Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Chao goes Mu

*M* is at it again, quick on the heels of the Christmas mini hunt, is a new years hunt! Five prizes in all. You are looking through out the store of teeeeeeeeeeeeny tiny cows, definitely some work, but the prizes are so cute, you'll be glad you did it.
I'll start you off with a hint, there is a cow on the tip of the dogs nose on the sign above the front door of the store. You're on your own for the rest. You can also get one of those snazzy cow hats from the lucky board for yourself if you care to take a sit down and rest a bit. The board is on a three minute time so you're less likely to be there forever!

Also, please please please (!) don't forget to turn in your ballot for the year's best of, You have until January 5th to turn them in. Three questions, 5 favorite hunts, 5 favorite finds/hunt prizes/lc items, and your 10 favorite stores for the year. Ballots don't have to be entirely filled out guys, so no one is going to grade you down for that!

I heard wind there might be a 500L gift card to Katat0nik for one lucky entrant, so get your ballot in! Send them to littlemisshater at

Sweeter Than Candy Shoe-ness

Sweeter Than Candy subscribo sent out these gorgeous shoes today. I can't even explain how much i love them so here are some pictures:

The side

The back.


Copain Gifties (a.k.a.- something chao)

So, one group that I am really happy I paid to join is the Copain group (A.K.A.- the combined group for Junwave, Love Soul, and more). it costs 200L to join, but is totally worth it. Every month they have great group gifts, plus occasional other gifts like these New Year's gifts!

The earrings from Love Soul are just hilarious and cute and i love them. Totally love all the cow theme for this year!

Junwave also has a group gift for New Year. this adorable haor come with cow bits...

..and without cow bits.

Join the group! Many past gifts available still.

Cirque Ayfera Dollarbies

Some cute lingerie for New Year's at 1L each color at Cirque Ayfera!

Don't forget about the gift you get for joining the subscribo! It is an outfit which can be work a variety of ways. This is the way i chose:

The skin in that pick is one of the dollarbies at Retro-ology. I know they have been around a while, but I think they are worth showing again.

The hair is a CSR gift from Zero Syle.

Here comes trouble

My Dad has always called me trouble, so it had a double meaning here ^^. At this point, you've missed out on the freebie hairs at Here Comes Trouble, but all is not lost(no worries, I missed out too :[ )! There is a pack of dresses you can get, for 1L!
There are five or six different colors in the pack, I'm wearing Teal in the picture above. Its above the new releases in a red star! It'll only be up until midnight SLT so get your booty over there now!

Wee a couple of last minute hunts!

We've got a couple of hunts that are starting, Floating Comet's hunt is for tonight only, and Hectic moon is on until the 11th, so it will be making an appearance in the weekly hunt list.

Floating comet mall
- find the champagne bottles
Hectic moon - 10 eggs to find, on until the 11th.

weee OMFG

So yeah, the picture is old, but its a hot picture, and it shows off exactly what it is I wanna be showing you, which is, not THE scarf, but TEH scarf. One of the amazingly awesome items at [OMFG].

while hopping around the grid last night, I noticed it was only 45L, which is a lot less than it used to be! I had to message Perefim Cao to make sure it was right, and it was! Since he has a couple of good jobs now, his shop [OMFG] is purely for his enjoyment, and he's pricing things as if every L were equal to 1 dollar. So this scarf is now 45L and it will STAY 45L. There isn't a ton of stuff in his new shop just yet, but he told me that he's reworking items to make them better, so expect future releases from him as well. But hell, this scarf is awesome, and for 45L, you might as well grab it. ..cause it's awesome :x

A Whole Bunch of Goodness!

Few things for ya today. They are all kind of mish-mashed together, so i will explain as I go!

First off, the Kaosome 50L sale ends today. Hustle! There are some amazingly beautiful outfits there and 50L is worth it for sure. The beautifully printed dress comes with the lamb fur jacket and socks! The blue coat is gorgeous. The blue dress is free!

