Sunday, November 30, 2008


I love Navina Waco. She is totally adorable, and has one of the most fantastic stores around. It's called Cutie Honey, and has been blogged very limitedly recently. Fact is, she has adorable clothes, adorable pose items and now, she has a group.

Santa outfit #2 - 198L
Christmas tree set - Cutie Honey Group Gift

NOT ANOTHER GROUP! I know, but this is a group you should for really consider. Right now there are two group gifts out, including a set of six different colored Christmas trees, two of which are shown above (they play Christmas carols when you click on them!). On top of that, she has the most amazing Christmas outfits I've seen on the grid so far this season. Everything from classic sexy Santa, to the kind of rocker girl sexy Santa that I'm wearing.

On top of that, there is a 10 minute group camp for this adorable ridable cowcow. 2009 is year of the cow, and it's strange to think that next year is so close, but man, think about it! 2009 Is only 31 days away!

There is also a lucky chair! Have I mentioned how much I *love* vendors who are generous? Another thing to mention about these Santa outfits is the reindeer antlers. They glow, and when you click them, they play Christmas carols. I also LOVE tiny details that make the outfits that much better.

On top of allllllll of that, she has really cute stuff just in general. Amazingly cute pose sets, for great prices, and she's totally fun to hang out with to boot. Finally, there is a free set of black pigtails to be had near the back of the store next to the stairs. So get to Cutie Honey, join the group, and partake in the plethora of fun stuff available. Hang out, get to know Navina and her fantastic creations, you'll have a pile of fun, I promise!

Fly away

Rayskin is one of the most amazing places to get some fantastic freebies. Besides the camping chairs and other freebies in the shop I've blogged previously, there is the continuing love letter hunt, and now, this.
This brown edition of Rayskin's newest :::Wing::: release is for you, for free! It's a bit out of the way, in the building right behind the two large Snowkitties. It's the little ad to the bottom right, it says FREE and has little kitties on it. Unfortunately for me it won't satiate my need for the black set -.-

Bushy Ears and DiamonX!!

DiamonX, your soon to be favorite store for historical type gowns, is having a sale!! The items there are not very expensive to begin with, but now they are REALLY cheap. The items there I saw as low as 37L and none higher than 100L. Check it out!!

This dress was only 37L. SWEET!

Then for something totally different head over to Fluffy Bushy and get these super adorable twitchy Christmas neko ears for only 10L. I love them!! i go take a nap and eat some food from my fave delivery restaurant. Ciao!

Calliefornia Group Gift and Bonita's!

Join the Calliefornia group. DO IT! The items Callie Cline gives to her group members are always lovely. Totally worth it. There may be a join fee now....I am actually not sure, sorry :/

But anyway, Sharona is the latest gift. Activate your group tag and touch the box in store to receive.

And don't forget the blue tarty party dress is free in store still for everyone. not just group members (though the fun fur bits are still free for group only).

And don't forget to go over to Bonita's jewelry and get her latest gift, these ribbon ornament earrings! Very festive! 0L!

Have fun!

Fifth Person Free at RD!

I totally forgot to tell everyone about the deal RD is having this weekend....if you are planning on going to shop at Reasonable Desires sometime soon, do it today! Because you have a chance at winning your ENTIRE purchase free. That is because the owner is recording every purchase, and every fifth purchase gets their whole order refunded on Dec. 1st!! Gah. I am showing some examples of outfits by RD. I smashed some pictures of me together to save space :p

There is only one outfit in the entire store above 299L, and most are between 150-250L I think. Lots of stuff even for under 99L. And yes, i know because I work there lmao.
One of the outfits shown is not even available yet...but let me tell you a secret....From now until sometime in December a few people who come to shop at RD will randomly get a free outfit. The not yet released item is one of the items that are being given away! This is VERY random. But worth it to just go down and sneak a peek and see if you win! And don't forget the lucky chairs!

OK...happy shopping!!

