Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tricketts or Giraffes?

I'm not really that into Christmas. x: Everyone on the grid is suddenly a seasonal deer so I suddenly feel protective of my "individualtiy" and all the shops are full of snow and baubles and trees and extra things my computer is not too fond of. x: So I'm going to hide out here and dress up as a giraffe. :3

It's kind of hard to resize but it's cute. :D You can pick it up from !Go!'s lucky chairs which change letter every three mintues.

I meant to do some quick hunt previews of hunts finishing on the 15th but my friends called on Skype and my photography settings weren't happy. Sorry blog, friends first but maybe I can get them done tomorrow? x:
If you're looknig for antlers I always suggest Illusions. :3 She also puts out special edition ones for Christmas. You can also try Rue (who has a pack out for 55L Mondays) or Down Down Down. For more tig-like antlers, you can try Needful Things or Sweet Leonard or Epic.
For legs / full avatars, mine are from Titania's Court. Other stores you can try are Epic, Visavi and Atomic.
Or you can combine the two in one avatar and buy Dodie's Deer avatar. :3 I have this avatar in pink, the textures and sculpts are very unique among faun although the fitting is a little tricky.

Eyes // Chus! // Lucky Board
Giraffe Vest and Arm Warmers // !Go! // Lucky Chair
Skirt // Y&R // Group Lucky Board

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Flesh Game

Today I learnt to take all the photos in one sitting. Or at least try harder to do so. x: Small camera angle discrepincies aside, here are a few prizes from The Flesh Game, the interactive game running on the Sn@tch and Pulse sims until November the 14th. (Post is not on last day, be amazed. o: )

The Flesh Game is not a hunt. Having said that you will have to hunt for the prizes. x: When you land, you will be prompted to buy the HUD which will help you navigate the game and gives you a horror-based story to follow.

Hover over everything. Buy anything with the Linden dollar cursor and touch everything that brings up a hand cursor. If you see any numbers, take notice of them because they will help you break the codes to the next room.
You'll need to set aside a decent amount of time to complete The Flesh Game. As the slowest avatar on the grid, I have no idea how long it took me but I did have to nap before I could finish it. x: Should probably take the advice of friends and take an interest in that super food known as coffee.

Most of the prizes are hidden in small, repeated objects such as notepads and coffee books. Theres several more outfits and goods out there. Some of which I didn't photograph, some of which I didn't find. x:
As a note on the prizes: the Sn@tch boots have colour changing laces and socks as well as a no sock option. The Gauze boots also have colour change laces. Yay. :D The Forsaken cowboy boots only come in 'complete' form so you'll need to mod them if you want them under your jean cuffs.

The Funky Junk sykbox and furniture is sperated into four boxes. I was going to take all the pictures in the skybox... But then I took a nap and changed my mind. x: Naps: they solve all my problems, except when they generate problems such as crashing my viewer. x: I think I'm officailly polyphasic this week.
I don't really remember where most of the prizes were located now but if you have missed a specific prize and are desperate to know it's location, drop a note before the 14th and I'll try to help out.

All clothing, shoes, accessories and furniture from The Flesh Game.
Skin is by Mother Goose and is free at the Lavenda location.
Additional styling (antlers, hair, tattoos) is not free.

-Initiate slight nausea at not being sure how to post item lists.-

Purple Outfit
Purple Top/Skirt Set // Sn@tch Satine (Grape)
Eyes // BC Bestial: Crave
Make-up // Beauty Killer Forced Smile Make-Up
Choker // Sn@tch Bat Choker
Ring // Sn@tch Raven Ring (in Sn@tch Grab Bag)
Socks // Sn@tch Bordello Stockings
Boots // Gauze Myaku Stomps

Green Top Outfit
Green Top // Somnia Sexy Sweater Vest (Green)
Jeans // SWAK Web Jeans
Belt // FORSAKEN Leather Strip Belt
Boots // Sn@tch Drucilla Boots

