Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tropical Escape Secret Sale

How fast can you cram a sim with rabid shopping freaks? Well, when Tuli puts out the call, it takes all of 10 seconds flat... That's what happened today when Tuli announced that the Tropical Escape sim is having a Secret Sale.

Tuli's hidden 2 $1L items in her shop (both skins!!), plus 3 items marked down 50%. Zaara's got a $1L item too, as well as a 1/2 Off item. Lots of gorgeousness - cheap cheap cheap!

Sweater - []::Tuli::[] Cable knit cropped vest PURPLE - $38L
Jeans - Zaara : Jeans {classic} *blue* - $1L
Inset Photo Top:
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Elizabeth (light/fr) ~ electra - $1L
Eyes - []::Tuli::[] intense eyes - green (Group Gift)
Inset Photo Bottom:
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Elizabeth (light) ~ electra - $1L
Eyes - []::Tuli::[] intense eyes - blue (Group Gift)

Shirt - Zaara : Maitri *copper* - $60L
Inset Photo Top:
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Natalie [ dark ] 07b - $1L
Eyes - []::Tuli::[] intense eyes - brown (Group Gift)
Inset Photo Bottom:
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Natalie [ dark ] 07a - $1L

Most of the shops have hidden cheap-o treasures, so take a careful look around! You've got till May 3rd to find 'em all!


hey babies, random party at the HQ for the next two hours, roughly!

I'm DJing, and throwing down some hot tracks sure to make you shake your behind.

Quicky.. but Goody~

Things have been busy for me lately so I haven't gotten a chance to unpack all the awesomeness that's been coming my way as of late. Last night I received the latest Sweeter Then Candy group gift which are the cutest shoes. When I was looking for something to go with them I found this dress from [AV] group which I totally forgot to even unpack. Voila' the perfect match, and I decided to share them with you.
[AV] Apr 28 group gift - "Dark Lady" - Go hit up this subscribo or your missing out!
Sweeter than Candy group gift Apr, 29 - "Just Bows" Black with Teal
Always love the gifties here totally worth a click! Fo'sho!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OK so I know this has been blogged but I'm a big fan of Toast, and for anyone who's missed it I give you another reminder why Toast rocks. This is the newest group gift from Toast. The group doesn't take up one of the coveted 25, so you have NO excuse not to join!

Toast group gift - "Kyla" includes: Star patterned dress with two skirt options, gloves, arm bands, arm warmers, legwarmers, fishnets and shoe bottoms. (Shoes not shown)
I've paired the outfit with Violet Voltaires "Glitterari set" in black on sale now for only 100L!
Hair: Deviant Kitties "Annika" in Taffy. not free.

We're All Mad for Madcow!

One of SL's best and most beloved builders, Madcow Cosmos, has brought the super awesomeness to the grid, yet again. This time in the form of 3 different kinds of tiny avatars, that you get to design yourself & keep for FREE! I know, too much awesome! XD

You can customize your avatars by teleporting to 3 different fabulous locations and selecting parts from loads of different options. Instructions are very simple, but you can check out Bettina Tizzy's machinima over at the vital-to-your-virtual-life blog NPIRL to see how it's all done. Each location offers a different style of avatar, each incredibly adorable, imaginative and fun! We gathered the kids together on this one to showcase just some of what's available.

Start off at Madcow's shop Primordial Soup, to get yourself a Goblin Avatar. Check out the rest of his shop, or his Xstreet account, while you're there & show the man some Linden Love for this incredibly generous gift! (Clicky on the pictures to get a better view of them.)

Left to Right: Butthole, Wrenja, Hempy, Narita & Prudence

Next stop, the Museum of Robots for your Robot Avatar! This sim is a showcase of all kinds of famous robots you know and love, plus they offer FREE B-movies on Friday nights at 5pm SLT. In addition to the Madcow avatars, there's also a FREE Eggbot Avatar in a big pink box set out right by the Madcow avatar maker. Hempy is modeling it in the photo below.

