Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I Blue?

Woohoo! Another great sale! :D

Top - (Royal Blue) Body Con Is Not Dead in Royal Signiture - $50L
Skirt - (Royal Blue) Subversive Bows in Navy - $50L

Royal Blue is having a $50L sale on all things blue! There's all kinds of great stuff on offer - skirts, tops, pants, shoes, jewelry... If it's blue, it's only $50L. Just a pile of pennies for the pretties. Time to run down & stock up on all those adorable items you've been drooling over.

Lashes - [ glow ] studio designs - Avatngarde. eyelashes - seduction - $50L
Skin - (LAZOLLI) - Jade skin -03E - FREE

The lashes are another set from the Glow Studio sale. I just love how whimsical & flirtatious they are. The skin, from Lazolli, has been blogged here before, by the lovely Hempy. But I just checked, and it is still FREE. So, if you missed it, you can still grab it.

stirring the pot

I don't normally do this, but I feel like I have to. The Sci Fi and Fantasie hunt, as you might have heard, sucks. It's horrible, there was absolutely no planning put into it, and it's just a sad state of affairs all around. There was no uniform naming of the hunt item boxes, one store has two 'next' slurls in their folder, there were countless times I was TPed into a place with no clue where I was supposed to be, and no where near the store that had the item in it.

You could say I'm making an example of this kind of laziness, but I think from now on, I'll just be calling you out. At this point, in an era where there are HOW many hunts going on at one time, you have no excuse to not put the effort into running a good hunt. So here it is, run a good hunt, or be called out for it. If you can't get your shit together, don't run hunts, because it's a detriment to the hunters and to the creators alike. (Shall we remember the scarlet letter hunt? What a fucking joke.)

That said, I feel like I should help out some of the stores that made the mistake of being involved in this hunt, because there really are a few nice gifts available, so I'll just tell you which stores they are, because I'm sick of us having to respect the 'sanctity' of hunts, when the people in charge can't be chuffed to make sure things run smoothly.

I fangirled over Likka*House last night, and I'll do it again right now. From the cyber angel wings, to the halo, to the bracelet and clothing, Likka knows how to put a hunt gift together. I'm so in love with this outfit I really can't begin to explain because it's beautiful all over. Likka*House has gone from a shop with cute dolly dresses, to a shop that really can command a customer with her work, because it gets better and better with each release.

Full Moon Fashions put out a simple but nicely done 'mithril armor' set, with a 'bikini' option. I think it's adorable, and the shoulder guards are a nice touch. Behind me you'll see the reallly beautiful AEON skydeck from C&D Designs. It's a minimal and clean build with 54 prims, and I think it's fabulous.

Last, but most definitely not least would be the light saber set from Burning Chrome. With both a single and dual bladed saber, you have a lot of options, and it comes with a HUD to change the color, length and all kinds of other features. The Hunt ends tonight, so make sure to grab this stuff now, so you don't miss out.

So yeah, these were my favorites from the hunt, that's not to say its the only good stuff, but its the best. And lets not confuse this, this isn't about the creators, this is about hunt organizers, I am sick of these quick and dirty hunts popping up so that you can promote your goofy ass SL band, or whatever. If you aren't going to put the time and effort needed into a hunt, just don't do it.

Alternative styles!? Let me take off my pants.

Alt styles?! AM I DOING IT RIGHT?

Just kidding.

So I'm trying to steer clear of blogging my own dresses, and then I realized that it's what I wear for the most part; so you'll have to deal with me mixing and matching like crazy because it's what I do.
Let me point out that by being part of the "Alternative" fashion group, I am entitled to wear whatever the hell I want.

That being said, here's me in my underwear:

Corset - Kyoot - White Stripes Austere Corset - 90L
Panties and Garter - Hollee - Debauchery set - 90L

Walking around in your underwear is one of SL's sweet sweet benefits and you should do it more often. People who ridicule you because you have no pants are stupid and obviously not as cool as you, especially if you're wearing this sweet corset and extremely strange shirt from Kyoot.