Skirt Outfit
Top // Sn@tch Home Run Tee (Orange)
Leggings // LeBloom Swapped Orange/Black
Skirt // Sn@tch Plaid & Corduroy

Jeans Outfit
Top // Somnia Striped Queen (Orange/Black)
Ring // Sn@tch Raven Ring (in Sn@tch Grab Bag)
Jean and Shoes // LeBloom Teal Striped Shoulder Sweater Outfit

Sack-Girl (part-time crime-fighter, part-time lingerie model - we're not sure how good she is at either)
Swimsuit // LeBloom Blood Red Gown
Sack + Bruises // Gauze Contestant Set
Boots // Sn@tch Drucilla Boots

Top // Animalistic Corset (Cheetah Dark Black)
Jeans // Somnia Basic Jeans (Black)
Make-up // Beauty Killer Forced Smile Make-Up
Hat // Sn@tch Kickass Hat (Death Valley) (in Sn@tch Grab Bag)
Belt // FORSAKEN Leather Strip Belt
Ring // Sn@tch Raven Ring (in Sn@tch Grab Bag)
Boots // FORSAKEN Step on my fuckin' boots. I DARE ya!

Outfit // Sn@Tch Doom (For Guys)
Sack // Gauze Contestant Set
Boots (modded) // FORSAKEN Step on my fuckin' boots. I DARE ya!
Sybox and Furniture // Funky Junk Haunted Skybox and furniture (scattered in four boxes)

Monday, October 31, 2011

And A Petrichor Revisit

I did have a post pre-written in Word but my computer went crazy and ate it. x:
I really wanted to blog the Dura/Lantern Evoultion hunt but I don't think I have time. x: Basically grab all your mens and go find the pumpkins. It's a pretty easy hunt but as a hint: remember to check outside too.
This post is a lot of words and not enough pictures. :/

(If you crop your antlers too much, they will look like antennae.)
This is a quick revisit to Petrichor, who I blogged last month. I thought I'd change up the face because this one is pretty and it suits these skins better than Tricketts do. I think there are other hunt skins available but I forgot to check in before I went into photo-mode. x:
The eyes on the top line are from the R1C3 lucky board. They're shiney-pretty and they're actually melons. (x
The grey eyes are from Chuus. Once again, another store I blogged. Originally T&P they have rebranded to Chuus. The creator is very generous with her subscriber and there is a lucky board in store.
For some reason these gifts are lacking teeth and tongues. x: If I get the time/courage I'll drop the creator a NC incase she messed up a base because all her other skins have been fine. It's not something you will notice unless you use emotion HUDs or animate when voice chatting. x:

And finally, incase you were unaware, somehow...
All the hair in this and the last two posts is from Elikatira. Today is the last day for the 70% off sale. I love Elikatira not just because of her beautiful sculpts but also because she offers an essentials pack containging one or two tones of all the "natural" colours. You can buy this pack for 75L. I think the regular packs and shoes are 55L and fatpacks are 360L. I'm somewhat terrified she's going to relrelease everything in mesh but I bought a lot anyway. x:
If you're going to do this last minute my advise would be:
1. Buy demos from X-Street. (Although that has taken over an hour to deliver to me previusly.) Try on and select favourite ones.
2. Down-prim. Take off all the prims you can. No jewellery, clothing attachments, I even think this may call for shoes-ditching. Wear your shortest hair with as few flexis/alphas as possible or even just a tattoo base.
3. Turn on minimap.
4. Teleport and MOVE AWAY FROM THE LANDING ZONE. Doesn't matter which direction, just go. o: The minimap will help you manouver through the people. :3
5. If you end up outside the windows like a pretty little creep and can't rez the vendors (that's what I did :D), there are pose stands you can use to teleport into the store.
6. I recommend Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4. x: It hides all the avatars so the game won't try to load those. You can't however walk using it so toggle it again to move. x: Type it again to reactivate avatars. (If it doesn't do anything, make sure you have advanced/develop menus open first by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D.)
7. Buy hair and run. o:

