Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Break My Heart

OMG it's almost Valentine's Day!

Dress - deviant girls - bonbon dress - FREE (CHH)

Box - Agent Orange - V-Day Breakup Box (wear) - $100L

Eyes/Tears - ::UH::SitsuRen(pink) - FREE (CHH)

Well, the Cupid Heart Hunt has got the Valentine's holiday spirit off to a fabulous start! 27 amazing shops, all with super generous gifts - some with more than just one! And omg the cuteness! There's everything from dresses to houseplants, as well as lots of stuff for guys! Plus, it's really pretty challenging. I managed it in a couple of hours, but still haven't found everything. So grab a few friends, or make friends along the way. Heck, it is Valentine's afterall... ;) The starting point is HERE, and you follow along just like a traditional gridwide. You've got till the 14th to find them all!

Dress - *MIU* coco (platinum) - FREE (CHH)

Shoes - R2 "Hokulea" Blue - FREE (CHH)

Bag - [Pacadi] - Yfke Bag [midnight] - FREE (SoM Group Gift)

Eyes - ::UH::KOi(blue) - FREE (CHH)


Outfit - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight Dress - FREE (CHH)

Shoes - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - FREE (CHH)

Jewelry - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - Necklace & Bracelet - FREE (CHH)

Bow - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - Ribbon - FREE (CHH)

Glasses - NALA-*Heart* - FREE (CHH)

Letter - .+*AA*+. Love Letter - FREE (CHH)


Jacket - FurFur_jacket(love)**nikukyu**(MNK*SHOP) - FREE (CHH)

Skirt - oyakin*fril-miniskirt(used*flower - FREE (CHH)

Chocolate - +SPICA+White Chocolate - FREE (CHH)

Okay, let's talk fashion, cause there's a buttload and a half in this post (and, I promise, it's not even scratching the surface of all that you'll find in the hunt)! The dress in the top picture is from Deviant Girls. The eyes are from Umedama Holic and they come with animated prim tears. The box is the latest release from Agent Orange, called the Breakup Box and it's way too clever.

The second picture has a shot of the MIU dress, the R2 shoes, the group gift handbag from Pacadi, the full ensemble from Mocha, the cropped jacket from MNK Shop & the skirt from Oyakin. You can even see one of the chocolates from Spica, one of the love letters from Atelier AM, and the glasses from NALA, that come with rosy prim cheeks.

Avatar - Niyari - cococara - FREE (CHH)

Last, but not least, is the avatar from Niyari. It's so freaking adorable, you can guarantee you'll be seeing your fair share of these around the grid before Valentine's is over. Is it wrong that I want to nom myself?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drowning in Deadlines

One more quickie before I collapse.

Dresses - {SMS} Summer Deco Dress - Blue & Pink - FREE
Shoes - Periquita - .:Bella Donna Poison #8 - $600L

Poses - Body Behavior - $5L each

So Many Styles has a new mainstore and to celebrate, there are brand new freebies! You can find these two dresses in the trunk by the entrance. The shoes are from Periquita and they are part of a collaboration with Donna Flora. The prim matching on the feet is a little tricky, but the jewel work is just gorgeous. Last but not least, the poses used here are from the discount section at Body Behavior. Go upstairs and to the room on the right. There you will find a ton of poses, all for crazy cheap: individuals for $5L, fatpacks for as low as $10L. Heck, you could buy out the entire room for just $110L! You probably should... ;)

Handle It

Ugh, I hate computer meltdowns. They make me miss important SL shopping time... :P

Clothing - Pig - Softies - Dandelion Puff & Dusty Plum - $125L (Stumblebum Exclusive)
Hair - fri. - Mandy.2 - Moody Brown, Scornful Red, Cynical Black - $250L/colorpack

Poses - - $45L each

At least the little compy and I survived enough to return in time for this weekend's Stumblebum Brigade! I just had to grab the latest release from Pig. Apatia needs to stop making things that make me jealous of my avatar. I swear it's kind of unfair how much I need this set in RL. The color set is exclusive to this weekend's sale and there are more layers than you'll ever know what to do with. It's crazy generous.

Tops - fri. - Draped.Back Sweater (Black, Navy, Emerald, Wine & Red) - $180L each
Hair - fri. - Mandy - Anxious Blond, Sensitive Black, Jealous Red, Timid Brown & Melancholy White - $250L/colorpack

Poses - - $45L each

My other new favorite thing is the new backless top from So cute - it's sexy and modest at the same time. Kind of mandatory for the old wardrobe. Plus it looks cute with or without all this sculpted prim attachments. And the new Mandy hair - adorable! You can get it with or without the scarf, but the scarf is scripted to color change and you get a ton of options. The shop has even released another fatpack of poses. I'm falling over from how much I love it all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The city is all wrapped up like an Electronic Cocoon.