A very wise but scantily clad friend of mine referred me to the shop Lingerie by Hollee where I proceeded to purchase everything due to the fact that it was terribly underpriced and she deserves it. The texture work is amazing, and it gave me another excuse to walk around with no pants on. I'd show you the back of the panties, but I'm a little worried about what you'd think about the realistic butthole on this skin from My Ugly Dorothy.... That is another story.

And finally, what I really wanted to show is this:

Loulou@co - Pistolero - 200L

"What is that?" You say?! That's a garter gun yo. You use it to cap people for looking at your realistic butthole that you accidently discovered one day on your favourite skin.

If you also want to shoot someone, for any reason; you need this garter gun from LouLou&co. It made me super happyface when I found it, and it should make you feel that way too.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

City of No Sun

There are a couple of great sales going on this week, plus another beautiful skin gift. Yay! :D

Dress - DCNY "Corinne" Dress - Red - $140L

DCNY is running a 50% off sale on selected items. I grabbed this little red dress while I was there. It comes with sculpted sleeves & 2 skirt options. This shop is big on options & versatile outfits & they have fabulous customer service. This is one great little mini - love it.

Skin - []::Tuli::[] Hope ivory pris (PU) - FREE (Group Gift)
Lashes - Bohemia [ glow ] Studio Eyelashes - Drama 02 - $60L

This weekend, Tuli served up yet another group gift that's got all us bloggers singing her praises. Can you blame us? It's stunning. It's her gorgeous goth skin. There are 2 different skins - one with & one without the eye make-up - plus a push-up shading option for each, that enhances the cleavage. You can find the set in the big mushroom at the store. Activate your group tag & give it a click.

The other big sale this week is at Glow Studio. That's where I picked up this set of fabulously dramatic lashes. Items there are marked down up to 70% off & some will be discontinued after the sale is over, so it's a good time to stock up on some glamour. ;)

Twisted is commming

Throwing a little bit of false hope at you in this post, so I'm just going to say it right here. The wings aren't part of the Twisted hunt, but they looked so spectacular in the shots I kept them on, they are available at [Atomic] for 400L, and are color change with a fun HUD that lets them flap, and move around, totally worth it. Also, if you hurry over you might still be able to grab the hair for only 50L per color, at the [Atomic] weekend sale!

Anyway, there is less than 48 hours until Twisted starts it's second run, and I still have all kinds of goodies to show off, tonight though we'll be focusing on some super pretty clothing, starting with the gift from +++Blue Blood+++. Ghanima gets better and better with each release, and there is no disappointment here.

+++Blue Blood+++ Twisted Men's set - Twisted Hunt Gift
Peebox Elfy skin - Twisted Hunt Gift

There is an option for both men and women, but you know, the men's sets generally look amazing on the women too (tee hee). The dress is so adorable, with a cute butt bow with little kitty face embellishments on the neck bow and butt bow, the men's set is straight forward and classy, giving off an air of sophistication any proper twisted gentleman might desire.

+++Blue Blood+++ Twisted Men's set - Twisted Hunt Gift
Peebox Elfy skin - Twisted Hunt Gift

One of the shops I'm most excited about this go around is Likka*House. Likka Noel hasn't been pulling any punches recently with the release of her new Gion collection in collaboration with stores like U&R Dogs, putting out some seriously gorgeous pieces, a huge departure from her modest beginnings and it's so exciting to watch her grow.

Her gift in the hunt is so unique I squealed when I saw it. A simple, but well made, black dress with a metal skeletal arm ripping out from the chest holding a beating heart. Can you say fantastic? No details have been left out, from the blood on the chest, to blood dripping out of the mouth, who knew such a lovely Japanese okan could be so twisted!

Likka*House 'Look my heart' dress set - Twisted Hunt gift
Peebox Elfy skin - Twisted Hunt Gift

Saturday, August 29, 2009

And the day ends with a smile.

