Monday, April 19, 2010

This isn't Mr. Freeze.

Today marks the beginning of the 2010 RFL Fantasy Faire. With eight sims stuffed with all things magical and fantastic you're sure to find plenty to love, and plenty to spend on a worthy cause. One of my favorite designers on the grid just so happens to be taking part to boot.

Curious Kitties
is found on the Dark Realms sim, near the drop point, and there is a literal ton of product being shown through the fair. I thought I'd kick off my Fantasy Fair 2010 posts with my absolute favorite items that I've found at the fair. Which just so happen to be from Curious Kitties.

Let me introduce you to the Ice Queen Toketoke. Without a doubt the most fantastic avatar I've had the pleasure of wearing. This set comes with skin, shape, hair and eyes, as well as all of the prim icy bits. It is not cheap. So I won't try to convince you that it is, but it is also amazing, and that skin is about as gorgeous as it gets. This set is a definite splurge anyway to look at it, but I promise you this, you will not regret it.

This is one of the few times you'll actually see me blonde, but the hair is fantastic, and I can't get over the ice creeping into the eyes. Probably the best part for me was that the shape wasn't absolutely horrid. Especially in the face, it's just beautiful, especially with that skin. I seriously can't get over this avatar set.

But then there is the coat. That is a coat you do not fuck with. That is a coat in which you dominate just about everything. The name is appropriate in that sense. That is also a coat I will not take off for the next few months in all probability.

The Ice Queen set comes in four variations. This is the most human of them, and I'd say the most beautiful. They are all gorgeous though, and if you're really feeling crazy, you can get the fat pack for 10K. I'll stick with 3k for Toketoke and call it a day tho. Because she is so pretty, and totally worth it. Damn, now the guys are right when they call me an Ice Queen :x

I'll have a lot more Curious Kitties for you tomorrow, as well as others through out the week. So stay tuned :3

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey babes,

The blog is going to be quiet for the next few days. Narita has been ill, and is still recuperating, and I'm getting ready to move back to Seattle. So we've both got a lot on our plates right now, and I will be back in the next few days. I'll be posting fantasy faire posts starting tomorrow, but won't really be present until Wednesday more than likely. The plot line, posts and other things will be resuming, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, and send happy healing thoughts to Narita, cause we all love her so much <3

<3 Wrenja

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Imma' Faint

A ton of new + a Belleza Group Gift... I can die happy now!

Dress - fri. - Reverie.Dress (Leaf)
Leggings - fri. - Cutoff.Stockings (Yellow)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Black)

Skin - -Belleza- Elle BR Med HB (cleavage) Group Gift

Hair - fri. - Dylan - Sensitive Black

Pose -
PF10 - F - SiA

Fresh off last week's big accessories release, dropped a whopping 6 brand new items today! There's the mini dress (above) that comes with a full version of just the blouse, plus 2 versions of the sculpted tie - tucked (shown) & untucked. Also in the top picture, you can see the new cutoff leggings. The full length, opaque tights are worn in the picture below, along with the hot new sculpted jacket and mini skirt. Worn under the jacket is the new tank top, that has a low slung back, and comes with an optional baggy, loose-fit stomach prim. I am sincerely adoring all of the new releases. Classic cuts, timeless pieces, fun colors and perfect quality - me likey!

Jacket - fri. - Tourist.Jacket (Black)
Top - fri. - Traveler's.Tank (Pink)

Skirt - fri. - Vacation.Mini (White)

Leggings - fri. - Opaque.Stockings (White)

Shoes - fri. - Journey.Boots (Black)

Bag - fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (Black)

Pose -
PF10 - F - don't freak out!

The skin worn in both pictures is one of the skin tones from the new Group Gift skin from Belleza. My jaw dropped when the notice came through. And then it hit the floor when I saw the skin itself. It's gorgeous!! Far and away my favorite Belleza skin - soft makeup, delicate details... It's masterful work. Join the in-world group ($250L Join fee & worth it!) to get the fatpack of all skin tones, with optional hairbase and cleavage versions for each.

The poses in today's post are from the official Pose Fair exclusive set. For $500L you can get a fatpack of 35 poses, each by a different Pose Fair creator. It's a collection unlike any other, and it is available only at the Pose Fair. 100% of proceeds go directly to charity.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye Retrology

It breaks my heart that Retrology is closing. :(

Dress - /artilleri/ zesty zebra dress - $200L
Skin - *YS&YS* Andrea April Skin - FREE (Group Gift)

Hair - [LeLutka]-ISHA hair - Burnt - FREE (Group Gift)

The sim where I went on my first hunt (Easter 2008), bought my first Lindens, and fell in love with SL fashion... It will all go poof after this Monday, April 12th. The only way I could think to pay my respects was to share some of my favorite things that I bought there over the years.

