Friday, October 31, 2008

weeee iTutu sale!

Right now on the iTutu sim there is a special 50% off sale including most if not all of the stores on the sim. There are signs all over that will teleport you to the special sale area, and some stores have even more on sale in their stores. This includes stores like Amerie's Naughty, Den Dou and DP*Yumyum! Lookie what I got!Amerie's naughty Jellybean dress - 100L

Birthday time at Violet Voltaire!

Violet is a lucky lucky girl with a Halloween birthday, and one of her most faaavorite thingies on earth is the cupcake. So for her birthday she made a special Cupcake crown, that will only be available this weekend at Violet Voltaire! Better still, it's only 1L!
On top of all that, she's priced her Cupcake jewelry sets at 50% off, that includes the special Halloween sets! While you're there make sure to pick up a cupcake from the cupcake stand, you can eat it... AND THROW IT AT PEOPLE! Squeeeee ><

Happy Birthday Violet!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wretched Dressies

And once again last night Star had a give away in her Wretched Dollies group, and it's your own fault at this point for missing out. I actually didn't win, but she sent me the dress anyway, "for fun" she said. For fun indeed! When I saw the dress ad I nearly cried when I didn't win cause it was SO pretty, but then all of a sudden, there it was in my inventory. Look at this.

It comes with a collar and shirt too so you can be complete prim and proper when the urge rises. It's so pretty either way, I can hardly stand it. It's called Witch Hazel and retails for 450L. You can buy it at her shop Wretched Dollies.

Squeeee >< Thank you so much Star Star!


So last night before bed, I stopped over at SinDecade just to see what was up. I didn't expect a whole lot, but I was greeted with a completely made over store. Not only that, BUT there is a hunt on too! Ugh, I know what you're saying NOT MORE HUNTS! PLEASE! ;_; but this one is TOTALLY worth it and not hard at all. Besides, don't act like YOU don't want some sexy SinDecade skins (Zu!). Don't you dare say no, you liar.

On top of there being SinDecade skins and eyes, there are also products from IBizzare, RARE, Thrashed, KProd and others. You're looking for little Pac Man characters, like the ghosts from Pac Man, Pac Man and power ups. Click it, and it'll either disply a big red X, which means you've been tricked, or a green exclamation point, in which case you buy the item and get your goodies.

But that's not all, there is also a surveillance drone on the fritz. It seems that GIR got to him and is spouting all kinds of gibberish. But some of that gibberish is pretty important. When he screams CHICKEN! He's dropped a bomb, and in that bomb is a present for you, this is where most of the SinDecade skins are. There are 14 bombs to get on top of the little prizes hiding all over the store. So get to it, you know you can't live without a SinDecade skin or 4 for much longer.
The hunt is on until Nov 2nd, so get a move on kidlings, I wouldn't want you to miss out on this. I've lusted for a SinDecade skin for awhile and about fell over last night when I wound up with FIVE.

more +Apple Pop+

After completing the hunt I couldn't help but check the sim out, and was greatly rewarded, there are amazing cheapies and freebies all over the place, and THEN there is the +apple pop+ group gifts area. Piles and piles and piles of ridiculously cute stuff for free ><
++YUZU++ Hair - Group Gift
Cho*u Hair Pin - Group Gift
::f*a:: Bikini -Group Gift
+Apple Pop+ garden table set -Group gift

There is also a pile of jewelry, A Sky Box and other fun stuff to be had! Join the group, get the freebies. That easy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last night I overheard Gertie talking about a strange Japanese hunt in Vain chat. It was too late for me to start it, but I resolved to do it after getting a good nights rest, and have been well rewarded for having done so. So I ventured forth to +Apple Pop+. You need a HUD, there are directions in English, but they really aren't that clear, so just follow what I say. Put the HUD on and if you look around, you'll see GIGANTIC red arrows. Follow the arrows to the mystical blue portal. Click on the portal and you'll get a note card with an LM to the haunted house.

Hopefully you clicked the LM, because you should be in the haunted house. Once you enter you will be greeted with cut scenes of a mean ghost making threats, and telling you about the mystery of the house, and the evil creature you must defeat! The house is filled with all kinds of tricks as you explore. You are looking for keys. Four specific colored keys, and then ten normal keys. When you find one it will highlight on your HUD. But beware! There are fake keys among the real keys. Now you aren't just looking for keys, as you explore you will find allll kinds of camping chairs, 10, 20 and 30 minute chairs. The 10 and 20 minute chairs help you put together this ridiculously cute avatar

The other camping chairs have cute hair in them. You use the specifically colored keys to open certain doors, the red key will open red doors, blue will open blue, etc. Find the keys, do the camps, and then when you've found all the keys you're going to go to the bookcase on the bottom floor next to the two camping spots. I couldn't figure out how to open it, so just cam into the room, and click on the treasure chest to get your weapon. Once you've received your cudgel, head back upstairs to the gold door. Go inside and sit in the first chair. You will be teleported to a big room with this nasty waiting for you.