And I think that's everything. Happy Hallowe'en. :D
Next week is "attampt something productive with a photoshopping programme" month, so you don't have to spend weeks camping for Lindens and can be some sort of creative asset to Second Life and not a mooch. x:


First Skin // Petrichor // Bootiful Disaster Hunt
Second Skin // Petrichor // The Unknown Hunt: One (1L)
Third Skin // Petrichor // Charm Potion Hunt
Melon Eyes // R1C3 // Lucky Board
Grey Eyes // Chuus // Subscriebr Gift
And don't forget last day of Elikatira sale. o:

The Return of CStar (also featuring Rue)

CStar Limited is another skin store that has reopened this month after closing earlier this year for redesign.
Both the skin and dress in this post are lucky chairs/boards and I think they will be removed / switched over in the next couple of days so apologies for being so late on this one. x:

CStar operates a unique system. As well as having a permanent line of skins available, they offer limtied quanities of new make-ups.
The latest skins are very different to the last line. I think the shading and the tones are very different and I assume the bases are new but I'm not a skin expert. x: I think this has made the skins a little less recognisable but a lot more universal. I'd never been able to get these skins to work too well with my shape but the newest releases is very flattering on it. :3
The dress is from the lucky board at Hello World. It comes with a big witche's hat but I have replaced it with another set of Rue's Hallowe'en hunt horns. :3

I've only managed to grab pale, natural and bronzed so far. x: This is pale and bronzed. All the skins in this chair are transfer as are the limited editions so you can gift and trade them if you have duplicates. :3 If you don't manage to win these skins but are really itnerested in them, I think they'll be available for purchase in November.
My personal method of lucky chairs is to hop between them, either alternating the chairs or just popping in while I'm TPing somewhere else. I guess they're like people, they don't like being stared at. x: If you're on a V2 version of Second Life, you will have a favourties folder. Drop the lucky chairs you want to visit into that folder and the stores will show on an additional tool bar at the top to make hopping between them easier. :3

Another post or two later but for now I need to get ready to have my blood taken, no vampires required. I think I'd prefer the vampires though. ):


Skins + Eyes // CStar Limited // Lucky Chair
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Dress // Hello World // Group Lucky Board

The Return of Frick (featuring Rue)

Apologies for not blogging.
Complaints about computer.
Apologies for being late.
Excuses about needing money.
Apologies for general blandness but I like to explain. |:
And that's about the jist of it. x:

I've got a few posts for today. I've decided to split them up because I think it makes things easier to read. Unfortunately they're all pretty much ending tomorrow. x:
I'm expecting my image sizes to be all over the place, I knocked the camera a few times. x:

First off: Frick has reopened. :D This was a store I blogged a long time ago. I wore Frick almost exclusively around then. I've worn a few other brands and randoms since but I always like how my avatar looks in those skins and prefer them for some of my signature looks.

These skins and the outfit are from the reopening-Hallowe'en hunt. There are seven pumpkins containing two styles of dress and five skins (in freckled and non-freckled) priced at 1L each. If you're looking for last minute creepy skins and tattoos, Frick has several. :3
Rue is also another store I blogged way back who has also recently re-opened. She is currently part of the hunt on the Ctrl Shift H sim and is offering numerous horns in this colour. She also has exclusive Hallowe'en colour packs for all her horns at her mainstore for 75L each.
The horns are mod, which is why I'm missing the alpha layers on my hair in the second picture. x:

This was a quick shot to show you the set of freebie skins she has out too. I think the cocoa tone could probably benefit from recolouring however. x: I think the tone is a little too orange and the shading is a little bit green looking.
The eyes featured are a from The Sugar Garden's subscriber.