For all of your hunting needs

Good Morning babies,

A Piece of Candy
Alyssa Bijoux
Claiming Beauty
DG Innovations Probably ending today?
Diagon Alley
Discord - Ends Dec. 31th
GaZoV designs
Hollywood Gestures - Still on as of Nov. 30th
Lemania Grinchy Gift Grab
Loco Pocos
MIA West World
Peace On Earth (grid wide blahblahblah, you know) On until Dec 31st
PLOD -starts Dec. 5th
Psychotic Neko
Rayskin Hunt
RiFi Emporium
S&M designs
Sharodie's Tail
Stringer Mausoleum
Szondi Estates

Anything I'm forgetting? Leave a message on this post and I'll update it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

10L Hair at Rock Candy

Two cute styles for only 10L right now at *Rock Candy*

This one if very rock star I must say.

This one is very rock mullet.

The styles came with black and another color I didn't try yet heehee. Have fun!

Random One

OK..some random stuff I have found the last couple days...I am getting too tired to pick a solid theme to post on, haha.

Panda hat, lucky board prize from AyYaiYai

Skin from Basz, join group and check the notices

Earrings subscribomatic gift from [Coquette], it's not just one pair, but a whole fat pack!

Shoes, free from Illuminati!!

Ok lovies, I'll be back to being a better blogger once this headache goes away!

Cupcakes Freebies! Weeeee!

So after hearing the awesome live SL performer Gina Stella at Club Millennium I made my over to Cupcakes to check out the new store and maybe buy some pants. As i was walking around i noticed a gift box set for 0L with a dress inside and i was like yaaay! Then I noticed another..and another..and more. As i was almost done rounding them up a group notice from Cupcakes came up to let everyone know about the gift hunt! I was so lucky I finished before that because the sim got packed in like 2 minutes!! But it is worth the lag to go find these great items.

I found 2 dresses, the stripe:

And the Holly:

And FIVE skins!! The two i am wearing in the dress photos and three more.

So, I missed one gift because apparently there are 8 boxes and i only found 7. i found those 2 dresses and the skin tones Brandy, Iroko, Janna, Shell, and Terra. if anyone find the eigth one let me know so I can feel complete!

I love Cupcakes so much!

The store is awesome! The group is 250L to join, but the fee is worth it as they give out frequent and limited edition group notices.

Dream come truuuuuuue

That's right, Nomine has a lucky chair! There are three different shades of skin and some clothes available in the chair, here is my twin and I rocking the pale skin.Nomine Merry Jingly White (Sprinkles) - Lucky Chair

On top of the lucky chair, there is also a new hunt. THIS HUNT IS NOT FREE. There are ornaments all over the lower part of the sim each full of three skins and 1k each. It's a lot, yeah, but really its a good deal for three Nomine skins. Even I probably won't be able to get all of the skins I want in this hunt, but what can you do?

The candy cane in my mouth is a special little gift in the note card included in the Nomine hunt package detailing the hunt. PLEASE READ IT. Sorry guys, but I get so tired of OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW THE HUNT WASN'T FREE??? Yeah, actually I did. Why? Cause I read the note card. Anyway, it's at the bottom of the NC, like a little prize for having read everything. Just click it and copy to inventory. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from Sweet Leonard

I'm not a neko or really a fan of nekos in any respect, but the paw boots at Sweet Leonard are so lovely, I can't help but want them. So I waited, and waited and 1 minute before the sim went down for maintenance got a W.

These lovely holiday paw boots are in the Lucky Santa chair to the left of the entrance, you really can't miss it, unless you're stupid like me xD

Friday, November 28, 2008


The Blog's name is Love/Hate, and generally there will be far more love than there will be hate. Tonight though, something inspired a lot of hate in me, and this is a forum for things that anger me. I know this is something that angered a lot of other people too.

So what do I hate?

Disingenuous freebies/hunts. Also, just for the record, I don't want to hear your apologist "we should be grateful anything is given at all." bs. There are situations where that is correct. There are also situations where that is wrong. This is one of those "wrong" situations.

As much as some people like to believe, freebies are not just gifts for loyal customers. Freebies function as promotion, to draw people to the store, check out the wares and hopefully leave with something they didn't intend on buying. Promotion is important, of course, except generally you want the good promotion. Sometimes people don't really think this through when they are putting together a hunt, or freebie. More shop owners need to realize how freebies, especially HUNTS reflect on their store's image in the Second Life community. There are lots of things that can negatively impact a store's image in terms of these situations. Let's look at a few.

