Saturday, February 28, 2009


WHAT?! ITS MIDNIGHT BITCHES, TIME TO START THE TWISTED HUNT! Start here at +DV8+, You're looking for the Lament configuration, the puzzle box from Hellraiser!
DV8 Ju Ju hair
Burning Chrome Armbands
Chaos Engine Parade Jacket

DV8 Argon Hair
Chaos Engine Parade Jacket
Oddment Daphne in Red Jewelry Set

DV8 Ju ju Hair
Burning Chrome 3rd eye visor

Burning Chrome Aurora hair, with brain window

Burning Chrome Skull Coil & Brain Window

Silver Wheel Crime Earring Set

Silver Wheel Punishment Earring set

The Stringer Mausoleum Allegory Mohawk
Oddment Daphne in Red Jewelry Set
Chaos Engine Parade Jacket

The Stringer Mausoleum Allegory Mohawk
The Stringer Mausoleum Volante Tail
The Stringer Mausoleum Volante Horns
Creations by Ana Cuff

The Stringer Mausoleum Volante Tail
Nevermore Prim Corset piercings
Creations by Ana Cuff

DM Giftcard Sale!

DM Designs is having a 50% off gift card sale until 9PM SLT on March 1st. That gives you about a day to go!!!! DM Designs does some pretty awesome work, from simple and glamorous to Heavily detailed and dark. I got the latest release which is an earring and necklace set. You can't see it, but the bling on it is so soft and looks like how items actually shine in RL. I usually despise bling and turn it off, but it looks great on this.

DM Designs also does custom dog tags! And they only cost 300L. Well, unless you have some insanely intricate design in which case it will cost a bit more. But, gift card sallllle! Cheap! Custom! Male and female versions available! You want. :P DM Designs is located inside of Reaonable Desires main store, so don't get confused when you TP there. There are also past group gifts available in the subscribo.

The skin I am wearing is the new 50L group only skin from SkinSane. Available at the new main store.

Kata!!!! And Skins!

Katat0nik has done it again!!!!!!!!!! This time the chair has 9 different dresses! :O OK, the same dress, but in 9 different colors. I was fortunate enough to get the green and white! Yay me!

I am wearing the white dress with a free shape and skin from Precious. As you can see it is a little girl skin and shape. It rocks. There are many more at the store for 20L, and each one comes with LMs to each item worn on the ads so you can make a complete look.

The green dress I am wearing with the new 1L skin from SkinSane. Gotta love the lashes. And green..oh Kata, Ty for always making your items in green! It is my fave <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
OK..go forth and stalk chairs! And don't forget, Katat0nik requests that you do not call the chair in lucky chair groups please. TP your friends! more fun that way anyway.

Hi Ari! :D -Waves.-

I haven't been on much this week and I'm drowing in NCs, LMs and capped IM e-mails. So major thanks to Arianrhod for inadvertedly showing me these shoes.

For all budding zombies and fashion elitists - frankenfeet by Tesla. :D Available on SLEx or SLExStreet or whatever they call in now.
I skipped over to the store and couldn't see them so they may only be on SLExchange, I'm not sure.

Ari's a fellow model for Sn@tch and she's also set up her own gothic jewelery and piericings shop called Silver Wheel. I tried to snag some close-ups of her earrings but they didn't turn out as I would have liked. ):
I did want to retake all these but I am experieinceing one majorly scary headache and would like to log ASAP. x: Lesson for today: grey's not the best background colour. (No kidding.)

Shoes - Tesla - SLEx freebies

Punky Pigtails

So Vasha is a sadist and has added TEN new hairs to the lucky chairs, these are the new colors for the Petra cyber falls, and will only be in the chairs for one week before they are put up on the wall for sale. As with alllll of the cyber balls, the stripey bits are color change and you can turn glow on and off. So get thee back to +DV8+ and set up a little shanty town around the lucky chairs, cause you won't be leaving any time soon. Deadly Chartreuse

Sit down!

Zanzo replaced it's three lucky chairs, with a total of four item camping chairs, with long sit times on them, so go prepaired. Two for the boyos and two for the ladies. Boots for the ladies, as seen here:

A skin for the ladies, as modeled by Wrenny, who is also modeling a lovely orange hair from none other than DV8, but she will let you know about that in a a bit!

And a skin, and top for men which would have been modeled by Ace had he not died a tragic SL death of suck. I'll track him down and take a picture of him later, just for good measure (and eye candy.)

