Tuesday, September 29, 2009

she's a threat

Let's start today off with +++Blue Blood+++'s newest release, 'Anya'. Nothing like a little bit of Lolita gladiator action to really make things interesting. Hardcore Lolita indeed, Ghanima. I love the unique shape of the skirt, and the options for the top, with or without the bracer arm piece.B. Bodenhall 'Toreador' skin - 450L
+++Blue Blood+++ Anya (red) - 300L

This set comes in purple, red, teal, and ocre. Once again, if you'd like the black version, you'd better get your booty in the +++Blue Blood+++ group, not only will you be able to claim this set in black, but you can also get 50% off of the fatpack if you are so inclined.
Recently one of my favorite skin designers came back to the grid after suffering at the hands of copy botters pretty heavily. Mairead Broek of Domestic-V, and now B. Bodenhall, has returned with a couple of really nice new vampire skins. They are very unique, in the fact that the fangs aren't prim, and they aren't painted onto the lip... but when you smile, well, you can't ignore them. I'll be doing a more thorough review on these skins sometime in the next week, but I'm wearing the Toreador skin, and its beautiful, as you can expect from Ms. Broek.

Closing out the post, as I was trolling about on Xstreet this morning, I noticed there is a new limited price offer on Red Queen's 'Hush' hair in Onyx. [rQ] hair tends to be pretty expensive in general, so grabbing this one for 99L is a steal, and you can't question the quality. The style is perfect for the upcoming holiday, and any other day you feel like looking badass.

Also, if you look at her other stuff available on Xstreet, you'll see a pair of neko ears and tail for 50L each. Not that I ever would, but if I went Neko, I'd probably grab these, as they are gorgeous.

Birthdays don't just last *one* day.

The announcement huh? You remembered. Well, I'm not the type of girl whose birthday lasts only one day. So, yeah, yesterday was the blog's birthday... but the party is lasting until Halloween. That's just how I roll. There are presents hiding all over the Sound of Silence sim, which houses Violent Seduction, Tacky Stars, Rotten Inc, and Not Too Shabby. Lots of them. Lots and lots of pig heads to find... yeah, pig heads. Did you really expect anything less?

On top of that, there is a black market of sorts, with all kinds of special gifts for only 10L. Skins, jewelry, even a cute little beach shack is available. So far, from the hunt items I've seen, everything is gorgeous, creative and fantastic. Which is no less from a hunt I've taken the time to put together.

So like I said, the hunt is running until Halloween, when we will close out the hunt with a Halloween ball, hopefully with as much if not more fun than we had last night ;) There are still a few gifts that need to be dropped on the sim, so make sure to come back. I will be updating new hunt gifts on the blog as they come out, and this post is by all means NOT all of the gifts available.

Also if you missed it last night, Lois from Skinsane was sweet enough to provide a party gift, which is hanging out next to the couch in the HQ, and will be until this evening when I return it... or whenever she stops by to pick it up, so grab it while you can!

I'd like to thank all of the merchants involved in helping to make this hunt, you've all been amazing!

Monday, September 28, 2009


A birthday, what? Yeah, that's right. TODAY IS OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY. That's right. One year of fashion, cattiness, and off the cuff comments. I really didn't think we'd make it to a year when I started this blog, but I'm hugely proud, and thankful to all of you who take the time to read the blog every day, and especially to all the girls, past and present, who have contributed so much to the blog. In the past year we've have over 150k in hits, and *THAT* is ridiculous to me. So thank you.

That said, you really didn't think we could let a milestone like this go by without a party right? That's right starting tonight at 7 pm SLT, and going until.... whenever (probably about 10pm). This isn't just any party. There will be gifts, there will be giveaways, there might be a sausage king, but there will most definitely be a HUGE announcement. Yeah, that's bolded for a reason. This announcement is pretty big, pretty awesome, and you won't be hearing about it until at least tomorrow if you aren't present at the party. Best believe, this isn't something you want to miss. We've pulled out all of the stops, and it's sure to be amazing. It will be at the newly renovated L/H HQ, at 7pm SLT, and you *will* be there ;D

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In a world, where skins were not permanent.
It was the Skin & Shape fair 2009.She, was a girl, oBscene, and obsessed with skins.
She found her favorite and the best skins available.
Jealousy was her demise,
but damn did her corpse look good, thanks to [the oBscene]

Widescreen Letterbox format, hitting the grid Saturday September 26th. Be there.

