Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Night For Horror Night

So some time in April my cache corrupted itself and I haven't been able to operate my usual photographic settings because it no longer saves preferences when you log out. x: I think you can achieve this bug by switching between viewers. You can fix it by uninstalling and doing a clean reinstall but I procrastinate so it took me a few months. :3
I think I'm finally over my MMO episode sort-of-somewhat so I should be around a lot more and hopefully posting a lot more. x: I don't know when or if anyone else is coming back, I'm going to wait around for a bit and see what happens. x:

Anyway, in news more useful to you. Today is the last day for the Horror Night sim and sale event. :3 If I have managed to write "Hoor Night" during this post, apologies, it appears to be an unfortunate typo I have developed. x:
Horror Night is a sort of Japanese school murder mystery. You teleport in, grab a HUD and look around the old, abandoned school for scraps of paper. When you pick up all the scraps, they are added to the HUD and when you have all the scraps you find the shrine and click on it.

The prizes are this cute uni-sex (yay, no boob shading x:) watermelon T-shirt and a rather awesome little bracelt. I thought the bracelet was just plain brown beads but if you click it, you get skulls. o:

The build is very nicely done. The scraps are easy to find, they are on the walls and floors (don't forget to check the pool) and there are poseballs you can interact with to create some scarey scenes. :3 It would make more sense to take photos there but studio conditions make lag easier to control. x:
If you enjoyed this sim you'll also enjoy the Bakumatsu Obakeyashiki build. :3 I think they are a related project.

While you're hunting the hallways, hiding in rooms and avoiding the ghosts you'll notice a few vendors out. I bought the Dimbula Rose (this URL takes you straight to the stall) skin because I thought it was cute and creepy and I think it's limtied edition and limited edition makes me panicky. x: It's also very nicely priced at 77L. :3

The skin also comes with matching eyes, which you can pick up beside the demo vendor for 1L. :3

And I think that's about it. You didn't read any of that. Yay words. :D I think I have to go save my "Social Sims" sim now... <.<

Skin // Dimbula Rose @ Horror Night (SLURL to stall) // 77L
Eyes // Dimbula Rose @ Horror Night (SLURL to stall) // 1L for 3
T-Shirt // Rude Rebel // Horror Night Hunt prize (SLURL to start)
Bracelet // Naminoke // Horror Night Hunt prize (SLURL to start)