This week at +++Blue Blood+++ Ghanima has almost gone star child with her newest release 'Hawke'. Fourteen pieces of sexy, (almost)cyber, Japanese gear, complete with Obi style waist. The set is extremely versatile and there are any number of ways you can wear this fantastic set.

I've been trying to find a way to feature these Tengu/Koma slippers from DXD for a *really* long time now. Finally, the opportunity presented itself with today's outfit. While Xene isn't really creating much anymore, you can still find her amazing ballet boots, and everything else available, including these gorgeous Tengu/Koma slippers on the Blokksberg sim. With just a click you can change the number of prongs, colors as well as textures. These are considered slave shoes, so if you're into that thing, they have the support you need.

Monday, January 25, 2010



Tops - Pig - Georgia Electric Blue & Rosepetal - FREE (Group Gift)
Skin - -Belleza- Alyson MED (cleavage) - FREE (Group Gift)

Hairs - fri. - Joanna & Joanna.2 - Sensitive Black - $250L Each color pack

Poses - fri. - fedora.poses

The two tops are the latest generous group gift from the Pig Subscriber. Hope you joined last week, cause these are super cute! The skin is just one from the fatpack of Belleza Alyson Group Gift skins. It's a soft neutral make-up with a ton of skin tone options. $250L to join the group, but totally worth it. And the group offers gifts for guys, as well as girls, so get your manlady alts to join too. The hairs are just two of the latest styles from That little fedora hat comes with more color and texture options than you'll ever know what to do with! The poses, too, come from They are part of the latest set, specifically made for fedora hats!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a Carnival

Recently, Tacky Star has seen the release of a new line of affordable skins, Pollie. Gorgeous doll skins, priced at 100L each, and lots of different versions for you to choose from, each style coming with three different mouth options. It just so happens that today is also Aura Falta's birthday (you know her, she's generally making threats against your life in L/H group chat, and owner of Tacky Star). That means, the whole store is 50% off. Including the new Pollie line of skins. Through today, unless she forgets and decides to be nice tomorrow.

Another big find is the Lollidoom line at Rotten Toe, it's recently been shoved down into the basement of the store, and repriced to only 15L a set. That's 90L for the full line of dresses, and there is no reason to NOT buy every last one of them as they are beautifully designed and totally fun. Six different dresses in a variety of colors, and ugh so yummy. The corsetry on the dresses is a big gigantic heart for me. Thanks for the tip Ms. Core.

I'm also still wearing the new Exile hair. I can't seem to take it off recently, it's prefect because it can be dressed up, down, left, right, and sideways. The color range packs provide you with plenty of options and are pretty affordable to boot.

So happy birthday Aura, way to get old ya' hooker <3 also go buy stuff from her, cause it's her birthday and shit.

Furious Form

No freebies from me today but new creator Felon Fhang of Furious Form dropped a blogger pack on me the other day. It's a new store so there's not too much out at the minute but it should be worth watching for new alternative stuff. :3 The store is located in two locations - Delusion Kingdom and Draconis. All clothing and accessories shown are from Furious Form with the exception of the necklace, which is an old freebie you can still find at 19.

Currently liking this picture a lot because I never get to look tough. <.<

Detail on the shoes and tattoos. I think the boots are full perm mods. I like the Gambler's Hands a lot, I've kind of been wanting some hand or extended sleeve tattoos. :3 There's also a taller option on the boots.

Full length baggy pants. They come in straight leg too. :3

I noticed a few naming issues (left/right stuff) but I'll send the creator a NC so hopefully they'll be fixed. :3 And admittedly I wore my alt's shape because she's taller and it meant no editing on the leg prims, woo. x:

Oh, and Google Chrome has spell check, it is great although it doesn't know how to spell bandana. x:

Clothes by Furious Form
Top - Snitches Get Stitches Tank
Shorts - Shadow Baggies Shorts
Pants - Shadow Baggies
Boots - Skull Crushers with Safety Pins/Razorblades
Wrist Bandanas - Wrist Bandanas (Clean)
Hand Tattoos - Gambler's Hands
Fingertape - Fingertapes - Anarchy

Necklace by 19

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party or Passion

Seldom Blue had another release yesterday, the new Evangeline line, in piles of gorgeous colors, but there is something so classic and edgy about the black that just excites me. A set with four skirts, white arm floofs and all. Twelve pieces included equal piles of possibilities to make the set your own. There is also the option to buy the long gown singularly.

