Monday, May 31, 2010

Yoo Hoo Princey Poo...?

I'm still not sure how it happened, but I seem to have lost my prince. I turn my back for one minute, and BAM gone. I'm going to have to put a leash on him when he's found. At least I'll look fabulous as one of the twin mint princesses of Mint Chip Island. And what do Mint princesses wear exactly? Lo*Momo group gifts, as well as group gifts from Teku Teku. I don't know how it worked out this way, but it's like they were in league to create the perfect mint princess outfit, and here you have it. For free.

Friday, May 28, 2010

spo0kity treats

I'm not much for SL magazines in general, but sometimes they are worth the price of picking up if only to check out the goodies inside. If you haven't grabbed this month's SLGoth magazine you're missing out on some pretty fab stuff.

First up, can you say no to free Silent Sparrow? Especially batty Silent Sparrow. A darling blue batty shirt and matching socks are yours to be claimed, and loved. The shirt comes in a men's and a woman's style, so no one feels left out.

Awhile back I let you in on the hint that Hairoin had a gorgeous feather headdress, and this month in SLGoth magazine you can get yet another amazing headdress, FREE. This piece is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for.. well, I love the dramatic, so I'd wear it everywhere. You can pick up SLGoth magazine in vendors in any of the shops, just drop the magazine on the ground and open it like you would a regular gift box. You'll find more than I'm showing here, but these are my favorite pieces.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Looking for even more fantastic Lolita dresses? Luckily for you Ghanima at +++Blue Blood+++ is always ready to satiate your needs, and has new releases for you! Colette is a gorgeous plush looking dolly set with two skirts, and lots of layering options to play with. Dreamy and romantic, you're sure to look lovely.

If your wallet strings are a little more tightly strung, well you're in luck as well, as just yesterday the lovely Ghani released NEW lucky board dresses, in NINE colors. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, and enjoy yourself while you sit back and fill your inventory up with the love that can only be supplied from +++Blue Blood+++

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Hello...

Sweet Gherkins, it's been so long. I've missed you so.

Dress - .:MALT:. Florentia Dress - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair - ((JUNWAVE))ShellSnail*BLACK* - $40L (Sale)
Pose - estetica: i walk weird - $25L

I'm finally caught up enough since coming back to do a little blogging. Timing couldn't be better, what with all the wonderfully generous group gifts and sales!

That fabulous ruffle dress, in the top picture, is the latest group gift from Malt. It's ridiculously cute and comes with options for both more and less ruffles. This is a dress to have some fun in. The outfit in the picture below is the in-store group gift from So Many Styles, to celebrate the grand opening of her new store and the release of her new collection. Both pieces are samples of her new stuff. You have to join the in-world group and activate your tag to get this gift. Well worth it!

Top - {SMS} Rose Tank Monochrome - FREE (Group Gift)
Skirt - {SMS} Jeans Mini Pink - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair - ((JUNWAVE))Iris*Btype BLACK* - $40L (Sale)
Bracelet - *Ticky Tacky* Tempted Bangles - Magenta - $35L (Secret Sale)
Pose - estetica: uhns! - $25L

The hair in both pictures is from Junwave, which is running a 50% off sale. You can pop in now to grab your favorite color for just $40L each! It's a great time to splurge! ;D The bracelet in the bottom picture is from the secret sale at my shop *Ticky Tacky*. There's a grand opening going on there, too, and I made sure to sneak in lots of deep discounts, so go have a peek. The poses in this post are from everyone's favorite new pose shop in SL - estetica! Great quality work for crazy cheap - have you fatpacked there yet? Go! :O

Love like... AWESOME.

Don't tell me you don't know Violet Voltaire. It's like sacrilege. The creator of what is indisputably the most fun jewelry on the grid? Yeah, I know she 'stopped creating' for awhile, but her store didn't go anywhere! How could you *not* know Violet Voltaire? Well, if you don't, you now have NO EXCUSE not to, as she's put everything in her store on sale for 30L. (Except for the Kaatat0nik dia de los muertos dresses, obviously.) Her store has been open for three years now, despite her almost leaving... well, leaving and coming back. God knows I missed her.

That's *everything*, including her newest releases, the Doll Face doll keys, and jewelry sets. Not to mention the penulitmate Love Like Blood series, the Melancholy sets, really, everything. 30L. Take the opportunity right now to acquaint yourself with Violet Voltaire's jewelry, and become a convert, because really, even in terms of just jewelry, few are as good as she is.

Whether you're looking for playful and fun, or just something lovely, you'll find a set you can't live without. On top of that you'll be ready for her grand return which she is slowly mounting, and I know I can't wait until she is back in full force littering the grid with ALL kinds of pretty.

