Sunday, May 31, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Hey guys,

So I'm trying something different, I'm going to start dropping the hunt lists on Friday. My life has recently had a lot of stress shed from my back, so by the end of this week I hope to be posting regularly again \o/ My mom's last round of chemo is on Monday as well! Thank you all so much for your support through out this journey, I don't know where I'd be right now if I didn't have my friends and fans reminding me that everything is going to be okay, its just a matter of perseverance.

Anyway, there are a pile of hunts to work through right now, plenty to keep you busy this weekend, don't get too worn down by all of this!

A Piece of Candy yellow diamond hunt - Through the 15th
Bedtime Stories GW - Through June 30th
Cyanide - Through June 14th
Dare Designs
+DV8+ Terror Bot Hunt - Through the 16th
Fun in The Sun GW - Through June 30th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Kiss This! Tropical Hunt - ongoing for now
Lemania's June Bug Hunt - Starts June 14th
Let them eat cake hunt - Through June 28th
Look what the cat dragged in - Through June 15th
Make Him Over (one for the boys!) - Through June 30th
Miriel - Ongoing
OMG another hunt - Through June 20th
Onyx Noir pearl hunt - Through the 14th
Pasch Design Re-opening Hunt - Through June 17th
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
*Roseo* & *M* rogue forest Ongoing mini hunt
Saminaka treasure hunt - Through June 22nd
SL Discovery GW - Through June 25th
Storybook GW - Through June 30th
Through the Looking Glass - Through July 4th
Tiny Sim - Ongoing
Witchy Woman Designs - Through June 30th
Xtreme desires - Through June 30th

Have a rawkin weekend, I know I will!

Couple More Goodies to Get

While stalking the Lucky Chair at Icing last night, I spotted this dress on a girl who ported in & I loved it so much I had to track it down. Much to my surprise, this adorable little mini from Sisters is only $10L! It's kind of crazy not to go get it, so go get it!

Jeri Dress Green - $10L

Then while searching my giantcrazyoverflowing inventory for a cute makeup to wear with my new dress - out of nowhere - Baiastice dropped a box on her group containing 2 gorgeous new skins. Designer Sissy Pessoa is celebrating the release of her brand new Donnarama Gloss skin line, which will be available after 1pm SLT today, and the makeup is so intricate and yummy you just have to go check it out for yourself. I'm showing it here without any lashes so you can see it a bit better, but trust me - it's something you have to wear to truly appreciate.

Left - Baiastice_Donnarama Gloss-Sunkiss gift 1 BK
Right - Baiastice_Donnarama Gloss-Sunkiss gift 2 BK

Pretty Pretty

I zonked out last night only to wake up and find 2 of my SL fashion dreams have come true. Icing now has a Lucky Chair with an exclusive dress in it, and SLink handed out a giftie to her Hippo subscriber group. And both items - pretty!

Dress - *ICING* Pizzicato Poppies (Lucky Chair)
Bracelet - SLink Orchid Wrist Corsage (Group Gift)

The Icing chair is set to just 5 minutes & there's a lagfest mob scene on hand to help you flip it. The SLink gift includes a matching orchid brooch, and if you're not on the Hippo Group, or you missed the delivery, you can find the gift in the SL group as well.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mmmmm... Sales....

Regular readers are aware of just how much I loves me a good sale. Today there are two that you absolutely have to hit!

The first is Malt. They're getting ready for summer by slashing prices. Everything is either 50% off, or $100L. Plus, they've recently set up a bargain basement section in the... uh, well, the basement. Sale runs all week & there's loads of great stuff to get. I picked up two very versatile outfits, so it's like getting 5 outfits instead of just 2! (At least that's what I tell my wallet.)

.:MALT:. Fashions - ROXY Outfit - Cerulean - $100L

This next one is both a pretty sundress & a halter top. I paired the top with shorts from Twosome (previously blogged).

Dress/Top - .:MALT:. Fashions - TYRILHA BABYDOLL - Cerise - $100L
Shorts - *TS* Autumn Shorts - Black - $110L (part of a set)

All of the poses used in this post are from Striking Poses. And nearly every single one cost only $1L. Creator Zelly Mornington regularly sets out out dollarabies in the center of her store. And if you've missed one, you can find it up on her XStreet account.