Skins // Frick // 1L Hunt / Freebies
Outfit // Frick // 1 L Hunt
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Eyes// The Sugar Garden // Subscriebr Gift

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome To The Land Of Long, Explanitory Text Walls :D

(There will be no humour, only explanations. |<)
As I don't know where the rest of the team are (well, actually Narita is loving life without the computer and seems to be doing awesome, according to her Plurk, yay (: ), I'm going to start dual posting with my personal (and not actually used) blog Trickett Blogs Stuff. I intend to have free posts, regular fashion posts and more social and personal based posts on it but we'll see how it goes, it may just be dual posts at this rate. x:
On to actual post... I thought this would only take me an hour or two, turns out it took me all day. I don't know, something about finding the correct poses, the right hair and falling asleep twice in the process. x: Actual post is incredibly long because I'm walking you through everything and giving you useful info. |:

I also had to redo this picture because I left Bubble out of the box. x: I made a switch from my regular Illusions ears to a free pair of guaged and pierced ones from Bubble available on the Fallen and Depraved hunt. I guess that's why you don't try and list all the stores on the picture. x:
The nails shift through a rainbow of neon colours and are an anniversary gift from Ni.Ju, available at the store for a couple of weeks. Congrats on one year to them and I'm pleased she stuck through it because she's coming out with some really nice stuff. :3
The outfit is from Roawenwood and is part of a mini-hunt Roawenwood is holding in addition to the Twisted hunt. The Twisted hunt finishes on the 30th, I'm unlikely to be blogging much else from it because I'm spending a rediculous amount of time sleeping and scrounging money to buy as much as I can from Collabor88. Yay Bletaverse. x: I also think SL Freebie Hunters already did a great job. I love this blog, it's a defintie time saver. x: And remember, all boxes ar within 30m of the landing point.

I wanted to base this post around a couple of stores I've seen in hunts this year. Namely Petrichor and Repulse. If you're regularly doing hunts you're probably already familar with them. x:
Petrichor is a skin and shape store. It doesn't have a large selection but they have been very generous with their hunts offering up whole avatars in some cases, which they later set up for sale. They have a small range of colourful and animal-based skins currently available. This skin is also from the Twisted Hunt and also comes with the purple mask on a tattoo layer. :3
Repulse is anotehr incredibly generous store specialising in really unique, alternate and gorey eyes. It also has a large selection of wounds and scars and things that just generally ooze and bleed. x: The eyes in this picture are from the Fallen and Depraved Hunt too. This is a hunt I defintiely intend to do next month, I think.

You can slightly see the guages on the ears here. x: My original Illusions ears are purely texture change where these ears are purely tinted. They work with a very useful HUD. I think managed to match them up a lot better than some of my previous posts but I also like the ability to add a base texture so the ears don't get washed out.
The skins are from the Stalker Trailer Trash and The Macabre Hunt (TMH). I especially love the clown one. x: The eyes are from the Twisted Hunt and again, The Macabre Hunt. I'm going to watch out for this hunt, too, I think. I haven't really been itnerested in doing it the past couple of hunts but these prizes make me think I might this time.

These skins are a lot more universal. The green make-up skin is from The Unknown Hunt (TUH) and therefore costs 1L. It comes in all tones though. :3 The confetti make-up is from the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt. I'm pretty determined to do this hunt but it does end on the 30th. x:
The eyes in these pictures are instead from XYR. They have several freebies on the marketplace. I managed to find their in world store, they sell low price skins and eyes at 5L although I think some of them might be included in the packs.
Also, blonde Trickett. o: I bought this hair, I shall use this hair. |: It doesn't get used for everyday wear because I don't have blonde hooves yet. I find mismatching hair/outfit/fur colours odd. <.<


First + Second Pictures
Skin // Petrichor // Twisted Hunt
Eyes // Repulse // Fallen and Depraved Hunt
Ears // Bubble // Fallen and Depraved Hunt
Nails // Ni.Ju // Freebie
Outfit // Roawenwood // Twisted Additional Hunt (Click the Easel for direct TP x: )