These are FREE from [the oBscene] at skin fair. Ridiculously gorgeous, and the whole vamp line just makes me mess my pants. The things I would do with those skins. By and far my favorite skins at the fair in it's entirely, a close runner up was Zanzo's line of goth skins. The fair is running for two weeks, with LOTS of charity (take a lesson from them, jewelry fair). What is quite possibly the most awesome charity item? SinDecade's fat packs. Every pack bought gives half to charity. I have no choice, and I regret nothing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

I hope you've saved your Lindens, cause this week's $50L Friday is going to kick your wallet's ass!

Jacket -(Milk Motion) My admiral vest - $50L
Jeans - K&CO - Simple Denim - Warm Blue - FREE (Lucky Chair)

Pose - [LAP] - BG2-Barbie14 PR4 - $50L (set)

One of the big jaw-droppers this week is the admiral vest from Milk Motion. So many of us bargain hunters have visited the shop in the past and been able to do little more than pet the vendor and cry inside. Tonight we got to wipe those tears away for good and score this little piece of virtual fabulosity for just $50L! Don't miss your chance to grab it, too! The jeans are another great score from Kenzie & Co. Kenzie has just restocked her Lucky Chair with a ton of new items, among them, this classic pair of skinny blue jeans. The chair is set to just 5 minutes, but there's so much stuff in it, you're going to need to call up all your girlfriends and camp out. Totally worth it!

Jacket - *Fishy Strawberry* Waist Jacket - $50L
Shoes - *Kookie* Powder Puff ' Spikeys ' - $50L
Necklace - Kunstkammer Classic Coin Necklace - Silver - $50L

Pose - [LAP] - CC-Swagger PR4 - $50L (set)

The other big name on the shopping list this week is Kookie. While we wished for shoes, a few of us shook that idea off as just a fantasy. Leave it to Kookie to make a girl's shoe fantasy come true! This studded pair comes with both strap & strapless versions. Another stunner this week, the waist jacket from Fishy Strawberry. I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. It's scripted not just for resize, but texture change as well, offering up 15 different options. So, it's totally unisex and can match a ton of different outfits, not to mention the wonderful quality of the sculpt & the richness of the textures. $50L is a small price to pay for such a worthy wardrobe investment. The necklace from Kunsthammer makes me a little sick with jealousy. I wanted to make something just like this, but the ridiculously talented designer Nuala Shippe beat me to it and did a much better job than I could ever dream of accomplishing. Damn she's good! It's a perfect classic jewelry piece - you absolutely need it. And to top off this wallet wilting weekend shopping, a fatpack of poses from Long Awkward Pose. You get 5 poses for the low low asking price, and, just like last time, there's a pack for guys & a pack for girls - all of them perfection.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dark shimmery forest

GIMP is on my last nerve today. It literally closed on me right as I was about to save my pictures, then I got to start ALLLLLLL over again. Other than that, today is the big day. Final word on whether my Mother is totally cancer free or not. Her CT scan a few days after her last round of chemo gave her a clean bill of health, so now she just has to pass the PET scan. Results are today at 2:30. I know she'll be great, and healthy, but its still a little nerve wracking.

Anyway, want another reminder about the Jewelry fair? While I'm pretty disappointed with the Charity aspect of the fair (seriously, how many big name stores didn't put any sort of charity item up? Kind of crass.) some stores really came through and shine that much brighter for it. Like Kunstkammer. Nuala pulled no punches with her gorgeous charity set, the 'Black Forest Suite'.

The set consists of a gorgeous necklace, matching earrings and three different bracelets to go with it. The set is gorgeous in and of itself, but the really great thing about it, is it is texture change. So you don't just get gold, oh no. You gold, silver, gunmetal and bronze. I decided to match up the different tones with some of my favorite outfits, to show them off. I love how versatile the whole set is, and its just beautifully made in general.

The set retails for 400L, but it's *SO* worth it. The detailing on the pieces along with the texture change make it an amazing deal, and don't forget, it's good karma too since half of the price is going to charity! The Jewelry fair runs through the 27th, so make sure to stop by and do a good deed by buying yourself some pretties!