Friday, May 21, 2010


This afternoon The Moonsong Caves opened, featuring shops like Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, Gauze and more. The opening was punctuated with a hunt, featuring gifts from many of these talented creators, and isn't hard at all. Seriously, the hunt item is a lava rock, which doesn't sound simple... but they're steaming so they are super blatant and easy to find.

There are some fantastic pieces to be claimed, and you'd better do it fast, as this hunt will only be on until Sunday, and then who knows when you'll have the chance to get these goodies again, if at all. Lava rocks are priced at 0L or 1L, and any way you look at it, it's a good deal. I'm totally crushing on the Silent Sparrow skirts, they're adorable.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our just physical darkness

Ever want to be black? I mean... really black, pitch black. Black as the blackest night, with black cats and india ink poured over the whole thing, just to make sure it's actually black. Well, sinDecade has answered your calls, with a new group gift skin. As black as you could ever want, and if you really inspect it, you will see there IS actually shading, and makeup, and despite the fact that it's like an inkblot, it's lovely. Even if you just want it for artsy pictures, it's probably one of the better actually black skins available, for free!

In other news, Paradisis has a new set out today, Couquette, and I couldn't help myself. It was so darling, and right now it is only 99L! It comes with piles of options, heart pasties, pushed down top, good girl top and pretty pretty pearl accessories. Maybe it's because it's pink... and black, I dunno I needed it, and I love it. If you love it too, now is the time to buy, as it's normal price is 225L. Take advantage of this intro price while you can!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Around the World

Today seems to be the day of ridiculous awesome sales. Fine by me, it's just my wallet that is whimpering at this point. But I can't complain, because it gives me an excuse to feature one of my most favorite things on the grid. Latex from Seldom Blue.

Today marks the beginning of what Indigo and I seem to have discerned as Seldom Blue's *first* real sale. The 'Celebration' sale as it is being termed, is a large selection of bright, beautiful, and BLUE items marked down to 50L! You can tell what is marked down by the lovely star on the set. I will put forth as what is definitely one of the best deals available right now. The Latex Lucy skirt sets. Why? Because, you could just get the Latex Lucy shorts set, but if you get the skirt set, you get the skirt AND the shorts. If you want to supplement that set with the naughty see through sets, you're golden, and I am SO in love with the baby blue, all iridescent and beautiful.
Another store with a ridiculous 50L sale going on right now is The Plastik, and let me just make it really clear, the sale items are ONLY in the main building's first and second floor. Now that that is out of the way, this is the 'Black like my soul' sale, which of course speaks to me. Everything in black ONE THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR OF THE MAIN BUILDING is priced at 50L. Including this awesome jacket. I think I need it in a few more colors. It's just gorgeous, and there is an option for just a solid black coat, no 009 on the back, but why wouldn't you want it there? It's all cybery and amazing and ugh. anyway. Go shopping.
[The Plastik] 'Astrid' jacket - 50L

In other news, I dubbed today Daft Punk day, so DANCE BITCHES >:O

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pretty girls

A lot of new and great stuff has dropped recently, starting with these fab new unisex shorts from A-Bomb. I can't help but love the way white and red look together, and had a mini spasm when pulled this whole outfit together and right now, they're only 50L! I think it's pretty clear I have a bit of a nurse fetish, but ugh, fabulous.

If you're feeling a little more french romantic, ~*{The Black Canary}*~ released this lovely ensemble in the past few days, complete with poofy ribbon around the neck to really make you cute. I love the high waist shorts

Rounding out some of the best in new would include the new Nushru hair out exclusively at the Le Cirque event right now. Our lovely Quiver has really started coming into her own with her hair creations. When I first saw this I coveted, you can also get it in an exclusive and gorgeous powder white, to wear with your most fabulous Rococo gown.

Finally, this morning the lovely miss Hyasynth Tirasmisu of the one and only Silent Sparrow released a new picks reward, these gorgeous waist coats in a PILE of colors. You will find the picks reward board next to the group only lucky chair. Totally fantastic, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last night the lovely Ruina Kessel of ][. House of Ruin .][ had a massive release including new skins, new horns and new eyes. Everything you could ever need for your decidedly dark fantasy needs. There is a huge diversity in the styles, colors and horn sizes, and a great price to compliment it all.

When I saw the preview photos of the horns I whimpered a little at how fantastic they are. Especially the two sets I'm showing you today. The skins are fantastic as well. With the Naif series in gorgeous ethereal tones, and Wisp in dark and intense tones, you can cover any skin shade you might need.

Rounding out the release are two new sets of eyes, Tonic and Tonic XXX, in a huge variety of colors. They come in packs of five to ensure you have exactly the selection you need and ready to be the finishing touch to any faerie or demon you're attempting to create.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cthulhu Ia!

In the event that you missed all of the press, The Bacchanal is on, but will be disappearing in mere HOURS. As we grow ever closer to midnight, the sinews tighten toward dragging R'lyeh back into the deep, taking with it all of these fantastic deals. The stars will only be aligned a few more hours before we hit midnight and it allllllll goes poof.