The next big sale going on right now is at Marlys. Designer Marleen Vaughan has decided to close her store for good, in order to pursue RL stuffs. The Polly Jean sim is being sold & Marlys is closing forever. The sale is for this weekend ONLY. There's loads of stuff out right now - including some older stock - all at ridiculously cheap prices. And nearly everything you see is a fatpack. So get your butts down there and give the lady a proper send off.

Hair - .Marlys. Socially Awkward Cupcake licorice - $150 L for a Fatpack of 12 colors
Top - {Gisaci} Hoja Top - Black - $175
Bottoms - .Marlys. The Gernreich Agenda in Coral, Shark, Oceanic & Sunset - $150 L for a Fatpack of 4

.Marlys. Zaara's Wings Tattoo - $1L

To Marly & to all of the designers who are shutting their doors this month (and, sadly, there are an awful lot of you), I would just like to say goodbye & wish you all the very best in everything going forward. Thank you for all of your contributions to Second Life. The grid is richer because of all you have shared. <3

Lucky Board Luckiness

I got lucky yesterday! ;D Scored a few goodies that you should go stalk & grab.

First up, Dilly Dolls has a bunch of fatpacks of separates in the lucky board right now. I managed to snag this set of striped tops in 8 different colors, that come with texture changing prim cuffs. Lots of great sets available to help expand your wardrobe.

*DD* Jennie Dark in Black, Violet, Teal, Pink, Red, Brown, Green & Blue - FREE (Lucky Board Prize)
Pose - *ES* Ok Go - $1L

The pose used in that picture is the latest Dollarabie from Essential Soul Studio. You can find it in the freebie posestand vendor, along with loads more.

I was also lucky enough to score this piece of adorable adorableness from the Lucky Board at Mocorin. It's a shoulder strap tote bag with these super cute little dollies sticking out of it. This shop is overflowing with cuteness! Heck, I can hardly bring myself to toss out the box (bottom right) that it came in! XD

*mocorin* ohana bag (ROBO&MOCO) - FREE (Lucky Board Prize)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Drowning in Cupcakey Goodness

Do the Cupcakes ladies not spoil us to the point of cavities? Seriously!?

As Trickett mentioned in her post yesterday, the Cupcakes group received not just a cute new dress, but a mondo fatpack of skins in 8 luscious tones (with freckle options!). And, as also mentioned previously, the ladies have dug up some fabulous older dresses & set them for just $25L in the back of the shop. (Yes, that's still going on - go get them already!) And then today - for no reason other than that they are insanely generous - another gift! :O And, of course - adorable!!

*CUPCAKES - All That Glitters - Group Gift

As you've probably heard by now, the typical group sign up fee of $250L has been temporarily reduced to just $100L! If the price has been a hinderance in the past, do not let it hold you back another second! It is mere virtual pennies for all of the gifts that are currently available, as well as the mounds of gifts they dole out regularly. This is one of those groups you never ever ever leave.

Have you noticed all of that glittery gorgeousness around my neck? I'm sporting jewelry from the one and only Miriel. She is one of the greatest jewelry designers SL has ever known & a woman whose work makes me want to pack up my shops & surrender to her far far far superior craftsmanship. If you haven't heard the sad news, she will soon be closing her shop & shutting down her wonderful sim. This is a terrible loss for SL. It always sucks when a good store closes. It is sadder still when a great one closes. There is currently no exact final date, so you still have a chance to run to her store and grab everything in sight. It is all totally affordable, beautiful and, frankly, legendary!

(Miriel) Fleur Necklace - Silver/Peridot
(Miriel) Fleur Earrings - Silver/Peridot
(Miriel) Wave Bracelet - Silver/White Pearl
(Miriel) Anna Ring - Antique Silver/Jade

[]::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed) - (Picks reward June 2009)

The jewelry I'm wearing in the pictures above you can get for FREE, if you can complete the very difficult Golden Cage Hunt. You get to follow clues in a story to different parts of the sim and cam like mad, looking for teeny tiny little jewelry boxes. There are only 5 of them, but they each contain an exquisite piece that you absolutely must own. Instructions and your first clue can be found in the poster near the TP point. If you really go nuts and give in, you can still find each of the items in the store. But a few of us in the Love/Hate Hivemind Group have completed it and we can certainly give you a few hints. Do the hunt! You need these pieces before they disappear forever!

