Sunday, February 28, 2010

She's somethin' strange

In about 20 minutes, the beginning of the Twisted Hunt's first birthday will begin with a new hunt, that I've been mentioning all weekend. Before the main event starts I thought I'd show you a few more goodies hiding among the tricks and treats That go along with this event. There are 104 stops, and will run through the month.

Don't forget to check out the Twisted Hunt specials many stores will be carrying, from discounts on certain items, to extra goodies hiding in the store for you to find. I know there are some awesome extras hiding at Del May's.

There is a reason Twisted Events won our reader's poll this year, and with the quality and creativity of so many of the gifts to be found, it's no wonder why. So gear up, and get to steppin', the most twisted and difficult hunt on the grid is about to start, and be prepared to find that Lament configuration is some unexpected places. You'll want to start HERE.

A Blog Post Written From Behind My Cat

As he cleans himself in front of my screen. x:
It's probably worthwhile mentioning we got new Internet a few weeks back and it's rather awful. So to compound with my general lagginess, I have occasional disconnections. x: All in all, trying to take professional, quality photographs is not so fun. :/ And for some reason entirely meant to cover-up my procrastination, I haven't organised a pose stand like I've been meaning to do for months. x: But I managed to snag a shot of something for you.

There's a retirement sale at Pididdle, up the stairs between the two red barriers. Everything is 35L-100L, I think, including the Insectivore Lien skins. I'm not sure when the sale ends and I think everything in it will be removed from the store afterwards.
The skin is an opening gift at the new Obscene store. There's also a preview skin in the Beta stages in the group archives. The group has a 100L join fee. I'd have given you close ups but SL refused to rez my clothing changes and crashed me and I lost patience and gave up. :3 I think there'll be previews on other blogs, I'm not always the most updated when it comes to blogs, I just wanted to post something. x:

Top - Pididdle - 50L - Retirement Sale
Skin - The Obscene - Opening Gift


The begin of the 2nd annual Twisted hunt is only hours away, and with finally a free second, I'll drop another teaser on you. The Secret Shelf isn't a store I'd normally cover. Opening up their gift tho, I really can't say anything bad about the store. It's a generous gift, and although I'm only showing you part of it for now, it's well made, and I am absolutely in love with this outfit.The detail and craft put into the outfit, is fantastic. The thing I like about it most is that while the store is primarily a destination for historical/gor slave RP, this outfit isn't. When I see this, I see wire fu warrior goddess of the bamboo forest, but it could just as easily fit in to any of your dirty little roleplays you feel the need to play.

So, Twisted: Strange Brew starts tonight at midnight my sweets. Keep an eye here, as I'll be dropping more teasers throughout the day!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Momentary Mental Vacation

Oh, you must have read my mind...

Dress - fri. - Spring.Bloom Dress (Heather) - $200L
Hair - fri. - Summer - Sensitive Black - $250L (Color Pack)

As my city digs out from record-setting snowfall, has released a brand new dress called Spring and a brand new hair called Summer. Seriously, it could not be better timing. I so desperately need to immerse myself into some beautiful tropical beachy paradise fantasy. And these new pieces really help ;D

The dress even converts into a perfect little one-piece bathing suit, simply by detaching the sculpted skirt. So, you're really getting two wonderfully made outfits in one. Such thoughtful design. LOVE!

Dress - fri. - Sweet.Heart Dress (Amethyst) - $200L
Hair - fri. - Miley - Paranoid Black - $250L (Color Pack)

Unfortunately, I've been buried in work leading up to next week's Accessory Fair (yes, there will be coverage, sweet minions ;D), so I'm totally late showing you the previous release from You've seen it a 100 times by now and probably have it in three colors already, but I don't care, cause it's just too pretty not to take pictures of :P It comes in such vibrant colors, too. This Amethyst is just so rich, it really does feel like a jewel.

And, like the Spring.Bloom Dress, the Sweet.Heart converts to a perfect full coverage bathing suit. Only this one has a plunging back that manages to be a little sexy, while also being totally modest at the same time. Don't ask me how they pulled it off. All I know is that the further I drift into this gorgeously perfect blue pixel water, the further away those snow blowers outside seem to be...