Left to Right: Wrenja, Naga, Butthole, Hempy, Narita & Prudence

And last, but certainly not least, head over to Alien Isles for your Alien Avatar! These little boogers even come with a HUD full of goofy sounds from Lorin Tone, that you can select while designing your avatar. And the Alien Isles sim is full-on Madcow awesomeness to explore and enjoy in your new alien creations. There are loads of elements from his previous builds in Plasma Co. Mining Colony on the Rezzable sims. So, now's your chance to see what you missed! Tons to see and do. And lots of reasons to fall in love with the brilliance that is Madcow. :D

Left to Right: Narita, Butthole, Prudence, Wrenja & Hempy

While you're out exploring these great sims and playing with your new FREE toys, show a little class & please DONATE to the sims to thank them for hosting all this great stuff. Sims don't come cheap and it is only because of their generosity that you get to have any of this fun at all. So, ya know, be a decent human being under that goofy avatar and give what you can. Every Linden makes a difference!

Relay For Life

As I am sure you may have read in my post about out recent party, that lately, the girls have been coming together to support Wrenny, our head bitch, in her recent event with her mothers health. We love Wrenja dearly, and we have all been there for her, it's obvious you loyal readers have helped just as much. As part of our recent actives with joined up with a RFL team; United Forces Against Cancer, and have some goods we have offered to raise money for the cause. You can find the vendors in the HQ, and I believe Narita has hers in her shop. In due time we may be making more for RFL, but for now, we have up the following;

Narita has put together an inspiring set of simple, and meaningful jewerly. Sister's Guardian charms originally were created in pink settings, to support our fellow women with breast cancer. However in this virtual creation the idea is more general, to show support for anyone who has seen the eyes of cancer. You can buy this set, for 100L.

While my set isn't nearly as elegent, or symbolic as Naritas, I put together a living room set based off of a simple symbol, of enourmous meaning; Strength. The set is done in colors chosen by Wren, the person we are personally supporting. The set includes a scripted couch, two scripted lamps, two wall-art options, a table, and a shelving unit all for only 300L. I also have set up four other vendors in the HQ, for different pieces of the set, for lower prices.

Aside from the items we have creator for RFL, we have a kiosk in the HQ too. If you feel like donating, you can pay any vendor, or kiosk. Just know, it isn't the amount you pay, but the fact that you donated. To me, even one linden count, because it could be the one linden, that rounds up to the next thousanth dollar that has been accumulated.

Mashooka Hunt

To celebrate the shop's 2nd anniversary & the opening of a new sim, Mashooka is having a hunt! You have until Sunday, March 3rd, to find 19 teeny tiny little gift boxes. All of the boxes from Mashooka are free and they are filled with loads of loveliness. Enjoy! ;)

Dress - :MD: Esther {green} - FREE
Bracelet - :MD: churiya traditional {royal green} - FREE

Shirt - :Mashooka: Blouse Meena {green} - FREE
Pants - :Mashooka: pantalon {lightbeige} - FREE
Purse - :Mashooka: purse Nisha {beige} hand - FREE
Bracelet - :MD: churiya traditional {saloni red} - FREE

Dress - :MD: Saree Senna {red} - FREE

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey bebes, you should read these, and probably vote against them. That's just me tho.

Lets talk about hunts baybee.

No, seriously though. I have a question for you lovebugs, at least the ones to enjoy participating in hunts. Are you enjoying, or liking the general product coming out of the enormous chain of hunts going on lately, and the amount of effort put into them?

I personally, appreciate a handful of hunt organizers for the effort they put into their hunts, such as Cutey Magic and her Bunny Hop. While a lot of people thought it was rude to turn people away, I disagree. I think it's commendable, and respectable to be honest with people in order to provide a higher quality hunt to participate in later. It shows a huge amount of respect for the prospective participants, and as one, I can appreciate that. It also helps the creators. Those who get in the hunt, because this weeds out people who judge a hunt by it's one bad seed, and it helps encourage those who don't to exceed their personal expectations in their creations.

