Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I wore

If you couldn't be there, you should know the Sn@tch fashion show was a sight to behold, and went off without a hitch. It was so much fun to take part in and the crowd was amazing! I really want to thank Ivey for letting me take part in it this year, it was a fantastic experience. If you weren't there, and hell, even if you were, here is a closer look at the outfits I wore on the runway, with all of the details so that you an recreate these looks yourself.

Everyone went crazy for the Riding Hood set from Nomine, and with just cause, from the gorgeous skirt to the intricate cloak, there is plenty to lust over here. My second look was unquestionably more casual, but no less stunning, there was at least one comment from the crowd about how gorgeous the ruffles on the gelato top were, and the fangbanger velvet pants are a fantastic match to this top. I hope you guys had as much fun coming to the event as I had being in it, I can't wait to see what Ivey pulls out of her hat next year!

Finally a huge thanks to everyone involved, Ivey, Munch, Vincentvile, and Yukio. You put together an amazing show guys!

P.s. - get on that skybox Yukio :O pretty plz!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What you've been waiting for at long last

TONIGHT is the Sn@tch INFERNO fashion show featuring ME, but probably more importantly the designs of the lovely Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, Munchflower Zaius of Nomine and Vincentvile DeSantis of Forsaken. Get ready to be possessed by these three demons of fashion as they present some of their newest, and fantastic designs starting at 7:30 pm. I will be posting a link to the show as we draw closer to the open. There will be swag, and there WILL be an after party, so you know you have to show up for that.

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite pieces, the Hypo Plaid chaps. I love the idea of chaps in general, I have a pile of them hiding in my inventory, but these ones are special since they play to my plaid fetish as well. Paired with Sn@tch's 'Borderline' pearls, the set is lovely, and totally capable of being an outfit in normal rotation in your closet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bold makeup, yes?

First came the Lamb 'Glass Candy' hair. "When meshes are introduced I'll make you a data jack and we'll cyberpunk role play for a week." he said. Can you imagine? Ugh, it's like the most beautiful thing, and all I can really think about since it was said. Shaved heads, data jacks, and now this new skin from Tres Blah exclusively at the newest Designers United event with it's glossy black eye makeup. It's so Barbarella I can hardly stand it. I nearly bought it the night DU opened but held off until this morning when I couldn't take it anymore. This new round of DU is only running until the 26th, so make your decisions quickly, or you're gonna miss out and cry profusely because you didn't buy this skin.

Tres Blah isn't the only store with a new release to make you makeup mavens squirm with glee. Cupcakes dropped their new London line of skins yesterday, and you can not ignore the 'Lime' makeup. I'm in love with the eyebrows as well for whatever reason, they're the perfect shade of black, where as other skins don't quite get it right. Not cheap, but these aren't crap skins either and are worth the investment. Dominate, intimidate, and be fabulous my lovelies.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We'll infect your carnal mind

In the event that you'd forgotten we are drawing ever closer to the Sn@tch INFERNO fashion show, two days and counting down to Wednesday night (the 22nd) at 7:30 pm until one of the biggest alt fashion shows of the year. The show will be featuring designs from Sn@tch, Nomine and Forsaken, and is sure to be an awesome time.

In the mean time I'll show you a couple more new releases from Sn@tch, separates and flirty, casual dresses. If you haven't yet, clear your calendar and be ready for the alt event of the season, come lag or demons bargaining for your soul, make sure to be there. I paired everything with some of my favorite hair for Hair Fair, from the store Ava-Tare. Her new releases are exciting, fun, and completely creative. I know a couple of creators who fawned over the Sultana hair above when I showed it to them. Hair Fair closed last night, so you should expect to see these hairs in store in the next few days, if not hours.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Time for Mourning

Dear Sumomo,

One of the first posts I ever made on this blog was about a group gift you gave out. You can see it here. It's terrible but, I was new at this and, I was so enthusiastic when it came to your creations. I know I'm not the only person on the grid who has a really strong attachment to your store, ~Momo~, but that doesn't make the sadness of your closing any less real. Your vision was so unique, and your palette playful, I was never disappointed with any purchase I made.

Going through my folders made me realize just how important your presence on the grid has been, if only for me. From the dress bought for me ages ago by a guy who had a crush to the Crimson Shadow event dress that I bought the moment I laid eyes on it. Your style is unmistakable and your absence will be noticeable. ~Momo~'s closing will mark a hole in the tapestry of SL fashion and a very large one at that.