Ahh!!! I have been so busy lately moving in RL I am going nuts. Its almost over just one more day to pack up the last bits and head over to the new place. I have lots of bits. *sign* Anyways haha I am happy to say its worth it as not only is it cheaper but its bigger with an extra bedroom over looking a playground and in a better neighborhood we're excited! I was also excited when I logged in and see the new weekly dollarbie from Concrete Flowers was this cute little dress I ran right over and snatched it up. I paired it with this Oval Tiger's eye jewelery set an Exclusive Subscribo Gift you could find at my shop Ripe!! I think it looks perfect together.
Concrete Flowers Weekly Dollarbie "Blooming Dress" (I shortened it a tad bit)

Ripe Subscribo Gift (look in the history) Oval Tiger's Eye Jewelery Set
Stay tuned to hear about my Grand Opening soon!! There will be some juicy ripe surprises and some specials from some friends too!! YaY! Oh and grab the dollarbie scooter while your there if you haven't gotten it already! <3
Check out the hot skin from Cybernetic Skins 1L sale!!
"!CN C2 Skin Dark S2" Thats what the skin is called

Doin' the Pacadi Pop-In

There's a hunt on at Pacadi! There are 15 gift bags to find & they are all $1-5L. Loads of great stuff to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe. Here's a little taste ;)

Skin - [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Make_A001 [fair]
Eyes - [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Realistic Eyes - [DarkHazel]
Top - [PACADI] - Old Style Tee - [lavender]

Leggings - [PACADI] - Colored Leggings - [lavenderIII]

Bracelets - [PACADI] - Tanna Bangles [05]

Nailpolish - [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Manicure - [hibiscus]

Top - [PACADI] - Long Sleeve Shirt - [beige]
Socks - [PACADI] - Striped Wool Socks [teal]

Sunglasses - [Pacadi Jasha Ltd] - Designer Aviator Glasses [true black]

Nailpolish - [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Manicure - [cherry]

Necklace - [PACADI] - Oiffe Necklace [black]

Bracelets - [PACADI] - Classic Wooden Bangle [03]

(I'm not really here this weekend, but when I heard there was another must-do hunt, I had to dip into SL & show you the goods. Have fun, kids! :D)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to be blogging at Love/Hate~ I'll be your resident Lolita Ikaru Aichi bringing you up to date with alot of awesome cool things that I like.

If you're in the L/H group you may remember me flipping out in the group chat looking for a fabled corset that I had seen around the grid. Well my friends, I found it, and it's awesome:

Hair - Violent Seduction - Ringlets (Death Shines) 500L
Corset - <The Abyss> F_Gear//[Black]Pruriency_Corset 400L
Shoes - *Kookie* Yuki Sock supreme heel - Ink Black 500L
Skirt - Violent Seduction - Neurosis (Death) 500L

Of course I bought it in the only colours that matter; blue, red and black. If you want this awesome piece of awesomeness, then stroll right over to
The Abyss and pick it up for 400L.
Also shown again are the amazing "Yuki" shoes from Kookie which are well worth the 500L they're being sold for.

If you're eyeing the Burlap Sack on Ben, which I totally know you are, it will be at The Works in a few days, he said to IM him if you can't wait for that (You can't).

Hopefully I'm not going to annoy you too much... Oh what am I saying, I don't care.. You're going to have to put up with me now. Don't be sadface.

I hope you took notes :o

Hey kids,

As you might have noticed there is a new poll to the right side of the blog. If you could please take a moment to vote, and leave any comments or feedback you might have about it, I'm unsure as to people's interest in hunts in that way anymore, and am looking to you for information about this.

So please vote, and comment, I appreciate your time in doing so!

<3 Wrenja

The Monsters from the Id

Got two more goodies for you from this weekend's big events.

Dress - *katat0nik* (dk pink) S&S Dress - $50L
Pose - Tiny Awkward Bird - Pose 2 - FREE

In addition to the cute little dress in my last post, there are 2 more you've got to grab from the $50L Friday event: the sexy little babydoll from Katatonik, pictured above, and the comfy plaid dress from This Is a Fawn, pictured below.

Dress - This is a Fawn - Caulfield Dress Plaid [teal] - $50L
Pose - [LAP] - The Mavi - FREE

The poses used in this post are both from the Poop Hunt on Festivale. The poses come in well stocked fatpacks and, again, are FREE.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heilige Scheiße!