Whether you're looking for cultist wares or just something edgy and fun, your needs are covered, from the gorgeous Draconic Kiss dresses, to the Nomine dress set, that you can buy in pieces, or whole for 300L. Cause, you know, sex appeal is totally important for when you're running around Rl'yeh.

We are in no short sully of cultist wears either, whether you're in need of a blade for your blood sacrifices, or a full body cloak and mask to better worship your gods, we've got you covered. ImmateriA brings the tentacles, masks and all kinds of awesome, for incredible prices!

But it all disappears at midnight! Don't let the idea of insanity hold you back. That's what asylums are for, and we all know Arkham is one of the most comfortable around.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


"What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men." ~ H.P. Lovecraft

The Bacchanal has returned bringing with it lurking madness. And plenty of gorgeous goods inspired by the father of modern horror from some of your favorite creators on the grid.

Oh you'd like to know who is taking part in this little soiree? Well, my dears, that would include:

+++Blue Blood+++
Draconic Kiss
Rara Avis

and the definitive in Lovecraftian gear, Tekeli-li!

Gorgeous pieces starting at only 13L! You will come, you will go mad from the prices, and you will thank me later. So come, enjoy the ambiance and generosity of these fantastic designers, but hurry, as The Bacchanal will pack up and disappear once again into the ether on the evening of the 16th.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently Seldom Blue had a new release, the Sylvia dress line, gorgeous colors and Asian design make it stylish and the fact that it's from Seldom Blue mean there are lots of options to buy exactly the set you want. Not to mention the exclusive 1L set available. As always there are a variety of packs available, starting at only 300L, and the full set costing 700L. And right now, you can get the Blue full set for only 350L!

A recent peak in the Chanimations group awarded me with this gorgeous prayer table, complete with adjustable parts and singular poses. But be quick, this group gift is only going to be in notices for about a day! (sorry about that xd) It's totally worth grabbing, if only for photo ops. (Hummie not included)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer already?

Arsenic Lace is getting ready for summer with a brand new gatcha stuffed with fun and flirty dresses, and the best part? The price. 15L. It's always nice when creators recognize that giving a really good deal benefits them in the end. You can argue all you like, but I know Ghanima made a killing on her 13L dress vendors at that Bacchanal. Regardless, these dresses are available only at Arsenic Lace. 15L! Hell yeah!

The skin is currently available for free in the sinDecade update group. The announce on it says it's going to be a 'steady' freebie, so it should be appearing instore somewhere soon. Regardless, it's love isn't it? I love the pink lips. It is totally worth picking up.

~Arsenic Lace~ 'Summer' dress (grey) - 15L (chance in gatcha)
sinDecade 'Minima Violetta' (snow) - free

Monday, May 10, 2010

The bad days, the good nights

The Lovely Trin Trevellion of one of my favorite stores, SinDecade has released a new line of skins. Hyper realistic, and hand painted as her skins always are. Few people create skins as well formed and as gorgeous as Trin does, and I've been a fan of her skins since I was very new on the grid. The series comes in three tones, Snow, Pale and Tan, and piles of exciting and nice makeups to please just about everyone.

You can buy skins singly, in four packs(2200L) or fatpack it (3800L). Every skin comes with a special pair of eyes, the black lingerie I'm wearing, a shape, as well as well as an alternate push up version of the skin. The lingerie also comes in a pile of different colors for sale, for only 120L each! The 'Vegas' style will make you feel like Wonder Woman, without a doubt.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hellooo my darlings. The girl everyone loves to hate is back, and is going no where. I've got a pile of goodies and freebies in my inventory and plenty of time to get them all up for you to drool over with me. We're going to start with the mountain of +++Blue Blood+++ available right now. Two free new dresses, exclusive recolors which won't be available forever.

Today Ghani released a new game called Click War. How does it work? Literally, you and everyone else playing will click on the board as many times as possible in the allotted time, and whoever gets the most clicks, will be taking home this lovely ensemble. Free!

If that's not enough, there is a new picks reward dress. The lovely Helena in my favorite color combination, black and white. Can you say gorgeous? Put +++Blue Blood+++ in your picks, and 12-24 hours later, go back hit the board and claim your dress. Those darling rocking horse shoes you see are new from ~*{The Black Canary}*~ and are available in black and white. Adorable right? A definite must for any Lolita.

Finally, tomorrow Ghanima will be putting out a new release, another 'Buy one, Gift one' set for only 100L. I love this idea she has, the ability to buy something you love, and share it with someone you love, or even going in with someone to get the set for only 50L for the both of you. The options she makes available are so fantastic, it's amazing. This new set is called 'Tea' and a darling casual set, with boy pant options as well. Perfect for a lazy day, when you're just bumming around the grid, or around the house. It comes in five colors, and like