One last thing. That yummy vanity you see in the background? Well, it is from one of my favorite furni stores on the grid +Rejudor+. They recently moved shop, and because of it, they are offering this as their store opening gift! Also, it looks like there is a lucky board with a special Halloween pillow available too, if you're patient.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreaming of Hiawatha

There are a couple of new gifts down at Fri.day.

Top - fri. - Ruched Button.Down (Spice) - Elbow Sleeve - FREE
Mouth - ::SPLIT PEA:: Millions of people are waitin' on love - wheat - $10L

You can find two new boxes in the freebie section at the Fri.day mainstore, both of them samples of some new arrivals. The quality is really good & the colors are so rich. Definitely getting me excited about some new Fall fashions. The Ruched Button-down, pictured above, comes with two sleeve options: elbow length (shown) and a short sleeve. And the Ballet Sweater, below, has got some wonderfully rendered sculpty parts.

Top - fri. - Ballet.Sweater (Berry) - FREE
Pose - [LP] Lazy Places For DSN Female 1 - FREE

The mouth feathers in the top picture are another of the Gatcha Gatcha prizes from Split Pea. Designer Melatonin Hax has the best feather accessories. And, yes, the headband in the picture above is also from Split Pea. You can find it at the mainstore for a very fair price & it's totally neccessary to your life. The pose in the bottom picture is from Lazy Places & it's part of the DSN gift. You might already have it, if you subscribed to the animations channel. This shop has some adorable stuff, totally worth checking out.


Its that time of year when all of the kidlings are heading back to school, and I thank everything that is holy that I don't have any. No offense, I've just had my fill of kids already. From babysitting, to working at a summer camp, that fulfilled any urge I might have for a long time.

Regardless, there is a certain mystique about school. You hate it as a kid, but long for it as an adult. With out all of the... people, you know, the ones you knew when you were in school. The ones that randomly hit you up on myspace or facebook, even though they never liked you, and you never really liked them. But I digress.

Ghanima OF +++Blue Blood+++ released a new set once again yesterday, and something about it just makes me think of being in school. The crisp cool days, and walking through the commons in your fall and winter coats. Meeting with friends to bullshit for the fleeting minutes you have between classes. The set, appropriately enough (to me at least), is called 'Fleet'. I can literally picture myself outside the drama room, with my old friends. Laughing and babbling on before running off to Japanese on the other side of campus.

The set comes with a 'trench coat' skirt, and a normal lolita style skirt, and there are five colors to choose from. Red, Black, Purple and Teal. If you have an itching for the Blue version, be prepared to join the group, as you have to be part of it to purchase the Blue. Totally worth it though ;)

Gimme Gimme Gatcha Gatcha

The Gatcha Gatcha Fair is in full swing! :D

Top - !Ohmai : Lippin Denim Tunic DARK WASH - $25L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Special No2 Caramel - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair Clip - PIDIDDLE - Hair Dangle 003 - $25L
Top - !Ohmai : Lippin Denim Tunic CREME WASH - $25L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Special No1 Caramel - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair Clip - PIDIDDLE - Hair Dangle 002 - $25L

The latest Cioccolata/Albero Mall Fair is on, and, if you haven't been yet, you're looking for the gumball machines all around the center, both upstairs & downstairs at Cioccolata. Lots of different shops have filled up each machine with a bundle of fabulously fun prizes. Simply pay each machine its asking price (typically $10-35L) & it randomly delivers you a prize. Yes, you can get doubles. But, since most everything is set to no copy/trans okay, you can trade your extras or pass them on to friends as gifts! The variety & quality are truly excellent. You can find such great stuff for cheap cheap cheap! Just be careful - those machines are addictive! XD

Top - oyakin*cami*pinkbeige1 - $20L (set)
Headband - ::SPLIT PEA:: On this harvest moon - headband - $10L
Pin - PIDIDDLE - Rose Broach 002 - $25L


Top - oyakin*cami*pinkbeige&sea - $20L (set)

Hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: XO, Mom - flowerpot - $10L

Mouth - ::SPLIT PEA:: I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold- flower - $10L

Hand - ::SPLIT PEA:: I'll kiss you again between the bars - flowerpot - $10L


Top - oyakin*cami*sea2 - $20L (set)

Sunglasses - ::SPLIT PEA:: The Hallie Galli Sunglasses - $10L

The other bit of awesomeness in this post is the Group Gift skins set from Dutch Touch. Two beautifully made skins were passed out to the Subscribe-o-Matic Group today in the Caramel skin tone. The make-up is really soft & neutral. These are a must-have. If you missed them, they are still available in the SoM at the Mainstore.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Exotic Nights

Today I've got a pile of goodies from *Ticky Tacky* some old, some new, some exclusive, all at the Jewelry fair. Whether your look is exotic, or down town, there is something you're going to find and love, and as always, with the great prices you've come to expect.