Wow! There's some amazingly great stuff to get this weekend!

Dress - PIDIDDLE - Denim Mini - Fleur - $50L
Hair - .:[ Tiny Bird ]:.Hey Jude III - Black Bean - FREE
Jewelry - DECO- PoopHunt Exclusive Smoky Jewelry Set - FREE

Pose - [LAP] - The BoRee - FREE

Ok, first up - $50L Fridays starts in about 20 minutes, but you can head over to Pididdle to grab this adorable mini-dress right now. The other awesome event starting a little early - the 2nd Annual Poop Hunt! The Festivale sim, home to Long Awkward Pose, Tiny Bird & a ton of other fabulous shops that you know & love are hosting a hunt from August 28th -September 4th. You are looking for little piles of poo & rolls of toilet paper wrapped up in bows, each one filled with super generous gifts! This may be a hunt for crap, but the shit is awesome! And all of it - FREE!

Dress - Pig - Retroesque Fudge - FREE
Socks - Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Fudge Sock - FREE
Tattoo - *smudge-theBuzz - FREE

Hair - .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. The Art Teacher II - Brownie - FREE

Pose - [LAP] - The Zoe - FREE

Are you not totally drooling over all that gorgeous furniture? You too can have it all - and more - for F-R-E-E! I know. I fell over when I heard the news, too. But is closing it's doors for good & as a parting gift to Second Life, designer Miabella Foxley has boxed up her entire store and set it in her group for everyone to have. These are some of the loveliest, most wonderfully crafted furnishings you can find in all of SL. All you have to do is join her in-world group M.Fox Boxed and look for it in notices. This offer will only be available until September 9th. After that, it all disappears, so don't delay! A gift this generous isn't likely to come around again.

The group isn't listed yet in group searches, so to join, search for Miabella Foxley's profile & select the first group in her profile. Enrollment is open & it's free to join. Happy decorating! :)

Twisted Hunt Preview: The Second

I had a spur of the moment trip yesterday up to the summer house \o/ so this will be quick and dirty, but amazing at the same time, cause there are a lot of awesome goodies dropping in my inventory from Twisted Hunt participants. Make sure to get out and enjoy these last few weeks of summer kids!

Adoration Home's 'Twisted' bed
Chicaholic 'Graffiti outfit (women's)
Trixxy's 'Emo Skully Chuckers'

Adoration Homes 'Twisted' bed
Nightshade Charmant (blue) dress set

FallnAngel Creations 'Julia' Gown
Trixxy's 'Emo Skully Chuckers'

New Exodi Fishing Skins

There's new skins in the Exodi fishing hole along with all the original fishing prizes. I'm not entirely sure how fishing for them works, I won these skins with a pro rod but without bait 'cause I haven't found another job yet since Sn@tch discontinued their live model program last month. It's on my to do list before the next skin fair gets here. x:

The new skins are from the Lily line. This is the darkest tone.

This is the palest tone. :3 The make-up is natural except for a black motif on the right eye. I don't think it took me too long to win these skins but it's very much luck of the draw, I think.
The original prizes are a bikini, tattoos, earrings, a necklace and another set of Lily skins in case you haven't seen them. I'm sure they were blogged in several places including L/H. :3

Skins - Exodi - Fishing Prize

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New gift from JetDoll in the Love/Hate HQ!!

Omgomgomg. Miss Kitty Pidgeon, Creator.. Owner.. Diva of JetDoll has left us an amazing and generous gift in the prize room at the Headquarters! Go conquer the maze to pick up this Love/Hate Exclusive version of her newly released0 Harlequin Suit!! Its Gray and black with a heart motif and made specially for us. Squee <3>

(left) Harlequin Suit - love/hate - 1L at the Love/Hate Headquarters in the prize room.
New Betty Boop Hair, Pompous Heels Black

(right) Harlequin Suit -Red/Black - 250L *JetDoll*,
Betty Page Hair

There is lots of new stuff added to the Lucky Chair at JetDoll along with retired items which by the looks of it will be gone for good if she take them out of the chair. I put together several looks to show you some from the chair mixed in. I've been collecting JetDoll since I first started SL, and now I am a model there. I'm having lots of fun so I hope I see you there!