A) Packaging crap - A freebie is a representation of what is available in your store. It represents the quality of product available. Now, obviously, you are free to give whatever freebie you like, but if you're only going to give away outfits circa 2005, you aren't demonstrating value to the customer, or to anyone else. We have all encountered hunts where there was not a goddamn thing worth keeping, and you feel cheated. Please, don't sit there and say BUT IT WAS FREEEEEEEE YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN. Actually, I can, and will. I paid for that shit with my time that could have been better spent punching myself in the face.

B) I PUT OUT A FREEBIE FOR FIVE MINUTES BUT NOW I'M TAKING IT AWAY- Um what? I fucking HATE this shit. Even when I'm one of the few lucky ones to get the item it makes me so angry. It's disingenuous and kind of resentful of your customers. If you want to promote and give out a freebie, be cool about it, give people a REAL chance to get it. This goes for hunts too. HI I'M PUTTING ON A HUNT FOR TWO HOURS ON BLACK FRIDAY WHEN NO ONE IS AT HOME TO PARTICIPATE OR ARE SO LAGGED BECAUSE ALL OF THE PEOPLE TRYING TO TAKE PART IN THE HUNT is not cute. At all. I mean, really? It's like you really don't want people to benefit. It's unfortunate as well.

Christ, if you don't want to give out freebies, DON'T. Its as simple as that. There are plenty of stores that function that way, I don't shop there, but they survive regardless. I've made it a habit to only shop with stores that treat their customers fairly. Of course, I'll falter occasionally, but for the most part I give my money to vendors who give back. Vendors who appreciate their customers and realize that a happy customer is a happy Linden balance. Its really not that hard, I don't know why it has to be like this. I hate having to strike a store I like off of my list because of this shit. But you vote with your lindens, and my vote is for stores that are grateful for your patronage, and not resentful of it. Peace.


Hi, I just wanted to say something quick. This is all my opinion, and so far I have not discussed with Wrenja about it, so it may or may not be her opinion.

I discovered that a skin I blogged recently is potentially a ripped skin. I did my research and IMO it is. So i took down the photo and information from that post.

I hope you all do your best to stop people from selling stolen goods. DO not even join groups to get ripped skins for free or do anything to promote the traffic of a store that sells ripped skins (or hair or anything else).

Please respect the amazing content creators that work their butts off everyday for you.

Thank you.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

La La FooFoo Saaaale!

Everything at LaLa FooFoo is 25L!!! Weeee! I got a bunch of stuff, including these 2 shirts:

Green sexy key hole top

Tank with waist cincher (comes with black and white tank options)
Go shop!

JC and AwesomeSauce

I got wind of a store with cupcake freebies and, being obsessed with SL foodstuffs, I headed over. At JC Project I found some awesome dollarbies and freebies indeed! here they go:

Holdable cupcake

Cupcake Ring

A box of a million billion other cool stuffs, including this collar.

Then my friend was like "Dude check out the place next door" and I'm like "K." Glad I did! Tons of cute accessories at (o.O)AwesomeSauce(O.o) and freebies and the owner was really nice. Here are some stuffs I found there:

Free skully bracelet

Free kitty choker and earrings and pink kitty goggles! The paw print bracelets were only 20L too! Join the subscribo and get free gifts every month.

Skin with green eyeshadow by M&R Cupcakes, not free.



Pay 250L, join the Minnu skins group, get this scarf and skin free.

Totally worth it!!


Ok, before I go eat turkey, one more thing I have to show you.

If you know about the Creators Stamp Rally, you will be very excited about this. If you don't know about it, now is the time to find out.

Anyway...they started posting the prizes. THEY STARTED POSTING THE PRIZES!! I have been waiting for this for a long time now. I can't wait ti see what they all will be. CSR is love.

Skin Party V3.0!