*Ticky Tacky* on the other hand is one of the awesome designer's who does have a charity gift out, and it's fantastic. If you remember the silver Banjee Girl set from the skipping stones hunt, and wanted it in gold? Here's your chance to get it, and give to charity too!

Narita has a lot of stuff available in her stall, including three freebies, as always her pieces are reasonably priced, with a nice variety, you're sure to find something you love.

The Kindness of Strangers

It's been a good night for Group Gifts! :)

Dress - -AZUL- GroupGift0909#2 - FREE (Group Gift)
Skin - *CUPCAKES - Enchanted - Sienna - Rosie - FREE (Group Gift)

Azul has a new Group Gift in store. Simply join the Azul group (yes, it will take a group slot) and click the board in the shop to get this fabulous dress for FREE! It even comes with a little fur stole (not pictured). Cupcakes also has a new gift for their in-world group: a fatpack of Enchanted Skins in the Rosie make-up! You get 5 different skin tones, plus freckle options for each. Find this generous set in group notices.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leezu, Courtisane, Lion Skins... Oh My!

If your in the Leezu group, you might have been as fortunate as I was to hear about this amazing party going on at Leezu's Sim! Leezu in conjunction with Enkythings, LionSkins, PhotoStage, KMadd and Courtisane had a party on Sat. the 19Th where if you explored each shop you could hunt out apples filled with the most amazing goodies and buy them for the rock bottom price of 50L. The lag was high, like wading through mud but, oh was it worth it. I was thrilled making this post mixing and matching the newness with those pieces already in my collection.

You cant really do a Leezu post without showing off some of her fabulous gowns. Normally I am not a huge gown person, but I couldn't pass these up. I found these both for 50L each. Swoon.
Leezu - Kiss Sarah Flexi Dress - Gray
Leezu - Kali Flexi Dress - Rose

I was so happy to find several of the gifties in my favorite colors! Like this feminine little turquoise jacket and these to die for ankle boots from Courtisane which I paired with some pants already in my collection.
Leezu - Rocco Femme Jacket - Turquoise
Leezu - Pants from NOIR Efraims daughter set
Courtisane - Hors d'haleine shoe - Turquoise

Leezu - Natascha Flexi Dress - Silver
Coutisane - Devoue Sandal - Blue
Leezu - Zuzu Monokini
Leezu- LBD CorsetLilaSolo
Leezu - LBD Klara Stiletto's - Lila

Leezu - Emma Swings Pantsuit
Leezu - Courtisane Lingerie - Green
Leezu - La Vie En Fleur Hair - Phat Pack available Free in store

Leezu - Top from REVOLUTION Pan set
Leezu - Jeans Slim Cut - Stonewashed
Courtisane - Marquise Sandals - Olive
Courtisane - Sacoche Bag - Free Gift Available in shop
Leezu - LBD NightLove Jacket - Turquoise
Leezu - LBD Lea Pants - Black
I also have to mention the GORGEOUS Lion Skins I'm wearing throughout this post four in total, I don't know how I became such a lucky girl but I won them at the Leezu Party. Lion Skins of my choice. *More Swooning* I am loving them! Especially the body detailing. They are just wonderful I cant say enough nice things about these skins. Go Get Some!!

Worshipping at the Altar of Fashion

Church of Lux is having a $50L sale!

Dress - [CoL] - Jenna - Blueberry - $50L

Everything in the store is marked down to just $50L! So many casual & adorable dresses, all wonderfully made.

Dress - [CoL] - Martina - Ebony - $50L

This set comes with three different racerback tank top colors - black, white & gray. And both the top & skirt can be worn separately, so you can mix & match with other outfits.