I matched the 50L jacket from Kaosome with these so adorable leg an arm warmers from (O.o)AweosmeSauce(o.O). They are only 10L each and incredibly detailed. If you are not on the subscribo for AwesomeSauce..get on it. She has sales and freebies very, very often and they are all great quality. The black flats are 12L for 12 pairs at Angelico B.

The lucky chairs (yes, plural, there are 5) from AwesomeSauce came up my letter three times while I was there (ok, two of the times were ?'s) and I won this skull coffin armband, the grafitti divider, and this tattoo. I was very happy! The denim jacket is a free subscribo gift from Kaosome, check the history to receive!

And finally, the navy blue pants I am wearing with the blue jacket are free from Tokeo Plastik, as is this skin. The skin is free for group members only. (Actually, it is 1L I think) And the earrings are yet another fab gift from AwesomeSauce, this time free under the tree (along with a whole bunch of other gifts!)

OK..long post lmao. But hopefully worth it!

Gibberish Gifts

While browsing OnRez for a nice gift for my boss I came across some nice shoes at a store called Gbberish. They were totally hot. So i thought, I'll go to the inworld store and check them out. I joined the group just to check it out to discover that there were gifts in the store. Yay!

This rose top is free for all! Check out the cute prim ties in back. The hat is a gift for group members only..and you have to find it! Join the group for directions.

The rose ring and scarf are free gifts for all as well at the main store. The hat is the other part of the hidden gift. The tights are a group only gift at the London location only. Activate your group title and touch the gift bag to receive.

I really recommend exploring this stuff. The items are beautiful and high quality. The store itself is even pretty. AND they even have some men's stuff.

The sparkle dress worn in the second picture is free from Kaosome and totally cute.

Dilly Dolls 25L Sale...

...Ends today! Hurry! Hurry! Dilly Dolls at the Tully location has had EVERYTHING in the store on sale for only 25L. Clothes, shoes, skins, cool! I have put together a few photos of some of my fave items to get you in the shopping mood.

Just Rosey!

This is all from the same purchase! o.O

Details, details!

And you can still win this outfit on the lucky chair too!
Also, Bryce Tully's hair store in the same SIM is still having its 50% off sale if you are interested.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For all of your Hunting needs

Hey! Finally, right? Well, take a look at this list, hardly resembles the last list what-so-ever, and look at how many are ending tomorrow! Wipe the sweat off your brow and pat yourself on the back, hell, hug yourself. You made it through an insane holiday season.

A piece of candy - Ends Dec 31
Abandoned Isle (Boof & Tyranny)
Alyssa Bijoux
Amatsu Shima 12th through Jan. 1st
Ay.Yai.Yai. on until Jan. 15th
Candy Cane Hunt 20th - 1st
CHAI Ends Dec 31st.
Chat'teigne Ends Dec 31st
Crush Row Probably ends tomorrow.
DG Innovations - Still on as of Dec. 30th
Discord - Ends Dec. 31th
Lemania Grinchy Gift Grab
Passionate Neko Dreams
Peace On Earth (grid wide blahblahblah, you know) On until Dec 31st
Rayskin Hunt - on indefinitely
Roseo -mini hunt, two prizes instore
Savvy Avvy
Sparrowcat 14th -1st
Stringer Mausoleum
Talyia's Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Tiny Sim
Zullay supposed to be over on the 23rd, but the prizes are still out, get them while you can!

AD Hair, Designina Poses

So I have a lot of favorite hair places in SL. But Analog Dog was the first place I ever bought hair i REALLY liked, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

And today you can get some pretty cool things for free there...COLOR CHANGE HUDS! OK, so if you don't know what they are you are probably like "big deal"...but it is a big deal! See, any hair you have from Analog Dog works with the huds. So this means every hair style you have has now turned into having the potential to be EVERY color AD has. HAPPY FACE! All you do is buy a hair pack, make copies, and wear the copies and the hud. Then you click on the color you want from the hud and BAM tinted hair.

This is the Joanna style, in the sale section for only 50L.

Also there are some style for only 1L. This one...

And this one! I bought them all in blonde and used the various color change hud options to get these colors.