JetDoll Looks from Left to Right

1. Marilyn's Itch Dress - Lucky Chair Prize - 275L value, Marilyn Hair - 199L

2. Greaser Hair Lucky Chair Prize retired, Pink Ladies Jacket - 100L, Land ho capri's 150L, Pumpous Heels Black - 200, Bepop Glasses - 75L

3. Sailor Gal - Lucky Chair Prize 250L value,
Vintage Vixen hair black - Lucky chair prize 99L value

4. Black Licorice Corselette - 175L, Betty Page hair - 200L, Bone Ballet Flats - 150L

5: Minerva Hair Black - 200L, Jetkini Bikini Top Black - 125L, Mickey Shorts - 75L,
Sculpted Saddle shoes 200L
6. Coquette Girdle and Bra - 200L , Bettie Boop hair - 200L
7. White cherry dress - Lucky chair prize, Vintage Vixen hair - Lucky chair prize,
Cherry Headband - Lucky chair prize, Platform saddle shoes - Lucky chair prize
All the Jewelery Pictured is from my shop Ripe!
Come on by check it out and grab a Dollarbie Ripe Strawberry Scooter and hit up the Subscribo for a special exclusive gift in the history! Stay in the Subscribo to hear about a huge upcoming grand opening I'm having with LOTS of goodies and surprises!!


Sorry for the random long absence. Just a creative block, trying to find new things, people distractions, hunt distractions, inventory panic, etc., etc.. I have excuses for everything. :3
I'm starting to put pics on Photobucket because Flickr starts hiding stuff after 200 unless you pay, which is fine but I didn't realise and I'd kind of like to keep certain things. x: Photobucket's limited space too but let's see if we can get more than 200? x.x Kind of want to move all my old pictures there but then I think you mess up feeds editing old posts. If anyone can confirm that for me, that would be pretty good. x:
I have forgotten all the stuff I had to say, which may be kind of fortunate for the shorter attention spans so here's a pretty dollarbie. x:

This dress is the latest dollarbie at Sysy's. The bolero is a seperate so you can take it off or add it to other outfits. :3

Dress - Sysy's - 1L

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tangled Up in Blue

Seldom Blue has a couple of fabulous deals available right now, that you have got take advantage of. They are both for a limited time, so don't miss out!


First up, this deep rich, jewel-toned set, that offers 4 full outfit versions - 3 different skirts + an adorable romper - all for just $100L! It's a ridiculously great deal.


And, if that wasn't good enough, you can get the set in green. It comes with both a romper & an optional babydoll skirt - for just $1L!

The poses used in that last picture are from Reel Expression. A ton of older poses have just been added to the discount room, only $50L each. There's also a Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Picks Reward Program & a gift from the Pro Poser Hunt, all there for you to enjoy.

Twisted Hunt Preview The First

It's that time of year again, Twisted is rolling around for its second go, this time there are 155 different stores with gifts running the gamut in being strange, creepy, and of course twisted. It seems that designers are pulling out all of the stops to impress and delight, and I guess we could say this will be one of the first forays into the Halloween season for the year. Of course, I am totally excited about this.
Dare Designs 'Twisted' set in Violet
Color Me Chaos Victorian couch

Once again you'll be looking for a Lament Configuration, this time though it will be purple. Rules have been changed a bit to help you in your quest to find the gifts, so things will be easier to find as well. From what I've seen so far there is a great variety of clothing, accessories, home items, and a couple of pretty crazy pose sets.
Silver Wheel 'No Evil' set
Otaku Designs texture change Ankh necklace

Of course things will border on down right creepy, you can count on that. It wouldn't be the Twisted Hunt if they didn't, you'll find the macabre, strange and just plain weird among your gifts, from wicked witch playsets, to coffins and beautiful furniture with lots of fun poses inside.
Nocturne Coffin Company 'Immortal Beloved' Coffin
Brocade Tiger Twisted clothing set