Twisted preview ni ban!

In the event that you forgot since last night, the Twisted Grid Wide Hunt starts tonight at midnight! I've already shown off some of the gifts available, but there is even more! As I said last night, there are 103 stores involved, so even though I'm dropoping all kinds of awesome previews on you, you KNOW there are a pile more to be claimed. Just consider this a taste.Twisted and Spoiled outfit gift

Today I'm showing off clothes, accessories, furniture and lots of other fun stuff from creators like Dare Designs, Twisted and Spoiled, HoC, Oddment, and others. And just a reminder, when you start the hunt(which starts tonight at midnight), you'll be looking for the Lament Configuration, that famous puzzle box of Hellraiser fame (ugh I love it).

Its flooring me how every pair of boots I'm getting is straight up sexy. I showed off two hot pairs yesterday, and today we have a hot little set from Dare Designs, I love the scroll work all over the boots, I nearly died when I saw it. I have a thing for spindly viney looking details.

There are a LOT of accessories to be claimed. Lots of necklaces, rings, armbands, from stores like Sable Rose, House of Creations, Oddment, and AR Designs. There is a lot of diversity in styles, from jewels to barbed wire and safety pins (tee hee) you're sure to find something you can't live without. The necklace above is part of a two set from Sable Rose, one is a lock that says 'kept' and the other is a key to that lock, unfortunately it's not transfer, but you can just TP your guy in to claim a set so that you can be all fetishy and obnoxious about it xD.

Of course you want to have a little bit of fun, gotta laugh at yourself a little bit. And god knows there is SOMEONE out there who wants more than anything, to pierce their brain. Even if you don't, you can still pierce your eyebrow, lips, or ears with the Safety Face set from Oddment, which is just one of their gifts for you in the hunt.Oddment Safety Face Set

Although you aren't getting the couch in the hunt(around 500L at Rustica), you can claim the lamp that hangs above me. This is Lantian's gift to you if you so choose to pick it up, its a lovely little lamp and relatively low prim, coming in at only ten prims. This is the only piece of furniture I've recieved so far, so I can't really tell you how much there will be in the hunt, if I get more from the creators, I'll let you know.

Now you might notice there is a lot of stuff that is unisex, and what you're not seeing is that there are guy gift counterparts to a lot of gifts. Obviously not everything is going to be guy friendly, but you would be surprised at how many unisex/guy gift options there are in the hunt, and there are a lot of toys that are great for boys, like this hot little jet below. So don't think you're being left out.
Princess X31 Jet

So here we are, less than 12 hours before the hunt starts, are you salivating yet? xd


I still don't have my internet back, but while i have access I have done some quickies for ya. These two are both so amazing I am sure you have heard of them already, but just in case, here ya go!

At Nikita Fride there is a group only lucky chair that contains this AMAZING skin. I say amazing a lot, but I really mean it! Just look!

The tattoos are all a part of the skin. Sometimes I get an amazing free skin and have to toss it because it comes with sucky tattoos...but these tattoos ROCK. They are like tattoos I might even get in RL, if I had more room for tattoos. :P the vintage "Stella" lingerie is not free, but it is cheap. You can get it at Reasonable Desires for well under 200L (not sure the exact price, but it isn't much).

Then if you head over to Adam N Eve there is a new freebie that has two dresses, a pair of lovely gold heels (LOVE their shoes btw), three sets of eyes, a fat pack of hair and this skin:

I fell in love with this skin because it is so realistic. Adam N Eve makes skins that are beautiful in the way you can actually find in RL. Beautiful like the lady you have a crush on that works at Macy's, not that unattainable beautiful so common in other skin stores. The bikini is attached so if you often get busy in the bedroom this skin won't work for you. But the full priced version don't have bikinis attached so go buy them! Heehee.

OK, hope you find somethign you love today!

Eyes in the first two pics by Alli & Ali
Hair in the first two pics by BP
Hair in the second two pics by Katat0nik
Eyes in the second two pics included in the Adam N Eve free pack

Friday, February 27, 2009


Honey Hoffman of FreeSL and the store Intrigue has a little hunt going on, for 20 little lightbulbs. For those of you a little dim-bulbed or impatient, the bulbs are little, and you actually have to look! I know, doing a hunt for yourself and putting effort into it is hard to fathom but that's how it is if you want these goodies.

