Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twisted And Spolied

Twisted and Spoiled is a store I'm sure we've all seen on hunts, chair calls and in fashion groups but I haven't really seen them blogged much. Least not in freebie blogs, I'm not reading the other blogs so much. x: They always seem to have a group freebie and their designs are catching my eye so I did a bit of group juggling.
Here are the prizes they currently have out. The top two are the Bunny Hop hunt gifts. The bikini is their current group gift and the black outfit is their Twisted hunt gift, which maybe taken down sometime soon. All really easy to find. :3

All clothes and accessories by Twisted and Spoiled.

As a note the boots are Sinistyle and the star tattoos are Sn@tch. I'll get those SLURULs for you soon but for now use search. x:


Short and sweet, Pididdle has a new group gift. Join their update group, and check notices. It's this cute tunic dress, and the pose.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you!!

The generosity of designers never ceases to amaze me! With all the freebies, dollarbies, hunt prizes, gifts about it is hard to keep up! They keep us bloggers on our toes and they keep you busy exploring their creativity enticing you with goodies trying to keep your attention with their extensive talents. Which brings me to this post, not one day after I blogged about Toast's group gift.. I get another gift from the beautiful and talented JessicaAnne Bailey, this time it is celebrating her 600th group member YAY! Quite an accomplishment we here at Love/Hate congratulate you, and wish you much success! If your not in Toasts group yet go smack that subscribo if this sweet dress isn't reason enough... you might be on crack.

While your there don't forget to pick up your bunny hop egg!! Trust me you cant miss this one its HUGE! I picked mine up before I finished this post, and I couldn't leave this out! This is only part of the goodness but its sooo cute! Check out this little cuddle egg with surprise inside!! He pops in and out and is freakin adorable! There is a cute outfit too, but I'll leave that as a surprise! Eyelet dress in violet-Toast 600th member group gift!

Shoes: MY FAV! Magic Silver D'fly's from XCENTRICITY not free

Skin: New group gift from Cupcakes!! Seduction line Mmm 250L group fee worth every penny and then some.

Fine Ensemble

Couple of things I picked up on the bunny hunt. I'd love to go through the entire hunt and post my favourites but I think I'm a bit slow for that. x:
Fashion rules state you shouldn't mix gold and silver but I'm a bit lazy, slow and short of time so I'm combning them slighlty for this post. x:
The only other fashion rule I know would be black goes with everything...

The dress is a hunt prize from Ensemble and also comes with a flexi skirt and collar option.
The necklace and belt I saw whilst searching for the egg at Fine. They're opening gifts so I don't know if there permanent or limited and they're copy / no transfer.

Dress - Ensemble - Bunny Hop hunt
Necklace / Belt - Fine - Opening gift (If it drops you at an entrance point, follow carrots and use TP board.)

Back to Ghanie Lane

I went to go check out the balloons at Ghanie Lane, which Sileny blogged a little while ago. The monocules from Sanu she blogged are still there but there's also a couple more and I've taken some quick snapshots of some of the other ballons.

The new monocules are 'Peachy' and 'Banana'.

They're in the purple ballon on the right. I don't remember where any of the others are really. x:

There's a clock from Blonde.

Looks awesome and you can chage the colour of the outer, face and hands by clicking the centre. :3

Incase you're wondering what the 'love cloud' from FD Decor is...

It's a cloud with kissing poseballs and hearts. Doesn't take a genius to work out but I was curious. :3

And I really liked this choker from Roawenwood. It comes with matching anklets.

It's Trick's entire head this time 'cause it looks cute. >.>

All dollarbies and freebies at Ghanie Lane. Click the balloons. :3

42 in Sn@tch City

The 42 mainstore has moved and has a new freebie up for the week. :3

Skin - 42 - Weekly freebie

Guh, boots.

Van of EvA has graced us with another stunning pair of free boots, this time a stylish Burberry shin boot! Eat em' up ladies!

Slow Kitchen has a couple of new group gifts in the store, a 'dingy retro dress' as the folder calls it, and a cute little shell bracelet for you beach bunnies. They're sitting right next to each other on the back wall to the left of the lucky chairs.The dress totally makes me think of an old abused dolly dress, so I figured I'd complete the look with Miasnow's wild woman hair. I'm a poor abused dolly :( hug meeee.

Pretty Purple

Love Soul and R2 have gotten together and started a shoe shop, =L+R+W=. I wonder if Blue ever sleeps! Regardless, there are lots of shoes to behad, including the newest must have, prim feetsie shoes, which retail for 700L, not bad if I do say so myself. If you're a pooor one like me tho, you can pick up these lovely shoes and the nails below for free as a special opening gift!

Hot Pants! Yeeow!

Today is gonna be quick and dirty, cause I need to get downtown to see my mom in the hospital. She's getting some stuff done to her to prepare for chemo, which should be starting next week.