One last thing - the skin worn here is the Picks Reward June 2009 special edition makeup of the new Hope skin from Tuli. If you have not put Tuli in your picks, you are just needlessly missing out. The skin is gorgeous and totally 100% FREE. You do not need to be in the group to participate. Just add the shop to your profile picks, wait 24 hours, and then go back & click the board. Easy peasy.

Elisa Poses Sale

Thank you to Amaya Lefevre for info on this one. I'm fairly certain that's who told me about it, I am awful with names. x: I think this is a closing sale and the store closes tomorrow?
Elisa Poses are all reduced down to 1L or 5L for a pack of six. I can't really resist a pose at 1L so I bought most of them, I succesfully convinced myself I won't need Tai Chi poses for the moment. x: Here are six of them from various packs:

Poses - Elisa Poses - 1L Closing? Sale

I think that's my last white/photo/sky box background as we move onto the Blogger Challenge next week. :3

Quick n Dirty

Short on time today but, I have a couple things I wanted to show you.
First up.. A Piece of Candy sent this lovely outfit through the subscribo today. I love the color and the texture detail on the top. It also comes with another tank option that covers the midriff.

The gorgeous skin I'm wearing is the new Dollarbie from Ti'ko these aren't available very long so run down and pick this one up asap! I'm wearing it on my usual shape, and its a perfect example of why I love skins so much. They can dramatically change up your look in just one click.

This hair I received today in a DSN sample pack from Bryce Designs! It included three different styles this one in light brown which I tinted slightly darker to match my eyebrows better. It also came with two silver-grey hair styles. If you haven't signed up for the Designer Showcase Network (DSN) I highly recommend doing so! There is a Kiosk here at Bryce Designs, or any affiliated store. Its so simple, all you do is click the sign its much like a subscribo in that it doesn't take a group slot. Then you pick all the categories of interest to you, and wait for the generous designers to shower you with gifts and samples for you to try out! Squee.

Blogger Challenge, and some clothes.

This morning I told Narita that I needed a hyper modern place to take pictures, we eventually got to a place where we decided that The Kubrick Rooms was the place I was looking for. Now, I initially intended to do something hugely different with this post, but after meeting the owner of The Kubrick Rooms, I'm going somewhere different.

Now, I get a lot of flack from my haters about the fact that I don't 'photoshop' my pictures on the blog. I do occasionally, to super impose images onto one another, but other than that I take the picture, edge it and post it. I like taking my pictures in world because, that is where you are wearing these clothes, in world. As nice as they look on some photoshopped backdrop, it seems inauthentic to me. On top of that, there are SO many amazing locations to take pictures in Second Life, it baffles me as to why anyone wouldn't want to take their pictures on location.

That brings me to my point. We always cry out for you to support the creators, and you should! I am in total support of that, of course. I do more than my fair share of creator support myself ;d But, it seems to me that these fantastic locations get over looked far too often. They are the backdrops, the places we hang out, we take amazing pictures, and go on our merry way.

Unfortunately, Linden Labs doesn't reward creativity in world with free land, these land owners need to make tier too. Starting Monday and through out the week, we at Love/Hate are going to be featuring great spots on the grid that deserve your love and attention, hopefully some of you other bloggers up there will rally for the cause as well, cause where would we all be without pretty places to hang out?

