Monday, October 31, 2011

And A Petrichor Revisit

I did have a post pre-written in Word but my computer went crazy and ate it. x:
I really wanted to blog the Dura/Lantern Evoultion hunt but I don't think I have time. x: Basically grab all your mens and go find the pumpkins. It's a pretty easy hunt but as a hint: remember to check outside too.
This post is a lot of words and not enough pictures. :/

(If you crop your antlers too much, they will look like antennae.)
This is a quick revisit to Petrichor, who I blogged last month. I thought I'd change up the face because this one is pretty and it suits these skins better than Tricketts do. I think there are other hunt skins available but I forgot to check in before I went into photo-mode. x:
The eyes on the top line are from the R1C3 lucky board. They're shiney-pretty and they're actually melons. (x
The grey eyes are from Chuus. Once again, another store I blogged. Originally T&P they have rebranded to Chuus. The creator is very generous with her subscriber and there is a lucky board in store.
For some reason these gifts are lacking teeth and tongues. x: If I get the time/courage I'll drop the creator a NC incase she messed up a base because all her other skins have been fine. It's not something you will notice unless you use emotion HUDs or animate when voice chatting. x:

And finally, incase you were unaware, somehow...
All the hair in this and the last two posts is from Elikatira. Today is the last day for the 70% off sale. I love Elikatira not just because of her beautiful sculpts but also because she offers an essentials pack containging one or two tones of all the "natural" colours. You can buy this pack for 75L. I think the regular packs and shoes are 55L and fatpacks are 360L. I'm somewhat terrified she's going to relrelease everything in mesh but I bought a lot anyway. x:
If you're going to do this last minute my advise would be:
1. Buy demos from X-Street. (Although that has taken over an hour to deliver to me previusly.) Try on and select favourite ones.
2. Down-prim. Take off all the prims you can. No jewellery, clothing attachments, I even think this may call for shoes-ditching. Wear your shortest hair with as few flexis/alphas as possible or even just a tattoo base.
3. Turn on minimap.
4. Teleport and MOVE AWAY FROM THE LANDING ZONE. Doesn't matter which direction, just go. o: The minimap will help you manouver through the people. :3
5. If you end up outside the windows like a pretty little creep and can't rez the vendors (that's what I did :D), there are pose stands you can use to teleport into the store.
6. I recommend Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4. x: It hides all the avatars so the game won't try to load those. You can't however walk using it so toggle it again to move. x: Type it again to reactivate avatars. (If it doesn't do anything, make sure you have advanced/develop menus open first by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D.)
7. Buy hair and run. o:

And I think that's everything. Happy Hallowe'en. :D
Next week is "attampt something productive with a photoshopping programme" month, so you don't have to spend weeks camping for Lindens and can be some sort of creative asset to Second Life and not a mooch. x:


First Skin // Petrichor // Bootiful Disaster Hunt
Second Skin // Petrichor // The Unknown Hunt: One (1L)
Third Skin // Petrichor // Charm Potion Hunt
Melon Eyes // R1C3 // Lucky Board
Grey Eyes // Chuus // Subscriebr Gift
And don't forget last day of Elikatira sale. o:

The Return of CStar (also featuring Rue)

CStar Limited is another skin store that has reopened this month after closing earlier this year for redesign.
Both the skin and dress in this post are lucky chairs/boards and I think they will be removed / switched over in the next couple of days so apologies for being so late on this one. x:

CStar operates a unique system. As well as having a permanent line of skins available, they offer limtied quanities of new make-ups.
The latest skins are very different to the last line. I think the shading and the tones are very different and I assume the bases are new but I'm not a skin expert. x: I think this has made the skins a little less recognisable but a lot more universal. I'd never been able to get these skins to work too well with my shape but the newest releases is very flattering on it. :3
The dress is from the lucky board at Hello World. It comes with a big witche's hat but I have replaced it with another set of Rue's Hallowe'en hunt horns. :3

I've only managed to grab pale, natural and bronzed so far. x: This is pale and bronzed. All the skins in this chair are transfer as are the limited editions so you can gift and trade them if you have duplicates. :3 If you don't manage to win these skins but are really itnerested in them, I think they'll be available for purchase in November.
My personal method of lucky chairs is to hop between them, either alternating the chairs or just popping in while I'm TPing somewhere else. I guess they're like people, they don't like being stared at. x: If you're on a V2 version of Second Life, you will have a favourties folder. Drop the lucky chairs you want to visit into that folder and the stores will show on an additional tool bar at the top to make hopping between them easier. :3

Another post or two later but for now I need to get ready to have my blood taken, no vampires required. I think I'd prefer the vampires though. ):


Skins + Eyes // CStar Limited // Lucky Chair
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Dress // Hello World // Group Lucky Board

The Return of Frick (featuring Rue)

Apologies for not blogging.
Complaints about computer.
Apologies for being late.
Excuses about needing money.
Apologies for general blandness but I like to explain. |:
And that's about the jist of it. x:

I've got a few posts for today. I've decided to split them up because I think it makes things easier to read. Unfortunately they're all pretty much ending tomorrow. x:
I'm expecting my image sizes to be all over the place, I knocked the camera a few times. x:

First off: Frick has reopened. :D This was a store I blogged a long time ago. I wore Frick almost exclusively around then. I've worn a few other brands and randoms since but I always like how my avatar looks in those skins and prefer them for some of my signature looks.

These skins and the outfit are from the reopening-Hallowe'en hunt. There are seven pumpkins containing two styles of dress and five skins (in freckled and non-freckled) priced at 1L each. If you're looking for last minute creepy skins and tattoos, Frick has several. :3
Rue is also another store I blogged way back who has also recently re-opened. She is currently part of the hunt on the Ctrl Shift H sim and is offering numerous horns in this colour. She also has exclusive Hallowe'en colour packs for all her horns at her mainstore for 75L each.
The horns are mod, which is why I'm missing the alpha layers on my hair in the second picture. x:

This was a quick shot to show you the set of freebie skins she has out too. I think the cocoa tone could probably benefit from recolouring however. x: I think the tone is a little too orange and the shading is a little bit green looking.
The eyes featured are a from The Sugar Garden's subscriber.


Skins // Frick // 1L Hunt / Freebies
Outfit // Frick // 1 L Hunt
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Eyes// The Sugar Garden // Subscriebr Gift