And go down to Designina and join the subscribo. They gave out these poses today. They are cute! Designina does good poses and some especially fun ones like circus and doll poses. I blogged a doll key that was there for free awhile back..might want to go and see if it is still there!

OK, have good times.

Lucky Honey

Honey*Soul put a new prize in their lucky board- an adorable gray felt poncho with a bow on the collar and lace trimming. The board is only a 5 minute wait, which is even better.

You can take off the prim attachments and wear the sweater as a gorgeous simple basic piece, still fully detailed in texture and hemming.

Another "honey" store to stop by would be Cutie Honey, as Navina has done it again and given us even more adorable creations. This one of a kind outfit is a must have for not only how unique the design is but how adorable it is! The outfit comes with two bracelets, a scarf, the hat/hair, a holdable animated milk bottle, and a purse. The hat comes with the pigtails and is resizable for a snug fit, and the cow's eyes blink!
On the purse is another cute little cow who also blinks! While you are waiting for your chair, join Cutie Honey group and hop on the camp chair for a rideable bouncing New Years cow that matches this little guy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Two S's

Today I bring you this week's goodies from Sn@tch, as well as a gift Eden tipped me off on at SWA.

First up the Riot Vendor dress from Sn@tch...this is only 50L if you can get enough people down there. Wear as lag-free clothing as you can!!

Second at Sn@tch we have this oh so lovely booty shorts and cropped top set for 0L!! Available near the riot vendor. I feel hoochie-tastic!

Then if you go to the exact slurl i give you at SWA you can get this dress for free just by saying in local chat "I luv SWA". You can wear it plain or with one of the many jackets that comes with the set.

Also at SWA is a POE hunt globe (ends on the 31st!!) and this dress is inside it.

OK, have fun luvies.

Canimal Subscribo Dress and Dani's Too!

OK so I am not 100% positive if either of these are available for re-delivery. Let's get that straight. BUT it is worth a try to go down to these two stores and join the subscribos anyway even if it doesn't let you check history.

First up, dress from Canimal that is SO CUTE. I love anything sailor or like navy themed, so I pleased to find this. Cute cute anchors <3

Second this outfit from Dani's. I mixed it with the prim skirt from Canimal as the under layer on accident and I thought it looked awesome so i kept it for the picture. And the socks with the outfit have garters so you know i am all about it.

OK, have fun times.

Just a quick note

Hey bebes,

I know the hunt list didn't get up yesterday, and I apologize. I've been driving around all morning and just got home a little bit ago and will be off and running again in a few minutes. Things will be returning to semi normal this evening, and I promise to take the time to get everything all together and the hunt list up, don't need you guys going into withdrawals or anything here ;D Reaally though, I think we all just need a break.

Don't forget that POE ends on the 31st though, so get your globes before they're gone!

Junwave, Kiitos, Cutie Honey, Love Soul, Lost Angels

Here are some bits and pieces i picked up today.

This dress is 1L at KiiToS in the upstairs of Love Soul. The items at this store are cute and inexpensive. The hair is from Junwave and is right next to KiiToS. It is only 39L per color for a limited time (until January 5th I think). The fatpack is only 160L!! The first two poses are only 1L also from KiiToS and the third pose is a hidden freebie from Lost Angels Poses (check the men's pose vendors upstairs heehee).

Here are some freebies you might have missed at Love Soul. I can't believe I never noticed them before. Two pairs of glove-based nails (one with ring) and a prim mole. Woot for prim mole haha.

And while celebrating the coming of the year of the Ox, you can wear these free facial gems from Cutie Honey. The cow jewelry set comes with the bindi (with or without optional facelight), the 2009 cheek gems, and earrings. A fun way to ring in the new year!

OK, sorry if you have seen a lot of these things posted before...I haven't been paying attention much to blogs (most of you know why :p)

OK love you all.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cast Your Ballot!

Good Morning bebies,

Its Sunday, so I won't be posting, and I'm leaving in a little bit and will be gone all day, so I won't be able to update the hunt list immediately. One of the other girls might though, just be patient with them. If worst comes to worst, I'll be able to do it tonight once the last of my holiday obligations are done with. Anyway, that's not all I'm writing to you guys about.