Those of you on a tighter budget, there is a special edition gold set for 100L, with two skirts and beautiful. The long skirt is exclusive to this 100L set, and is fantastic, I love how gauzy and ethereal it is. That lovely feathered head dress is a singular linden, how can you say no to that. I love me some cheap theatrics.

whether you're feeling flirty, sexy or fun, you have options to achieve that look, and with Exile's new Amelia hair, you're sure to turn heads. I'm endlessly thrilled by Seldom Blue's work, I just want more latex :o..

P.S. another sneaky preview of the upcoming B. Bodenhall skin line coming out. Totally sexy lips right? Keep a look out for a full preview coming up soon as we get closer to the line release!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love (x) Love

It's another $50L Friday and another opportunity to do something amazing with your money! :D

Top - (5th&Oxford) Rebel, Rebel Halter - *RED* - $50L (Red Cross)
Skirt - Emery - Skirt Highwaisted HH - $50L
(Red Cross)
Shoes - ANEXX_2WayBeltLaceupBoots_Red - $290L
Hair - Maitreya Sasha - Bistre - $50L
(Red Cross)
Pose - (pda) Pangolin - $50L (Fatpack)

This week's designers are kicking a good load of ass. Not only are the items seriously generous and gorgeously well made, but many of them are donating all of the proceeds to the Red Cross International Fund! :D

Jacket - AOHARU_BT_TweedFeminineCoat_Red - $50L (Red Cross)
Pose - (pda) Hole - $50L (Fatpack) (Red Cross)

In addition to the generosity of the shops on the list, the donations up at the Red Cross Skybox continue to amaze. A third room (!!) has been added and it is quickly filling up with more and more ways for you to contribute to this incredible cause. Time is running out to donate in-world, so please don't hesitate another minute. Last I heard donations have topped $10,000 US. With this last generous push from designers, that will surely rise. I'm dying to see just how far this can go! :D

Dress - (Elate!) - Sam (Olive) - $50L
Shoes - MIEL HAI BOOTS - RED - $50L
(Red Cross)
Pose - (pda) Photo - $50L (Fatpack) (Red Cross)

Now that I've yammered on - yet again! - about those Red Cross donations, let's talk about where to get what. Top pic has the Maitreya hair that I showed you the other day, along with the halter from 5th & Oxford and denim mini skirt from Emery (available at the Skybox). The boots are from the 50% off sale at Aoharu, which is where I snagged the gorgeous jacket in the 2nd pic. You can grab the dress from the 3rd pic at Elate; the boots are the latest stunner from Miel. And all of the poses are from Penny Dreadful Arcade. Go donate right now! :O

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sexy Time?

Cupcakes has a pretty sweet sale going on, and a pile of new Valentine's goodies to be had. A couple of dollarbies, but I couldn't help myself with the new lingerie. Only 75L each enabling you to be sassy, sexy, or both.

The other night Mairead of Domestic-V/B. Bodenhall dropped a couple of new skins on me. I suppose I could be wrong, but I couldn't find them for sale in her shop. So until I'm otherwise notified, the skin is a special preview of her too be released Flirt line. There is a special preview of the series up in Domestic-V notices, not the skin I'm wearing, a more natural version, without those sexy red lips. So be on the look out for the release of these skins, cause they are gorgeous.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Pig's got a new store and a new group to go with it!

Sweater - Pig - Sing Sing - Precious - FREE (Group Gift)
Pose - {flowey} cold in the fire - $24L

Pig finally has a Subscriber group of it's very own! To celebrate, there was a group gift - the new Sing Sing cardigan in white. Ugh! I have so much love for this sweater it hurts. Another thing I have too much affection for is the sale going on right now at {flowey} poses. For the rest of the month everything is marked down 40%. Crazy cheap & so fun. Go stock up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything Is Good Tonight

I've got a ridiculous amount of great stuff for you today. It's like 10 different blog posts crammed into one, so hang on tight!

