Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salt Group Gifts (or Sporadic Posts on Quiet Blog)

So... Happy New Year? I don't know where everybody's gone. x: I suspect they're being normal and having in depth and useful first lives. :3
We're lucky I didn't find anything rabbit themed or there might have been a lot of Watership Down references in this post. (Find me an Inle mask? ): )
But I did find some very pretty group gifts. :3 They come with a dull story, the gist of which is that I saved a notecard a very long time ago to a store I thought looked very pretty but might skip off the radar and someone on my timeline asked if anyone had a landmark to that store recently so, I decided to investigate. It makes my estimated 20k+ notecards worth it. :3

The umbrella and skirt/top set are all group gifts at the lovely Salt. I love the skirt sculpt especially. :3 The store has very small selection but this reopening gives me hope that the creator is working on new stock. :3

My photos appear to be somewhat back on track, I think I had my hardware settings too high, I noticed my last ones were pretty grainy. This ones just kind of grainy. :D I wish I kept track of which settings I was using for some of my old ones... I still like my paint boxes. >.> Must be more consistant...

Top/Skirt/Umbrella // Salt // Group Gifts