Anyways! Go, find 20 tiny lightbulbs, if Honey is there she might help you, or in my case, help me ward off Mother/Son hit-on-random-girls-named-proo teams. O.O (I'm not joking, but for the sake of uh.. embarassment, I wont publicize the story for you kids.) There are poses and textures in the bulbs, some of which you can see in the chain of photos below!

(Flexibility is totally sexayy)

P.S. If you don't like how sexayy I am today, piss off! Dress can be found by Katat0nik the lovely, in our HQ. Skin is in Amplify lucky chair (best Dia de los Muertos skins EVER), and the not free shit is ETD (Hair and shoes).

AW Design

This is NOT A freebie post, GET OVER IT.

As you know, from time to time we showcase places we really like and think are worth a visit. It's my turn to bring a store to your attention that you may not have heard of, or may not frequent but totally should. I bring you AW Design. My friend Sophy led me on to this store months ago where I fell in love with a shoe they have called Schoo. I was gifted a pair from someone durring the holidays, and have since been a staple visitor.

Such a gorgeous shoe, and this particular fabric is White Tiger. I pretend it's Zebra, as we know I adore my Zebra prints. Wren owns a pair of STUNNING patent leather heels from AW Design that I did not get a snapshot of, but for those of you who love Dolly and Loli dresses, the Sugar N' Spice heels from AW are the perfect sexy companion to such dresses, even the maryjane styled pumps, Court-X, which I personally have to have when I can afford them.

Schoo - White Tiger - 470L

The prices are high, but well worth the qualitiy of what you are purchasing, especially if you are a latex fan. I am not, however I think their latex and fetish garb is exquisit. I'm particularily keen on the shoes though, no lie.

Every week in store, one regular item is priced down to a whopping HALF OFF. This is a huge deal for how amazing the product can be. For example, this week the discounted item is a gorgeous pair of sexy blue latex boots. A regular item is discounted every Monday, and remains half off all week. The following Monday a new item is selected. This awesome weekly feature should be enough incentive to at least pop in on a regular basis. A few weeks ago the discounted item was this awesome pink set Wren purchased.

Alleyene - Rose Pink - 595L

It has multiple layers to customize your look, including a modesty undershirt to cover your breasts as Wren is showing us here.

Alleyene - Rose Pink - 595L

Stop by AW Design and check out the store. They have everything from flawless scultped shoes and boots, to exquisitly detailed fetish and latex outfits, sophisticated but sexy buisness outfits, ankle straps, sporty swimwear, and bold skins and tattoos. All worth a glance if nothing else. The best part about store, is the three vendors you'll find near the door when you land. These kiosks provide the perfect stations for gifting your alts, friends, and family, or shopping without waiting for the store to rez. Perfect.

Twisted preview number one!

There is a little less than 36 hours until the Twisted grid wide hunt begins, and just about time to start dropping teasers on you lucky kids. The hunt is going to begin at DV8, and will have 103 fantastic stops of goth, punk, fetish, horror and other... twisted gifts.Skinzors Dolly av

Today I have a selection of gifts from Grimm's faery Sales, Skinzors, and many more. All of the participants have put a lot of effort and love into their offerings and it shows, from the complete dolly av that Skinzors is offering, to the Wings from Grimm's faery Sales, and the boots from Self Expressions.

Grimm's faery Sales wings are straight up amazing, they change their shape dependent on whether you're standing or flying, and the style and design is beautiful and there is so much detail. The dolly av set from Skinzors comes with four skins, with two makes ups, two beaten up and two just looking beautiful as well as a dress, matching boots, and of course, a box for dolly to stay in(not pictured).

There are a lot of accessories to be had in this hunt, from rings, to necklaces and chokers, belts and of course shoes. I love shoes, so much, about as much as I love hair, and allllll of the shoe offerings I've seen thus far, are straight up lustworthy.

Then there are all the belts, all of them made with probably not the best intentions from the names they have, but are well made regardless. Adorned with everything from crosses, to syringes and stabby things, weeeee.

The jewelry is totally diverse, which is awesome because it means there is something for everyone, whether you tend toward voodoo priestess, or a post apocolyptic bitch with a thing for barbed wire.

Anyway, prizes will be out by midnight tomorrow night, since the hunt starts March 1st and will go until the 30th. You'll be looking for 'eggs' and by eggs, I mean the Lament Configuration, the famous puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies. You can check out the official Twisted Grid Wide Hunt blog here for more information on stores participating. This is just your first taste, so make sure to check back because I have more stuff to show, and will be showing it through out the next few days.