*Wave* has a couple of new dollarbies outside of the shop for you to claim, including these hot little numbers shown below.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Afternoon kids!

Bunny hop is on and you're feverishly grabbing your eggs, but don't forget about the Twisted hunt, it ends tomorrow, so if you haven't finished it NOW IS THE TIME! PLOD will be closing after this hunt, which is sad as hell, so make sure to get the things you want before if goes( Scratch that, its gone :( ) Also, don't forget about the special seafoam green tutu dress at Katat0nik in the psychotic neko hunt!

Bunny Hop Grid Wide - Through April 19th
Cosmo Chic - Through the 31st
Dyn Easter Hunt
Go Fly a Kite grid wide -Through April 19th
Imagen - Through the 31st
Lemania - Through the 30th
Magia Accessories -Ongoing
Moonstar designs
Most Random hunt ever - Through April 1st
Psychotic Neko
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
Spring is in the Air GW - starts April 1st
Sway's Easter Hunt - Through April 14th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Tiny Sim - ongoing
Top Designers hunt - starts april 1st
Trashed Puppets
Tropical Escape
Twisted Grid Wide Hunt - Ends tomorrow! Hop to it kids!

Have a good week!

Bathtime and Bubbles!

Today The Peacock Feather had a Bath n Bubbles show and we were bathing in bubbly!
We featured Reasonable Desires " Strippable Bubbles". You may have seen me there.. splashing about in next to nothing, maybe you won some goodies from *RD*, or picked up the new freebie they put on the bar! If you didn't.... Get your bum over to The Peacock Feather slap that subscribo so you don't miss out on the next event!!
Newest Dollarbie from Reasonable Desires you can pick up at The Peacock Feather:
"Sohpie Lingerie in Cherry"

How cute is this Peep hair from Exile??
Comes in many colors <333>
Free group gift in the store!!

The Internet Breaks on Sundays

Flickr hates me, SL is lagging and blogger is broken. But at least you have 48 hours to pick up this dress from DCNY. :3
Well not quite 48, you'd have had a few more hours if SL hadn't irritated my Flickr... I'm not actually that affected by the lag monster but something has it out for me.

Dress - DCNY - 48 hour freebie

Osaka Sock-it-to-ya

I Tp'd to Osaka by accident the other day, I always liked the look of this sim and I haven't been in a while so I decided to have a look around. I found some nice goodies.. I'll show you here. This colorful skirt perfect for your spring wardrobe I found at Meu! and Ska shack.
Located right by the door in a pretty gift box.

Star sandals from Haysuriza
you can find them right outside the shop on a small stump. This dainty little mushroom necklace can be found at The Swansong.

And Last but not Least...

You have GOT to pick up this subscribo gift from TOAST!
Includes: Tank,Shorts,Skirt,Stockings, and cute lil prim bow detail on the tank.
WELL worth a click!

Other stuff
Hair in first pic: Lamb group gift.
Skin: Same Rita skin I just blogged.
Sweater in first pic: LFS (Lychee Feeling shop) ??
I know I picked this up free or nearly free but I went back and didn't see it!
If anyone remembers where lemme know! :) ty


Soooo.. I was tipped off by Sileny to rummage through this trashcan in Glanz & Ami Style.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty neat things!
Took me about 30 Minutes to forage these 2 sets of "Rita" Skins, on top you can see the 2 Fair skins, below is the 2 tan skins. Also included in each pack are 2 Eyelashes, 3 Eyebrow options, and two shapes. (These pictures taken with my own shape.)
Happy Diving!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

all the hair a girl could ever want

They don't let up, but you should know that at this point. Vasha and her partner in crime Dys have stockpiled their lucky chairs at +DV8+ with allllllll kinds of hair, and I do mean ALL kinds of hair. We're talking four different styles, each in five different colors, colors which will be exclusive to the lucky chairs, so you can't get them anywhere else. But! This isn't a limited time deal, these will be around for a bit, so while you don't technically have to set up camp i nthe store again, you probably will anyway.Cyber Geisha (far left and center) in Candy Pink and Wicked Wine
Cyber Djinn(left center) in Aquanaught
Io Cyberfalls (inner right) in Purple Nova
Elektra Cyberfalls (far right) in Ghastly Green

But that's not all! There are also three outfits in the chairs, the utterly fantastic Praxis set in three different colors. Totally unisex too as you can see. It comes in teal(aquanaught), army green(fallout) and purple (Ultraviolet). As always everything is quality, and you'll be the hottest cyber bitch on the grid in this ish, unless you're standing next to me at least ;D


I've been hopping around the grid today, looking for inspiration, leads all that fun stuff, and at *Sugar*, I noticed there was a new dress in the chair. A new drool worthy dress. A new epicly epic drool worthy dress. A new epicly eipc- yeah I think you might have an idea. I spazzed.Everything you see in this picture, outside of my hair and skin, comes with this set. From the headband, to the wings, to the shoes on my cute little feets. I'm such an adorable EGL girl I can hardly stand it. Its so rare that you see sets this lovely for free in any possible way, be it group gift, lucky chair or hunt prize. The chair is on a ten minute timer I believe, so garb your closest friends and molest the chair at *Sugar* for a bit.

little black dress anyone?

