Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am Always Last Minute

Totally sporadic post from me full of things I think you have to grab in the next few hours, not just 'cause they're great but also 'cause they're limited freebies. x:

First off, Posies has a new 1L pose out everyday of the week, every week. This is an offer that's been going on for quite a while I've always meant to blog but never got around to. Today's pose is Glam. :3
One of these poses will have been Monday's but I'm not sure which, I didn't check in yesterday. x.x

Glam and Dramatic

Turn and I See


The awesome jacket and armwarmers is Ancayi's Chase the Beast Hunt prize, which ends about now. This store is second on the list but I'd recommend trying to do the whole hunt if you have time 'cause there's some good finds. :3 It starts at Lou Lou and Co and you're looking for a scroll. Helpful blog is helpful. :3
The skin is a freebie at Vive9, I think it also dissapears today. In case you hadn't heard yet, Vive9 is closing down so the owner can focus on real life and she's put out all her vintage retired skins and several pieces of unreleased clothing for free. I was seriously happy when I got in and found out 'cause I loved these skins and worried when she retired them. And we'll avoid mentioning the shapes. Good luck getting in. x:

And lastly I took all these pics in a skybox that's a pick gift at Lithium. If I'd taken a better selection of pictures you'd see it's quite small with three large windows but alas, I wasn't sure moving about a lot was a good idea with the windlight lag. x:

Skin - Vive9 - Closing freebie
Jacket and Armwarmers - Ancayi - Chase the Beast Hunt prize
Poses - Posies - Daily Dollarbie
Skybox - Lithium - Picks Reward


Hello again my pretty prettiessss, I'd like to show you something wonderfulllll~ I, Kandy Kanaveral, have my very own dress up dolly! She's just like what you're used to, but totally unconscioussss, and maybe half dead too!

My lovely dolly is wearing some of the pretties you will ffind at the Black Bacchanal, which opens tomorrrrrrrrrowwww oh boy I can't wait! The Bacchanal will only be here for a FEW days, but some of the best in dark design will be showing you new and wonderfully exciting pieces priced in the totally appropriate ranges of 13L, 30L, 113L, and maybe a fewwwwww 300L pieces.
+++Blue Blood+++ 'Dread' dress (red) - Available at the Bacchanal

There will be gatchas and- oh wait Wrenja is trying to talk, that is sooooo cute. What is that? Oh, that's mean. You shouldn't talk to your owner like that, or we won't play tea party later. Now, be a good girl and keep that trap shut. Anyway, as I was saying. I bet you can't wait to see everything that's going to show up starting tomorrowww, I can't either, all of these pretties are soooooooo pretty!
Arsenic Lace 'Clown' shirt - Available at the Bacchanal
Sn@tch 'In the ring' striped pants -
Available at the Bacchanal

Lots of dresses and pretties and none of Wrenja's lip. Mmmm sounds like the makings of a wonderful Bacchanal. The gurgling noises she keeps making are making me squeal with glee. What about you? I can't have been the *only* one who wanted this bitch out of commision. I GOT MY WISH! The best kind fo Wrenja is an unconscious Wrenja.
Arsenic Lace 'Harlequin' Dress (Pink/Sky) - Available at the Bacchanal

See you again tomorrow! I'll have more pretty dresses and clothes and weeeeeeee!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I do evil things, and evil things return.

I said I was coming for you, didn't I?

Friday, March 26, 2010


The Love/Hate Hivemind group has been busy and buzzing over those strange flyers, and the amazing Patience Xie seems to have figured most of it out! let's see what you think? She thinks this is what the flyers read.

A collection of (...) dark design coming together /
/ The Black Canary /
++Blue Blood++ /
(...city of something?) /
(...) /
Schadenfreude /
Silent Sparrow /
Sn@tch /
Tacky Star

Maybe you can help fill in the spaces?


So, I can't imagine I'm the only one who's noticed these flyers that have been appearing across the grid. Something is happening on the 31st, but I'll be damned if I can read it to tell you what. Well, other than that name. The Black Bacchanal, huh?
It seems you can make out things that you can in each flyer, but it still doesn't really paint a complete picture does it? I'm almost positive I can read out +++Blue Blood+++ between the two. The +'s are kind of a give away. I would say the last one is pretty clear if you look between the two, can it be anything other than Tacky Star? Maybe I'm wrong, because Aura hasn't said a word to me about this... What's going on here?

So there is something happening on the 31st, The Black Bacchanal. Whatever that *is*, there are designers involved. Can you pick anythign out of these images to help paint a more complete picture? I don't think I'd be the only grateful one.