The end of the year is fast approaching, and I have a couple of things to ask you, I'd love you to send your answers to us at Littlemisshater at so here we go:

1. Which were your FIVE favorite hunts?

2. What were the FIVE best freebies you found this year?

3. What are your TEN favorite stores this year?

The five/ten is a guideline, if you can only think of two or three that you loved in a given question, feel free to only put down two or three. In the end it'll be a top five list for the end of the year that I'll post, voted by you, and will be part of an ongoing feature we'll be starting in the not too distant future. So please take a few minutes to write to us and consider your favorites of the year, we're interested to know. Write us at Littlemisshater at

Voting is open until January 5th! So get them sent in!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looooooove Soul

Blue at Love Soul changed up her chairs yesterday, I sat and sat and sat.... and got... one thing. All day. Luckily, it was these ridiculously detailed nails. So pretty! Mmmm prim nail addictions.
Another thing in the chairs is the candy bag. There is a cookie bag as well, and is totally cute with a little pink bow. This isn't the exact candy bag in the chair, the candy bag in the chair is orange, but close enough. This red candy bag was a prize for catching the reindeer staff as they ran all over the four sims in the love soul hunt.
Finally this morning, my darling Erna TPed me and I was able to score this hair, which is another of the prizes in the chair. There is a blue version shown below and pink. There is another hair style in the chair in both blue and pink as well, so there is plenty to grab, just sit your buns down at the table and eat a cha siu bao or two. Or I'll eat them for you. >:]
The dress? Well, the dress... is the newest in store release from Love Soul. I saw three little bunny girls running around in them and just about died they were so cute. The dress comes with shoes and prim nails and all together is only 200L, I couldn't resist. Of course Proo Proo hates it. It comes in six or seven colors, I at least need to get the bloo one too UGH SO CUTE.


What good is a post apocalyptic scene with a chick on a bike if she's not scantily clad? All the chicks in post apocalyptic movies are hardly wearing anything, so who am I to buck tradition?

Anyway, Unzipped and Steam powered Nuts say merry Christmas to you with this free bike! Its color change and everything. Its not as exquisitely detailed as the bikes that are for sale, but hey, it's free! Lots of fun too, so go grab one. I dunno how much longer its gonna be out, but I just checked, so it's still out as of now 7:34 PM slt. Its hiding in the big fat presents next to the trees.


In the middle of sorting through the aftermath of the holiday season, my good friend Hempy TP'd me to flip a chair for her over at DV8. I take blind TP's and flip anything really, and to my finding they were two chairs stock full of awesome cyberpunk/cybergoth hair styles. I'm not well seasoned in SL, and haven't been to DV8 before this, but it's worth another trip! So far I have three of the many hairs from the two chairs at DV8. The chair is on a 30 minute timer, so either bring a good book, or a group of friends!

Here I am imitating the reaction Wren verbally had to the hair, she fell over and died out of sheer love for this hair. The ribbons in the hair are color change (with a huge list of possible colors! This one is Steelblue), and have glow on/off options.
+DV8+ Elektra Cyberfalls - Hot Pink

Here we have me smugly showing off a shorter bubblegum pink pigtail style from the chair, with the ribbons in red. Once again with color change and glow options.
+DV8+ Io Cyberfalls - Bubblegum

And lastly, the thrid hair I got are these cute steampunk pigtails, with gears as the hair holders! Also, this one is for all of the haters, you can all kiss it. +DV8+ Steampunk Europa - Sunlight

The earrings in all three photos are Kosh's present for December 25th, which happens to be out still as of 30 minutes ago, so if you missed out get them while you can. They come in hot pink too, and with a bed, and some other goodies.

so much for good will toward men

Edit- Feodora did the right thing by asking people to stop being hateful and vitriolic toward Sileny, and everyone else who had a finger pointed at them in the comments, and I appreciate that. As far as I'm concerned, this is over, I hope we can all put this little scuffle in the garbage where it belongs, and let people do the things they need to do. If Feodora decides she's done blogging, that's her prerogative and it stems from something much deeper than Sileny's comment. So lets not play the blame game. Everyone in the blogging community does it because they love it. They love making discoveries and they love sharing them with you. We don't do it to try and one up each other, or have silly little blog wars, and it should never have to come to that. So lets hope for peace between everyone in the new year.