So to get more in depth here, The Kubrick Rooms sounds exactly like what it is. The charming Rumpledink Robbiani recreates rooms from famous Stanley Kubrick movies, and how can you go wrong with that? From the War Room in Dr. Strangelove, to the bathroom from The Shining. This place is really well built, a great place to explore, recreate your favorite scenes, or take pictures. Another thing that really makes me squeal, is that he's also recreated the cabin from The Evil Dead, which makes me drone deeeeead by dawwwwwn. You can *never* go wrong with Bruce Campbell. To top it all off, he has a movie theatre! Right now it's showing Tod Browning's Freaks

He just recently finished the hallway from The Shining as well. He also has a shop, as well as a mini shop in the 2001 A Space Oddyssey room, which has a couple of free gifts, a Droog outfit, and a Milk Bar Girl avatar. I urge you to make a donation to your favorite sims, because they deserve and need support just like everyone else providing a worthwhile service on the grid, tier is no small fee unfortunately :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whole Foods has these amazing cupcakes with goldfish on them...

And I've never had the guts to get one. They look so delicious :( But the fishies are so cute, and I don't want to eat his little fishie face, even tho it'll be sugary and wonderful. Its funny, I LOVE fish. Keeping fish, and eating fish, so you'd think I'd be a little more eager to get me one of those cupcakes, but no.

Anyway, one of my most favorite stores on the grid, Adore + Abhor reopened a few days ago, and the new store is lovely! My favorite Ariedine has all kinds of new goodies in her shop, first up the darling party dress for her reopening 'I'll cry if I want to'

Next up we have an adorable little dress, 'My Bubbles!'. This sucker is exclusive to her 7seas fishing area, and totally worth the time it'll take to fish up, its SO cute. I'm also a huge sucker for fishies :3 Ey lubs ewe feeshieees

There is also a Midnight Mania, with a gorgeous dress in it. There are only 50 spots though, so get your name on there while you can! Also, there will be a hunt at LA Street Scene this weekend :O

Patchwork Cupcakes

Save the Tricketts! o:

What has befallen the Tricketts? Will they escape? And most importantly do people really have time to take photos in these sorts of situations?
Actually, most importantly, this is one of the three limited edition lucky chair photoboxes from our very own Prudence Skytower at her new shop, Patchwork. o: The Abandoned Photobox comes in clean and blood-spattered. :3 There's also a Classic Homegrown Photobox in there.
I sometimes use Prue's skybox apartment in my other photos and have taken one or two in her artist studio too so if you've ever been interested in them you can now buy them. :3

The dress is a group gift from the ever-generous Cupcakes and for one week only they have lowered their group fee down to 100L. o:
The dress was released only a few hours ago when I started this shoot and when I thought I was done they suddenly sent out a set of beautiful skins. So I went back into photographer mode and took some photos in the clean Abandoned Photobox.

Group gift skin in Champagne, the second lightest tone.

Group gift in Sambuca, the darkest tone. <3

First Photo
Skin - Tuli - Hope - Group Gift 250L join fee
Dress - Cupcakes - Seduction - Group Gift 100L join fee
Tattoo - The Hunger at Sn@tch - Forever - Currently free in their LC or 250L
Pose - Essential Soul - Protection - 1L
Photobox - Patchwork - Abandoned Photobox [Bloody] - Lucky Chair Limited Edition

Second Photos
Skins - Cupcakes - Group Gift 100L join fee
Photobox - Patchwork - Abandoned Photobox [Bloody] - Lucky Chair Limited Edition

Why do I feel really unorganised? :/

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're all Mad Here!

" You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself. "

As you know the 'Through the Looking Glass' grid wide hunt has begun. Cheshire cat is one of my favorite characters in the story, so I was tickled pink to receive this wonderful Cheshire Cat costume from "Obsidian Desires" it comes with everything worn here accept the Skin and Hair. The hair was the pixie cut dollarbie from *69* a while back.. which I tinted slightly (not on sale anymore). The tree pictured is from Toast called "Ice Cream Daydream" it costs 150L for 1 tree with poses (shown) and two tree's without poses!
Begin the Through the Looking Glass grid-wide hunt HERE!
*edit* - There's been much interest about the Cheshire cat skin featured in this post so I wanted to add its from Katt Krap, you can find it upstairs. :) Here is the slurl.

Cocktail Moment

The goodies keep on coming... :D

Last night [AV] sent out this lovely spring dress to her Subscribe-o-Matic Group. It's just perfect for a garden party. Designer Adreahna Vlodovic runs one of the most generous subscriber groups. If you haven't tapped that board, you're missing out on heaps of presents!