Dress - [CoL] - Angel - Raspberry - $50L

This cute little dress offers two different tops: the strapless, shown here, and a spaghetti-strap version. So, it's like two great little dresses in one

Dress - [CoL] - Morgan - Aqua - $50L

There's no end date for the sale right now, so you never know when the prices will jump back up. Run! Buy everything, cause it's all fabulous!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ode to the Sausage King

OMG someone please tell the sun that I haven't gone to bed yet... A belly full of mooshu & soft drinks + a pile of gifts, freebies & $50L Friday deals have pushed me through the night. I am not strong enough to resist.

Dress - (Elate!) Elise (Sunny) - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair - .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. The Art Teacher II - Stein Silver - FREE (Group Gift)
Earrings - Ear Candy ~ Boho Jewelry Fair - FREE
Necklace - SBJ Fall Colors Topaz - FREE
Ring - Dark Mouse 30's Vintage Art Deco Pearl Ring - FREE

Elate! dropped this darling little dress on her subscriber group last night to whet our whistles for the big Gatcha Gatcha Fair on the Ciocolatta Sim. There are tons of prizes to get for very low prices & most of them are transferable, so you can trade & give them as gifts. This dress is going to be one of them, but there are 3 other colors you can get, and you've got till October 31st, to get them all.

Dress - This is a Fawn - String Dress [black] - $50L
Tights - !Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK - FREE (Store Gift)
Pin - +RozoRegalia+*VINCA*PIN(red) box - FREE
Earrings - :+*U&R Dogs*+: Petit Bolero Pierced Earrings - FREE

$50L Fridays is on & This Is a Fawn dropped this hot little backless black mini-dress to start things off. How can you resist? The tights are free from !OhMai's new mainstore on the Horst Sim of Starlust. You can find 4 freebies there - 2 tank tops, a cardigan & these leggings. All white, all wardrobe staples, all FREE. Look for the cutouts on the walls on the first floor that say "Click Me!". The top from League & the tattoo from Smudge, in the pic below, are also from the $50L Friday event. I thought they looked great with the hair from the recent Tiny Bird Group Gift. She sent out a little fat pack of different styles in fabulously wild colors. Both hairs featured in this post are from that set & I like them so much I'll have to find more outfits to wear with them XD

Top - *League* Garage Shirt - White - $50L
Hair - .:[ Tiny Bird ]:.Precious Things - Stein Silver - FREE (Group Gift)
Tattoo - *smudge-Sailor On - $50L
Earrings - SBJ Fall Colors Topaz - FREE

All of the jewelry in this post is from the 2009 Jewelry Fair, that starts now! Two full sims of gems & beads & pretties, loads of different kinds of accessories for guys & gals, and lots of shops offering transferable gift options, too. So, you can stock up on some great finds, discover lots of great new shops, and even get a jump on your holiday shopping... And to top it all off, there are loads of events going on to help raise money for Oxfam, as well as heaps of freebies all around. You have got to come check it out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I was graced by a visit from the Jewelry Fairy, and she totally gave me the lowdown on the new hotness from Violet Voltaire, and a little taste of Kunstkammer both of which will be at the much buzzed about Jewelry Fair starting tomorrow! My favorite Vivi has a whole new line she's going to be debuting as well as a couple of nice pieces with 50% of the profits going to Oxfam International.

Oxfam International is a charity that focuses on ending poverty throughout the world, and you'll be seeing all kinds of gorgeous jewelry up for sale to help support this worthy group, you can get more information about the project at their website Oxfam.org.
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Chola)

Violet has a new line called 'Doll Face', and it quite literally lives up to its name. The pieces represent a broad spectrum of communities, and all of them are what you would expect from Violet, well made, gorgeous and the best details around. The set comes with earrings and a matching necklace and are beautiful and creepy at the same exact time, I totally love each and every one of them.
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Steampunk)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Punk)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Harajuku)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Goth)

In terms of charity, Vivi's got some gorgeous necklaces available, and 50% of the profits they make will be going to Oxfam International. They come in Black and white, and they are fabulous in their simplicity. Vivi is really getting into the spirit and will be taking part in a couple of the events going on during the fair, there is going to be a kissing booth and a dunk tank, of which you can kiss or dunk Violet, for charity of course ;). I've matched the necklaces with some gorgeous earrings that will be available at the Kunstkammer booth, the series is called 'Carnival' and they are beautifully made.
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' necklace (black)
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' necklace (white)
Kunstkammer 'Carnival' earrings in 'New Oreleans'

Of course Vivi didn't leave those of you tight on funds out. If you really just can't afford the other stuff right now, she is going to have a couple of charming dollarbie 'Love in a Void' bracelets out for those of you who are so inclined. they match the 'Love in a Void' charity necklaces and are as fabulous as you'd expect from her.
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' bracelet (black)
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' bracelet (white)

The Jewelry fair starts TOMORROW, and runs until the 27th. It will be on two sims with, as the note card says, 130 creators involved! The fair is going to have all kinds of shopping opportunities, auctions for charity, as well as seminars on jewelry making and lots of resources. So whether you're there to shop or possibly learn something, you're sure to find something fantastic at the Jewelry Fair.

