Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few months ago at the beginning of RFL I made a pretty big post. It was about my mom, and how she had been diagnosed with Cancer. I asked everyone to go out and support the cause, to drop big bucks at RFL and to keep her in your thoughts.

My mom had esophageal cancer, one of the most deadly forms, because its hard to catch and can be hard to treat. The surgery for it is hugely invasive and in general, it is not a good prognosis.

Well, she finished up her Chemo on Friday. Today she had her CT scan. The Results?


So of course this means.... ANOTHER PARTY (aw jeah) From now until... whenever, we're going to be partying, with gifts hidden all over the party platform from stores like Patchwork, Ticky Tacky and Freezepoop! Come celebrate with me and my friends and spread good vibes for all the people still battling the disease. I want to thank everyone who took even a moment to wish my mom well from the bottom of my heart. I've been hard to deal with at times, but you guys got me through it, and I want to thank you all sooooo much. So come party!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mish Mash O'Goodies

Got a quickie for you today, but it's loaded with some good stuff.

Hair - Magika Hair - Lie - Black B - $200L (Color Pack HF Exclusive)
Skin - *CUPCAKES - Celebrity / Honey - Halo (freck) - $250L (Gift Bag #1)
Dress - K&CO - Don't Rain On My Parade - Blue Flowers - $1L
Necklace - Swallowtail Baobab Necklace [Dark] - FREE

Bracelets - *YourShape* Bangles Wooden - FREE

Shoes - Maitreya - Solace Brown Medium - $300L

First up, the dress I'm wearing is from Kenzie & Co. and it's just one of the TONS of goodies in the $1L box set out at the freebie bridge at Starlust a'la Mode. Seriously, this is one jam packed little box of fun. This dress comes with 2 skirt options - I'm showing you the flexi version. The Bangle Bracelets are from YourSkin & YourShape and they are FREE in the YS&YS shop, just off the bridge. There are piles of freebies along the bridge and, if you haven't been since opening day, you should give this spot another visit, cause there are a bunch more goodies that weren't out before.

The necklace is from Swallowtail and you can get it FREE at the Fabulous Fashions SL6B exhibit. There are a few freebies here from other designers, so grab them all when you stop by. Keep in mind that SL6B is only for 1 more week, so don't delay checking it out!

The hair is a Hair Fair *Exclusive* from Magika. You will only find it at the Fair and it's only $200L. Plus, 50% of the proceeds from not just this hair, but all Magika hairs go to raise money for Locks of Love. It's so adorable with those cute flowers pinned in the back and there are lots of color packs to choose from. By the way, now is a good time to hit the fair if you haven't yet. The crowds have dwindled & the lag is minimal compared to opening weekend.

The skin is part of the Cupcakes Gift Bag #1 set I showed you yesterday. This is the freckles version of the Celebrity Skin in Halo. So subtle and pretty. Love it.

Last, but certainly not least, I gotta mention the shoes - Maitreya. Yes, I know, Maitreya is pricey for girls on a budget, but there are some affordable styles in this drool-worthy high-end shop, and this is one of them. Only $300L for perfect perfect perfect shoes. You can even find styles here for just $250L, so never write this shop off when you're out hunting for shoes. I find myself wearing my Maitreya shoes constantly cause they are so well made & go with so many different outfits. You really can get a better bang for your buck when you invest in some classic pieces.

Ok, that's enough fashion babble for now - happy shopping! :D

It's close to midnight

The Harem Of Munster is at it again, and this time you get notice ahead of time. The idea was originally Lolli's, so we took it and ran with it. Tonight at roughly 8 pm SLT we'll be meeting up at Hotel Munster to do our own version of Michael Jackson's Thriller and just party like the rockstars that we are. This is our way of honoring a true artist, as well as continuing on with our constant demand of, you know, having fun.