Sem Contenção

The Accessory Fair ends this weekend!

Necklace - {SMS} Feather Collar White

Before it's all over and the designers have packed up all their goodies, be sure to run down & grab everything you can! This feather necklace from So Many Styles is not to be missed! It is by far one of the more elegant statement pieces you'll find this season.

Necklace - [P/a] EDEN -Choker/WHITE+Silver

Not to be out-done on the feather collar front, PERTURB/ation has a series of these delicate feather chokers, trimmed with jewels. It can be classy, bohemian or downright naughty, depending on your mood.

While you're down at the Accessory Fair, don't forget to grab all of the exclusive hunt cheapies and RFL items before they disappear forever!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playing Dress Up

One of the things I've enjoyed most about blogging the Accessory Fair, was how much fun it was to play dress up with all of the gorgeous pieces. Each set required an entirely different look or persona. And no designer's work inspired more divergent characterization than Donna Flora.

Necklace - Donna Flora IRENE silver necklace

Each of the Donna Flora jewelry sets contain so much personality. It's as if she's already envisioned the woman who will wear her designs. And yet, they're still versatile enough to go from formal to casual, without skipping a beat.

Jewelry Set - Donna Flora MISS-G black set
Luggage - [[SHADE THRONE]] ST SUITCASE (mid/brand new)

Another wonderful bit of fantasy I found at the Accessory Fair was the luggage set from Shade Throne. In RL, I have a deep passion for luxurious luggage and handbags (not that my broke ass could ever afford 'em :P). I once had an ad for Louis Vuitton steamer trunks pinned on the wall the way a sane person might pin a centerfold. The Shade Throne set reminds me so much of what I wish I could have in RL. The pieces are wonderfully crafted and there are options for size, pattern, and weathering. Ugh, even in SL, I want to curl up inside the fabulousness.

Jewelry Set - Donna Flora NY SPRING set

This final set from Donna Flora even comes with a HUD that lets you change the color and texture on all of the gems. You have lots of control and can create countless combinations. Plus, pretty! :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On my list of kick-ass bitch goddesses, Æon Flux is somewhere in the top three, if not number one. I don't mean that prissy Charlize Theron Aeon Flux either. I mean the REAL Æon Flux, with her bondage gear, questionably gay arch nemesis/lover, and penchant for catching flies with her eyelashes. I want to BE Æon Flux, I have for years, and I feel like I'm finally getting some where with that. It started at the shoe fair last winter. Magnifico had these shoes... gorgeous shoes, Æon Flux-ish shoes. And I stood there in awe.

About a week ago I was playing with said shoes, and started talking to a friend of mine who just so happens to make hair. I said 'you need to make Æon Flux hair', she told me 'I can do that.' Who it is will be a secret until she's done, so don't think I've forgotten lady. I was getting closer. I could practically taste it. Finally tonight Hawke Mai, of Arsenic Lace, released a new outfit. Scion. A little bit too medieval-y... until you take off the skirt.

You want to fuck with me my love? Bring it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today Ghanima at +++Blue Blood+++ had a bit of a crazy and released what she likes to call MUTANT BABY ANIMALS. That's right, baby mutants all over adorable dresses, and with this release there is a really cool promotion going on, buy the dress and it comes with an extra copy to give to a friend! Each set comes with the three skirt versions, and there are four colors available for you to buy. I really can't decide which one I like most, I just know I want to hug them. And only 100L!
Narita already covered the new []::Tuli::[] skins, but she told me I had to as well or she'd tie me to a chair and make me watch 40 hours of dancing with the stars, straight through, clockwork orange style. Not Nice, Narita. Mmmm alliteration. Anyway, all I have to say is GORGEOUS. Last week I was talking to Narita about how I like []::Tuli::[] skins, and I'm in the group, but... they never really look all that great on me personally. I was thinking about leaving the group. She convinced me to stay to witness this new release, and all I can say is, there were three other groups that got deleted last night, []::Tuli::[] was not one of them. Also look at that pale *swoon* I love it when skin designers actually understand what the word 'pale' means.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


There are a bunch of goodies out today: new fri.day, plus a bunch of freebies and generous group gifts! :D

Outfit - fri. - Paradiso.Romper (Red) - $180L
Hair - fri. - Anna - Sensitive Black - $250L

How much do you love the new fri.day hair? I mean seriously, soon as the word went out, bitches started squealing. And with good reason! They're freaking adorable! Three of the four hairs are shown in the pics here today. The fourth one is a slight modification on the Scarlett hair in the bottom pic. All of them, fabulous! But it's not just hair they've got on offer this week - there's a super cute little strapless jumper. It even comes with an assortment of the new belt release, in three neutral colors and a variety of sizes!