*Roseo* Has a lucky board up in their main store on the Tsubaki Second sim, its on the second floor. Its on a three minute timer, and if you're lucky, you might grab a wild card! Its a lovely set, and the stockings you see, come with, oh and the gloves? Totally adorable

chirp chirp chirp

I love Otters. Like so much. My mom has a beach house and its on a little private cove with three other houses. We were up there a few years ago, and I kept hearing this weird chirping off of the balcony, down on the rocks. I was convinced it was a hurt bird, and my mother and I finally went down to the beach to find the bird.Baby Otter shoulder pet - *M* Lucky Board

When we got down to the beach we heard the chirping bouncing off of the water, and spotted a mommy otter and three little babies swimming with her. The mommy ushered the babies back to their nest and she went back out to swim and hunt on her own. While mommy was away, the babies decided they wanted to investigate the strange peoples up on the dock on the rocks :O They were naaaaaughty little otters. They got REALLY close, it was so exciting! We never touched them or anything, but they were literally peeking up over rocks at us only two or three feet away. So noooow, I can finally have my own otters, thanks to the fantastic pet shop *M*. There is an otter in group notices, and an otter on the lucky board, both needing good, otter friendly, homes!
Holdable Otter - *M* Group Gift

P.S. They blink! Squeeeeee xD

Explorer Proo

After I went to MNK to fetch the darling new skirts Ding-a-ling from D-list blogged, I decided to explore the land and to my delight, I found an assortment of gifts about. While I was in MNK, I noticed the super adorable sidewalk chalk drawing on the ground, and when I went across the main walk way of the sim to b.v, I was estatic to find it as their opening gift! It's in a little bag on the wagon. You click it, and it has three different images!

Next I meandered over to Cover Girl, where they have THREE lucky boards, by the way, and snagged this cute little number as their opening gift.

Lastly, and bounced around and landed at Dreaming Alice, who has two wonderful Alice sets. I'm too normal to do them justice, haha. Wren is the gal who ought to be showing these off to you! Anyways, both sets have two skirt options, bloomers, socks, a bow, and the top with prim sleeves.

Above the vendors for the sets, you can find these three pieces of lovely black furniture free.

This is all new to me, and hopefully, it's new to some of you too. :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last chance!

What? You STILL haven't done the Twisted hunt? What are you waiting for? You only have a few days left. (Psst it ends on the 31st) So here is one last look at some of the fantastic shit you can get, from 103 stores of loveliness *swoon* You'll want to start at +DV8+
Stop No. 24 Tarnished Mero set


U&R Dogs has a couple of new gifties in the lucky chair at their sepia location. I'm not sure if the earrigns are new or not, I know I didn't have them, buuuuut, they're totally cute, aren't they?
This bangle is most definitely new, and I adore it, even it if is gold. I think its gorgeous, and totally worth hanging around U&R Dogs for a bit to get! They're also a stop on the Bunny Hop, so grab their egg while you're there!
Today, I've been battling my intarwebs allllll day, and finally, I was able to get a stable connection, tonight... at like 7 pm. Which is totally lame, so I apologize for my absence, blame Comcast.

Trin, the owner of SinDecade dropped an adorable set of sexy, sporty lingerie on her group. And while, they're not her oh so fabulous skins, but the set is still super nice, and just waiting for you to steal.

Unicorns and Rainbows

(And Blood.)
More stuff from the Unicorn campaign. :3
The Starlust Hotel and Harold Playground are being stocked with pro and anti unicorn goods. Wren already blogged the Katatonik dress but here's some stuff that's appeared since.

The wings, bow and bangle are free at The Starlust Motel.
The t-shirt is a dollarbie at the same loaction. Wait for the boxes to rez and check prizes if you're on a budget 'cause there's some non-free things in there too.

These skins are a dollar for all tones at The Starlust Motel...

And these are at anti-unicorn Harold.
We're supporting unicorns here at Love/Hate but we also like blood-stained skins. <.<

(Shop names go to main stores, clothing details go to actual clothes.)
T-Shirt - Schadenfreude - Starlust Dollarbie
Wings / Bow - Silent Sparrow - Starlust Freebie
Bracelet - ChaosLotus - Starlust Freebie
Rainbow Skins - Imagen - Starlust Dollarbie
Blood-Stained Skins - Imagen - Harold Dollarbie
And there's more, maybe even more to come. o.O

As a note, the leggings are from Sn@tch and they're not free, incase you're continuing on the rainbow theme in your own time. x: