Sunday, August 29, 2010

The raven himself is hoarse

I took a few minutes between projects to catch my breath and delve into my favorite of Shakespeare's works. Macbeth. Only in Sim form. In the realm of fearless, powerful women Lady Macbeth has to be the queen. I can't explain the hours I've poured over her monologues. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, and wasn't afraid of the consequences of going after it. Whether you think she was justified or not, it's something to be respected.

I'd imagine a modern Lady Macbeth might appreciate an outfit like this. Jack The jacket a new release from +++Blue Blood+++, jeans from Kalnins (with a sculpted belt no less!) and a fantastic hair style from Arsenic Lace. As always, these jeans are top notch, you could expect nothing less from a store like Kalnins. They come in three colors, and three styles available, not to mention, they are totally affordable as well. And I can't neglect to mention these fabulous jackets, they come in five colors and are unisex! Yay for boys having clothes too.

Definitely look into Arsenic Lace's new line of hair. Hawke is just starting out, but she really seems to be getting the hang of it quite nicely. I was totally excited about this hair when I tried it on, and it comes in a plethora of colors. That's right, I just said plethora.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ben Hawkins was lookin' our way

So Narita somehow conned me into writing this sucker up, when the last thing I really wanted to do is write up a blog post, but I've been in the middle of a gigantic lazy today. Or maybe it was the past few days. Heeee. Last night's new Miel release shook it out of us for a little while at least. Have you ever had the desire to look like a depression era dust bowl farm girl? Cause Miel can totally make that happen for you. I just wish I had a dirty skin to really bring the look to life.

It makes me think of amazing television shows that have since passed, like Carnivale. All we need now is an epic power struggle between good and evil and a creepy preacher. You have a lot of options with this set, you can buy it piece by piece in five different colors (175L for the top, 225L for the skirt), or you can buy the whole set that is completely color and texture change for 875L. This set is full prim clothing, so DO make sure to stop by Miel and get a demo of it before you buy it. Over exaggerated assets might have a bit of an issue here.

You know you can't complete the outfit without cowboy boots, and really, these new release Dandy cowboy boots will fulfill any need you'll ever have for cowboy boots. The come in two styles, 'Flor' and solid color, and are color change with five different colors available. The Floral stitching on the Flor boots is darling, and you totally can't complain about the price.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow My Ruin

Sales! Sales! Sales! Such a wonderful thing has become a little overwhelming these days. But let's not moan too much, ladies. After all, a bargain is a bargain! Hush up and just keep shopping!

Top - {SMS} Bustier Seagreen - $40L
Skirt - {SMS} Highwaist Skirt Black - $60L
Shoes - Maitreya Gold - Allure Black - $585L
Hair - TRUTH Grazia 2 - espresso - $125L

Some of the best of the best in SL have sales running through this weekend. 50% off Maitreya shoes and Truth hair. Just give in to the idea that you will be breaking your budget. Go ahead and overspend. You'll be so happy you did.

The hair used in these pictures is my new favorite hair from Truth. It comes with 2 different bang styles, in 7 different colors: a total of 14 hairs. Bargain! :O The shoes are from the exquisitely perfect Maitreya Gold line. At full price, I cant rationalize the expense. But for 1/2 price, I went a little nuts with the clicky finger and I'm so glad I did! Screaming Bargain! Go buy loads from both shops before the sales go poof and you kick yourself over all that you didn't get!

Dress - {SMS} Tshirt Dress Blue - $50L
Shoes - Maitreya Gold - IXkin Black - $485L

If you're down to your last handful of Lindens and would still like some new outfits to go with all your new shoes and hair, hop on down to the Discount Outlet at So Many Styles! It's a little blue house, just down the path from the Mainstore. If I hadn't been stumbling around the other night, I never would have known it was there. And what a find! Lots of cute little dresses and separates for crazy cheap! Happy shopping! :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Givin' It Up for a Good Thing

I had hopped to get this post up last week, but another major computer meltdown put the kaibosh on that idea :/ Oh well, Shoe Fair ends this weekend, so, if for some cockamamie reason you *still* haven't been, or are sitting on your demos, now is the time to go! :O

Shoes - *GF* Knot Wedge Sandal -green- $180

Shoppers looking to add a little compassion to their fashion are spoiled for choice at this year's Shoe Fair. Everyone is pitching in to raise money for this year's charity Soles4Souls. Loads of shops are donating portions of certain sales, or all sales, and others still have set aside full 100% profits from special items. I picked out just 3 of my favorites for this post, but seriously, just go get them all. It's for a great cause, plus you get pretties for your feet by being generous. Win-win!

The shoes in the top picture are part of the much-celebrated new releases from G Field. The photo doesn't do them justice. The quality of the texture is stunning! The depth of the shading and the subtlety of the sculpt really give the feel of silky ribbon. In my opinion, these shoes are among the best designs of the fair, and that green is irresistible! You also have the option of getting these in silver - equally gorgeous. Plus they are totally affordable, so it's pretty much mandatory, right? Right!

Top - Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Violet - $100L
Jeans - Armidi Limited - A001 Jeans [Black Industrial] - $145L (set of 3)
Shoes - MIEL FAR BOOTS - SOLID - $420L

The boots at Miel pretty much floored me. Not just because they are finely crafted, but because you get so much bang for your buck! In addition to being a totally affordable and fabulous pair of boots, they are color change! It's like getting a fatpack of some great stompin' boots for 1/2 the price of what others charge for a single pair. Completely practical, tons of options & combinations, absolutely a do-not-miss!

Top - Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Burgundy - $100L
Shorts - (Elephant Outfitters) Joan Jean Shorts - Dark Rustic - $63L
Shoes - GOS [Docs V2] 8 Hole - BLACK - $300L
Skybox - The Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox - $1L

Speaking of some gorgeous boots.... Kittens, the charity set of Docs from Gos are *stunning*! Like jaw droppingly wow! And OMG - you get sooooo much for such a cheap price! I honestly did not believe it when I first saw it. You get a pair of their famous 8-hole docs, in perfect basic black leather, plus an exclusive polish in old black (see inset photo) that makes them look worn in. In addition to all that, the base for the docs comes with 3 shoe shapes to choose from - Pristine (fully tied), Abused (half tied) and Loose (pictured above), all controlled by a blue drop down menu. To change the polish, just wear the little polish can to load the texture into the shoe script memory. Then it's ready for you anytime you want a change. I totally want to go back and get every other color now! :o

A lot of the clothes used in this post are from Armidi. And, yeah, I know you've already been there done that 5 times now about the Armidi sale, but on the off chance you've resisted or thought you were too cool, you're just being a doofus. The sale ends tomorrow! Go! Now! Stock up on some ridiculously well made basics. I've said it a million times, but it's the truth - they have hands-down the *BEST* denim on the grid. If you get nothing else, just fatpack all things denim. You won't regret it.

The setting for all of the pictures in this post is the latest Dollarabie Skybox from La Flat. It's a sweet little, distressed beach shack box, complete with kitschy wall decor and an animated window seat. Find it upstairs with the rest of the $1L items, which you should totally grab while you're there! There's even an in-store hunt on till the 21st - 10 little pillows filled with gifts, just $1L each! :D

From the Edge of the Deep, Green, Sea

And all I want is to keep it like this
You and me alone
A secret kiss
And don't go home

Don't go away
Don't let this end
Please stay
Not just for today

I wish I could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears,
Too many times,
Too many years I've cried over you

- The Cure

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woeful? Hardly.

Today brings a lot of fun goodies. Starting with +++Blue Blood+++ and their set for today's Woeful Wednesday. You don't know about Woeful Wednesday? Well, you probably should, it's new though so don't feel too bad about it. Consider it the goth 50L Friday. Anyway, Ghanima has released 'Lorelai' a darling babydoll that converts to a cute set of lingerie, for only 50L. Lovely.

I know you're eying my jewelry. God knows I was eying it when I first saw it sitting on the lovely Violet Voltaire's neck the other night. I love how effortlessly she jumps from playful candy jewelry to a gorgeous, delicate antique looking piece. The Timekiller set actually keeps time, but comes with unscripted pieces as well if you're trying to cut down on lag. Amazing earrings, a necklace and matching bracelet round out this beautiful set. Don't deny it, you can't. Just go get it now.

Rounding out the post are the new Khitten heels from A-Bomb that you can find at Shoe Fair. These are the thick heel with suede heels, and are darling. The color change options don't hurt either, and the HUD is ridiculously easy to use. On top of that 25% of all sales will be going to soles4souls, and these shoes are totally inexpensive you should really give them a chance.

Perfect one

One of the Shoe Fair 2010 sponsors is GOS, and is more than definitely a shop you really can't afford to miss. His shoes are creative, well made and definitely drool worthy. You'll find a great variety of shoes, men's and women's alike. At the fair there are lots of great deals to be had, including the extremely popular DARE booties, in blues.
GOS 'DARE' booties - 487L through shoe fair!

Through the extent of the fair you can get a great deal on these shoes, 50% off! This is exclusively for the blue tones. This pair of shoes has three gorgeous shades of blue, and a super easy hud for changing skin tone. The detail on these shoes is phenomenal, I dare you to find a flaw. Seriously.

One of the new releases for the fair is the new GOS platform pump. Ever color comes with an option for black. It's like these shoes were made for me, and literally every other woman on earth. Everyone needs a gorgeous pair of black heels, and now you can your favorite color as well as the most important color in one pair of shoes. The best part is all of the options for making these shoes uniquely your own.

I love the platforms, but I've always been weak for that style. These are so well made, they remind me of my J's thigh highs. The best part is you can totally remove that strap if you like. These heels are so customizable you'll be able to use them for anything you need, and they are SO affordable. You're running out of time to hit Shoe Fair, so make sure to get there before you lose your chance!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Black Sheep

On a more whimsical note, a shoe store you should know more about is Lassitude & Ennui. I first discovered the brand on the lovely Achariya's blog, which you might have noticed in the side bar, and gushed. They have a stall at shoe fair, with a portion of all sales going to Soles4Souls, and these fun new shoes.

If you're looking for something a tiny bit more versatile, I might suggest the Imogene ankle boots. These boots have a darling design, with color change buttons and soles to boot. Ech, bad, unintentional pun. The 'sea' tone is such a unique color, I was taken by it instantly. I can think of more than a few Silent Sparrow outfits they'd go lovely with.

Another really great thing about these shoes is the more than reasonable price. These gorgeous 'Miss Dandy' heels are amazingly inexpensive and come in a bronze tone as well. Perfect for the steampunks, or if you really just like gears. There are the most lovely buttons down the side, which you can see more clearly in the pictures below.
There is still a week of Shoe Fair left, so don't hesitate or you might miss out entirely. There are so many stores and so many different styles available, you are sure to find a pair or ten to love. Lassitude & Ennui are just one other fantastic option.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Skin Vision

Let me present to you one of my absolute ESSENTIALS. Something I can not, and WILL not live without. J's thigh high heels. With a grid overflowing with expensive heels with prim toes and color change options and crazy designs, J's thigh highs stand alone in their simplicity in design, and mastery in their craft. I received my first pair as a gift last year for my birthday, and my shoe life has never been the same. You've no doubt seem them countless times on the blog, since I wear them constantly. Why? Well all of the reasons listed above, and just the fact that they are beyond sexy, and still completely classy.

You will find these gorgeous shoes at Shoe Fair with a portion of the price of everything in the store going to the soles4souls charity. Each pair comes with three lengths, 'short' which still goes over the knee, mid length and then high. I am particularly fond of the high option.

These shoes retail for 450L per pair, but they are worth every penny. I will totally recommend the fatpack tho, 1600L for 7 pairs, that's almost half off, and if you buy it at Shoe Fair, a nice chunk of that goes straight to the charity. I generally don't promote fatpacking, but these shoes are versatile, beautiful, and literally a must have. Don't lose this chance to give to a good cause, and get what will no doubt become your favorite shoes.

Barefoot in the Snow

On the half of the world I stand on, it's Winter right now =) but here it's never really that cold so I've never seen real snow (because, honestly, muddy snow at the side of the road doesn't count, does it? =P hehehe). So, since SL gives me snowy places whenever I can, all year round, I decided to run barefoot in the snow for my post today *happy dance*

The first thing I wanted to show you is this *points to picture above* So adorably cute!. It's a complete avatar by Djinn & Tonic. I had a close look at it and it's honestly very well done =)
In this post you'll see me putting the avatar to test *evil laughter* because most complete avatars look awesome as they come, but when you start mix and matching them with other stuff, they stop looking that wonderful. Well guess what? with this one it didn't happen!!. It endured all my tests and passed =P

Ok so, I'm really picky about skins, so the first thing I did was change the shape to see how well the skin adjusted to it. If you have shopped for skins in SL for a while, I'm sure you know not all of them are flattering for every shape, while on certain shapes they look absolutely amazing. My usual shape has big eyes, puffy cheeks, small round lips and a pointy chin... so yeah, half the times when I try on skins I end up looking like a weirdly mutated mantis. So This is how I looked when I tried on the skin with my own shape:

This would be the moment to scream *OMG CUTE* =P
The skin adjusts to different shapes very well as well, and if you can see on the picture too, the eyes that come with it are lovely also. The hair is also a part of the complete avatar and it's really nicely done. The roses are sculpted and they come separately, so you can recolor them to match them to your clothes.
The necklace worn in the picture is the Kakkoi necklace by Cobrahive, which is also very well done, with very realistic textures.

Here you can see my full body, I'm wearing a RunoRuno outfit called "UNDress Cocktail Black", I'm wearing most of it, but not the full outfit, so there's more to it (leggins, collar, etc). It's almost entirely sculpted and very well executed... now the main thing that comes to mind when I think of RunoRuno is "value for money", because most of the items cost around 50L, and you can still see the hard work in them.
The awesome green pants are the Lacey pants by Trap. They are hand drawn/painted just like Selos' skins, and definitely a must have for missmatching lovers. The amount of details into them is amazing. If you zoom in close enough you can see every stitching on the cloth heheheh. I love them!

Finally, the lovely sim I'm at is AM Radio's Idia Laboratories, and you can get there by clicking here. As for the poses I used, they are from a japanese shop called "SHISEIDo?" and you can get there by clicking here.



Kokeshi Dolls Shouldn't Scream

The Miniascape and Kyoto Sanjo sims are holding an awesome horror event that runs until the end of August. You'll discover all sorts of creepy surprises as you try to solve the mystery of a missing doll. As an added bonus you'll receive a box of gifts from many of the sim's vendors once you reach the end of the story. Here are a few of my favorites:

Skin: :::Dimbula Rose:::
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic::
Yukata: *NAMINOKE*
Earrings: GINZA Jewelry Kohime

Click here to teleport to the starting point and make sure you grab a HUD from the display. The green notebook next to the sign will give you your first clue on where to start your search.

Doll Skin & Head: Ichikoro
Necklace & Hair Ornament: +BAIKEN+

Also, first post! :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

yayyyy First Post!!

Hello Everyone!
This is the first of what I hope will be a series of awesome posts as guest blogger for one of my favorite blogs!

I'm a fan of good clothing and skins and hair... gosh I love it all. SO! I will be making a series of humble reviews, showing you what I like and hoping that not only you will like it too but also that it will help you find what you were looking for =)

This is the outfit I put toghether for my first post:

it's a mix of two outfits that I love. The dress is a Soleil dress called "La Fleur Triste". It's very original. I specially love the feathery ends of the skirt. It moves very softly while you walk.
Underneath that dress, I'm wearing the Erstaz catsuit by Gauze.

The texturing on that catsuit is the FINEST I have seen... EVER!. The same goes for the matching bracers, also part of the same outfit, by the same creator.

Now these boots are called Kboots are I am honestly not sure if the creator even has an inworld shop... but they are some of the best boots I have seen out there. Click here to check them out on xstreet.

now this is a big closeup to you get to see the hair, skin and accessories in detail. The hair is by Magika, do you see the little chain details? lovely! I love all of her hair. Now the glasses, piercings and collar are by Cobrahive, they have some of the best accessories I have, and her mainstore is always a delightful place to hang out at.
The Skin is by Trap... I just love those skins, they are entirely hand drawn/painted, truly hand crafted work u.u seriously, they make me drool. See how soft it looks? Almost anime-ish.

The poses that I used are from Oracul
and the pictures were taken at the Blue Blood Mainstore island

Well that's it for today =D
I hope you liked what you saw!



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can you help me?

Hello my lovelies, are we having a pleasant evening? I am now that I've finally managed to get some work done. Today was such a lazy sort of day. Ghanima of +++Blue Blood+++ managed to shame me as well, pulling out another astounding release, and all the while being totally and completely sick. This release is so completely fantastic, flirting with genres from lolita, to cyberpunk, to final fantasy style armor. You'd be totally ready to say this release is inspired pretty greatly by the Heartless in Kingdom Hearts right? You'd be wrong, Ghani doesn't even know the game! Regardless. Fantastic work, take a nice long look at the spine, I love it. Don't forget to check out the shoes that come with this set as well. Yeah, matching shoes. Go get it.

If you're looking for a more romantic style of shoe to go with this release, or just in general,*G Field* has you covered. When these shoes came out in April I lusted, I lusted like I'd really not lusted over shoes in a long time. Impeccable sculpts, plush, soft textures, and best of all color change eyelets, shoe laces and soles. Also, because it's *G Field*, you KNOW these shoes are going to be reasonably priced. That's a really nice treat at Shoe Fair when you are being assaulted left and right by piles of shoes priced at 750L and up. Definitely take a nice long look at these shoes, as well as the charity pieces that Narita will probably be blogging in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boogie Shoes

Don't you just love it when you find a pair of shoes that make you want to dress up and go dancing?

Dress - Ducknipple - Squeeze - Platinum :. - $10L (Platinum Hunt)
Bracelets - ~SIGMA~Jewels/Sani bangles (charcoal) - $10L (Platinum Hunt)
Shoes - MIEL MOLE SHOES (cocoa color) - $425L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: ::JoLIe:: CARAMEL - Dark - $500L

Miel's latest release has got to be one of the most fun styles to hit the grid in a while. Simple, sleek, ankle-high peeptoe booties - totally covered in sequins! :O The heels make you feel a mile high & the texture seems to shimmer and sparkle. Plus - they're color change! You get a whopping eight different color options to fit heaps of outfits. Sexy enough to wear with your skimpy party dress, hot enough to rock with some jeans. Take me dancing! >:O

The fabulous Wrenja helped me out with my discoball fantasy. She's kickin' these boots in the two pictures below, in both Sky and Blush color options. Oh lord, Shoe Fair might just be giving me a shoe fetish :o.....

Shoes - MIEL MOLE SHOES (sky color) - $425L

If that's not enough sparkle for you, the Platinum Hunt is in full swing right right now. Prizes are $10L each and there are just over 100 shops participating. Loads of fabulous items for a total bargain. I'm wearing the dress from Ducknipple and the bangles from Sigma in the top picture.

Because I live under a rock most of the time, I did not realize that this event was organized by the same group who brought you both the Black & Blue Fair & the Summer of Love Fair - both fashion/mental health awareness events. So when I opened the hunt boxes and found notecards about PTSD and anorexia, with absolutely no other context for them, I have to admit I was rather startled! XD So if you're oblivious like me and wondering why a designer might be presenting you with a lovely skin and also a statistic on suicide, that's why.

Shoes - MIEL MOLE SHOES (blush color) - $425L

Last, but certainly not least, I need to mention the Dutch Touch skin sale! Oh designers are totally conspiring to take all my money these days. Too many gorgeously wonderful things to buy! I've got my new favorite skin on in the top picture - now 50% off the regular price! Most of the skins are marked down, even certain fatpacks are being offered for a special discount. Take advantage! Iki's skins are among the best and she rarely does sales, so go nuts and buy a bunch! :O

Monday, August 9, 2010

Autechre's blips sooth my mechanical soul

There is a LOT dropping on the grid today in terms of gifts and goodies, Starting off with So Many Style's new group gift. Designer Irie Campese has set out one of her brand new dresses in Navy as a Group Gift. Join the in-world group for FREE; the gift is waiting for you by the door. Once you're done there, head next door to stop by Imabee to grab this fantastic gold toned skin, totally free as well, in the zombie popcorn hunt.

And, really, if you haven't already- GET TO SHOE FAIR. Royal blue is throwing down with some seriously intimidating and awesome wedges. No one will question your stomps in these beauties. They come in five colors, Black, Navy, Tan, white, and Pink. Each pair gives 25% of sales to Soles4Souls. Gold or pewter facings on the shoes are available in all colors, so you're sure to get the pair you're longing for. These shoes are exclusive to Shoe Fair, so don't dawdle. I might have to go back and pink up the Pink/Pewter combo.

If you're essentially broke after Shoe Fair, well don't you worry your pretty little head. There is still plenty of shopping to do. Don't forget to stop by INDI and pick up this week's piece of the mystery Freebie Puzzle for 1L. Looks like it's going to turn out to be a pretty fabulous set of black and white dresses when everything is done. You'll find the freebie puzzle upstairs and to the right, of the main room. Wait though, cause we're still not finished. Make sure to join the Avenue Magazine Readers group and go to the Lelukta shop on their sim. Why? That gorgeous red skirt is ABSOLUTELY FREE. It's in the box sitting on the table as you walk into the store. I 'feckin die.

strappy young lass

Narita and I decided to double team some of these shoe posts, and why not? We're both ridiculously hot. So, what goes better with shoes, than Lingerie? Like nothing. Lingerie is awesome, and the right pair of strappy heels just makes it that much more hard to ignore. Luckily for us, Kalnins newest release was pretty much made for lingerie.
On Wrenja:
Phoenix Rising 'Mislead' lingerie (white) - 100L

Kalnins 'Plastique' heel - 385L (group price, in store) or 770L at Shoe Fair

Now there are a couple of options in terms of how much you might want to pay. They are full price at Shoe Fair, but if you are in Kalnins group you can head on over to their store in Copley Square, and get the shoes for half price. Regardless of how much you pay, they are worth every penny. Between quality and their super easy and effective HUD, you can match skin tones, or like we have in this post, pantyhose colors without driving yourself crazy.

Kalnins 'Plastique' heel - 385L (group price, in store) or 770L at Shoe Fair

Another big thing going on right now is Phoenix Rising's sudden closing sale. Every thing in the store is now 100L, regardless of how much it might have cost previously. One of their most recent releases is a line of *amazing* lingerie. The colors, the textures, the details, everything about these sets is gorgeous and totally worth the price. Stock up, because this is your last chance to get anything from Phoenix Rising, as when the store closes (when Tier is up, but no one has given specific dates) this fantastic designer's collections will be gone forever. Heartbreaking.

On Narita:
Phoenix Rising- 'Exhale' (Teal) - 100L
Kalnins 'Plastique' heel - 385L (group price, in store) or 770L at Shoe Fair
[]::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 4/br) :: VIP group exclusive

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How Ya Gonna Kick It

I know you know about the new FREE Dress are Elate!, to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Sunny Sim. But did you also know there's a new Elate! Outlet shop?

Dress - (Elate!) Raeva (Black) - $50L
Shoes - R2 "Mahealani" Black&Red - $249L
Pose - estetica: francis corfu - $185 (Fatpack of 10 Poses)

Just on the opposite side of the sim, Elate! has set up a little shop with all of her usual Freebies and Lucky Chair, plus now there are a bunch of her classic dresses for steeply discounted prices! What used to cost hundreds is now as low as just $25L! You've got to stop in with all of your noobs & alts! And, for good measure, I've added a pic of that FREE dress at the bottom of this post, in case you aren't a total feed hound like I am XD

Dress - (Elate!) Nivaya (Plum) - $45L
Shoes - [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black - $300L
Pose - estetica: love your shoes - $185 (Fatpack of 10 Poses)

You'd have to be just coming back from a trip to the moon to not know about the Shoe Fair. Shoooooooozzzzz!!! :O So many pretty pretty yummy lovely shoooozzz! Yes it does reduce me to nonsense words, what of it? It's that glorious time of year in SL when every fashionista is united in the singular cause of finding the hottest, sexiest, prettiest, most fabulous sculpted pixels to strap to her deformed little feet. And, oh there's tons of truly great quality to choose from! Some of the best of the best are representing, there are loads of seriously generous charity items and the lag isn't half as bad as you think it might be on opening weekend.

You'll be seeing loads of shoes highlighted here during the fair. Wren got you started yesterday with those drool-worthy stunners. In this post I've got an oldie but goodie from R2 - the Mahealani peeptoe pumps, that are so sexy it's hard not to fatpack them (psst! you should fatpack them ;) ). The shoes in the second picture are my personal top pick for best platform pump - the Baby T's from Pixel Mode. They are flawless! And, last but not least, the sensation of the week, Surf Co.'s adorable Knot Wedges. So freaking cute!

Dress - (Elate!) Dawn Sunny Sim Opening Gift - FREE
Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture - Knotted Wedges - Goldenrod - $200L
Pose - estetica: diamonds on the soles of her shoes - $185 (Fatpack of 10 Poses)

All of the poses in this post are among the new releases at Estetica - available now only at the Shoe Fair! They've got a bunch of well-stocked pose props, heaps of shoe poses and super generous fatpacks! Stock your ass up! >:O