Don't worry I'll have more previews for you tomorrow!

Kind Of Like Being Blonde...

When I try blonde demos on, I often think they suit me more than my regular black hair. ): If more hair stores sold natural packs, I'd be a happy deer. Unless they didn't include white in which case I'd complain about that too... I like black/white packs. Anyway...

Not only is this dress yellow it comes in different layers and you can turn it into seperates. (Yellow is always passed over for more popular colours. ): ) You can have just the black skirt or just the yellow top. :3

The skins are available at the new Vive9 store. These are the darkest and second lightest tones.
Some insider info from the group, there's a 50% sale starting tomorrow and ending on the 25th. The fatpacks at Vive9 and in the discount section are very reasonable so if they're on sale I think I'm going for broke tomorrow. Or a couple of days after because I'm patient like that. :3

Skins - Vive9 - Opneing Gift
Dress - Concord Clothing - 1L new release gift

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aura "F'in" Falta does Some Combination of the 70-bajillion hunts going on right now

If you are like me, you love the word free. It doesn't matter if it is 6 prims put together to make a box, you are going to pick that shit up and leave it in your inventory till your next round of inventory sorting (you know, where you sit in a camping chair so you can get more stuff to clog your inventory). I hate hunts for this reason. They tempt me with all their shinies! What am I supposed to do?! I am only one avatar!

Anyway, I have decided to make this addiction of mine into a charity offering for you guys. I am going to do the hunt and tell you what you absolutely must have. You know, because my humble opinion should mean everything to you! Let's get started.

First up, I have the very first item you can grab from the Macabre Hunt. It is from the hunt organizers and it is FABULOUS. The theme for this hunt was ghoulish faerie tales and this item does not disappoint. It is a take off of Jack's attire from "The Nightmare before Christmas." While this is technically the male item, I couldn't help but throw it onto my mesh. It comes with optional tails, which I didn't feel like editting to fit my avvie, and a rad cane that come complete with its own stands.

Jack's Suit--Rasetsukoku

Next, we have an offering from Rasetsukoku's next door neighbor, Gehenna. This is what will be adorning my shop for Christmas. It is just a fun little cage hung from a geared-up candy cane with the ground littered with candy and skulls. Doesn't this just scream "Santa's basement" to you?

The Cage--Gehenna

Now the next image I have for you has two parts to explain. First, the skin is another hunt item from the Macabre Hunt. It is just a wonderful beauty (and I suppose the beast) skin with a lovely stitched mouth and claw slashes. It simple warms my morbid little heart. It looks super wonderous with the 25L special sitting in DV8's shop. I just happened to see it while I was there picking up the hunt gift and next thing I knew, I was 25L poorer. I am not sure how long that special is going to last, so grab it while you can.

Beauty Skin--VampArt
25L Special--DV8

Tree House Treasures had an interesting little addition to the Macabre Hunt. This store put out a basket with all the lovely items needed for evil doing in the faerie tale age. I have made a diagram analysis of its contents for you. I suppose this is the ultra deluxe basket for green witches as I personally believe the ground-to-air missle is a little over the top for taking down a potential snow white or big bad wolf. However, one must always be prepared for the unexpected.

What's in Red's Basket--Tree House Treasures

Last up, I have a skin that you absolutely at the very moment have to log in and obtain. This comes from a bitchin' designer that owns a store named Miasma. I had previously known her for her work with the neko tribes of SL, but now she is making skins and they are AWESOME. Check out this lovely little number she pulled out of her brain for the Addiction Hunt. It has a lovely pale hue, soft pink lips, and bloody tears running down the cheeks. Its like she went into my head and demanded inspiration!

Addition Hunt Gift skin--Miasma