Third Down
Skin 1 // Petrichor // Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt
Eyes 1 // Repulse // The Macabre Hunt
Skin 2 // Petrichor // The Macabre Hunt
Eyes 2 // Repulse // Twisted Hunt

Last Pictures
Skins 1 // Petrichor // The Unknown Hunt // 1L
Eyes 1 // XYR // Freebie
Skin 2 // Petrichor // American Bazaar Birthday Hunt
Eyes 2 // XYR // Freebie

Related Links You May Find Useful
SL Freebie Hunters for hunt prizes
The Twisted Hunt - the official merchants list page - finishes September 30th
The American Bazaar Birthday Hunt - official merchants list and hints page - finishes September 30th
The Unknown Hunt - blog with merchants list and hint - finishes September 30th
Fallen and Depraved Hunt - official merchants list and hints page - finishes October 15th
The Macabre Hunt - official hints blog - finishes around October 15th
Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt - official hitns list - I don't know when it finishes but I assume October 15th x:


Also, I totally forgot to mention Creator Stamp Rally is back. :D I'm going to try and write up a post documenting the cheap things you can buy to get the cards but we'll see if that happens. x:
P.S.: If I managed to mess up, leave a comment and use search/Google. x: Blogs, they're a lot of work. x:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Night For Horror Night

So some time in April my cache corrupted itself and I haven't been able to operate my usual photographic settings because it no longer saves preferences when you log out. x: I think you can achieve this bug by switching between viewers. You can fix it by uninstalling and doing a clean reinstall but I procrastinate so it took me a few months. :3
I think I'm finally over my MMO episode sort-of-somewhat so I should be around a lot more and hopefully posting a lot more. x: I don't know when or if anyone else is coming back, I'm going to wait around for a bit and see what happens. x:

Anyway, in news more useful to you. Today is the last day for the Horror Night sim and sale event. :3 If I have managed to write "Hoor Night" during this post, apologies, it appears to be an unfortunate typo I have developed. x:
Horror Night is a sort of Japanese school murder mystery. You teleport in, grab a HUD and look around the old, abandoned school for scraps of paper. When you pick up all the scraps, they are added to the HUD and when you have all the scraps you find the shrine and click on it.

The prizes are this cute uni-sex (yay, no boob shading x:) watermelon T-shirt and a rather awesome little bracelt. I thought the bracelet was just plain brown beads but if you click it, you get skulls. o:

The build is very nicely done. The scraps are easy to find, they are on the walls and floors (don't forget to check the pool) and there are poseballs you can interact with to create some scarey scenes. :3 It would make more sense to take photos there but studio conditions make lag easier to control. x:
If you enjoyed this sim you'll also enjoy the Bakumatsu Obakeyashiki build. :3 I think they are a related project.

While you're hunting the hallways, hiding in rooms and avoiding the ghosts you'll notice a few vendors out. I bought the Dimbula Rose (this URL takes you straight to the stall) skin because I thought it was cute and creepy and I think it's limtied edition and limited edition makes me panicky. x: It's also very nicely priced at 77L. :3

The skin also comes with matching eyes, which you can pick up beside the demo vendor for 1L. :3

And I think that's about it. You didn't read any of that. Yay words. :D I think I have to go save my "Social Sims" sim now... <.<

Skin // Dimbula Rose @ Horror Night (SLURL to stall) // 77L
Eyes // Dimbula Rose @ Horror Night (SLURL to stall) // 1L for 3
T-Shirt // Rude Rebel // Horror Night Hunt prize (SLURL to start)
Bracelet // Naminoke // Horror Night Hunt prize (SLURL to start)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In the name of every Heretic




Hey :x

So here I am. I've been gone for a fair bit and I'm sure those that loathe me hoped the worst, though they will forever be disappointed. I am currently very busy, but in the past few days have been missing the blog. It's hard for me to be present right now, because I'm waking up every morning at 5:45 am, and not home until 6 pm, and in bed by 10 pm at the latest. Not much time for blogging. I also messed up my ankle something fierce and contracted the Mongolian death virus that's been sweeping the PNW. Exciting times. Anyway, I'm sure this isn't new, but when I saw it I instantly fell in love, and want to wear it every day forever.