Top - Sea Hole - Camille Sculpty Crop Top : Colbalt - $165L
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross natural/DKBR - $250L (Red Cross item)

Hair - fri. - Nicole - Sensitive Black - $250L


Dress - [LeeZu!] Virage Flexi Dress /mauve - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - ANEXX_StuddedJewelHeels_Black - $390

Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross natural/DKBR/Cleavage - $250L
(Red Cross item)
Hair - fri. - Nicole.2 - Sensitive Black - $250L


Jacket - AOHARU_BT_FurCoat_G2_BlackFur - $195L

Shoes - R2 "Anela" Cherry - FREE (SAH Gift)

Bag - Indy&Co.: The Ireben Carry-all - FREE (SAH Gift)

Sunglasses - Kumaki - Goodworld 1.00 - FREE (SAH Gift)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Diamond - Nutmeg - Hungover - FREE (Group Gift)

Hair - Maitreya Sasha - Bistre - $50L
(Red Cross item)

Ok, first up, I finally got a chance to swing down to the Albero Winter Sweethearts Festival, where I picked up the blue top in the first pic above from The Sea Hole and the black top in the first pic below from Vena Cava. Both of them are adorable and totally affordable. While you're there, slap the Subscribe-o-Matic for Vena Cava - there's a free pose auto gift. Heaps more down at Albero - I need to go back as soon as I have some more lindens XD

I also got a chance to swing through part of the Shoes & Accessories Hunt this weekend. So much great stuff! :O You have no idea how hard I'm kicking myself for forgetting to return my application XD Oh well! There's some truly fabulous shops involved and the gifts are really generous. In the top pic, I got the Sunglasses from Kumaki, the bag from Indyra and the boots from R2. And in the bottom pic, I got the shoes from Nardcotix, sunglasses from Hoorenbeek and another pair of shoes from Kalnins that I didnt even realize are color/texture change, till I'd already uploaded these pics. I should also note that a huge portion of the gifts in this hunt are unisex and most stores are offering gifts for both guys & girls. Drag your friends along - it's a good one!

Oh, and speaking of things you should not be missing out on, the Aoharu sale... Do you really need to be told why you need to go? Honestly - 50% off everything, all of it great quality and worth far more! I grabbed the bedazzled prim-footed shoes in the top pic, along with the little fun fur jacket and the denim jacket in pic below. Go. Go now.

Left & Center:
Top - .vc. - Black Clavicle Blouse - $90L
Skirt - +mocha+ - Hopping Shower [Red] - $50L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - Nardcotix - Ashoka T-Strap Plaid Red - FREE (SAH Gift)

Jewelry - *tw. - have heart set *red cross* - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Hair - fri. - Victoria.2 - Cynical Black - $250L
Jacket - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenimJK_WithShirt/Black - $190L
Top - fri. - Help Thermal.Henley - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - SlipOns - FREE (SAH Gift)
Sunglasses - [ hoorenbeek ] Risky Glasses - FREE (SAH Gift)
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross tan/DKBR - $250L
(Red Cross item)
All Poses - - $45L each

If all that doesn't bust a hole in your wallet, how's about some new releases from Ugh - who can resist their hair?? Seriously - some of the best quality on the grid today. I've got 3 different styles in the pics above. And to top it off, all of the poses in the pics today are from They released 2 new fatpacks of poses that a pose junkie like myself cannot resist. Like everything else they do, the poses are classic, clean and just what you need.

Last but most certainly not least, I cannot tell you how floored I am by what's happening over at the Red Cross Skybox on Scribble. In just 5 days time, the skybox has doubled in size, as more and more designer donations crowd up and down the walls. There's new stuff being added daily! Check back regularly, cause you would not believe the diversity and quality of the items on offer. Every penny of which is going straight to the Red Cross. And, last I heard, the grand total raised so far is just about $2 million Linden dollars! That's roughly $8000 US. Could you just cry? Don't you just want to see that total rise?

Please run your pretty butt on over there right now and see all the new things you need to go pick up, like the Maitreya hair that's just $50L, the Leezu dress (only available at her mainstore) that will be priced at just $100L for a limited time, the striped top, the Mocha skirt and the Trolleywood angel wing jewelry set that's just too adorable for words. Or maybe you need to go grab some new and exclusive skins from both Rockberry and Cupcakes, just $250L each! It's everything you could ever want, all for cheap prices and all for an amazing cause! Go be generous! Let's see if we can top $10,000 US before the weekend! ;D

Mission sequence engage

Yesterday Ghanima at +++Blue Blood+++ released a new set, in a welcome break from her gorgeous dresses, she presents us with 'Sakito' a no nonsense, bad girl jacket set, complete with naughty girl skirt. I love that there are some drastically different ways you can wear it as well. There is no denying the presence of this set with it's strong epaulettes that make it clear, you are no one to be messed with, even if you're showing off your butt. Which is totally what is happening with that skirt *love*

New hair from Exile is Amelia, and gorgeous. I love how it's short and sassy, but totally gives you an air of authority. Finally, those adorable red wellies are from A-Bomb, who right now, is donating the proceeds from sales for all of the red items in the store. The wellies are color change, and not part of the promotion, but right now they are 50% off, and I think I'm in love with them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