Bikini - Ibizarre - Beachwear - Allie Bikini - FREE
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Eva :: gem (tone 5/br) - FREE (Group Gift)

Hair - fri. Adriana - Sensitive Black - $250L

Necklace - Pussycat Charm Necklace - By Fussy - FREE

There are some truly generous group gifts out this weekend, too. Tuli's long anticipated return to SL and redesigned sim were celebrated with the release of a new skin line, plus a super generous fatpack of skins! Each skin tone even comes with a cleavage version (shown above). I kinda love how much it alters my avatar's face, without needing to fiddle with the actual shape. It's $250L to join the Tuli group, but it's worth so much more! Coco set out a great group gift too, this last week - the black lace ruffle mini skirt (shown below). This is another designer who's not shy about giving away the awesome. Join the in-world group for free, and then click the panel with the gift in the shop.

Skirt - *COCO*_Gift_RuffleSkirt(Lace-Black) - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair - fri. - Scarlett - Sensitive Black - $250L

Bracelet - [MANDALA] Summer Pink Bangle - FREE

All Poses - Striking Poses - $25L each

There are a ton of fabulous free gifts down at the Palamos Island Mall. Some of the biggest names in SL fashion have satellite shops there, and about half of all the shops have at least one gift bag set out for $0L. I found that cute little retro-inspired bikini from Ibizarre, the necklace from Fussy & the bracelets from Mandala.

All of the poses used today are from Striking Poses. As I mentioned last time, this shop is closing - probably for good - and all of these poses will disappear forever and ever. All individual poses are just $25L. Today might be the final day, so do not miss out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Go Humble

There were a few designers at the Accessory Fair that really knocked me over with their work. A clear standout for me is Sigma.

Jewelry - SIGMA Jewels/ Admira necklace & earrings (charcoal/silver)

Now that I've got a few humble tricks under my belt as a content creator, I've become an intolerable snob about what I like and what I think is worth a few bucks. So, when I find something that makes me say, "Holy crap! How'd they do that?" I know I need to get it. Walking into Sigma for the first time, I had that reaction over and over.

Necklace - SIGMA Jewels/ Deco chain necklace (black)

When I wear these pieces, I keep desperately analyzing every inch and twist and component, trying to unlock their crafty little secrets. They are just filled with thoughtful little details, every part so carefully constructed, I cannot find a flaw in them - and trust me, I've been looking XD Plus, they even come with different attachment points and fullbright options. I should be jealous, but I'm too damn impressed. Truly fantastic work. Gotta be my favorite of the whole Fair.

Get 'Em While You Still Can!

There are some truly amazing gifts and goodies out there for you to grab before they all disappear!

Dress - * **MIS** Seasons Are Changing - BlackBerry (closed for renovations)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Copper - Dark Brow - Mag (Group Gift)

Jewelry - Bliensen + MaiTai - Morning Fog Jewelry Set

On the off chance that you've missed them, or capped out, there's a great big generous, Group Gift fatpack of skins from Cupcakes' latest line Allure sitting in past notices. They're probably going to drop out this weekend, so make sure you grab them while you still can. This could be my new favorite skin from this shop. The makeup is soft and rather neutral and it strikes a nice balance. You even get brow and freckle options. Seriously, there are a mountain of skins to play with in this gift. Don't miss it!

Outfit - -Phoenix Rising-Brace (Ruby)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Lace - Dark Brow - Mag (Group Gift)

Necklace - ((Crystal line))Broadway Nights Necklace

Bracelet - ::::IrUrU:::: Kayan_forearm

Flower - Haunted Zuzu - Black Crystal Bloom Hair Flower in Cherry (modded)

Nails - Mstyle Perfect Short Nails - Classic

The dress in the top pic is from Mischief, which is currently closed for renovations, but you can find her new releases, along with a ton of RFL items at the Clothing Fair. The outfit in the pic above is a recent release from Phoenix Rising. I love an outfit that's comprised of really great separates. You just get so much more bang for your buck. The outfit in the picture below is a Group Gift, pre-release from Pig and can only be found in the notices of the Purveyors of Accidental Love Group. The group was founded by Izzy of PDA Poses (now closed) and promises to be a place for random gifts. At the time of this posting there are 3 gifts - this outfit plus 2 sets of poses - in past notices, but they are set to disappear any minute. Join the in-world group to get them.