The hunt starts on September 1st, and will run through the 30th, giving you plenty of time to get all of the goodies, but that won't be all, in some shops you'll be finding Twisted Easels which will tell you about all kind of other twisted events going on in the stores while the hunt is on, I'll be giving you a little more info on that later, till then, drool.
Claw'd Witch's Kitchen
Frakenlust Holiday Shoppe Halloween Chandelier
Morbid's Cranium dress set
Darkest Hour Designs Bottle of Ulaver

Monday, August 24, 2009

Its hard out there for a Lolita (pimp)

So by now you've probably heard that Dead Town is shutting down, and closing its doors. It's really unfortunate that things didn't turn out well in the end, but all I can say is that I wish the best of luck for everyone who was involved in the project, and I know in the end things will turn out well for everyone. Dead Town was a collection of some of the best and most creative new talent within the realm of dark design, and even though things didn't work out I'm positive everyone involved will have much success in their future endeavors.

Regardless, Looooooots of new awesome in the Lolita world in the past few days. We've had the release of the first REALLY Lolita ringlet hair, and some gorgeous new dresses from +++Blue Blood+++ were released this morning. So first up we have the new Lagrima dress, its playful and punky, and gorgeous as you can expect from Ghanima. It comes in five different colors, but no pink! Ochre this time around, which is an interesting color choice.

On top of that there is a new group gift in the +++Blue Blood+++ Update group. This is also the new lucky board dress in store, but if you're in the group, you get an exclusive color. The group is 50L to join, but you receive all kinds of group exclusive gifts, offers, and deals. I love the group because the price isn't so extreme that you can feel alright leaving the group and then rejoining later, it's more than your money's worth in the end.

So yeah, the hair. I know you've seen it on me the past few days, flitting around and making you insanely jealous with it. Where is it from! Where can I get it! Well my dears, this is the first hair release from Violent Seduction, and a spectacular release at that. It comes in a whole pile of different colors. Hair packs start at 500L each, and the fat pack is 1200L. The fatpack also comes with a NEW plushie. This isn't the Lapin kids, I'd like to introduce you to Jinx.

Creepy huh? He reminds me of the crazy ghost lady in The Eye (original Chinese version) when the girl is in the noodle house and the ghost lady floats up with her baby and then sticks out this crazy disgusting long tongue and licks her ectoplasm all over the hanging meats. That was appetizing. Jinx will do the same to you, all over your face. He just wants love.

Also, make sure to follow the links here for Violent Seduction, she's moved.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Hear a Symphony

It's been a great week for little black dresses. ;D

Dress - ::SUGARCUBE - pine straw dress [ black ] - FREE
Pose - SP_Kirsten Dunst_2 - $25L

This dress is the latest gift from Sugarcube, to celebrate the opening of her new shop at Hodgepodge. There are tons of other generous gifts available around the sim. Just have a look at all the shops. The pose, from Striking Poses, I picked up at the 50% off sim-wide sale going on Harlow. Loads more great deals to be discovered there.

Skin - []::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed/bl) star - FREE (Group Gift)

The skin is part of the latest group gift from Tuli. Activate your group tag, head down to the mainstore & click the mushroom to get a massive fatpack of this gorgeous new makeup. There are a TON of skin & brow tones in this pack, everything from goth white to deep rich tan, each one beautifully rendered. Run! Get it now!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rain Beads

Pink Outfitters is having a 50% off sale on all dresses until the end of the month. So many pretty little party dresses to chose from.

[PO] The Cabana Dress - black - $112L

I went for this fabulous little black cocktail dress, with the sheer overlay and shoulder ruffle. Now all I need is the booze and the party to go with it.

The pose used in this post is from Penny Dreadful Arcade, and it's from one of last week's $50L Friday fatpacks. And that sculpture behind me is by the unbelievably talented Glyph Graves. You can buy it for a small fortune (and it's worth ten times the price!), or just head down to Chakryn Forest and stare at it for hours like I do.

Nushru I Lurves yew.

I am in love with this dress! And it can be yours free by hunting out six moons by the Nushru location at Lemania Sim!! I'm blown away by lovely designer Quiver Quintessa and her flair for textures and the movement of her skirts are to die for! Just hunt out the six moons to get the entire set including hair flower and long gown skirt version!