You want to see me... as a noob? *cry*

So, there is a blogger challenge going on right now, courtesy Sophia Harlow. I'm kind of embarrassed to do it, cause I was a straight up mess as a noob. Well, not really. But it's still not all that pretty. I cacn't 'recreate' the look, beause, well. It's all been deleted, sans the skin and top. I was way too tall, way too skinny, and not curvy at all. Mmmm revel in that shiny hair. The skin I'm wearing is the first skin I ever bought and I worked SO hard to get it. It's 'Vanity' from Domestic-V, which Mair took off the floor shortly after I bought. Everything else pretty much is freebie dungeon whatever, except for the black part of the top, which was part of another Domestic-V set. I kind of worshipped that shop back in the day. Still do, as I love Mair to death for being so kind to me when I was new.

This is me as of last night at the Silent Sparrow 500 birds party. I'd say it's an improvement. Wouldn't you? Right now I'm just running around in underwear getting my CSR cards stamped, so, I don't think that'd be the best picture to show you. But yeah, I think just about all of us were busted as noobs, and it's alright. I'm just grateful I don't have a picture of that first outfit I put together after creating an account and getting off of noob island. That would have been scary.

Wings from atomic, corset and bra from silent sparrow, tattoos from Cyanide, headpiece from nomine, skirt from Moxie Polano and boots from J's. I whole bunch of yum all mixed up and looking lovely.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Over the past few days a huge effort has been undertaken to raise funds for the disaster in Haiti. There is a skybox up on the scribble sim with a huge variety of creators chipping in with items to donate the proceeds to charity. Tacky Star has probably one of the best deals available for your donating dollar. The set I am about to show you is set at a more than reasonable price of 200L, and is worth a whole pile more than that.

The 'Tacky Star Survival Kit' comes with five skins, two sets of eyes, and one of my favorite tattoo sets she has available. There are skins from the Lolligagger line included, and if you missed out on the Designers United III set, one of the skins from her Faded Star set is stuffed in there as well. The eyes included are 'Ice Cold' as well as 'Satin Button' and come in all of her regular sizes, so you're sure to find the size you need.

All of the underwear worn is from a new venture from Ghanima of +++Blue Blood+++ and Theodore of Zanzo, called Valmai. The store caters mostly to men, but many of the styles available are unisex, and oh so cute. Every pair is 90L, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Your mens need underwear, go get them some ;x

There are a pile of other things available in in the Haitian relief store, all manner of goodies to be had, so take a trip and help do some good. They broke the 600,000k L mark last night, so let's get that up to 1,200,000. I know you all can do it, and with the goodies available, you really should.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Empty Your Wallet & Love It!

This week your $50L can do a hell of a lot more than you ever imagined.

Jacket - {SMS} Another Vintage Jacket Red for Red Cross - $50L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Cream - Vamp - $500L
Pose - esme for (pda) Break In Case Of Anything - $100L (Fatpack)

Last night Barb posted a plurk asking people if they wanted to participate in a Red Cross fundraising event in SL. 24 hours and dozens of contributors later, more than $200,000L has been raised. To up the stakes even more, many of today's $50L Friday designers have pledged the proceeds from at least one of their items. In addition, there is an entire skybox filled with all kinds of exclusive goodies. And every single last little Linden dollar is going directly to the Red Cross! You have a chance to make your money do something really wonderful, so SHOP YOUR BALLS OFF!

Top - ~*RunoRuno*~ Wrap Tank - $50L
Hair - [Aden] Autumn (Black) - $50L
Jewelry - *Ticky Tacky* Save a Prayer Jewelry Set - Red - $260L
Pose - esme for (pda) All My Heroes Are Weirdos - $100L (Fatpack)

Let's get to the fashion! I'm totally digging the jacket in the top picture, from So Many Styles. It's really wonderfully crafted. You can purchase this right at the shop. The RunoRuno top in the 2nd picture can be found at the Red Cross skybox. Runo's fluid and organic shapes never cease to impress. It's a steal for $50L. For a bit more than that you can grab the special edition jewelry set I made for this event, from my shop *Ticky Tacky*. It's packed with options and it's pretty badass, so don't miss it! The hair is from the sale at the new Aden satellite shop at Starlust. All the hair is $50L, and this style features a tight little bun with a texture changing headscarf.