Time for another skin party! Wooo! I know I said no more skin modeling for Xonx due to her ugly head, but in the interest of getting things done on time, she is the model once more.

For this skin, join the -Belleza- group and go to the store and touch the box with your group tag active (I actually didn't join the group and was able to just buy it for 0L, but I'm not sure if it will stay that way). Men's skin available too! Thanks Ruby for the tip!

This is a skin I won at Skin-to-Skin today waiting for a different skin. They have a bunch of them in the lucky board. Go check them out! The SIM is adorable.

OK.. no more blogs until late tonight probably. Have fun and much love my little gobblers!

Pididdle Group Freebie!

I LOVE this dress that is in the Pididdle group notices in honor of Thanksgiving in the U.S. The picture does not do it justice. Join the group and grab it from the notices to see for yourself!

Last time I was at the store there were other freebies and low priced nice stuffs too, so go check it out!!!

Hair is a Truth Dollarbie
Boots are from Pixeldolls Subscribo (might still be available)

Free Plaid!

I am so about the plaid (tartan to some of you folks) especially when it's red, so I was so happy to find out about this free dress! It is a limited time i think, so hurry and grab it! It is available at Ero Rabbi and is in a big box you can't miss.

And check out this hair!! It is the group gift from Parallel Love! Join the group and head to the store and click the sign above the desk. it comes with particle and low options. Love!

OH! And one more thing! Hunt at Blue Blood. Today only! You're looking for three hearts. Here is the only dress i could find so far:

OK, happy turkey day!

Lucky Lingerie

While I was taking wintery photos at Reasonable Desires I won a bunch of stuff from their lucky chair! They have a bunch of lucky chairs out front with a variety of things inside from lingerie to showgirl costumes to dresses.

This one is the red stars lingerie set. I bet Jack Frost is happy!

This one is the pale lingerie, which for me says "innocent but still hot."

This one is my fave win of the day though. The gold show girl! Wah-blam! Hot stuff coming through!!!

The skin I am wearing with the showgirl outfit is a dollarbie from A Piece of Candy. Check out her store because she always has nice gifts to give to her subscribomatic group and lots of dollarbie skins. I believe there is also a blue diamond hunt going on still for a bunch of nice dollarbie skins!

OK now! Go get some cheap skins and sit on some lucky chairs! See you inworld!

Hair in the showgirl pics from Glitter Hair, not free.

Hair and skin in other pics by Magika, free in group notices.

Thanksgiving Ideas

I just have 2 ideas for ya if you are looking for a Thanksgiving costume today. They're not free, but they are affordable and cute! And also a Magika freebie today too!

First is the riding turkey from Reasonable Desires. It has cute little prim legs for you hahaha! I love it. Oh! And the T-shirt that comes with it says "Ride it then Eat it"...sounds dirty o.O

Second is from one of my fave stores ...Spoonful of Sugar. This turkey dinner outfit comes with two options for your head. The veggie crown...

...or the emotable turkey head. You can click on it to make the face change expressions. Pretty rad! And the buttered roast carrot shoes are currently available for free on the group notices!

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

The hair and skin I am wearing in the picture are free in the group notices from Magika. So pretty! I am seriously in love with this skin and hair. Go rock it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Give Up

I have been waiting and waiting to win the new items in the Katat0nik chair so i could take a photo for you all, but i can't seem to win and I'm itching to post!! So...I am going to do a heinous thing and post the sales ad instead of a pic. I's bad; however, I feel the need to inform our loyal readers and I have failed at winning :(

Anyway, the above dress is one of the super gorgeous awesome items to be won in the Katat0nik Santa Claus lucky chair. There are also three jumper dresses like this which are on sale for 100L only through this weekend. After that their price will go up a whole bunch.

There are also adorable winter themed katty dolls you can win in the chair, as well as a cute abominable snow man. AND if that wasn't enough awesome, there is a random prize orb which will give out katty dolls to people in the whole Axis Mundi SIM, not just the Katat0nik store. So if you feel like shopping for those purple Axis Mundi exclusive Lazy Places boots, you still have a chance at winning the cute dollies.

Look! I won one! (And yes, that is last night's skanky sue me :P)