It was a long time coming, I knew the store's days were numbered as releases came less frequently, and finally when it was only t shirts with words on them, I knew we'd never have you back in any form of full capacity. Your leave will be mourned by all and, on behalf of many of your hugely devoted following, I'd just like to express my thanks for the years and beautiful creations you gave us. I know I will cherish them for as long as I find myself on Second Life and I wish you all the success in the world as you move on to whatever comes next. Believe me when I say you will be missed.

Love, bunnies, and cute little skulls,
Wrenja Czaczkes

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Giles is a Buffy reference right?

Skin: The Secret Shelf - *Decoy Pity Prize* TSS Fae Envy - Twisted Hunt Gift
Outfit: The Secret Shelf - Mr. Giles' Concubine - Twisted Hunt Gift

Just a quick post to show you one of my favorite prizes of the Fall 2010 Twisted Hunt, which is still going on until the end of September. This demon hunter outfit from The Secret Shelf comes with everything you see minus the shoes. The ribbons on the collar and sleeve cuffs come in both black and orange, and included with the outfit is a wearable book that gives info on different types of demons when clicked. To top it off there's a set of fae skins hidden in a few of the store's decoy hunt boxes. Each one represents a deadly sin (the one I'm featuring is Envy) and comes with a shape.

Click here
to teleport to the start of the Twisted Hunt.

Ah, Constantine, what wickedness was born?

Literally backstage at the fitting for the Sn@tch fashion show scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 22nd at 7:30 pm, and there is a lot of gorgeous abound, beautiful designs from Nomine, Forsaken, and as to be expected Sn@tch. I threw on a recent release, and a couple of sets that are personal favorites of mine, as well as some new hair that totally deserves attention, like the AMAZING Auguste hair from Nushru. You've seen this on the blog for weeks now, since I hardly take it off. It's edgy, current and totally gorgeous, I love the asymmetrical bangs, it's like Quiver made the hair especially for me. Right now you can only get it at Hair Fair, which runs through the weekend.

Two of my favorite sets you can get at Sn@tch would be the Militant Pacifist tops (surprise), as well as the Marie Corset dress. They are so diametrically opposed, but look at how awesome they look together. She is a girl who will stomp on your face, and then touch up her makeup before she sets off to her next conquest. Finishing off the look is the Crush hair from Red Queen, which just so happens to be 50% off right now, which means the hair is actually affordable for once. I highly suggest you take advantage of this sale, which ranges from 25-75% off. Meaning some hairs are as little at 75L, and considering how ridiculously priced Red Queen hair regularly is, you really need to take the chance while you've got it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Against The Darkness You Raised Such Bright Light

Today I'm getting to give you a quick sneak peek of the set up for the Sn@tch fashion show which is taking place on Wednesday night (the 22nd) at 7:30 pm. I know you'll be there to see me and a bunch of other sexy bitches stomping down the run way not to mention all of the great new fashion. You might notice that where I am looks rather sinister, like I were in Hell perhaps? Well, you'd be correct, as the theme for this year's fashion show is based around one of my favorite pieces of literature, Dante's Inferno.

To get myself and everyone else excited about this huge event, I threw on a couple of recent releases and went down to the event space and took a couple of shots. A set of fabulous pearls, some tasty corsets and halter tops, all reasonably priced as you can expect from Sn@tch.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Channeling the Joan Within

The Red Seal Hunt at the Rue d'Antibes sim started yesterday!

Dress - *ICING* Coquette - Pink & Black - FREE (Red Seal Hunt)
Hair - [RA] Jess Hair - Black Beauty - FREE (Red Seal Hunt)

There are some great shops participating in this hunt. The updo hair from Raspberry Aristocrat comes as part of a fatpack of 5 popular colors. The dress, from Icing, comes with 2 skirt options: matching pink (for a full dress) or the high-waisted black pencil skirt (pictured above). Too fabulous! There are 26 shops in all & all of the gifts are free. There's loads of great stuff. Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And here we are again.

Panel One-

On Wren:
Arsenic Lace 'Union Jack' Bikini - 31L
Violet Voltaire 'Pretty Vacant' cuff - 131L
*TSM* 'Jungle Clomps' boots (Mono) - 31L gacha
On Narita:
+DV8+ 'Gurlie' Hawk (Intense Iodine) - 13L Gacha
*TSM* Black Bacchanal Gatcha pants (#8) - 13L per play
*Ticky Tacky* Sanctified Necklace - 113L
*Ticky Tacky* My Girl Likes to Grapple Earrings - Silver - 113L
*Ticky Tacky* Hey Stud Bangles - Black/Silver - 13L gacha item
City.of.Dis 'Siouxsie' pose - 13L single or 31L 3 pack

In the mist...