Outfit - Pig - Darling Baby Seal in Flesh - (Group Gift)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Glow - Dark Brow - Mag - (Group Gift)

Headband - ::SPLIT PEA:: Drag me far enough to know - Feather headband

Earrings - Zaara : Urvi Earrings *gold*

Ring - [!SyDS! Ring] Serenite (Green)

All of the jewelry and accessories used in this post can be found at the Accessory Fair. The set in the top pic is my favorite new release from Bliesen + MaiTai. The pearl necklace in the second pic is from Crystal Line, the bracelet is part of a set from IrEn and the hair flower is a slightly modded version from Haunted Zuzu. The nails in that picture are from MStyle. I have to admit, prior to getting these, I was dead-set against prim nails. 99% of the time they look really hideous, gaudy and/or claw-like to me. But some friends tried these and raved, and so I needed to give them a shot. And, OMG, they were right! The MStyle nails turned out to be a perfect fit and actually look pretty natural. I'm loving them and am sold for good on the brand.

Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Nutmeg - Dark Brow - Mag - (Group Gift)
Necklace - ZC : Adira necklace *claw silver*

Bracelets - Zaara : Patra silver wire bracelets *clear*

Pose - Striking Poses

The headband in the third pic is one of the new releases from Split Pea. You know I'm a sucker for some Split Pea feathers... The ring is from !SyDS! and it's ridiculously affordable. The earrings in that pic, plus the bracelets and necklace in the final picture are all from Zaara's. Who in their right mind can resist anything from Zaara's, let alone some finely crafted jewelry? Her texture work and design innovation never cease to inspire me. Each of these pieces is like a little master class on how to make awesome.

The pose in that final picture is from Striking Poses. If you haven't heard, the designer is leaving SL, closing her shop and selling her sim. There is no telling if she or her enormous body of work will ever return, so RUN. NOW! Go buy everything that isn't nailed down and be quick about it! I've heard the sim sale has gone through, so everything will be going poof very very soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running to Stand Still

OMG, I cannot tell you what a freaking bear and a half RL has been these last two weeks. Between the neighbors from hell and another major computer meltdown, I've totally had it with RL. I don't care how pretty it is outside, the real world can suck it. :P So much catching up to do, so let's get to it!

Dress - Lark - Mourning Dress
Earrings - Donna Flora IRENE silver earrings

Bracelet - IrEn- Prayer beads

Yeah, okay, you've all been to Melt by now, or at least you should have. If for some crazyfaced reason you haven't, there's still time. The Melt exhibit closes on March 21st and there are some truly lovely pieces to stop in and get. Lark debuted two fabulous new dresses: the mini (below) elegantly incorporates the image of an industrial wasteland into the bodice of the dress, and the gown (above) comes with a wonderfully rendered and fully functioning clock at the waist. There are piles of options and layers and pieces to this dress, so it's worth way more than the humble asking price. Run down to Melt and grab them all before it's over!

Dress - Lark - Consequences Dress
Skin - !Imabee: Light - Vivian - Vivian feels pretty

Necklace - GSC Draped chain necklace SILVER


SL is overflowing with events these days, among them the incredible Accessory Fair! Sure, I'm a little biased, but there's just so much great stuff on offer, and so many exclusives, you're just going to kick yourself for the rest of the year if you miss out. The Fair runs until March 27th, so you still have time to shop your butt off before it's over. Plus, the major mobs have petered out, so you can browse all day without all the laptop killing lag. In addition to the earrings from Donna Flora, the prayer beads from IrEn and the bracelet from Rozoregalia, one of my favorite discoveries was the Draped Chain necklace from G. Sloane Couture. It looks entirely handmade and folds over the shoulder in the most perfectly casual way. Plus, the gems are color change, so you can rock it with a bunch of different outfits. It even comes with matching earrings. Love it! Little jealous. Go get it!

I also need to mention the skin in that last pic. It's from a new-to-me shop called Imabee that I discovered during the new Super Bargain Saturday sale event a couple of weeks ago (before all RL hell broke loose). The skin set was just $60L for the event and comes with both freckle and cleavage options. You can stop in now and grab a different makeup from this skin line for just $300L - such a great price. Be sure to check this place out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

traipsing in the dark

Bare Rose is one of many stores you'll find at the Clothing Fair, located on the Tokyo sim. Like many there has been a large release of Alice in Wonderland themed sets, but unlike so many others, the sets at Bare Rose, are AMAZING. I love that June is exploring areas of the story other than the obvious, with a fantastic Jub Jub bird set, and an impressive Jabberwock avatar, all at the amazingly low prices you can expect from Bare rose.