Other than partying with three of the most awesome people on SL, our favorite Ikaru made a special dress which will be avilable to all attendees, and considering the turn out for our Pimp Ball, I'm almsot positive there will be other creators on hand passing out goodies to all willing participants.

So find your *best* zombie skin, and be at House of Munster at 8 pm SLT, cause really, our parties... are the ones you want to be at ;D

lost in the oubliette

Last night Katat0nik released her first cheapy dress in awhile, much to my delight. Better yet, it's pink. It's another panda dress, and really, who doesn't like pandas? You'll find it on the right side of the store with the other gifts and cheapies. There was probably a notice awhile ago, it didn't register with me cause of my real life issues, but there are also new Katty dolls in the random prize giver which are given out every 12 or so minutes, and they are ridiculously cute!

There is a new dollarbie shop on the grid worth noting. The owner actually dropped a gift on the fashion bloggers group recently, but I only go to opening it last night. The shop is caelld [Chuculet], and has some REALLY nice jewelry, shoes and other accessories, for 1L each! The necklace and earrings I'm wearing are from one of the sets available, it killlled me it was so cute, and it looks fantastic with the new Katat0nik panda dress, doesn't it?
You might be wondering where I am. 'wtf white backgrounds' Well... I can't tell you at the moment, but if you're in the Love/Hate Hivemind group, you'll be finding out on Thursday. So you might consider joining us in our insanity. But just know, its going to be insane and awesome. Totally awesome.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cupcakes Goodie Bags

If you haven't picked up one of the Gift Bags down at Cupcakes, you're missing out on one sweet deal! In front of the store, there are 10 different bags. Each one is filled with an entire skin line in all shades including freckles, a shape, 3 sets of eyes & clothes - all for just $250L! :O

I managed to pick up 3 of them & here's just a little taste of what you'll find in each.

The first is Gift Bag #1, which features the Celebrity Skin Line, in 6 tones, in the Halo makeup. I love how warm this skin is, and the bronze bodice of the dress is a perfect compliment to it.

Left - *CUPCAKES - Celebrity / Cocoa - Halo
Center - *CUPCAKES - Celebrity / Honey - Halo
Right - *CUPCAKES - Celebrity / Vanilla - Halo

Eyes - *CUPCAKES - Eye - Brown

Dress - *CUPCAKES - All That Glitters - Animal

This next one is Gift Bag #4 & it comes with 8 shades of the Seduction skin in the Delight makeup. The subtle gradations of the shades and the luminous quality in this line really make it for me.

From Left to Right:
1 -
*CUPCAKES - Seduction - Wheat - Delight
2 -
*CUPCAKES - Seduction - Copper - Delight
3 -
*CUPCAKES - Seduction - Cameo - Delight
4 -
*CUPCAKES - Seduction - Champagne - Delight
Eyes - *CUPCAKES - Eye - Green

Dress - *CUPCAKES - All That Glitters - Floral

This last one is Gift Bag # 10 and it comes with 5 tones of the Lovespell skin in the Babydoll makeup. Plus, not only do you get this cute little dress, but an adorable hot pink fringed bra & panty set as well.

From Left to Right:
1 -
*CUPCAKES - Lovespell - Lace - Babydoll
2 -
*CUPCAKES - Lovespell - Honey - Babydoll
3 -
*CUPCAKES - Lovespell - Kumera - Babydoll
4 -
*CUPCAKES - Lovespell - Eternity - Babydoll
Eyes - *CUPCAKES - Sharp Eye - Grey

Dress - *CUPCAKES Fun Dress

The Gift Bags will be disappearing on July 3rd, so hurry!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

haay there

We've got a lot of hunts ending in the next few days, so make sure to get the ones you want done, done, this means you guys! The Make Him Over hunt ends on the 30th, so get those last few stops in, you could regret it if you don't! The Dallier's hunt also has gifts from baiastice and digit darkes! I dunno how long its going to last, so get on it kids!