Only at the Black Bacchanal, ending tonight!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A little bit too busy today

I don't really have time to compose comic panels today, but don't worry the story shall continue in the next few days. Until then tho, it behooves me to show you more of the amazing items available at The Black Bacchanal WHICH ENDS TONIGHT xO

Starting off with The Black Canary's 'He Lurks in Darkness' inspired by spooky bad guy Mister Dark. Beautifully made, with some gorgeous subtle details. Morrigan expertly captured the characters style with this fantastic set. There is also a fabulous hand held skull for you to claim to complete the set.

I felt it important to show this set on black, so you could really see the details the ribcage imprinted upon the top. It's subtle, and gorgeous, and when you really get a good look at it you realize you need this set even more than you thought you did. And, don't forget that lovely jabot with skull decoration.

ImmateriA has brought some creative and fun ideas to the table, equally creative and impressive. The genie lamp is amazing, especially when you get a good look at it, I can't adequately show in pictures what you see in reality, but there is a sample out for you to get a good look, and it's only three prims! I'm in love with the Briar Thorn necklace, it's so romantic, and goes beautifully with the Teller of Tales set they have out as well

Rounding out this post is one of my favorite items available, there are many favorites, but this one is kind of special, because I have a special place in my heart for Lumi the Snow Queen. The Stringer Mausoleum has a whole line of Lumi skins in a gacha for 31L. You really can't beat that price. There are eight skins to claim, two tones available and four makeups each. Expertly crafted and gorgeous on, you might as well try your luck and get a bunch.

So like I said, THE BLACK BACCHANAL ENDS TONIGHT. Do not lose your chance to get these gorgeous pieces, you'll more than likely never see these prices again, but it's also entirely possible you'll never see these items again.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Escape

The Fall 2010 Twisted Hunt is in full swing and I'm here to show you some of the fantastic gifts waiting to be found. Haven't started the hunt yet? Don't worry, you have until the 30th to grab all of the amazing goodies it has to offer.

Hair: Battle Angel 'Tweety Black Heaven' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Skin: Skinthesis 'Porcelaina (Female) Twisted Edition' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Dress: [Sassy Kitty Designs] 'Hallow's Heart Dress (Bloody)' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Shoes: ..Fatal Error:.. 'Psychopath Combat Boots' - Twisted Hunt Gift

This sexy little black dress is just one of three items included in the gift from [Sassy Kitty Designs], and comes in a clean, sheer, and bloody version. The awesome combat boots are a gift from ..:Fatal Error:.. and feature color changing laces, a walksound you can turn on/off, and an emitter version that leaves a trail of bloody boot prints behind you.

[XIII] 'Twisted Cottage' - Twisted Hunt Gift

Don't forget about the lovely doll skin from Skinthesis, which comes in both male and female versions. Battered, bloody, and scratched, I topped off the broken doll look with the gorgeous hair gift from Battle Angel. Both images above were taken inside [XIII]'s Twisted Cottage, which comes with your own harvesting table, blood-filled sink, and storage crates.

Skin: Heartsick 'Enchant : Illusion : Twisted One' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Ears: Shitz N Giggles 'Twisted Elf Ears' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Outfit: LIKKA*HOUSE 'Lonely Night' - Twisted Hunt Gift

This adorable outfit from LIKKA*HOUSE comes complete with prim garters and a unisex tophat. The stars around the hat slowly rotate and flicker on and off, and the combination of flowers, skeleton arms, and black bird make me think of a magic act gone wonderfully wrong.

Skin: Heartsick 'Enchant : Illusion : Twisted One' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Ears: Shitz N Giggles 'Twisted Elf Ears' - Twisted Hunt Gift

And believe me, pictures don't do these elf ears from Shitz N Giggles justice. I love all the little details about them, especially the bold "TWISTED" tucked into the chain. The ears are scripted with 12 different skin tones to choose from. I've paired them with the skin gift from Heartsick, which comes in three makeups and has an optional beauty mark version of each.

So what are you waiting for? This is just a small sampling of all the great gifts you'll find on the Twisted Hunt. Click here to teleport to +DV8+ and get started.