Dress - Thimbles - Sssssnake Dress - Sea Serpent Blue - $25L
Hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: Candy For Marly Hat - $25L

Pose - ..::DARE::.. Ssshape - $50L (Pose Fair)

The dress in the first picture is from Artilleri and it's still a stunner of a piece. I mean, really - skintight strapless, zebra print dress - that's just foreverhot. The dress in the last picture, from Icing, is its polar opposite. While, it too is a classic design, it is instead all sweet and innocent.

The dress in the center picture is from Thimbles and it's the very first dress I ever bought in SL. The hat is from Split Pea and it's just so fun to wear. You can get both pieces, along with everything else in both Thimbles and Split Pea for just $25L - only at Retrology - until the sim closes. Good time to stock up!! :D

Dress - *ICING* Maid of Honor - Celadon - $250L
Shoes - ETD Shoes: d'Orsay Stiletto (Black) - $1L

Pose - flowey. tattooed lovers (Pose Fair) - $40L

The skin in the first picture is another look at the YS&YS Group Gift skin that I showed you the other day. Here you get a glimpse of the hair base that is included. The hat hair is a recent Group Gift from Lelutka that is still in notices. You get an entire fatpack of hair color options. The shoes in the last picture are an old favorite that I've mentioned before, from ETD's Discount Room. In case you missed them, all colors are just $1L. And, finally, all of poses featured in today's post can be found at the Pose Fair. The one from Dare comes at an extra super crazy bargain, if you get the fatpack. ;D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does "Excellent" Still Sound Like A 1990's Film Reference?

I guess I'm kind of lucky Wren was kidnapped because my post is dedicated to dasies and the colour yellow. x: Also the adjectives "amazing" and "awesome" because I need to read more books...
Paradisis was a much loved store of mine a long time ago. They sort of dissapeared and I admittidly forgot about them until Wren made a post a few months back. So fortunately they're back and they've had some awesome new releases in the past few months.
For the next few days they have a spring/Easter hunt on in collabiration with a few other stores on the sim. You can find hints on the Paradisis blog.

The top, jeans, bracelet, choker, dress and anklet are all on the hunt. Along with a mouth daisy I forgot about because it replaced my antlers and a second, shorter top I would have blogged if SL hadn't eaten it after I'd gotten into my photography session. x.x
No pics of the other stores invovled but I definitely recommend picking up Lou Lou and Co's eggs for some pretty jewellery.

The Micky-Mouse-boy print (I really don't know what it is x: ) on Ricielli's latest group sim gift is above faun understanding but this skirt is high-waisted, which is a pretty awesome thing for skirts to be. The belt and skirt top also fit me perfectly, which makes me happy and also kind of suprised. If you're not so into skirts or the amazing colour yellow, the belt can be used in other outfits. :3

Kind of an interesting point for clothing makers making highwaisted and corseted clothing, I noticed that the texture leaked onto the arms. I didn't notice it when fully rezzed but when things are still loading you'll see a yellow colour under your arms. The clothing is no mod but I think it's fixable by allowing the clothing to have modify permissions or making sure the sliders are correct before making it no mod.

Skin - Vive9 - Group Notices (150L to join)
Dress, Top, Jeans, Daisy Accessories - Paradisis - Easter/Spring Hunt
Bra Top - L. Fauna - Starlust Egg Hunt
Skirt - Ricielli - Freebie (The notice said members but it has a regular buy option, this may change in future but it's good to make a group space for them as there's that pretty black dress in the notices. If I was more organised this post would contain fewer references to unpictured items. <.< )
Poses - Piddidle - Freebie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sn@tchin' Up the Goodies

There are a few shops where chair stalking can really pay off with some fabulous loot - Sn@tch is one of them! :D

Outfit - Sn@tch Totally Clueless - FREE (Lucky Chair Prize)

As always, the chairs are filled with loads of great pieces, from accessories and shoes to dresses and separates. Everything is good quality and super generous, most of items given are FatPacks. The chairs are set to just 5 minutes each and loaded up with Wildcards, so you never have to wait very long before you get a win. They're like loose slots at a casino.

*Face Palm* Oh god. I'm talking about "loose slots" at a place called "Sn@tch".... Lemme stop right there and just tell you to go stalk the chairs. You'll win something and you're going to love it. And, if you're anything like me, you'll probably walk out with a few purchases before you're done, cause it's a perfect place for cam-shopping.

Outfit - Sn@tch (Precious) - $45L (Riot Vendor)

If you're on a budget, you'll want to port in a dozen of your closest friends to help you grab the latest Riot Vendor item at an insanely low price. It was such a frenzy there the other night, I can't remember if it got down to $45 or 43L. All I know is that the set is worth a hell of a lot more than that. You get 3 pairs of denim shorts and 5 halter tops! This is one of those crazyface bargains you would be stupid to miss.

Dress - Sn@tch Camo Lolli - Silver - FREE (Lucky Chair Prize)

Skin - *YS&YS* Andrea April Skin - FREE (Group Gift)
Poses - EverGlow

The skin used in all of the pictures today is the latest Group Gift from YS & YS. I really like it. The make up is so pretty and the skin tone is softly sunkissed. The gift comes with 2 skins - one with cleavage (shown, though my big hair is covering it) and one without. Join the in-world group and click on the board in the back of the mainstore. The poses are all from the latest releases from EverGlow. You can grab these now down at the Pose Fair.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Living on the Edge

How many hunts are going on right now??

Dress - Ducknipple - Peel Pink - FREE (JFTG Hunt Gift)
Tights - Viva La Glam - Dark Tone - Solid Tintable Lycra Tights (not available)

Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - Fall v1.7 - FREE (JFTG Hunt Gift)

Pose - (pda) is dead on the floor. FIVE (Pose Fair Only)

I can't keep up with all of the gridwide hunts anymore. Every time I try to follow one, I find out that there are at least 3 more going on at the same time. And forget about trying to sort it all... O.O Anyway, while out on one hunt this weekend, I discovered another - the Just for the Girls Hunt. I haven't been able to tackle it all yet, but I did find a couple of things that I think you should run out and grab right now.

Ducknipple has this cute and sexy little, purple leopard print mini dress. It's super short, but still modest enough to not be skanky. I paired it with an old pair of tights from Viva La Glam. This set is no longer available, but the shop has new ones for dirt cheap. The shoes are also from the JFTG Hunt. You can find them at Kalnins and they are absolutely mandatory! They are scripted to color change on all the different parts, so the possible combinations are endless. The pose is another new one from Penny Dreadful Arcade. You can only get it at the Pose Fair! Don't miss your chance to get all of these goodies! :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Have you done the Cupcakes Easter Egg Hunt yet?

Dress - *Cupcakes - Spring Corset Dress - Easter - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Pink) - $200L

Belt - fri. - Lucid.Belt (Emerald) - $80L

Bag - fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (Cobalt) - $180L

Skin - !Imabee: Light - Vivian - Vivian Loves Grass - FREE (Group Gift)

Eyes - Poetic Colors - spring meadow - FREE (Store Gift)


Dress - *Cupcakes - Lacy Halter Dress - Pink - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Charcoal) - $200L

Bag - fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (Gray) - $180L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Embrace - Cameo - April - FREE (Hunt Gift)


Dress - *Cupcakes - Spring Corset Dress - Pink - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Belt - fri. - Lucid.Belt (Pearl) - $80L

Bag - fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (Pink)
- $180L
Skin - *Cupcakes - Genius II - Honey (Cleavage) - FREE (Hunt Gift)

If not, you're seriously missing out on a TON of great stuff! There are 30 little eggs from Cupcakes, plus at least another 15 more from the other shops on the sim, hidden all around the region. All of the Cupcakes eggs are FREE. There are 3 Fatpacks-worth of skins, lingerie, dresses and loads more goodies just waiting to be found. It's not the easiest hunt, but I've heard that you can buy a cheat sheet for it and spare yourself the hunter's headache. It is absolutely worth doing, and should not be missed!

Dress - *Cupcakes - Heart Tube Top Dress - Yellow - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Belt - fri. - Lucid.Belt (Cobalt) - $80L

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Cobalt) - $200L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Genius II - Tiramisu (Cleavage) - FREE (Hunt Gift)


Dress - *Cupcakes - Be Mine - Blue - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Plum) - $200L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Allure - Lace - Bunny - FREE (Hunt Gift)


Dress - *Cupcakes - Halter Rose Dress - Teal - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Black) - $200L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Genius II - Royale - FREE (Hunt Gift) has some great new releases this week! The girls have put out a fantastic collection of accessories. There are 2 new shoes, a belt and a handbag, all in rich sumptuous colors and textures. They're a wonderful way to add a little twist to a traditional outfit and update some older looks. I especially like the skinny belt, and the new heel-strap Dream.Booties might be my new favorite pump.

Dress - *Cupcakes - Ruffles Cutesy Dress - Easter - FREE (Hunt Gift)

Shoes - fri. - Journey.Boots (Chocolate) - $200L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Embrace - Sunkissed - April - FREE (Hunt Gift)


Dress - Mimikri - Julie olive - FREE (Group Gift)

Socks - Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Andes Mint - $1L (Starlust Hunt)

Shoes - fri. - Dream.Booties (Army) - $200L

Skin - L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Faberge] - FREE (Group Gift)


Dress - *Cupcakes - Turtleneck Dress - Gift 13 - FREE (Lucky Chair)

Bag - fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (Canary) - $180L

Skin - *Cupcakes - Lovespell - KUMERA - Gift 13 - FREE (Lucky Chair)

While Hunting around at Cupcakes, I scored the ensemble you see pictured on the right (above), in one of the Lucky Chairs. It's a full gift bag full of stuff - a Fatpack of skins, the dress, plus a shape and eyes (not pictured). The grid has been blessed with some very generous Group Gifts this holiday weekend. Mimikri sent out a special color of her newest outfit. L.Fauna sent her Subscriber group a Fatpack of her latest skin line. Imabee also has a bunch of Group Gift skins set out in the mainstore. Wear your group tag to claim them. Poetic Colors has a new set of eyes out at the mainstore - they are too gorgeous to miss.