A.S.S. mini hunt
Bedtime Stories GW - Through June 30th
Cherry hunt at Kalloni - Through the 28th
Cinderellas lost slipper hunt - begins July 1st
Curious Kitty hunt - Starts July 1st
Dallier's hope hunt @ SL6B - dunno how long this will last
Dare Designs
Fun in The Sun GW - Through June 30th
GLBT grid wide - through june 30th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Heart hunt @ Irresistable - Through June 30th
Hope Hunt grid wide - (being rescheduled)
Lemania's June Bug Hunt - through the 30th
Let them eat cake hunt - Through June 28th
Magia june hunt - there is a new one of these every month.
Make Him Over (one for the boys!) - Through June 30th
Nushru hunt - through July 5th
Ohana Isle - through June 28th
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
*Roseo* & *M* rogue forest Ongoing mini hunt
Seashells by the Seashore hunt - starts june 30th
Through the Looking Glass - Through July 4th
Toastyville - Through July 1st
Tiny Sim - Ongoing
Witchy Woman Designs - Through June 30th
Xtreme desires - Through June 30th

Have Fun!

in the hour of zero

+++Blue Blood+++ has a new series of lucky chair dresses. They're called 'Circus Freak' but... to me they're just adorable. We know how I am about dolly dresses, but these are so cute, with a little bow on the chest, and, you know, the fact that they're free.

Of course, if you can't be bothered to wait, the fat pack of dresses is available right next to the chair, which makes more sense if you know you want all of them and just can't be bothered to wait the chair out, which can be hideous... even though its only a 5 minute timer xD

The hair I'm wearing is from Dernier Cri, its the Janelle hairstyle, and is available at Hair Fair, which has been extended by two days, but since people have been shouting it from the roof tops, I'm sure you've heard about it. I looooove this hair. So yeah.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Splash of Color

Hey all! I know I've been MIA my real life is killing my secondlife unfortunately. You know how it is. When I do get on I seem to be playing catch up. Last night tho that wasn't the case thanks to that crazy Harem of Munster crew! I was summoned to "Pimp Fuel" aka Pink Fuel by Wrenja and boy did I have a Blast! Soon as I got there I was showered in wonderful goodies some of them Wren showed you in her Smooth Criminal's post. One of the lovely goodies I got was this awesome skin from Airedine of Adore & Abhor called "Popkiller Red" Super fresh and funky, shiny pink lips and unique eye makeup see it below!

The outfit is called "B3rryBlast" and I scored at 4eva gutta's lucky chair, it just happened to yell out to me as I was hitting the MM board. You get the shirt and pants along with necklace, earrings, bracelet, and belly ring!

This sexy hair "In Space" was a gift from Curio Subscribo great group most definitely worth a click!

Fishy Strawberry Skins

(Or my titles are brilliant. ._.)
This gift's been in my inventory for a few days, I only just opened it yesterday. It's so awesome I had to blog it. I expect most people are already in the Fishy Strawberry subscribe-o-matic but for anyone who isn't they make some rather amazing clothes and have moved onto skins. I took photos of all tones because there's only three. It still took a while. <.<

The tan tone. (I'm like everyone else. :D Sort of.)

The dark tone. (Wow, I have boobs. >.>)

The pale tone. (Back shot so you can see the pretty details.)

I think they have quite a Curio/Redgrave feel and the lips are pretty different in an awesome kind of way. :3

Skins - Fishy Strawberry - Subscribe-o-matic Gift
Green Bikini - MichaMi - New Store Limited Gift

Smooth Criminals

So, if you're in the Love/Hate Hivemind or the House of Munster groups, you might have received a notice about a Pimp's Ball hosted by the Harem of Munster last night. That's right, we were up to mischief again, renaming Pink Fuel as 'Pimp Fuel' and taking on as many tricks and hoes as we could muster. We had a huge show of people, including a pile of designers who were giving out all kinds of presents to attendees, and a Violent Seduction dress for every person who showed up.