This is a mimic, he pretends to be a treasure chest until you get close... and then he attacks. The name is self explanatory. Make sure your cudgel is equipped and chase him around until you've depleted his HP. Upon defeating the monster you'll receive another note card. Follow the LM in the note card, and you'll find yourself here.

Pillage your treasure! You deserve it! Go to each chest, click on it and click on the corresponding key below. There are ten gifts, one of which being the head to the tiny av above. There is jewelry, a pumpkin bunny pet, and lots of other stuff. Here are a few of the prizes you can get.

Love Soul / Copain

So a few days ago I mentioned the Love Soul Picks prize, but I stopped by yesterday and noticed there is another present packed in with the nails, it's a cute little ring! So if you haven't already, go grab it! The real reason I was at Love Soul was because I joined their group *+Copain+* which is a collaboration between Love Soul, Junwave, Cassis Rose and PRAY. It's 200L to join, but every month you get a goodie pack with all kinds of fun presents, and then they give out little things occasionally throughout the month. These are some of the cute things you can get this month!
Love Soul Room Wear Pink - Copain Group Gift

Once you join the group head on over to Love Soul and you'll find the group gifts on a table inbetween Love Soul and Junwave. Just click and grab, and revel in the pretties!


Star Kindler is a small jewelry shop with a lot of talent. Right now they have this gorgeous cobweb jewelry set for their group members. Join the group, go to the shop and buy the set. It has a LOT of pieces and different sizes of each so just about everyone should be able to find the piece that works for them.

It also comes with rings, hat pins and other fun pieces, but I think the necklace is my favorite. Don't forget to pick up the dollarbie ladybug set right next to the Halloween gift.

purple purkle paw prints

I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been more fanfare about these guys. I'm not huge on neko stuff, but these are some of the cutest boots ever, and you can get them exclusively in the lucky chair at Sweet Leonard/ Needful things. They have a lavender particle kitty paw trail too. If you get tired of waiting around, they can be yours for only 200L, they also have them in Pink, Black, White and Red inside the store.

Big Floofers!

I love Bishwear. How can I not? Big hair is my true passion. And you know what else I love? Sales. So, Bishwear having a sale is like...YAAAAY!

And yes, Bishwear is having a sale. 40% off on all the items not in the scripted vendors. That takes the prices down to 111L on most of them, and on some it gets down to 390L for a fatpack. Yes..less than 400L for a Bishwear fatpack. So cool!
This is my fave find, so curly and floofy and poofy and made of pure joy and magic.

And this bad boy is great too! Bishwear doesn't only do big poofers, they also do sleek, short, straight, updos, etc. Do not miss this sale! It only goes until 11 am SL time on 10-30-08!!! Run!

Dress in from Reasoable Desires

Skin previous group gift from Chai, no longer available

Good morning darlings!

I'll be posting pretties in a bit, I just want to let you know a few things.

A) I will be updating the hunt list every Sunday. If you have a hunt or know of a hunt *not* on the list, PLEASE send it to me so I can keep things up to date ^^. I will add hunts through out the week, but I really won't remove anything until Sunday.

B) I have a couple of events in the works, one of them will be coming up soon, another is still a ways off. If you're a designer and are interested in learning about them and donating merch to help promote both our our interests, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Panda Camp!

Mingo! Has a new hair on the panda camp, and this time it's a WHOLE SET! Four different colors and they are so cute I can hardly stand it, it's going into direct competition with my Magika bun I usually wear for when I want my hair up. It's one of her new releases too, so if you won't want to sit for 40 minutes, you can just peace out and buy it.

Nomine has new freebies!

Munch dropped a few new presents on the Nomine Subscribo today, a really cute "razored" tank and a little razor blade for you to nibble on while you emo out and cry a lot. Just click on the subscribo to join, and check the history for the most recent notice.Razored Tank - Nomine Subscribo gift
Mouth Razorblade - Nomine Subscribo gift
Hair - Mingo panda camp

Perturbed Halloween

My favorite jewelry store has a special present for group members right now. Hop over to PERURB/ation and check it out. It's a goooorgous bracelet and choker set, and definitely worth picking up

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was summoned to Rha! to clear a lucky chair, but found a lot of fun things to do. It's a cute little shop with a play room that has Lucky chairs, Lucky Fortunes, What's in the box, tombola, and other fun things to everyone's benefit! Here are just some of the things you can get.
One of the games is match and win, with a whole bunch of presents to win. Both the lingerie and the Corset piercing are available in this game, it's pretty easy, but can take a little bit ^^

Love Soul picks

Love Soul has a picks board where you can get this lovely pair of nails. Oh how I love prim nails... so so much. *twitch* It's likely these are only for October, so you might want to get on over and get them before the month is up!

Pounded Flounder!

Among the plethora of hunts that are on right now, one of them is a hunt at Pounded Flounder. You're looking for skulls and there are a pile of them. They aren't hard to find, so it's not going to give you any headaches, which is nice after having done soooo many other hunts! I think my favorite prize is the little kitty above. He sits on your shoulder and has a whole bunch of animations. He plays with a rat, eats, and demands candy. My kind of kitty.