Friday, February 26, 2010

something is brewing

Sorry about the silence the past few days, a bunch of busy girls, and not enough time unfortunately. But I was able to find a few seconds to get this together. In the next few days what is becoming a yearly tradition will be terrorizing the grid once again. That's right Twisted events is about to celebrate it's first birthday and to celebrate, well what else? A hunt. I'll be dropping sneak peaks of prizes all weekend, starting today with the .:Nocturna:. swank chair. It has a pile of poses, and a sickly green hue that totally works with this hunt's theme of 'strange brew' I'll be getting more up as it arrives in my inventory, so keep checking back, this is gonna be mad.
.:Nocturna:. 'strange brew' swank chair - Twisted hunt prize
SMS Feather skirt (burgandy/grey) - 50L friday item

Friday, February 19, 2010

antique sweet

I mean to get this up last night, but people were being demanding of attention every time I got a minute to try and take pictures. Priorities, you know. So here we are finally. The Dollhouse at LVS & Co. is switching over to a new subscriber system and if you make the switch there is a lovely new dress to be claimed. She always gives away her prettiest dresses, and that makes me such a happy. So hop on the subscribo at The Dollhouse, and be ready for pink swishy happiness. Also make sure to check out the new sim redesign, cause it's gorgeous, and a vast improvement over the previous layout.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had meant to get this up yesterday, but received a call in to work, so sorry about that. This week's new release from +++Blue Blood+++ is Delia. A frilly but sassy pant set, with a high waist and collar to give you that intimidating yet dignified look for important goth girl business. As always it comes in a range of colors, including the whites, which I am still in love with(I've just been in a black and red mood lately xd).

Monday, February 15, 2010

With a Step to the Left & a Flick to the Right

Uh-oh - it's another one of *those* posts again! Mountains of goodies today! Let's run through them real quick, so you can get out there and get them before they're gone!

Outfit - -Glam Affair- ZORY Black/Red (Glam Affair Hunt)

Bangles - -Glam Affair- Studded Bangles in Red (Glam Affair Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Sunkissed (Group Gift)


Top - oyakin*henkei-knit hunt-green (RP Hunt)

Headpiece - Atleier AM - Mulan light pink glow (RP Hunt)

Bracelet - alamood - Chinese Luck Bracelet (RP Hunt)

Skin - *Leafy* Miso - Lumiel - Golden (RP Hunt)


Lingerie - - Glam Affair - Ramonna Valentine Gift (Glam Affair Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Cameo (Group Gift)

Ok, let's start with all the Group Gifts, cause there were loads of those this weekend. Cupcakes oh so generously showered their in-world group with a big bag of skins - 5 luscious skin tones, with freckle options! Surf Couture is preemptively celebrating spring with her new red wedge heels (pictured below). Meriken even got in on the gift giving madness with a pair of unisex black jeans (bottom picture). Find it in the bag of rice, on top of the pile next to the desk, at the mainstore.

Dress - aurora shop slip dress (RP Hunt)

Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedges (Group Gift)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Nutmeg (Group Gift)


Outfit - [Whippet&Buck] Lesley Playsuit (RP Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Copper (Group Gift)


Dress - !Ohmai: Lantern Dress (RP Hunt)

Have you caught up on all the Valentine's hunts? Cause I'm pretty sure you probably missed the mini-hunt at Glam Affair. Five not so small Cupid Hearts are not very well hidden in the Lover's Loft apartment above the shop. It's a quickie, but the gifts are totally generous! Two outfits, lingerie, a skin & bracelets. Wow! Not sure how long this will be available, so run now!