Other than Myself, Ikaru and Aura, we were graced by designers like Airedine poe of Adore & Abhor, Heather Connolley of Fukmi, Solstice of *Mimic*, Mimi Therian of Freezepop and... god I'm sure I'm forgetting people, not like I want to, but there were SO many. So, next time you hear word of a Harem of Munster party, you best get your behind over here and get in on the festivities, otherwise its your fault, not ours.

Luckily, this time that pimpin' lolita dress is available to you, in the Violent Seduction group. Which is a group you should definitely check out, as Ikaru's dolly dresses are among my favorite on the grid, she's so good it hurts.


+++Blue Blood+++ had a new release recently, 'Freedom'. As you can stand to imagine, its gothy and lolita-ish, but totally gorgeous as well. If you're in the group, you can get it in a group exclusive color, as shown in the photos, as well as get the fatpack half price. Not bad. It comes with two skirt options, and I'm on the floor for the open skirt, I adore it. I'm generally not huge on full skirts, but the bustle on the full skirt is so fab, I can hardly deal with it. It comes with boots too, how can you complain about that?

I've paired it up with 'Natsumi' in black from Diversity hair, which is available at Hair Fair and Tacky Star's 'Translucent Angel' skin, which you can find in shop. In the first shot you'll also see a dog collar, a free gift from Violent Seduction in Iki's main shop. The skin is so worth checking out, the veins on it are incredible, and its totally lovely... and creepy. Just how I like things.

Share That Beat of Love

Okay, so, I'm not going to try to act like I'm the biggest Michael Jackson fan in world, but when I was a kid... Dude was a giant.

I can't even tell you how many hours my friends and I spent sitting out on the stoop, with my little cassette player, listening to Thriller over and over and over and over... We knew every word by heart. And every time he performed or released a new video, we ran out the next day and practiced every move. I know this is true, not just for the kids on my block, but for kids all around the world, who grew up listening to his music.

I won't attempt to comment on the controversies of his later years. I just wanna celebrate the life of that fresh faced kid on TV with the best dance moves, perfect pop tunes, loads of soul, mountains of talent and a love of sequins. So much of what he created in his youth - from the soaring Motown anthems, to the booty shakin' Disco jives, to the 80s-defining Pop - stands the test of time, and frankly beats the crap out of the flaming shite on the radio today. His contributions to American music are immortal.

Deep thanks to all of the designers who have been passing out Michael Jackson-inspired gifts today. Personal favorite is this set of poses from Sugar Mill. You can find them in a giftie box set out by the entrance - totally FREE.

Poses - Sugar Mill - RIP Michael Jackson... - FREE

NOT free:
Hair - booN NMR32 hair black small
Skin - [Rockberry] Uma E Natural Dk Brows
Glasses -
NiVEN - Sunglasses in Black
Top -
{Gisaci} Hoja Top - Black 1
Pants -
Mimikri - Star/Sequin Pants silver
Shoes -
Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump - Metallic Silver

Ok, now I have to share something else with you. You see, where I come from, when a celebrity who has brought us joy passes away, we don't really mourn them. We celebrate them. And celebrate my city did, last night in front of the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem. Check out this spontaneous gathering. And then check out the original. Double dog dare you not to sing along & do a little chair dancing. I already know you know all the words. ;D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pika piiii~

Ever have one of those nights where you get smashed, get married, then end up married to three other girls, and are suddenly a Pikachu dancing around Morrigan Denimore? Doesn't happen very often, even to me, but welcome to last night.

The evening started off innocent enough, hit up Violent Seduction to check out Iki's new skins, but ran into Iki and Aura of tacky stars, and the night began. Lolli eventually came around, and it was on.

Really though, I have just one thing to say. PHE4R.

outfit isn't for sale, have to be part of the Harem of Munster to get one :O
The shoes though, the shoes you can get.