[AV] Cocktail Roses - Lemon - FREE (SoM Gift)

And since it wouldn't be a garden party without some super fancy, foo-foo chic headgear, Split Pea has what you need. The shop has just turned 1 year old, and to celebrate, designer Melatonin Hax has set every hat in her shop that has a touch of green in it to just $10L! And there's more than just adorable hats to be had. She's got flowers, feathers, headbands and even little birdies to munch on. If it's surreal and fabulous and sits on your head, Split Pea's got it. Go stock up!

Left to Right:
::SPLIT PEA:: Samantha Darling Hat *SP* - $10L
::SPLIT PEA:: Oliver Twisted - $10L
::SPLIT PEA:: Northern Soul Headwrap - $10L

And since cocktail parties can lead to more intimate moments, Alphamale & Blacklace have got you covered. Or semi-uncovered... The shop has just updated their Subscribe-o-Matic to automatically give away gifts when you sign up. There's a gorgeous corset for the ladies and a polo shirt and jeans for the guys. These items will never be sold in the store and are exclusive. Right now you can head down to the mainstore and grab the goodies for FREE. Just look for the big poster boards near the link-in point. And look how sexy the corset set is. You want this.

~Blacklace~ Laced Obssession Set - FREE

Cocktails and late nights can leave you with a few dark circles under your eyes. To cover up the damage, toss on a pair of sunglasses from Split Pea. They are all currently marked down to just $10L, and they're all so vintagey and cute. You'll be stylish no matter how tired you are from your adventures. ;)

Left to Right:
::SPLIT PEA:: The Jones Sunglasses - $10L
::SPLIT PEA:: Summer Lovin' Sunglasses - $10L
::SPLIT PEA:: Black & White Sunglasses - $10L

Happy partying kittens!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OMG - Gifts!

Some great designers have given out gifts today! So, get to grabbin'!

First up, LeeZu has decided to freshen up her freebies. There are now 5 new FREE items set out in her shop! Two full sets of hair, an outfit, a dress & a full jewelry set - woohoo!

Hair - [LeeZu!] Lizza Hair /black
Dress - [LeeZu!] SatinRose Flexi Dress

Hair - [LeeZu!] La Vie En Fleur Hair /black
Outfit - [LeeZu!] Jen Flexi Set blue

All of the poses used in that last shot are from Essential Soul Studio & they're all just $1L each! There are loads more available & new ones added regularly. So, get on the Subscribe-o Group to find out when they get updated.

You might have also noticed that I look a bit different than usual. That would be because of my new $1L skin from L'Oring, formerly known as Lazolli. The makeup is just luminous. No idea how long it will be available, so hurry on over! You'll find it on the shelf along with the rest of this line. Guh - I luh it!

Skin - :::L'ORING:::Takako(re-release) 01D
Jewelry - [LeeZu!] Pink Opal Flower Set

And, speaking of luminous skins, the one & only Tuli sent out a fatpack of skins to her group today! :D 5 skin tones in the Natural makeup set for the new Hope line. The lips on this skin are so perfectly glossy and juicy, I almost wanna makeout with my own avatar. XD

[]::Tuli::[] Hope (pale/bl) natural
[]::Tuli::[] Hope (fair/bl) natural
[]::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed/bl) natural
[]::Tuli::[] Hope (tan/bl) natural
[]::Tuli::[] Hope (dark tan/bl) natural

You've heard it before - the Tuli group fee is $250L. But it's worth a thousand times more for all of the beautiful high quality work she gives away for free. Oh! Tuli has also started a picks reward system! Add Tuli to your profile picks, wait 24 hours & then head on down to the shop to claim your prize. The first reward will be a limited edition makeup set for the Hope skins! :O

Monday, May 25, 2009

Broke Now. Thanks.

Many a girl on the grid has lost all of her Lindens today... Wallets have been sucked clean, earnings evaporated. And there is only one person to blame for this tragedy - Zaara Kohime.

This wicked woman is the astonishingly talented designer behind the jaw-droppingly gorgeous clothing at Zaara's. All fashionistas bow and worship with every new release. And what did she do today to make every style maven surrender piles of money at the alter of her genius? She held a sale....