(Nushru) - August Moon Hunt Prize - Cloe in Turquoise

Find all 6 moons to make this completed look!
The Jewelery I'm wearing I think compliments the outfit perfectly and it is made my moi! Some of you might know I'm opening a shop soon called RIPE. This set and 5 other color options are available now at my location at Miss Muffet's little mall there is also a rust metal option! You can also pick up a Dollarbie RIPE Strawberry scooter!! Please hit up the Subscribo to keep track of upcoming events such as my grand opening where there will be a whole lot of great surprises!!!
((RIPE)) - Oval Jewelery Set - Turquoise - 100L


It's $50L Friday time! Lots of great stuff this week. Like most of us, you may find yourself spending more than ever this time around, but it's well worth it.

Top - Pig - Snug Fit Alphabet City Shirts Light Blue
Belt - (Elate!) Ana's Owl Belt (Black)
Pose - (pda) Gently I'll Wake You

The top is from Pig and you can find it in the back of the shop. Look for the sign with the arrow. Some of us missed it the first time around XD The belt was a gift from the super sweet Kellie Iwish of Elate! She caught me wearing one of her skirts and dropped a fatpack of these brand-spankin'-new, not-yet-released Owl Belts on me. They're adorable! Just you wait!

Top - This is a Fawn - Ira Sweater [aubergine]
Hair - .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Pepper
Pose - (pda) Final Score

The sweater is from This Is a Fawn and it's one of her latest releases. I'm so psyched over the color, too. Purple is my favorite. Thanks for letting us bug you on Plurk, Barb. We knew your entry would be fabulous & just couldn't wait any longer for it XD The hair is from Tiny Bird and I'm digging the carefully messy style. There are 3 color choices available, plus a special style just for guys. The poses are from Penny Dreadful Arcade. There are 4 fatpacks available, each one filled with loads of great poses. I'm a total pose junkie these days and just had to grab them all.

These $50L Fridays are so great. Always good stuff & the price for such good quality work is such a generous treat. :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Its the final week to claim the dresses from INDI, which means alllll of the pieces are out and available to buy. If you aren't familiar with INDI's process, they have a special gift set they give out piece by piece every week for 1L. When the outfit is complete, all of the previous pieces are put back out for purchase at 5L each(along with the current 1L gift). They do both a boy's outfit and a girl's set, and with the quality INDI continually puts out, you can't help but grab these.

There are six pieces to this set of dresses, so if you're to buy all of them, that will be 26L, or as little as 10-15, if you only want one set of the dresses. Each dress set has one top, and two separate skirts available. These will be out until Saturday, when a new set will be released, and the first piece will be up for sale for 1L

Little Black Dress

Got a quickie for you today. But it's gorgeous & it's FREE! :D

-AZUL- GroupGift0908#2

-Azul- has a new group only gift in the store. It's this perfect little black dress! It's so elegant and sweet. And the textures are yummy! Just join the Azul Group, wear your Group tag & click the sign to get this fabulous little wardrobe necessity!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A fine summer daze

Sometimes summer seems like it will never end. Long hot days where at times, you don't even know what to do with your day because you're used to a "school year" routine, regardless of how old you are. Sticky air, broken air conditioners.. but there are those days that seem perfect. The days you do just enough activity to feel good about yourself, just enough play to enjoy life, and just enough relaxation to really see how beautiful the day is. When ever I got MNK, I think of how their perfectly made adorable clothing fits a day like that, may it be pixels or not.

I wandered to the sim MNKs mainshop is on. It's a regular shopping place for me, as I love most of the little shops there. To my delight MNK has some new releases that have exclusive color matches in the chair. It's not a long wait for these adorable gifts.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Magika
Dress: MNK (Current LC item)

Hair: Maitreya
Skin: Magika
Top: Thimbles
Skirt: MNK (Current LC item)
Photobox: Patchwork (Current LC item)

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Beauty Avatar
Top: Lala FooFoo
Pants: MNK (Current LC item)