(Told you I'd do it Iki xd)

Chipping Away at the Inventory of Doom

I finally caught a few minutes to sit down with my inventory last night & catch up on the mountains of stuff I've accumulated over the last few weeks. It was getting pretty dangerous in there :/

Anyway, I found all these boxes from the Designer Showcase Network Subscriber Group (DSN) that I still hadn't opened. And, omg so much good stuff! If you haven't signed up yet, you're just being a leotard. You get presents every night from the categories you sign up for - 9 different ones in all. Tons of great shops are involved. And everything is totally 100% FREE!

Here's just a little of what I managed to unpack.

Left - SYSY's DSN - Amber in black dress set
Center - [spork] Flight Mini - gold - (DSN)
Right - (Elate!) Amy (Sky) - DSN

Left - dsn - idk - leopard leggings green
Center - Insolence DSN Gift - Dolores White
Right - DSN SLink - Buckle Pants, Spring Blue

You might have noticed the cute peep-toe shoes in those pics above. Those are from Plausible Body & the Fatpack of 9 colors is on XStreet for FREE. It even comes with a pair that are scripted to color change, so you never even have to take them off your feet to match your outfits. Super duper thanks goes out to the sweetie Isadora Vayandar for tipping me off about this fabulous find! :D

PB >> Open Toe Pumps :: in White, Pink, Brown, Green, Gold, Red, Purple, Blue & Black

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

why am I up at 4:30 am?

A lot of fun stuff appeared in my inventory today, be it from ruthless shopping, or generous designer faeries leaving gifts for me to squeal over. A little bit of hair fair, a little bit of lucky chair, and a nice group gift to round out the post.

First up, Crimson shadow has a new outfit in the lucky chair. Putting it on made me want to find tall structures to crouch on top of and watch the tails of my jacket flick around in the wind, so I did. I think its one of the best lucky chair choices they've ever made, ugh I love this outfit. It totally doesn't hurt that I have a ridiculous fetish for crosses.

The hair I'm wearing is probably one of my favorite finds from Hair Fair this year. It's Exile's 'Lolita'. It retails for 250L, and is worth every penny. The hair comes with two sets of accessories, simple heart barrettes, and then the amazing 'kawaii' barrettes (shown below). The barrettes are color change, and I can't get over how cute they are. Oh, those little hearts under my eye are an accessory that comes with the hair as well. It's a great deal for everything you get.

Before I wrap this up, just a reminder, the Nomine specialty skin sale is still going on. I'm wearing the 'Vampire - Touched' skin, which is only 100L, for a limited time. I figured this would be a great outfit to dig it up for. Finally, while it's small, the *BP update group had a new group gift dropped last night, its just a set of cute ltitle twigs that rest on your lips, but they are adorable so I thought I'd mention them. Oh, and these were shot on the Sick2 sim.

I just thought I'd take a minute to give you an up to date- Today was my mother's last round of Chemo, and she came out of it like a rockstar. She's never been so lucid and about her wits after Chemo as she was today, and it gave me a really positive feeling. After today it's a waiting game. She's going to be getting a CAT scan and meeting with her doctors in a few weeks. Right now is the time to pray, and I thank you so much for every prayer and thought you utter for my family's benefit. I hope in the next few weeks I'll be able to tell you all she's cancer free, only time will tell, won't it?

Monday, June 22, 2009


Edit: I took the pictures on a laptop I don't normally use, and the pink lighting didn't come off so severe, the skin is black and white and the gothic lolita dress, is black with white trim, I was surprised when I loaded the blog after getting home to see they looked neon xD

I'm a big fan of Curious Kitties, just in general. The name can be misleading, a lot of people think *neko* when they hear the name 'Curious Kitties'. Which is fair enough, they do sell ears and tails and cat skins, but they also have great clothes, hair and non-neko skins. The store is huge and can be intimidating, but they have a wall of freebies, and recently, new gifts have been added to it, you can find it near the drop point in the store, just cam around it'll be on the side wall.

This year Curious Kitties has a shop at hair fair, and I have to say, Curious kitties hair is among my favorite on the grid. Its playful and adorable, on top of that, its totally affordable. They've has recently released her newest line of hair, and its pretty unique. In the past she had scripted colorchange hair for 200L, and you got nine colors with that, now, you buy the hair for around 100L, depending on style, and then, you buy color HUDs for the colors you want. These color HUDs aren'n just for hair though, this will be adjusting color for ears, tails and accessories as well.

The color HUDs come in various forms. there are 'lite' HUDs, which come with four colors, and retail for 100L, and there is the Full hud, which has EVERY color (33 of them) for 700L. I personally adore this idea, this way you can get all the hair you want, and if you only want it in black->white, you get them super cheap, but if you'd like to get the reds too, you're only paying 100L once for the reds hud. (or 700L once for all of the colors). Obviously this isn't economical if you aren't a big fan of CK hair, but for those of use who *are* (hi, me.) its brilliant. No more buying fat packs, or packs of blacks and reds and whites, just one hair, and one, to a few HUDs.

Curious Kitties has four hairstyles available this year at Hair Fair, one of which is free! All of these hairs follow the new HUD coloring system, except for the locks of love donation hair. the LoL hair is ridiculous and I'm totally in love with it. Its a whole lot of look, but completely fun to wear at the same time. The Curious Kitties Shop is totally worth checking out, especially if you've never been before because of the Neko connection.

The new freebies in their main store are pretty varied, a couple of dresses, a pant outfit and then, one of their cat skin sets. It comes complete with tail, ears, whiskers, eyes and a shape. It seems pretty unique in terms of neko/kitty gear, most nekos are just human with ears and tails, but thsi is really kitty, without looking super Anthro. I thought the eyes were pretty cool, just how they mix in with the fur parts of the skin.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Back when I was a lowly noob, Retrology was the very first hunt I ever did in SL. I had been wandering around for weeks in the worst of the worst freebies. And then I found Retrology and my SLife was changed forever. I had finally discovered that there was all this great fashion to be had, that there was a place where an avatar could go to look stylish and unique. Retrology is still one of the top shopping sims in SL. Every shop is just brimming with great clothes and stylish furnishing, all at affordable prices.

To find out that they are hosting yet another hunt, this time in honor of Father's Day, you know I had to get my ass down there double-quick. The My Heart Belongs to Daddy Hunt ends today, so make sure you don't miss it! You're looking for little hearts hidden around the sim. Look inside & outside of all shops. There are tons to be found. Lots of great stuff & all of it FREE! Here's just a little taste what you'll find :)

Dress - PUD_Karen Dress_Dark Denim
Shoes - .:Periquita Wedges 2:.
Bracelets - ~*FGB*~ Checkerboard Gem Cookie Cuff - Golden
Dress - Ingenue :: Miss USO ::
Dress - Thimbles - Find the River (blue brown)

Top - (Elate!) Heart Tank Top (Red)
Top - *Thimbles* I Love Plaid - Darryl
Top - The Sea Hole - aquabats hoodie
Shoes - UBU Drunks 4 Retrology

~Blacklace~ Azura Blue Satin & Lace

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Hey kids!

I'm kind of thinking that hunt list will stay as a Sunday sort of thing. But I've had a pretty hectic few weeks so we'll see what happens. A bunch of good hunts are ending today, Juicy and Wonderland are must do hunts. SOGETTHEMDONE! Anyway, have fun this week, and we'll see if i can work this out again next week xD

A Piece of Candy diamond hunt - Through the 17th
Ai Yai Yai hunt - Through the 19th
Cinderella's lost slipper hunt - Through the 30th
Coyura Creations (for a snail) - Ending unknown
Curious Kitty hunt - Through the 31st
Dare Designs
Dominion Golden Apple hunt - Ends TODAY (July 12th)
Gone Fishing GW - Through July 31st
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Heart & Sole daisy hunt - dunno how much longer this one is going on
Hope Hunt grid wide - (being rescheduled)
Juicy Summer Lovin hunt - ends TODAY (July 12th)
Just for the guys! Hunt - Through the 31st
Kalloni mall hunt - Through the 19th
Lemania's Prozac hunt - Through the 30th
Magia july hunt - There is a new one of these every month.
Passion's GW - Through the 31st
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
*Roseo* & *M* rogue forest - Ongoing mini hunt
Seashells by the Seashore GW - Through the 31st
Summer Fun Hunt - Through the 19th
Tiny Sim - Ongoing
Witchy Woman Designs - Through July 30th
Wonderland hunt - Ends TODAY (July 12th)
XTC Designs - Through august 7th

see ya!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kiss and Swallow

you might have noticed recently, I really like House of Munster. Apparently House of Munster really likes me too! The Lovely Lolli Munster has created five new hairs for the Hair Fair this year and each one is ridiculous and fantastic, just like everything else that devious girl creates. She has short hair, long hair, and 'hawks to be claimed, and each is more fabulous than the last. The variety of looks you can get from the styles kills me, as you and really pull off a punky yet antiquated victorian look, to straight up punk rawk bitch.

Lolli's prices go like this, Solid color sets are 250L each, tipped sets are 400L, and her monster packs are 1k each. There are two monster packs available, a tipped monster pack, and a solid color monster pack.

If you aren't familiar with Lolli Munster's hair, she makes some of the most fun scripted hair on the grid. All of the hair in the shots except for the last one, are her scripted tipped hair, and depending on the hair, you have options to tip the bangs, the hair, a streak, you can make the hawk part of the hair different from the bangs, and the bangs different from the hair. Another great feature is that you can turn the mohawk on and off in some hair styles, so you can use these hairs in a huge variety of ways.

For the fair, Lolli has placed her Sprite hair as her Locks of Love donation hair, so when you buy it, half of the price of the hair goes directly to Locks of Love. This hair is so much fun, with three different areas to color, it looks great whether you're of the fae persuasion, or just really like spikey hair, and really, who doesn't like spikey hair? Its just so much fun to touch.

My favorite hair of the bunch I think is Nina though. Its long, funky, and comes with two hair pieces. A hairbow and a headband. It also has one of those awesome 'hawks that you can turn on and off. Another treat concerning this hair, is that the headband and barrette are color change as well. You can wear this hair so many ways its ridiculous, and I love it.

Between Axel, and this hair called 'Ballz 2 the Wallz' I'm pretty sure you've got your crazy hair covered. I love the risks this hair is willing to take and it totally works. Its another hair with a 'hawk that can be hidden. I wasn't too sure about this hair until I put it on, and it was love. With or without the mohawk, I love it. Its like a punk rock peacock, and how is that *not* cool?

But that's not all! Oh no, Lolli has updated the House of Munster group gifts. She's put out 'Buttons' and 'Rabid' a brand new mohawk for all you girls who fancy yourself a tank... you just like to shave your head. 'But Wrenja!' you might say. 'You showed us Buttons in your last big HoM post!' . I totally did, you are correct. BUT. Buttons has been updated, its now scripted colorchange just like the rest of Lolli's hair, AND, it now has nine colors available as opposed to the previous five.

I'm also willing to bet you've been oggling the skin I'm wearing. Well my darlings, this is also a new gift in Hotel Munster! The lovely Ikaru of one of my new favorite shops 'Violent Seduction' has dropped this for group members. She just released a new line of skins with some fantstic and vibrant makeups, and totally worth checking out. Like I've said before the entry fee to the House of Munster Group is 50L, but it is so worth it, I can hardly believe it.