Not to be left out of the Holiday Hunting fun, Starlust has one of the most fun, and certainly the easiest, hunt of the season. The sims of Starlust are covered in GIANT eggs, all of them around $10L or less (most just $1). The variety of prizes is pretty great - lots of clothes, accessories, toys and furniture. I found the fabulous socks from Pig down on the Gaylord sim. If you would like to scope out some more of the prizes from this hunt, check out the photoshoot I got to do with Apatia over on the Starlust Blog.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

City of Lag

The Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt started today!

Dress - Zaara : Larin Skirt & Mishti tank set - FREE (MUBH)

Pose - (pda) is dead on its feet. THREE
(Pose Fair)

Dress - MALT MUBH Dress -
Pose - (pda) is dead on its feet. NINE
(Pose Fair)

Dress - ::HH:: Hucci Mixed Up Bunneh Gift -
Pose - estetica: I don't think so
(Pose Fair)

There are more than 45 little eggs hidden all around 6 different sims, and some of the best shops in SL are getting in on the gift giving fun! :D When you find an egg, you'll receive a folder in your inventory with a key egg that you wear and a LM to the participating shop. TP to the store, wear the egg and click on a corresponding Easter basket to receive the gifts. It took my slowass an embarrassingly long time to figure that out XD These eggs are pretty well hidden. I could only find about half of them, but omg the gifts are awesome! :O Definitely add this hunt to your to-do list. Start HERE and click on one of the hunt boards to get an info card with LMs to all of the sims.

Dress - (Elate!) Joy Easter Pink -
Pose - City of Dis - Devious Dolly 1
(Pose Fair)

Dress - Prelude - Breeze Blue -
Leggings - !O: Easter Bunny Leggings [LILACMEADOWS] - FREE (MUBH)
Pose - (pda) is dead on its feet. ONE
(Pose Fair)

Dress - (Elate!) Joy Easter Yellow -
Pose - estetica: Rawhh! Face Fit (Pose Fair)


Skin - []::Tuli::[] Eva :: gem (tone 4/br) - FREE (Group Gift)

Hair - fri. - Amelia.2 - Sensitive Black

Shoes - .:Periquita Stilettos

The Pose Fair starts in T-minus 5 seconds and the much-deserved hype for this event ensures some major lagitude for opening weekend. But the event heralds not just the temporary return of everyone's beloved Penny Dreadful Arcade, but the debut of 2 new shops that just happen to be run by some very fabulous ladies! ;D Estetica is brought to you by the infamous Dork Street army and City of Dis is by none other than our very own Wrenja! :D Omg, I can already hear you screaming to get to the fair. Run, minions!


Good Morning my pretties, with the Bacchanal well under way, I should probably show you some more of the beautiful lovelies available for you to claim. I mean, with prices starting at 13L, you really would be stupid it skip it and you have to be fast, as the Bacchanal is never around for long. So seriously, go now, before you really do feel stupid for missing it.

This whole 'having a blog' thing is actually kind of fun. I'm starting to see the appeal. It's fun to play attention whore :D lookitmelookitmelookitmeeeeeeeee~ I decided to try on a different skin, the new Iris skin from Tacky Star, which I love, but it's not... really.... me.

Silent Sparrow delighted me with her new batty releases. I love batties, I'd like you to met Batsworth Battinger, he's my best friend. He completely approves of Silent Sparrow's contribution to the Bacchanal, and thinks you should get over there post haste. Before it ends... which is very, very soon. Like, tomorrow even.

The Black Canary is so formal, but this Lion tamer set is fantastic! Mister Battinger approves of this as well, I'm quite fond of the whip on my hip as well hehe that rhymed. I like rhyming. The megaphone is part of a pose pack available at the fair as well. I ALSO LIKE YELLING INTO MEGAPHONES WEEEEEEE!

What? You really want to see Wren? Oh fine. Here she is, very drugged up, and in Sn@tch's 'In the ring' corset dress. And matching skin, that comes with the clown nose I'm wearing above. I even cleaned her up for you so you can see the skin well. That won't last though heeeee~ I'll be honest though, this dolly is starting to bore me. I might need to find a new one... maybe the feeds can help~