And we find ourselves here again.

Panel one
On Kris:
The Stringer Mausoleum 'Rose Red' hair (nightshines red) - 113 for four colors
TSM 'Beauty' fables night out set (1 of 5) -300L
On Wren:
TSM 'Rose Red' hair (nightshines black) - 113 for four colors
+++Blue Blood+++ 'Fae' dress (purple) - 113L
Panel two
On Kris:
TSM 'Briar Rose' fables night out set (1 of 5) -300L
On Wren:
+++BB+++ 'Fae' dress (Teal) -113L
Panel Three
On Kris:
+++BB+++ 'Tale' dress (Red) - 13L gacha
On Wren:
+++BB+++ 'Fae' dress (Pink) - 113L

On Kris:
+++BB+++ 'Tale' Dress (Black) - 13L gacha
On Wren:
TSM 'Cinderella' Fables Night Out
set (1 of 5) -300L
TSM 'Briar Rose' Boots (Monochrome) - 31L gacha rare gift

The Bacchanal is back, until Sunday when it will disappear again, don't miss it!

Your Designers this time around are:

+++BlueBlood+++ - Ghanima Uriza
Stringer Mausoleum - Helena Stringer
ImmateriA - Naenia Demina (Hosting)
The Black Canary - Morrigan Denimore
Nightshade - Belladonna Mureaux
City.of.Dis - Wrenja Czaczkes
Sugar.Snap.Me - Marrrriaa Quintessa

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Twisteed Hunt: Spooky!

It's that time of year again where the days start getting shorter, the air starts getting a little chill, and everyone is ready for a little bit of spookiness, enter Twisted Hunt to kick off the countdown to Halloween. Starting today you can hit up 195 different stores across the grid from all walks of life with fantastic gifts for you to claim, if you have the will. Remember, this is regarded as one of the most difficult and infuriating hunts on the grid, and Vasha and Dys revel in that honor.
+Soul+ Posessions 'Snuggles' Lounger - Twisted hunt gift
+DV8+ 'Forsaken' set -Twisted hunt gift
U&R Dogs 'Auto de fe Lovelet' facial jewelry - Twisted hunt gift
Absentia 'Doll Skin' (Destroyed - Twisted hunt gift

+DV8+ is once again hosting this fantastic romp and providing up some hugely generous gifts. Two outfits, with shoes AND a gift card that you can redeem for yet ANOTHER outfit. I'm featuring the two gift outfits in this post, Union Jill in Orange and Forsaken in black. I think I have a crush on Forsaken, it's totally sexy, and who knew I'd ever find love for a bandeau top.

U&R Dogs 'Auto de fe Lovelet' facial jewelry - Twisted hunt gift
Magically Alluring 'Slit Throat' choker - Twisted hunt gift
Absentia 'Doll Skin' (Destroyed) - Twisted hunt gift

As always there is much in the realm of funky and unique jewelry to be claimed along the way, two notable stops being U&R Dogs with their amazingly beautiful Auto De Fe Lovelet facial jewelry and a very macabre necklace and bracelet set from Magically Alluring. Yes, it's supposed to look like your throat is slit, and beautiful blood colored crystals trail down, down, down your neck. I love it.
U&R Dogs 'Auto de fe Lovelet' facial jewelry - Twisted hunt gift
Absentia 'Doll Skin' (Destroyed) - Twisted hunt gift

Absentia has a gorgeous skin gift available. There are three in this gift, as well as a prim stitched mouth covering, to really take it to the next level should you so choose. These skins are mods, but area beautifully done, and who doesn't need a good worn out dolly skin?
+Soul+ Posessions 'Snuggles' Lounger - Twisted hunt gift
+DV8+ 'Union Jill' set and boots - Twisted hunt gift
U&R Dogs 'Auto de fe Lovelet' facial jewelry - Twisted hunt gift
Absentia 'Doll Skin' (Destroyed) - Twisted hunt gift

And don't forget the furniture, that gorgeous lounger you see is a gift from +Soul+ Posessions, with a pile of poses, and texture change pillows, as well as a matching rug and that cute bamboo you see sitting next to it. There are plenty of reasons to do Twisted, these are just a few! The hunt lasts through September 30th, and many of the stores have other exciting events going on during the Hunt. Make sure to check out the store's Twisted Hunt Easel that will give you all of the information you need to aquire all of the goodies you can possibly get your hands on. If you missed all of the others, here is the starting point at +DV8+