heels, the dalmatian print heels at Maitreya (toys for tots donation to boot). The fun toys for tots donation pair from Courtisane and omg the Lolipolita boots from Periquita. GO NOW DO NOT DELAY SHOE FAIR OVER TONIGHT.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cold Cold Ground

This week's $50L Friday has embraced the colder weather, so let's celebrate with a little bit of snow!

Jacket - (Milk Motion) My blazer *plaid* - $50L

First up, the new blazer from Milk Motion, trimmed with a classic red plaid lining. It comes with 2 sets of cuffs, so you can have a touch more plaid than you see pictured above.

Sweater - *Kookie* Ono Goldie Snood w/ Jacket - $50L

Next, the cozy sweater set from Kookie. This set comes with an optional hood, complete with dark black hair. A steal for just $50L

Dress - {SMS} Feather Dress White FLF 18 - $50L
Hair - fri. - Tatum.2 - Sensitive Black - $75L (Color Pack)

Last, but certainly not least, the white feather party dress from So Many Styles. Light as air, soft and flirty - it's the perfect antidote for fashionistas, who have been clamoring for more pretty white dresses.

I also have to note that the hair in the first & third pics is from, which is running a winter sale right now. If you haven't hit it yet, you're missing out on some ridiculous discounts. The poses this week are from the recent Glitterati model pose releases.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowy and Cute

Lots of new goodies from +++Blue Blood+++ this week. Firstly Ghanima unleashed upon us the SUPER EXCITEMENT WONDROUS JUMPING set "Kawaii". It comes with two skirts, as well as the option to wear it like a suit. Ugh can you say wonderful? The high collar kills me, the waspy waist kills me, the leg warmers? They kill me. This set is so cute, and comes in five dark colors, and five white colors. Ugh I am SO loving the white!

Also check out that skin. It reminds me so much of my first *real* skin. It was a Nomine Windlight skin, and I still love it to this day, but this skin is FREE and from a store called
~: Heartsick :~ this is a store opening gift and its available in ALL shades, with and without freckles and there are cleavage options as well. There is also a skin gift for guys available as well, so make sure to drop by and grab these goodies while you can.

Just in the past hour or so Ghanima unleashed a note on the group proclaiming 10L Jackets for Christmas! And they ran. The jacket is adorable, and comes in seven different colors. I love me some 10L +++Blue Blood+++. Not to mention the most recent 29L blue blood set available on xstreet, here. AND there is a mobvend that goes all the way down to 50L. Ghani's got ya covered.

Just a reminder, four days left of shoe fair, and I still haven't shown you the new Fae Ankou boots from Lazy Places. These suckers are very different, and a lot of fun. They are available in Black, White and Brown, and are still only available at shoe fair, which runs through the 6th.