Through out the fair, there will be a new release every day, so make sure to check back every day, I know I am. The first release of the fair made me all kinds of excited. It's this gorgeous White Queen dress, which comes with optional pink or gold accent pieces, the dress is richly textured and beautifully made.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you ready?

Yes, it's been quiet around here lately. But it's only because we've been trying to prepare ourselves for RFL Clothing Fair 2010. I starts today at 3PM and is nine sims of beautiful, fantastic clothing. There is so much good stuff, but as a teaser, I'm going to show you my absolute favorite RFL outfit I've found so far. It comes from Solange! a store I discovered at the Clothing Fair last year. I was totally in love with her outfit then, but seeing this set blows everything out of the water. The details are amazing, the gears move, and have fun trying to find any seams in those rich and delicious textures.

Right now is an interesting time as I find myself reflecting a lot on the past year. Last year at this time I came clean with my Mother's cancer diagnosis and my only request of you was to go spend a pile at RFL. The outpouring of love and support I received from all of you helped me in such an immeasurable way, and I still thank you to this day for every thing you did for me, no matter how small. I never asked for much, I could never do so to begin with, but the generosity I encountered was spirit lifting and really helped me get through that hard time.

Today my Mother is cancer free. She'll be on watch for about five years, but she is totally dedicated to being a soldier for her own cause, and is living a happy and full life. It is because of the money that is poured in to cancer research that this is possible. Even five years ago my Mother's diagnosis would have been far more grim. So please take today to think about your family and loved ones who have found themselves face to face with this demon, those that could and tell them you love them. Then GO SPEND YOUR BUTTS OFF AT RFL :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black and Blank

For the first time ever *Cobrahive* is having a sale. Not just any sale either, 50% off of EVERYTHING. Well, save for the 10L area, but please, the 10L area is a ridiculous deal to begin with. Everything from hats, to piercings, gloves, belts and everything in between. There is a neko area too, but we all know how I feel about that. I'm so in love with their neck braces, and the glam piercing is hot, but that doesn't even get me started, cause I could talk about the officer caps alllllll night. So get to, the sale will be on until the 24th of March, so you have a pretty fair amount of time to get some seriously cool accessories.

*Cobrahive* 'Officer Cap V2' (Black) - 90L
*Cobrahive* 'Sureibu Collar' (1) - 75L
*Cobrahive* 'Evil Hand Claws' - 75L
*Cobrahive* 'Big Waist Belt' (Polka Dot) - 60L

I admit it, I will wait and wait and wait for a sale. But, you don't want to wait because the deals aren't going to get much better than this. Drop some well earned coin on some fantastic pieces to add to your collection so you can be the baddest bitch on the block ;x

Sunday, March 7, 2010

a sky like diamonds

New goodies from U&R Dogs! Today the lucky chair and the camping chairs were restocked with some fun pieces. You'll find my necklace, which is color change, hiding in the lucky chair. The earrings? Camp. There are two camping chairs, one with silver the other with gold. Each is a 15 minute camp, not half bad for such lovelies.

Her name was Lola

In the past few days, one of my favorite purveyors of lingerie had a new release. Seldom Blue has released the new Lola line, with all kinds of options to wear the set, lingerie, body suits, a dress, and fat packs come with a darling feathered head piece. There are a pile of colors, and a couple of different ways to buy the set. There is the full set, then a less expensive set with just the dress version, and another set with just the lingerie. You can buy the set you love, or everything, it's nice when you have that option.

As always, with the new release comes a special edition, at a special price to get you excited. The white and red lingerie set is *so* cute, with frills you can wear, or pass on. For only 99L, you can't really pass it up, and there is also a flamboyant purple head dress available for 1L (not shown)
Lola Lingerie special offer - 99L

P.s. - Gloves not included ;x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pluto still got it

In recent days one of my favorite Jewelry stores has closed their group and joined one of the proliferating numbers of stores grouping together to better serve their clientel. Pluto+ is a new group consisting of the stores PERTURB/ation, >>Zacca<<, Clematis, Nonino and Miyazu. On top of that, they are all on the same sim, and right now as a sim/group opening event, each store has a gift out for Pluto+ group members.
PERTURB/ation choker - Pluto+ group gift
Zacca small house - Pluto+ group gift
Silent Sparrow 'Gutter Glitter' half top (sanguine) - picks reward

Also, the lovely Hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow put out a new picks reward gift, a four pack of cute little tops. You'll find them sitting next to the lucky bird at her store. You'll find a new dress in the bird, but remember, you have to be a Silent Sparrow group member to claim the lucky bird prizes.