There are however, a lot of hunts going on lately, and I mean A LOT. To me, it's beginning to come of as a trend. "Oh, so and so has a hunt. Let's do one too, but wait a month so it doesn't seem like we are doing it to fit in." to blatantly generalize. I hope I'm not coming off as a hunt hater. I'm not. I love hunting. I'm one of the few who actually do hunts without sheets, in fact I'm usually the one MAKING the sheets for the lazy, or less enthused hunters to participate. It just doesn't appeal to me to hunt anymore because why does there need to be 15 hunts going on a row? Small hunts are one thing, sim-wide, or store-wide are perfectly acceptable. But back to back chains of grid wide hunts is getting old, and patrons of GW's are being drowned in gifts that weren't thought through as "This is my store, I want you to come back".

To me, having a plethora of grid wide hunts, deteriorates the quality of any given one. I personally feel, that a grid wide hunt is a bigger deal, and shouldn't just happen on the spur of the moment thought; "Oh hey, we can do one to." Why?! Seriously, I would honestly love feedback from you guys. Shed some light on it for me, because I see stores joining hunts, one after the other. I've seen a few stores in every single hunt. It's not that I don't appreciate the generosity of creators (while a lot of people put out horrible representations of their store. This seen from an inside perspective on an upcoming hunt), I just can't fathom why a creator would do that?

Yes, I know creators do it for exposure, but what about that old saying that no one will buy the cow if you are giving away the milk for free? The grid needs to become lactose intolerant, and fast, because the number of hunts, especially ones that crop up for no good reason, cause, or by any good organized person just need to stop.

I appreciate the effort of the hunt, the challenge and fun of participating in those I chose, and some of the amazing things that come out of them.... but not the fact that everyone and their mom, uncle, sister, and best friend need to "organize one" because now, it's not about quality.. it's about doing it because everyone else is, and more and more I see people exclaiming how much "shit" they deleted. What kind of reward is that, for doing your hunt?

My advice, would be hold out on trying to organize your own, and join, or try to join one that you know has a higher level of status behind it, like from a set of people who have presented us with amazing hunts before. If you can't, or don't want to hold out for another hunt, and you insist on running your own show; SCREEN THE STORES! A lot of you are thinking "Fuck you, it should be fair opportunity." No, it shouldn't. The grid, isn't a select body of people who have the same exact taste. You have people of ever taste, style, sense of personal quality. By taking a random sample of peers, and screening items for a hunt, you get a GENERAL idea of feedback, to base "quality" on what is acceptable to offer people to your hunts. A lot of you are saying "Well if you don't like it, don't fucking do it." Hi, headcase, you can't "like" it if you don't do it first and hunts, aren't for the creators. They are for the grid. They are FOR US the general public, why get lazy, pull something you hate so much you wouldn't sell it, and shove it in a box? Take the time to show that people have something to respect you, as an organizer, and those who you want as creators in your hunt, otherwise.. what is the point?

You want freebies? Go to a Unifreeb shop. You want gifts to show you new shops. Do a grid wide hunt. It's that simple. The weak part, is when the grid wide equates to the quality of a Unifreeb shop. I love hunting. I just don't see a point in doing it anymore. Too many to keep up with, and nothing worth keeping because of how thin creators are spreading themselves, to keep up with the hunts themselves.

I'm too longwinded, end rant!

Journal Entry - April 28th, 2009

12:32 am, weather unknown. Day 3, still lost.

Luckily I've been able to fish up enough to keep myself from starving, though I'm starting to wonder if that isn't the preferable option. I thought I was making my way out of the caves, but I only seem to be winding further down. This morning I saw something floating through the river, it was a supply pack from Sick. A good thing right? Well, you'd think they'd put a homing beacon in the pack, but no such luck. I did get new fire power though.