Top - tomoto, blouse chinoise rouge (RP Hunt)

Pants - Meriken Co. "OFFLINE" Valentino (Store Gift)

Shoes - Duboo*Supermarket Shoes - Red (RP Hunt)

Headpiece - Atelier AM - Chinise headpiece *red (RP Hunt)

Purse - +mocha+ - Shoulder Pochette [Limited Red] (RP Hunt)


Top - This is a Fawn - Happy Panda Tee (RP Hunt)

Pants - "NINIKO"Kung fu Pants (RP Hunt)

Shoes - Beetlebones - Kung Fu Slippers (RP Hunt)


Top - *ARAI* Asian Shirt_red (RP Hunt)

Shorts - Pig - Laughing Kitten Shorts (RP Hunt)

Shoes - Lark - China Doll Flats (RP Hunt)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Red Packet Hunt started yesterday. The shop list for this mini grid-wide is pretty damn outrageous, and the gifts are beyond cute! Rather than link you to each shop, I'll just encourage you to do the full hunt. It's short, sweet and not too hard. Plus the gifts are really worth the effort. I'm finding it hard to delete any of it, quite honestly, and that's kind of insane for a hunt! This is your starting point. You're looking for little red envelopes, some shops will even have more than just one! :O


In what is probably her best release yet Hawke Mai of Arsenic Lace released Ava yesterday, a gorgeous lolita dress that had a lot of hard work and a pile of details that show how much she's grown as a creator since she opened her shop. I'm in love with the button panels on the front, and the jacket details in the back, and the skirt, and you should really just grab this dress, it comes in a pile of colors, so you're sure to find the one perfect for you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

mon amour de mort

If you're looking for something sweet and romantic for this holiday, The Black Canary has got you covered. Amorous is a new dress set released yesterday, and in true fashion summons up visions of Paris in the spring, heading to the cafe and munching on baguette with your love as you idle the day away.

That gorgeous background is another new release, as a matter of fact it's a new fantastic sky box from Tweedle, especially for today. A lovely Valentine's gift for you, this gorgeous sky box is absolutely free. For how long though, I really can't tell you, so I'd suggest grabbing it ASAP.

Already There

New year, new beginnings, new goodies!

Sweater - fri. - Comfy.Cardi (Charcoal) - $180L
Top - Vanitas Vesture - Autumn Soft Tank - Love Guts - FREE (Starlust VD Hunt)

Jeans - fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Black) - $180L

Hair - fri. - Marie - Cynical Black - $250L (Color Pack)

Gung hei fat choi, kittens! It's the Chinese new year - year of the Metal Tiger. Rawr! According to astrologists, it's supposed to be a tumultuous time. But Tigers can be good luck for the ones they love, and they are catalysts for change. So, hang on tight, cause whatever happens, it's going to be interesting! ;)

Top - Pig - Ambrosia for VD - FREE (Starlust VD Hunt)
Jeans - fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) - $180L

Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture - Snazzy Ruffle Flats (Past Group Gift)

Hair - fri. - Carrie - Sensitive Black - $250L (Color Pack) has some fabulous new stuff this week. I can't stop myself with their new releases. Bless them for making great hair that fits my melon head, jeans that rival the best in SL, and a sweater that I would tackle a bitch in a department store for... Make that in RL for me, please!

I've paired the new stuff with a couple of my favorite gifts in the Starlust Valentine's Day Hunt. (Grab your hunt HUD here to get all the gifts.) There's a glimpse of the delicate cap sleeve top from Vanitas Vesture. It might be one of my favorite items from this shop yet. And in the bottom picture, the top is part of the Ambrosia lingerie set from Pig. That deep red color is just pitch perfect.

Happy hunting and shopping in the new year! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010


This evening one of my newer favorite jewelry stores R.A. Crystal released a new gift in store to memorialize their reopening. A beautiful jewelry set with three different versions of the necklace, and some fantastic earrings. 'Sweeny' is available for free, and totally worth picking up, I ran as soon as I saw it.

I'd Rather Be with You

Get gussied up on the cheap this Valentine's!

Dress - *DNR* Candy Gown Set in Red - $50L
Hair - ETD Anisa - Ebony - $150L (Color Pack)

Nicky Ree has a few bargains that are just too good to pass up. Until the 14th, you can grab 2 colors of the Candy Gown for just $50L each. There is the red, pictured above, and a sweet candy-colored pink.

