Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tricketts or Giraffes?

I'm not really that into Christmas. x: Everyone on the grid is suddenly a seasonal deer so I suddenly feel protective of my "individualtiy" and all the shops are full of snow and baubles and trees and extra things my computer is not too fond of. x: So I'm going to hide out here and dress up as a giraffe. :3

It's kind of hard to resize but it's cute. :D You can pick it up from !Go!'s lucky chairs which change letter every three mintues.

I meant to do some quick hunt previews of hunts finishing on the 15th but my friends called on Skype and my photography settings weren't happy. Sorry blog, friends first but maybe I can get them done tomorrow? x:
If you're looknig for antlers I always suggest Illusions. :3 She also puts out special edition ones for Christmas. You can also try Rue (who has a pack out for 55L Mondays) or Down Down Down. For more tig-like antlers, you can try Needful Things or Sweet Leonard or Epic.
For legs / full avatars, mine are from Titania's Court. Other stores you can try are Epic, Visavi and Atomic.
Or you can combine the two in one avatar and buy Dodie's Deer avatar. :3 I have this avatar in pink, the textures and sculpts are very unique among faun although the fitting is a little tricky.

Eyes // Chus! // Lucky Board
Giraffe Vest and Arm Warmers // !Go! // Lucky Chair
Skirt // Y&R // Group Lucky Board