New clothes as well, which is a plus, but really? A loli dress for an agent out in the field, deep in whatever unknown cave system this might be. I don't know what they were thinking, I do admit though, it was nice to change into clean clothing. As I made my way through the caves I came upon what seemed to be an abandoned city. I figured it might be a good place to camp and lay low while I try to find my way out of this mess.

Then THEY came, strange aberrations of nature, squamous green skin, and tentacles flailing where their mouths might be. They spoke in arcane tongues, I could feel their taint in the air when they spoke. Rather than wait and find out what would happen, I whipped out my new launcher the heads in charge at Sick were kind enough to ship off to me. It seemed I was going to come out of this alright.

I don't know how it happened. I open my eyes and I'm suspended in air, in a strange cathedral. Green glass casting strange illusions in the air, or maybe it was form the strange incantations that hung in the air. It seemed I was in a spot there was no getting out of this time...

[Sick hunt started today, works like all of the other hunts, you get a launcher, there are now 3 sick sims, so be prepared and take a pile of friends with you)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Casually Torrid

There are few things I love more than some good casual basics, except, of course, good casual basics on sale! And this week, TorridWear has got the goodies.

In the back room of the shop, you will find racks of clothes - nearly all of which are Fat Packs marked down to just $20L. And on top of the racks, there are little shopping bags with entire outfits, for just $1L! No excuse not to stock up!

Shirt - *TorridWear*-Double Strap Tank (Pink) - $20L for Fat Pack of 7

Shirt - *TorridWear*-Henley (Red) - $20L for a Fat Pack of 6

Shirt - *TorridWear*-Indian Summer Tank *White* - $20L for a Fat Pack of 4
Pants - *TorridWear*-Funk Jeans (Black) - $20L

First Look Reopened! YaY!

First Look at LVS is Back! You will find a wide variety of finely crafted goodies, made specially by Ravenlynn Templar and to be sold to you for next to nothing! I picked my favorites to show you but there are lots of other colors to choose from.
First Look - "Brilliant Sun" in Blue, Tears, and Green. 1L each
Comes with Bikini in Multi layers, And the pants under the skirt work alone too! First Look - "Character Tee's" & "Cheekies panties" loads more to choose from 1L Each!
Toe Socks - Total Betty (not free)

First Look "Summer Heat" Bikini's tons of colors to choose from

I'm showing pink, purple, and tears. 1L each

The hair throughout this post is a group gift from Romi Juliesse skin shop.

I Know We Don't All Like Pink And Roses...

But I think I make these things work here. <.<
I went to check out 25ans today for the first time (I'm sometimes that behind) and as I don't ever remember seeing this dress so it's being blogged. :3 Along with the hair that was there. And it went with the shoes I found from Donna Flora, which went with the rose wreaths I bought at the Illusions sale. x:

There are four freebies locate in the corners of the shop including the hair and this dress and a necklace and dress from Aoharu you may have seen blogged elsewhere a while back. To get them you will need to click the sign below them and join the group before clicking.

Better shot on the shoes which are 1L from Donna Flora.

Dress / Hair - 25ans - Group gifts
Shoes - Donna Flora - 1L limted time offer
Rose Wreath - Illusions - 100L in discontinuation sale for about 20 colours

Thanks blogger; Hours later!

Hours after I initially made this post, Blogger finally lets me upload the damn photos.

Atomic put a LC down in their new shop, and loaded it up with five of their creations. I've been sitting in there all morning, off and on, and finally got the top I was dying for. I have it in Zeeb, now I have it in Leopard. Anyways, Wrenny joined me, and below are three of the five items in the chairs.