Top - *Fishy Strawberry* Wings Tee - Red - $50L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Cream - Xtrema - $500L
Hair - Clawtooth: Let's Get Married (Valentine) - $50L

Pose - [LAP] - Slex-Cute Charlotte - $50L (Fatpack)

Clawtooth by Clawtooth has been rocking my world a little too much lately and this flaming red flip 'do leaves me a little breathless. The fact that this is CBC's Red Cross item only makes me love it more. Find it at the shop. Fishy Strawberry's Red Cross item also kicks some major ass. This perfect red, 3/4-sleeve top has adorable angel wing decals on the back. This is available at the Red Cross skybox. The skins used in this post are from the ongoing sale at Dutch Touch. I've rhapsodized about these before. No clue when the sale might end, so get them while you can. The poses in this post come from Long Awkward Pose and Penny Dreadful Arcade. The PDA set can be found up in the Red Cross skybox, along with loads of other wonderful things you need to go buy right now! :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winners of the Love/Hate best of 2009 ballot!

Holy Crap! I can't believe all the time I spent tabulating your responses, but the votes are in, and we have winners! This has been a long year, and I recently spent time going through every post made on the blog this year (that's over 1000, my dears) and relived a lot. Making the announcement about my mothers sickness, watching stores come and go, looking at how our ranks have changed. It's been a rough one, and I'm kind of relieved it's over. But enough of that, let's get to the popularity contest, shall we?

According you *you* Love/Hate readers, these are your top choices for 2009.

Top Five Events of the year.

1. Twisted Events!
2. Skipping Stones Hunt (Tie)
2. 50L Fridays (tie)
3. The L/H Birthday Hunt on Sound of Silence (ya brown nosers<3)
4. The L/H grand Re-Opening (tie)
4. Relay For Life(tie)
4. Slice of Summer hunt (tie)
5. Designers United events (tie)
5. CSR (Tie)

The Best Freebies/gifts/etc of the year

1. Tuli skin gifts
2. +++Blue Blood+++'s menagerie of gifts
3. Violent Seduction's Gruff Dress
4. Curio's Christmas skin gift
5. Cupcake skin gifts

and finally, the moment we've all been waiting for...

The Top Ten Stores of the Year

1. Sn@tch
3. +++Blue Blood+++
4. Nomine
5. Violent Seduction
6. Katat0nik
7. Wretched Dollies
8. +DV8+
9. Grimm Bros.
10. RC Cluster

I dub thee 'Year of the Lolita' 2009, now get thee gone! Whose to say what this next year will bring. Wait what? Oh, you want to know who won the prizes? Right... okay fine.

Prize Winners

1. A fatpack of dresses from +++Blue Blood+++ - Blondday Freck
2. A 1000L gift card to Tacky Star - Kris Idlemind
3. A 500L gift card to Ticky Tacky - Karmelle Applewhyte
4. A 500L gift card to (((RIPE))) - titania tigerpaw

Store owners will be in touch with you so you may claim your prizes very soon, congratulations to the winners! I'll be posting my favorites and my blogger's favorites later tomorrow, and you don't agree with the winners? Well, I suppose you shold have sent your ballot in as opposed to having been a total and utter LAZY. Happy with yourself yeah? Don't make the same mistake next year ;D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just Because

Quick, before I collapse!

Left - !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Asymmetry Bodysuit - $1L
Center - *League* Matching Multi-Stripe Gloves & Skirt - FREE
Right - Pig - Long Island Deep Teal - FREE (I Heart the Starlust Gift)
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: ::CleO:: Cream - PUNk2 - $500L
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Aurora Eyes - FREE
Poses - Striking Poses (Various Prices)

Okay - first off, you've probably picked this up already, but in case you haven't, the assymetrical bodysuit is the new in-store gift from the new Ohmai shop on Starlust. It's only $1L and, as you can see, pretty darn versatile. I layered it here under the gift from League. The skirt and gloves set are available both through the Subscribe-o-Matic and in store, and it's an apology for missing out on $50L Friday this week. Not sure how long it will be available, so be sure to get it while you can. That bodysuit looks pretty slammin' with the latest gift from Pig, too. You can find this in the I Heart the Starlust Group notices. I love this sweater so much, I want it in RL. It's my new favorite thing.

All of the pics in this post feature another one of those incredible sale skins from Dutch Touch. Everytime I wear one, I want to go back and buy more. If you can spot them, my avatar is also sporting the latest in-store gift set of eyes from Poetic Colors. They're a stunning deep blue & come with optional lightening prims. All of the poses used today come from Striking Poses. This shop also sent out a group gift today - a set of 3 new poses (not pictured). You can find the set still available in the Subscribe-o-Matic group History.

Razor Girl - Nomad

If you hadn't heard, Rezzable has a fashion show coming up "2010 - The Future Is Now.". +DV8+ had the pleasure to being invited to take part in the event, and I managed to get my sticky little fingers on a preview set. Rather than yammer on about how I love it, I'll let Vasha do the talking.