Until June 1st, everything in the store (except for the new jewelry line) has been marked down to 1/2 Price! So now is your chance to snatch up all those beautiful pieces you've been drooling over for months! Don't miss it!

Zaara : Chaya *Peacock* - $220

Shirt - Zaara : Isis Shirt *pitch* - $65L
Pants - Zaara : Jeans {jewelled} *Indigo* - $82
Full Outfit - Zaara : Kera - $155L
Scarf - Zaara : Kashmiri Shawl (aari work) *maroon* - $135L
Pants - Zaara : Ishaya Velour slacks *black - $72L

All of the poses used in this post are from ELISA Poses. This store is having a going-out-of-business sale (sadface!). But before the doors are shuttered, everything has been marked down to just $1L. Fatpacks are around $5L. Go buy up the store for a fraction of a fraction of what it's all worth & let Elisa know how much the grid will miss her work!

I Am Currently Ghosted

After at least six hours I finally got the dress at Firefall / Phoneix Designs. Waiting so long is quite common if you're a T. :/ It is a limited edition item and if you don't feel like waiting for it and you have the Lindens you can pay 450L to buy it.

It comes with the skirt but I think it works awesomely without it too. :3

There's also a pair of women's skins, unisex belts, men's and women's boots and jewellery, which means it might take you a while to get the item you want even with four chairs. I did take pictures but apparently I forgot to save a few of them before I reset my lights and scene. x.x
And they also have a table with freebies, which is where the beacon / my SLURL will go to. :3

Please use chair ettiquette when you're there. Or at any chair really. Don't charge through before the people rez, chairs usually rez last anyway. If there are a lot of people there, avoid dancing / gesturing / etc and maybe switch any alpha prim hair or gowns if people are complaining about lag. If you see another person with your letter, I always think it's best to IM them or come back later. Watch what the wildcards are, taking something you already have is kind of rude and annoying. :/ Give people who have just TPed in time to rez. Etc., etc..

Oh, look, I'm back on the grid. :D Ooh, an info hub, I've never really been to one of these.

Outfit - Firefall / Phoenix Designs - Lucky Chair Limited Item

So Many Gifts

So Many Styles has gotten a brand new home & to celebrate, Irie Campese has dumped a great big pile of goodies on her group! Dresses, cardigans, skirts... oh my! So generous & so many fun pieces. Join up & feel the love! Then head down to the new store & check out all the new stock! (I am so saving my Lindens for another SMS splurge! ;D)

{SMS} Deco Simple Dress in Magenta & Seagreen

Left to Right:
{SMS} Knitted Cardi Black, {SMS} Simple Mini Skirt Magenta, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Biege, {SMS} Simple Mini Skirt Seagreen, {SMS} Impression Top Pink, Project Kiwi Faded Blue Jean Short, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Red, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Blue

The shorts in that pic above are just 1 in a set of 5 denim shorts sent out this weekend through the Project Kiwi Subscribe-o-Matic Group. Apparently previous versions of the shorts had an error in them & to correct the issue, designer Minami Susanowa has decided to send this set out to the group for FREE. All of them are completely perfect & adorable & total wardrobe essentials. She's even added new colors of them in store. And since the last $10L sale went so great, she's extended it and changed up the items that are marked down. So, if you loved what you got last time, head over & go grab your favorites in other colors! :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snicker Snack

Haven't had much in the term of big time, gridwides recently. It's been a nice break hasn't it? Well, in less than twenty four hours the Through the Looking Glass grid wide hunt begins, with a pile of shops involved, and it's going to be running until July 4th! So you have *plenty* of time to complete it, and get all of the gifts you're after. I'll be putting a link to the first mirror in the post near midnight ;)Today we're previewing an assortment of totally adorable gifts! First up is an updated Alice dress from SLCheerleaders, which makes me giggle. The other day I was wondering why there wasn't more of a cheerleading scene on SL. I mean, there are groups that perform Ballet, and considering how hardcore cheerleaders tend to be in their sport, you'd expect to see some of them somewhere. But here they are, ready to give you this ridiculously cute dress, I kind of love it.
LacieCakes is providing a really generous gift of jewelry, for both the guys and the girls. I'm showing off the girly gifts of course. They consist of the darling pearl necklace I'm wearing as well as the headband. But really, thats not all, these pieces come with a HUD. Whats the HUD for? Color change baby. If you look in the picture below, you'll see the headband in red, and there are a lof of other colors available as well, I died when I put these on and started playing with the HUD, totally inovative and fantastic work to boot.
Sweet! is a shop I'd never heard of before until we started previewing items for the hunt. The dress they're giving as a prize is adorable though, and the LacieCakes headband in red looks amazing with it! I'm also wearing one of the skin gifts from [42], there are two different skins in their gift, and both are gorgeous.
A closer look at the makeup is totally in order, this skin is super nice, and the necklace I'm wearing, from Loka Designs is charming. I love how hodgepodge it is, but its not overly cluttered. Loka also has a couple of furnishings included in their gift that are cute as well.
Sweeter Than Candy is in this hunt as well! I love Sweeter Than Candy. Not too simple, not to complex, but always consistant in style and quality, I always get excited about stuff from STC, even if I don't like it in the end. But this Cheshire cat set, is super amazing. Even if you aren't neko, you'll love this set if only for the clothes. I think the ears are charming, and the little feets too. There is a tail, but I liked this picture more than the one with the tail ;D I'm also wearing the second skin from [42], its the same as the first, but no tears. Can't cry all the time, can you?
There are also a LOT of really nice furnishings to be claimed throughout the hunt. This tea party table (shown with the tablecloth in the picture featuring the STC set) is so cute, and I love the chairs. The animation in them is really nice! Behind me you'll see some of the neatest art pieces available on the grid. Not Neccesarily because of the art in them, but the quality of the prim work, and the menu system to resize the pieces, the detail in the frame and the back of the art pieces, even if you aren't fond of the pictures, you'll marvel at the quality of the work and probably end up going to the shop to see what else is available. These pieces are from Dragon Lady Designs, and totally worth taking a closer look at, I was totally taken aback by the quality involved.

So, now that I've got you salivating, get your hunting boots on and be ready, cause the hunt will be on very, very soon my darlings!

The hair and heels in the pictures aren't part of the prizes available, but you can run to +DV8+ and grab the Dark Venus hair in Pitch for 200L. The Buckled Heels are from Dilly Dolls and are only 200L as well!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Holy Grail

There's this one wardrobe staple that I've been looking for for the longest time - probably since the day I rezzed: Perfect Black Tights. Doesn't sound like that tall of an order, does it? But I swear it's taken me more than a year of searching and trying and being constantly disappointed.

I'm fussy. I know it. I readily admit it. But you know how you have something specific in mind and you're not gonna be happy until you find that *one* thing? It's like that with these tights... I've asked around, tried tons of shops, but, while they all produced nice stuff, they weren't what I wanted. Too shiny, too sheer, too textured - I'm freakin' Goldilocks with this tights thing...

Anyway, the other night... I FOUND THEM! XD And they are *exactly* what I've been looking for all along. Totally perfect matte black tights. :D

So where is my new leg accessory heaven? Soxie's! And, as if finding perfection wasn't enough to make me do the fussy shopper dance of joy, this store has them in heaps of colors and in all different kinds of lengths! I had to stop myself from buying everything, I was so happy. And to top it all - completely cheap! Only $49L per pack and they come in sets by length with like 2 or 3 in each pack. Way affordable and just what you need to revamp like half your wardrobe.

(Soxie!) Nylon Tights - Black, Ruby, Wine, Eggplant, Purple, Plum & Magenta - $49L each set

As you can see, I went a little nuts on the full length sets. Those come with both regular and low waisted in each color set. I also stocked up on some more matte black perfection in the other lengths available. You can see them in the pics below. And they each come in sets of 3 per color.

(Soxie!) Nylon Leggings - Black - Knee, Calf & Ankle - $49L

(Soxie!) Nylon Stockings - Black - Thigh High, Above Knee & Below Knee - $49L

My legs are making me way too happy right now... XD