On Wren; Rising Sun
One Proo; Leopard Love @ OMG T-shirt
All in the LC at Atomic

This shirt, perfectly displays how I feel about how some Unifreebs have come back into circulation, as if they were hot shit, like the Champagne Corset from Femdom Group. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get how it's acceptable to show your appreciation for your group, by giving them a Unifreeb you can get at any freebie store. That to me, is a weak move. While one of the better SimCo created freebies ruling the grid, it still doesn't make it right, or great. I guess it's the trend to get disillusioned about what really is worth showing other people, to stay fit with the waves of popularity? Beats me. Go get you some Atomic goodies. Chair is on 20 mins, so grab friends.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's a beautiful day, I mean, have you ever seen the most brilliantly colored photograph, in a printer or camera commercials, and thought "Life doesn't look like that?" Man, today it does. The sky is crayon blue, with perfectly drawn clouds white spotting it at random. I love it.

Aside from the amazing weather here, you can get some equally happy gifts today, if you run over to the newly moved shops Roseo and M, on their new home the Rogue Forest sim! You can frolic under water, through their shops and pluck mushrooms.

In my mushy-plucking adventure, I adopted two new cats, mighty fat ones at that, and appropriately named them. Here you see Hempycat pudging on my noggin, and Naritacat weighing me down. I couldn't help but name them after two of my favorite people, esp with the ongoing name calling we have; these adorable chubby kitties suit that fun-play. I love my fatcats, they are so cute.

Head Cat & Back Cat; FatCat White
Mushies; *Roseo* (Two sizes, three colors. ONE of the THREE mushrooms in Roseo)

Skirt; *Roseo* Mushroom
Stockings; *Roseo* Mushroom

Alrighty, just TP here, look around the two shops, and buy the little mushrooms. There are three in Roseo, two in M. Have a good week this week kids!

For all of your Hunting Needs

Hey guys :o

Sorry I've been so absent lately. The past few weeks have been pretty rough on me, and I'm just starting to come out of the squall. I apologize for not keeping up on the hunt list, but I'm not trashing it, so don't worry about that. I know I'm missing a few hunts, but I can't think of them at the mo. Feel free to comment or drop me a message if you know of one I missed.

The ongoing Tiny Sim hunt has a new cyberpunkish gift for tinies hiding in one of the new shops on the sim, its totally hot, so make sure to check that out :)

Bloody Mess Hunt at Fallen Gods - Through May 20th
Dare Designs
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Lemania's may flowers hunt - through the 31st
Magia Accessories -Ongoing
Miriel - Ongoing
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
*Roseo* & *M* rogue forest store opening
Tiny Sim - Ongoing

Have a good week!


I bring you a few cute and colourful clothes on limited time offers. :3
The tops are from Project Kiwi, two colours with and without broken heart decor.
The leggings are also from Project Kiwi and there's two 1L packs with five colours in each.
They'll be 1L 'till 8PM SLT so hopefully there's still time for everyone. They also still have their Bunny Hop egg out. :3
The shorts you may have seen on a couple of blogs but they're freebies from Aurora and they're limited time too 'till I don't know when but I'm guessing the end of the weekend. x:

P.S.: Thank you SL ankle glitch. x.x

Tops - Project Kiwi - 1L for limited time
Leggings - Project Kiwi - 2 sets, 1L each for limtied time
Shorts - Aurora - Free for limited time

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I <3 Bru

Designer Brutus Martinek of Pididdle has been spoiling her Subscriber Group like mad lately. Seems like every week she is showering us with spontaneous gifts & bargains. This weekend has been no exception.

Today she added the Pompelle Dresses to her on-going clearance sale. Four colors to chose from & only $30L each!

Dress - PIDIDDLE - Pompelle Dress - Night Sky - $30L

And last night, she dropped this lovely little reading table on us, complete with a poem by one of my favorites, Emily Dickinson.

PIDIDDLE - Dickinson Table - Black/green - FREE (Group Gift)

If you aren't in the Pididdle group, you're missing out. Sign up already! XD

Journal Entry - April 25th, 2009

12:16 pm. Overcast. Didn't get enough sleep, my eyelid is twitching.