100th post!

Eek! I never really thought about making post 100, its weird to think about hitting it when I never considered it. Regardless, I want to thank everyone who reads L/H, you guys are awesome! Sileny and I have lots of great stuff coming up for you, and maybe we'll even make it to post 200! ;d

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program!

JCNY has a pile of Lucky Chairs with lots of pretty jewelry in them. I was able to get the tiara and the necklace, but there is a lot more to by had, and you are able to turn the bling off, which is the most important feature of ANY piece of jewelry amirite? They also have a special set of jewelry for players under 30 days old right next to the lucky chairs, yay for helping new players!

Teku for You!!!!

TekuTeku just put out a new style in a lucky chair just for Halloween! It's so cute and orange and I love it!
And in the little building across the bridge is a new store called EkoEko with the most adorable plaid items, and they have a lucky chair now too! Check it out!

Leyda Style Dollarbies

I thought I would make a quick post about the Leyda Style dollarbies, as they are available for two days only. So if ya want 'em, move your azz quick.
Here is the lady's version. Nice!
Also a male version for the dude in your life.

Hair by MiaSofia, in the ghostbusters hunt

Skin from the Rockberry lucky boards

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going on a prezzie hunt! And I'm not scared!

I feel like we're all drowning right now with all of the designers on the grid throwing presents and hunts at us right now, so I've taken it upon myself to make a list of current hunts to help us all organize ourselves and hopefully take a second to, you know, breathe.

ALB Dream Fashions
Alyssa Bijoux
A piece of candy
+Apple Pop+
Ay yai yai
Bare Rose
Bay City Treasure Hunt - Starts 10/29
Belldandy's Carnival in the Sky
Chat'teigne Overkill
Comme il Faut
D-Hunt - starts on 11/03
Deviant Kitties
Falln Angel - starts10/29
Fnordian Furniture
Foglord Creations
Heart of Dragons hunt on until nov 5th
Hell's Haven
Hollywood Gestures
Kaizen Pumpkin hunt
LA Street Scene
Lantian Village
Lemania Turkey Day Hunt - Starts Nov 10th.
Lucky Chair Stalkers Mushroom hunt - 24 hour hunt Nov 9th
Loco Pocos
Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt
Orage Creations
Osaka Pumpkin hunt
Paris*NY -Starts Nov 1st
Pounded Flounder
Rayskin Hunt
Razor Mall
Sanctum Hair
Stringer Mausoleum
Vain ghost hunt
Wild style
Witchy Poo Hunt

Anything I'm forgetting? Leave a message on this post and I'll update it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Sparrow

Hya just put a new set in her Lucky Chair at ~Silent Sparrow~, and being among the first to get the outfit, I decided to blog it since... well, I'll be among the first to do so :D Anyway, this set is amazing! There is so much detail from big shiny buckles to awesome stockings with clockwork gears on them. Best part is it is unisex, there are specially sized pieces for men, and a lot of different options. 17 pieces in all, long pants and shorts, I *love* this set. I took a couple of pictures and couldn't decide which I liked more, so you get to see both!

Good luck to everyone camping the chair! I hope you're as lucky as I was! It looks amazing with my Wretched Dollies skin you can get in the Winterfell hunt I posted about yesterday. The hair is from Eat Rice! which has a 50% off sale on until tomorrow!

mmmm Inari

I stumbled upon *Inari* yesterday heeding the call of a lucky chair, and found myself in a wonderland of cute, littered with lucky chairs and some really adorable freebies. The store has three lucky chairs, and about five little boxes of free stuff for you!
I know it's getting to be colder, but these floaties are sooooo cute, and free! The set coems with four different colors, including black for those of you who have to be depressingly spooky, even while swimming.
Both this T-shirt and the skirt are freebies as well, the shirt comes in a set of three, and the skirt is only in this color, but the quality is really really nice, especially since it's free!
I got this bracelet from one of the lucky... stumps, since that is what they actually are, little tree stumps. Lots of cute things in them too. The store has a lot of really cute stuff for sale, and it's really affordable, which is awesome. Definitely check *Inari* out!

Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate, other than being a slightly strange name, is a shop on Uemachi, a Japanese sim. So you can forgive the owner for not knowing the connotations the name holds in North America. Regardless, there are a pile of awesome skins and hair for extra cheap, and in a lot of cases for FREE.
This is the Ronja hair, you can get it in a bunch of different colors, and best of all, totally free!
On the wall is a vendor with nine different skins, all of them are free! Lots of fun different styles and skin tones. This set is the Yuko Make POP! set which is a sign right next to the big vendor, and this set is free as well, it comes with three different versions, they are ugh so cute I can hardly stand it >< Yuko Make POP set - 0L
Yuko Make POP set - 0L

There is even stuff for the boys! It makes me so happy to see boy stuff, and it's nice boy stuff too, shapes and skins. Skinny and built, none of them to freakishly huge, check them out!