"One of the few reasons left to be pinned down to a home or apartment - is a place to keep your "stuff." But now that our computers can fit in our backpacks, and all our books can fit in our computers - along with everything else we need to write down, read, listen to, or watch... even that may become a thing of the past.

And herein lies the inspiration for Razor Girl - travel as a lifestyle; the legacy of portability in the form of digitally fueled nomads. A new kind of "life on the road" - except this time, no one's roughing it. The death of the permanent address - just check my Facebook page to see where to overnight me that package from Lisbon.

Razor Girl is my virtual answer to that less-virtual struggle - and my vision of the ultimate expression of traveling light without sacrificing an ounce of style. Thirty articles of clothing and ten accessories that are modular and simple - but can create over 100 different looks by mixing and matching them. They even come with a small suitcase, since that's all you'd ever need to carry this wardrobe of 100+ outfits with you. Be nearly naked in bra and panties, or covered from neck to ankles - with a ton of choices in between. Combine different pieces in different ways to be cute, sexy, comfortable, or look like you mean business. But this is no trip to the (failed) 80s mall installation known as Units, where no color seemed too hideous to make into ill-fitting cotton casuals. Razor Girl offers a sleek, flattering fit in bold color and black, worthy of the kind of science fiction movie heroines who grace our portable screens. Of note, I selected the name "Razor Girl" as a tip of the hat to William Gibson, avid futurist and accomplished science fiction author."

-Vasha Martinek

This unparalleled fashion event is slated to start on January 17th with stores including The Plastik, BLU282, Hat Mechanic, Bare Rose, Tekeli-li and *so* many more it's ridiculous. So, feel free to drool, you've only got a week to wait.

p.s. Hat and guns not included ;x

Friday, January 8, 2010

After Every Party I Die

INDI's current freebie puzzle is a host of fun club gear, and right now you can get some amaaaazing silver pants for 1L. Tomorrow the whole shebang should be out with past pieces set at 5L, and the most current piece set at 1L. This series has two sequined tops cropped and full length, in pink and yellow. Then two pairs of pants in black and silver. The pants are mod, so you can wear them as skinny or as loose, and look hot the whole time. Make sure to hop by today to grab the pants, and tomorrow to grab the newest peice, as well as whatever you might have missed!

I'm also wearing a new boot by Kalnins, 'Snowdrift'. They are of course color change, and totally adorable. The hair I'm wearing on the left is a new group gift from a newer store Rezlpsa Loc. The group is new and to celebrate she's made a special edition of her most popular hair, and it's very cute. Enrollment is free, so grab it while you can. Also The other hair is Exile's new style 'Molly'. Funky and perfect for partying, even if it looks kind of like a Japanese girl spazzing in the Fruits book.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you've never heard of Arsenic Lace, well, it's time you have. It's been around for a fair amount of time now with little to do about it, but what you should know about Hawke Mai, and her store? She's good. It doesn't hurt that a certain Ghanima from +++Blue Blood+++ taught her how to create clothing, but she takes that and adds her own spin on things. Her most recent release is named after a couple of characters from a show I love, Dead Like me.

I present to you, Daisy and Rube. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they are named after the characters, but I'll go with it anyway. A gorgeous dress with two skirts, and suit set that could be worn by either a boy or a girl, both look lovely, and put you at the ready to hock your snake oil to the closest passing sucker. You'll also find some lovely dollarbie striped tights in every color you could ever want, so take a minute to check out this still largely unknown shop.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Afternoon Delight

Little quickie for today, with some great stuff.

Dress - {SMS} Prairie Dress White short & long - FREE (Group Gift)
Tights - *Linc* Wool Panty Eggplant - $80L
Shoes - DU-ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes/Black - $280
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: ::CleO:: Cream PiP2 - $500L

Hair - fri. - Amelia.2 - Sensative Black - $250L (Fatpack/4 colors)

The cute little dress is the latest gift from So Many Styles and it comes with 2 skirt lengths. The tights are a recent release from Luck Inc. The shop offers these in a ton of different colors and styles, and the quality is just excellent. The shoes are the Designers United entry from Anexx that Wrenja showed you last night. Today is your last chance to get them. If you get nothing else, get these shoes! The skin is one of the ones on sale at Dutch Touch. All of the sale skins are marked down to $500L and they are all stunning. It will be next to impossible to decide which ones to get, so plan on dropping some serious cash at this sale. You won't regret it. And last, but not least, the hair is one of the latest styles from They always have the best hair. Go fatpack it XD

Small Town Witch

I poo poo at fantasy wear. A lot. Because I'm a snot, and kind of a bitch, but you know. That said, Evie's Closet makes me think twice. Evie's Closet has been making me sit up and take notice a LOT recently, with her recent Cygnet release, and now with her special editions for the month of January. Let me present to you, Lyra.