I'd received word that there had been sightings of a phenomenal beast in the caverns near Teke-lili, in Hollow Earth. Arguments had been raging as to whether the beast was real or not. Being the inquisitive sort, I took it upon myself to investigate further, luckily, the Sick group provided me with just the gear I needed. I'd be able to do this dive with no problems at all.
S.I.C Tank (Yellow) - S.I.C. Resident Group Gift

After traveling by boat through the caverns, I beached my boat and slipped into the water. It was warmer than I would have expected. I barely had time to acclimate myself, for, as soon as I slipped into the water, my quarry laid before me. I could hardly believe it. What sort of eldritchian horror could this be? Massive in size, and a lamp hung before its head like a great star, radiating an eerie glow through the water.

S.I.C Tank (Yellow) - Sick Resident Group Gift
S.I.C Helmet (White) - Sick Resident Group Gift

It must have sensed the motion in my vicinity, because before I knew it the beast was upon me!
It's great fangs for teeth gnashing violently as I stuggled, swimming as quickly as I might to escape this foul hellbane. My mind swum in circles as I tried to come to terms with this creature, the walls of my sanity bending to a spectacular degree. Impossible! How could such a thing exist?!

S.I.C Helmet (White) - Sick Resident Group Gift

I don't remember reaching land, but finally realizing I was safe from the threat in the water, I pulled my helmet up, taking a look at my surroundings. Giant mushrooms? Crystal growths? Where was I? How did I get here? The only thing I knew, was that I had to get to Miskatonic University to have a little chat with the head of the biology department. But first, to get out of these caves...

S.I.C Tank (Yellow) - Sick Resident Group Gift
S.I.C Helmet (White) - Sick Resident Group Gift

[If you cannot find the Sick Resident group in search, its available in my profile]


You ever go to bed with something on, like a an accessory, and wake up, wondering where the fuck heck it went? Well, I'm about to go on a mission through my sheets before I get too grumpy. Before I go on said adventure, I bring you SoM gifts from Elate! and Coquette.

Dress - SoM Group Gift from Elate!
Skins - SoM Group Gift from Coquette. 4 shades, tint able body hair and lips.

The pose I used, wasn't half as boring in world, but I guess it equates to how irritated I am in real life! Off I go to forage through billows.

Dutch Touch Hunt Skins

Dutch Touch has been so generous lately, what with the new Lucky Chair. Imagine my surprise when I logged in to find that the shop is also running a hunt! And for skins, no less! O.o

There are little shopping bags hidden all around the sim, each containing a gorgeous skin, each totally FREE!

Top Row:
Left - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - HAZEL
Right - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - SPRING
:: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - SUMMER

Bottom Row:
Left - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - SUNKISSED
Right - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - AUTHUM


I scream

I really hope you're in the Katat0nik group, cause you'll be kicking yourself by the time you're done reading this post. Today is Katat0nik's first anniversary! Awesome right? Well, it gets better. She dropped two group gifts today, as well as an invitation for a party tonight, for group members *only*. Its sure to be a blast, with exclusive items from Kat, Violet Voltaire and Lazy Places for sale during the event. It starts at 5, and you know you will see me there!

The group gift was two sets of dresses, including an updated Buckley dress in an unreleased color scheme, its ridiculously cute, and the only problem I have is choosing between it and the other 'Ice Cream' set she gave out as well. Both sets show off Kat's playful and elegant sides, and hopefully after seeing these you will be jumping at the bit to join her group. Catch is, you need to make a purchase of 250L in her store, and wait for a group invite. So its doubtful you'll get in today, but you might get in before the gifts drop out of the notices. So, wish Kat a happy anniversary, and hopefully I'll see you at the party tonight!

Mischievious Freebie

Mischief has this set of hoodies available for FREE this weekend only! Comes in 3 colors & is totally adorable. Go get 'em!

Hoodies -**MIS** White Stripes Hoodie Greedy Pack - FREE

Friday, April 24, 2009


Did someone say... PARTY?

Surely the lot of you have seen plenty of notices over the past week or so about the party we have going on RIGHT NOW. In fact, the post below this is for the party. However, what you guys don't know, and even better, what Wrenja DIDN'T know, was it's more than it seems.