The outfit is from Osakki, and is beautiful. It comes in like six colors, and the sculpt work is ridiculousawesome. Of course I had to get the black. Don't judge me. It retails for 300L which is totally reasonable. Mmmm Military. Gimmie more.

I've paired it with my favorite J's boots, my favorite Lamb hair, and my favorite Tres Blah skin (which isn't available anymore). Also the darker cross legging are unavailable, but, that's a small detail really. What's more important, is how amazing this outfit makes my ass look. Lookit that crisp line. Perfection.

Anyway. I'll try to be around, I am totally incapable of being any sort of prolific right now tho. Thank god for Tricky :d she's amazing *hart*hart*hart* See you soon! (maybe)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Post Without Antlers

Do you ever write stuff in your head and then when you come to sit in front of the comptuer, it all dissapears? That happens to me just about everytime I sit down to type something... x: I'm going to try to reassemble whatever I had written in my brain for you...
I'm still very into the game I joined last year so I haven't been in SL much. x: But I managed to catch a post on the Japanese blog Misty Night featuring some cosplay outfits in the lucky board at Luna Sabia and thought I'd reblog a couple here.

This outfit comes with a sword, although I couldn't figure out how to make it visable. x: It also comes with a chest plate, that I left out.
I think some of the textures depend on the intricacy of the prims a bit too much but I do like the prim work in most cases. I think a lot of the pieces can be used uniquley. :3

The outfits are very prim-y so wanting to avoid the fun of readjusting prims, I modded the shapes provided by the creator. x: (I'm a shape freak and they needed thicker/longer arms, bigger hands and thicker legs on the maid shape, in my opinon. I also messed with the chests but I left the faces alone. :3)
As it wasn't my traditional shape I figured I'd mix things up a bit and use the ears from the Illusions lucky chair, which have been around for some time now but it's Easter so it's a good time to add rabbit ears to the feeds. :3
There's a whole lot of other outfits available in the lucky boards in cluding more casual outfits. :3

I forgot to use windlight in these photos and for some reason high resolution snapshots aren't working and won't let me adjust the resolution but it's O.K, it's not the end of the world. :D But I do need to figure out how to fix that because it did that last time too. >.> Maybe I need to give in and figure out how to change a graphics card? x:

First Picture
Outfit and shape // Luna Sabia // Lucky board
Rabbit Ears // Illusions // Lucky Chair

Second Picture
Dress and Shape // Luna Sabia // Lucky Board
Rabbit Ears // Illusions // Lucky Chair

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salt Group Gifts (or Sporadic Posts on Quiet Blog)

So... Happy New Year? I don't know where everybody's gone. x: I suspect they're being normal and having in depth and useful first lives. :3
We're lucky I didn't find anything rabbit themed or there might have been a lot of Watership Down references in this post. (Find me an Inle mask? ): )
But I did find some very pretty group gifts. :3 They come with a dull story, the gist of which is that I saved a notecard a very long time ago to a store I thought looked very pretty but might skip off the radar and someone on my timeline asked if anyone had a landmark to that store recently so, I decided to investigate. It makes my estimated 20k+ notecards worth it. :3

The umbrella and skirt/top set are all group gifts at the lovely Salt. I love the skirt sculpt especially. :3 The store has very small selection but this reopening gives me hope that the creator is working on new stock. :3

My photos appear to be somewhat back on track, I think I had my hardware settings too high, I noticed my last ones were pretty grainy. This ones just kind of grainy. :D I wish I kept track of which settings I was using for some of my old ones... I still like my paint boxes. >.> Must be more consistant...

Top/Skirt/Umbrella // Salt // Group Gifts