Dress - *NR* Gift Satin Shine Pink - FREE
Hair - ETD Gentle - Black (No Longer Available)

Speaking of pink, there's this gorgeous satin pink dress for FREE, near the front of the shop. Find it, along with another version in pale green, in boxes on the floor. All the other colors are only $100L, each - a steal!

Dress - *DNR* Satin Shine Glitter Gown Silver - $150L
Hair - ETD Bonita II - Ebony - $20L (Color Pack)

And, if you're sick of the red and pink that seem to saturate this holiday, you can pick up this silver glitter gown for just $150L. The other color options are deep rich and sumptuous, so you've got loads of options to get fancy for your VD date this weekend.

All of the hair in this post is from ETD - a SL staple for great hair. It breaks my heart that this shop hasn't been updated in what feels like forever. But what's still available, stands the test of time. And it's hard to find a better shop for fancy up-dos, most of which are dirt cheap!

So in Love

Two new super generous Group Gifts out today!

Dress - -AZUL- GroupGift1002#1 - FREE (Group Gift)

Join the AZUL in-world group and port down to click the vendor, to claim the gift.

Dress - SYSY's Papillon-valentines - FREE (SoM Group Gift)

Join the SYSY's Subscribe-o-Matic Group and find this gift in past notices.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Friday, February 5, 2010

o ^.^ O *pow*

Among the stores going through a re-branding recently, Domestic-V is a new one to the re-branding fray, with a new name, 'Smash Face' and a new line of skins being released today. Mairead has been working hard on the line, with freckles and no freckle options, and a bevvy of gorgeous makeups.

Starting today Mairead will be releasing one makeup a day from the line, for the next 15 days. Each set comes with two skin tones, blonde and dark eyebrow options, and freckles if you so choose. Not to mention those gorgeous lippies, how can you resist? Especially the Hott Flirt, those lips just go POW.

Today's skin release is Gizmo, a gorgeous pink lip, and that slight spacing of the lips that is becoming so popular lately. A ridiculously sexy skin, with eight pieces to help you get the look you want, for only 950L. Eyelashes worn are from Deviant Kitties, and with these skins, only add to the Va-va-vavoom. Smash Face awaits.

Transmit the Message, to the Receiver

Better late than pregnant!

Outfit - (Milk Motion) my 80' long playsuit *green* - $50L
Pose - [LAP] - 3/365 - $50L (Fatpack)

There's some cute stuff out this week for $50L Friday. The jumper from Milk Motion was too insane to pass up, as were the ripped up purple jeans from So Many Styles (pictured below).

Pants - {SMS} Skinny Jeans Purple - $50L
Shoes - *Kookie* Athena/ Silver - $50L

Pose - [LAP] - 1/365 - $50L (Fatpack)

But the real OMGICANTBELIEVEIT item of the week are the Athena ankle boots from Kookie. The normal hefty price tag has been slashed, so grab them while you can! The poses, of course, are from the Long Awkward Pose fatpack.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Triple Trouble

+++Blue Blood+++ has a new release, charming and flirty with a flippy skirt that you'll totally want to spin around in. Lots of accessories and a little bolero to complete the set, gives you endless options for wearing this darling dress. Whether you want a slouchy top or not, some fantastic gloves or if you want to go sleeveless, the choice is yours, and as always ridiculously affordable.
Nothing like a good old fashioned nightmare to wake you up at 4 am, and get some work done. You probably don't know that I have a pretty bad zombie issue. Not from movies, but I had a series of stress dreams a few years ago that kinda ruined zombies for me for life. So zombie dream = me up at 4 am working to try and push it out of my mind. Why I'm working in the dark is another issue entirely, but I'm half asleep and seem to be ignoring it pretty well so far. ANYWAY, pretties.

This is a new limited edition dress set from the Dollhouse at LVS & Co. I couldn't help myself when I saw it, and snatched it up, running off to take pictures. As opposed to a dolly key, the set comes with a drawstring, which is something you don't see too often, and kind of made me smile. This set will only be available through February 14th, so grab it while you can, and you really can't avoid it, as it's only 100L.

Now... to get back to sleep :\