In fact, Hempy came to us girls about doing some sort of dedication item for Wrenja, for people to use to show their support for her in her hard time dealing with her mothers battles with Cancer. It's been stressful for her, and we all care too much to let that stress get to her. We enacted Hempy's brilliant plan, and went from there. It evolved into much more.

We have a statue set up, dedicated to Wren where you can send her your wishes, at the part. Narita and myself also invested a chunk of our time building custom goods to sell for RFL, in an extra step to show our support. You can show yours by donating, whether it be a single linden, or for more, any amount counts, and so does the thought. In this case though, you can purchase a gorgeous Sister Guardian jewelry set created by Narita for 100L. You can also buy a 7 piece custom made livingroom set for a steal of 300L by myself as rewards for donating.

Let me tell you, keeping secrets from Wren, is impossible, especially when all of the bloggers are in on it, as well as TWO of her utmost FAVORITE creators in SL, and her sweetheart.

If showing your support isn't enough incentive to pop in, Sanu, Violet, Face, Narita and myself are a few of the donating souls that have left out gifts to you, in celebration of breaking 1000 posts, as well as Wrenja's Rezday! Oh, and not to forget, we have a raffle going, to win a fully furnished Artists Studio Skybox.

EDIT: Out RFL vendors died due to lag. However, we will have them set up in the HQ later tonight, or tomorrow, that way you guys can donate, or purchase the items inside of them for a cause. We can only hope you will!

A party?

That's right! Tonight is our big shin-dig, to celebrate our 1000th post AND my rez day(in four days)! We've got gifts, and raffles and gift cards hiding in our inventories, and the event is sure to attended by some of the most awesome people on the grid! We have special gifts from designers, including the soon to be retiring Violet Voltaire, Sanu, and others!

We'll be partying from 5-8 pm SLT at Club Lucidity, with DJ Naga spinnin' beats for us, you know you'll be there!


Cutie Land is going through a pretty big restructuring, and its a little unfortunate. It has to do with a lack of interest in their art installations, but they sad in the NC that all of the changes that will be taking place are going to be good changes. But for now, they are having an event, called 'The Final Fire' to celebrate the art that has been a part of Cutie Land from the start. There is a special art installation up, AND there are some pretty cute gifts for you!There are gifts from !Mingo! (pink shirt, and a teddy bear) and Elv'an Magika (the hair!), as well as a really cute tiny av set, in lots of different skin tones. Today is the last day of the event so don't dawdle, you know you want to pick these goodies up!


There is a lovely new dollarbie at :+:U&RDOGS:+:, and in their camp chair, are somewhat matching bracelets. Fabulous for your spring outfits!

:+*R*+: Chiarina Earrings - Dollarbie

:+*R*+: Aveu Bracelet - Item Camp 10min


I haven't been to Cutie Honey in a while, so I popped in today and to my delight there are "newer" group camp pads, with the cutest little hoodie outfits in them. I plopped down on one of them, and grabby Ody to get the other. We danced side by side for a bit before heading home. Forgive the photos. My viewer was freaking out for some reason while I was doing my settings, so I gave up to spare my already broken graphic card.

Needless to say, we got in a fight over the candy shoved in our pockets. I caught her reaching for my choco, so I laid the smack down.
(Pose in the above shot, is from Random Kitten LC.)

In the end, Ody was defeated as I shook the candy right out of her pocket. Nom nom.

I double dog dare ya

Dare from Dare Designs has done it again, piling in more goodies than you can really stand into his lucky chairs. Ten pairs of his new Weaver boots, in every color of the rainbow! They're beautiful boots too! The spiderweb design is super pretty, and the shades he uses against them, are gorgeous.But of course, there is a catch. These lovelies will only be in the lucky chairs for the next week, so if you want them all, you better get to camping, because, time my friend is against you. But Dare Designs loves you enough to at least give you a chance.