Lyra is a new line out just in the past few days, and while the series itself is lovely, the special editions are the real excitement here. There are two versions, Frost and Frostbite, both 750L each, and gorgeous over all. The sets come with three different skirts, a crown, wings and a sense of quality you can't find in many places. I'm just going to say right now, hands down the little tutu wins it for me, but as an ex ballerina, what do you really expect from me?

These sets will only be available through January. February 1st? They'll be gone forever and you'll only be able to wistfully look at these pictures and wish you'd grabbed one while you could.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last chance!

Three and a half hours to get your Best of 2009 ballots in! Answer three simple questions, send the notecard to me with your name on it, and be put in the running for some fabulous gifts, including:

- A fatpack of dresses from +++Blue Blood+++ (your choice!)
- 1000L giftcard to Tacky Star
- 500L gift card to Ticky Tacky
- 500L giftcard to ((Ripe))

the questions?

c&p these into a note card, answer them and send them to me (Wrenja Czaczkes) with your name on it, before 11:59pm SLT TONIGHT. Anything after that gets automatically deleted, sorry ;\

Top five favorite Events (hunts, or otherwise) of the year?

Top five favorite freebies/hunt finds/lucky chair winnings?

Top ten stores of the year?

Don't have 5 or 10 favorites? Well fill in as many as you DO have, it doesn't have to be complete, these are just guidelines, just get your ballot in, or you have NO chance of winning the prizes, and I'll keep them allllllll to myself. *eyes the prizes* They'll be miiiine, ALL MINE!

You're so Loretta Young Silks

Just a reminder, Designers United III ends *TOMORROW* That means, your last chance to grab some beautiful goodies that will be disappearing forever, never to return. Lovely skins, dresses and shoes, among other things await you upon arrival, but be prepared for crowds, because you probably aren't the only one running in to make some last minute purchases.

when I saw the Dollita dress set, I knew I was screwed, it's sassy, flirty and totally sexy. I still think the gloves might be my favorite part though. All of the hair, is Tiny Bird's 'Chicago' style. Narita demanded that I get it because she thought it would look cute on me. Well, she was correct and it's garnered me some lovely compliments so far.

One of the best deals at DU III is without a question, Runo Runo's 'five minutes to curtain' dress. I bought it without a second thought, the price and the quality were an immediate go. Not to be rude, so I apologize, but some of the stuff there was a bit more pricey than it needed to be, so way to go Runo Runo for making something fantastic that *everyone* can afford.

One of the more edgy sets in the event is Tacky Star's 'Fading Starlet' skin set. Aura's brash and unapologetic use of color and skin art is exciting and takes things down a different path entirely. Anexx's shoes were another big win, gorgeous style, details and sock options, what fun! I know I'm not alone when I say I'm excited to see what DU comes out with next, and what new designers they'll involve to entice and excite us.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheap Skins from Plastic Flowers

Hope your Christmas and New Year went well, everyone. :3 I have a good feeling for 2010. :3 I already did something new and got a taxi on my own for the first time. Good steps for seriosuly sheltered Tricketts. x:
Going with new steps, Crystalin of Plastic Flowers has began to make skins. :3 And she has a few out for cheap at the moment. The sim PF was on was returned so the store is currently set out in two smaller locations at Witch Lagoon/Shadow Moon and Riddle.
There are four skins for 15L each. These would be the pink and smokey sets:

And there is a pale and tan New Year's skin for 25L for both:

The skins are hybrid-mods of Eloh and Evana templates as Crys writes in her notecards, which is awesome to know. :3 Templates are full perm skin sets with PSDs sold on X-Street or available for free download (Sezmra and Eloh) and they are relatively common place now, usually they are modified to create something more unique and representitive of the creator's style. They are also available for clothes and sculpt maps which explains why some skins or boots or clothes may look very similar to other skins and boots and clothes. Most stores won't tell you they're using templates so you just have to learn to identify them or research them on X-Street. When I first saw tempalted stuff I thought it was copied clothing and I spent a long time trying to figure out if I should tell the shop owner so I think it's very helpful stuff to know. x:
The regular skins themselves are currently said to 100L, I think they're on sale from 200L.

Skins - Plastic Flowers (at Witch Lagoon/Shadow Moon)/Plastic Flowers (at Riddle) - 15L-25L