So you've probably seen Feodora's melodramatic post about not blogging anymore because Sileny asked her, nicely, to fix her post to not be so offensive to the thick girls in the audience. You would think that the random blog post on a blog which no one reads that Feo linked to would have been more offensive to her, but no, Sileny's respectful request is apparently what did it to her. So Sileny is getting some awesome hate mail thanks to Feodora, and I'm pissed. It seems like Feodora is trying to link Sileny to that blog post, which is ridiculous, all of her blogging energy goes here at L/H.

You don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine, but Sileny does awesome work for us here and inworld, and doesn't deserve a lick of what she's been getting. I hope you'll all give her love and support, because she more than anyone else, deserves it. Shame on you Feodora for trying to throw Sileny into the fire for your own problems.

As a side note, I'll try to get some stuff posted today, but I am shaking with anger at the moment, and don't have the will.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Wish

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy winter season, regardless of what you celebrate, or don't celebrate and say that I wish you all the best company, warm homes, and full hearts. The season is pretty hard on me, and I know I'm not the most likable person but really, best season wishes and thank you lovely friends I have for the generous gifts.

This post is also meant to say that I hope you are all thankful. The holidays aren't about giving, but about family, and faith among other things, and not everyone has both, or either. So be grateful for the unneeded gifts we receive, and be open to the spirit of the holidays because greed can be ugly.

In any life, Second of first we are still only human, so please everyone say your thanks to those in your life that bring you joy, and make you laugh and support you, and those that have gifted you, not today but ever in your friendships because nothing in life revolves around us, and it's those around us that pick us up, poke fun at us, and support us in our daily lives that really make our existences even better than they could be.

Happy Holidays.


Merry Christmas guys! Just doing a quick thanks for sticking around and supporting my little blog, I appreciate you and all the love you guys give me and Silly and Pru.

If you get bored today, don't forget to pick up the two freebie dresses at the Axis Mundi holiday tree! There is a Gingerbread version, and a Chanaukah (I know I slaughtered that, I apologize.) dress, both for 0L hiding just behind the tree waiting for you to grab them.

I also found a VERY amusing 3D maze last night at the Snow Land Mall, there are a pile of presents you can pick up while going through it. I think there are 15 in all, just click buy the little snowmen you see all over the maze!

Happy Holidays everyone ^^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yaaaay Presents!

Thank you unnamed Gift giver, I'll keep your secret so you can retain your reputation as a snob! Yay >< Thanks for the boots! I loooooove them <3

Forest Feast Trees

Free trees from the Forest Feast Subscribo. This place makes my favorite plants in all of SL. There are three trees in the subscribo gift, all shown here.

Also notice my glorious outfit which i finally won from Crimson Shadow and had to wear because I love it.

DP YumYum Gift

Join the ITuTu group and check the notices for this super cute dress from DP YumYum.

Skirt comes in all red or red and green. <3

Imagen, Red Queen, And RD

So three awesome things at once because my arthritis is acting up (26 years old with arthritis...totally sucks).

First off, free skin at Imagen that just blew me away. In a red box by the entrance. I don't care that it is red and green, I am wearing this sucker all year.

Second off is the sale at Reasonable Desires on lingerie. Everything is transferable and under fact, most is under 150L and a ton of it under 100L to begin with, plus the sale gives you an additional 25% off! Just make sure to pay with your group tag activated. All the following photos feature lingerie from RD, plus I have a billion more things I couldn't fit in this post. The picture of me on the wish list post features RD lingerie too!

Third, the hair in these pictures is a group gift from the Red Queen update group. I have not seen hair this fresh in a while, and the quality is awesome. Here's to creativity!

OK, so get your hair, your undies, and your skin and rock some man's world! Or lady's for that matter! WEEEEE!