Friday, July 31, 2009

Sexy in Red.

The other night you may have been alerted as I was by Wrenja to this fabulous MM prize at Steambound. The picture on the MM looked good but I really fell in love when I put it on. I'm not a huge gown person but I added a pic with the skirt for those of you who are. Now I know there is some kind of obsession with my butt so get a good look because it looks amazing in these pants! hahaha.. Lil Shiny you could see yerself in'em! *Winks*

"Scylla Red" 11 pc set MM prize can be won at Steambound in Dysnomia
Check the other Steambound locations for different MM prize options all very nice.
The skin shown in the pic has been around a long time. Its got a lace veil option which is shown here. I went back to WigWamBam and to my surprise its still available for 1L.
The gorgeous hair pictures is one I'm sure you've seen before. I picked it up at Curio this week, I had wanted it for a while its called "Gertrude" (flower not included) 200L per color pack.


All this heat, humidity & lack of sleep has left me demented. Perfect time for some awesome hunty goodness...

Leave it to Fusion Crossing to come through with the Dog Days of Summer Hunt. Some of my favorite shops are handing out FREE fabulousness. Look inside shops on both Fusion Crossing & Fusion Grove sims for Hot Dogs filled with gifts. Here's just some of what you can find.

Top - PIDIDDLE - Wishes Tank
Skirt - (part of) [AMG BOUDOIR] BONNET Dress *light blue*
Tights - (Royal Blue) Line to the Crown Tight - Lavender

Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Uma DDOS Hunt gift natural TINT

The tights are part of the newest gift release from Royal Blue. You get a mondo huge fatpack of full length tights, with back seams, in loads of fun colors, for just $1L.

Right - :::Sn@tch Retro Kini (Pink):::
Center - *W&D* ALOHA Bikini
Left - ::HH:: Hucci - Dog Days Hunt Gift - Pink Jersey Booty

Dress - SYSY's Fusion DogDaysOfSummer hunt gown

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sale + Some

Also! Currently a sale going on at Patchwork, and it wont last. There are about a dozen items marked down. They range from 1L to 10L and are literally anything. Check all the vendors, even the Fun-Ature Rezzer! Here is a peak at a few of the sale items. I wont list exactly what in the photos is for sale, or how much. That's your job. Go now if you see something you like, because come TOMORROW NIGHT, I will reprice all sale items to normal!

Okay, I am sure you have all had enough of me, but one more thing! For those of you who love Photohuds, I have updated my lucky chair and added two lucky boards. You can follow this link to Patchworks blog for more info on what is in the LC as well as the big week we had rebuilding the store and vendors! A lot of new stuff, and my best photohud to date!

Sunshine Hunt @ Patchwork

Summer time! Let's celebrate, shall we? In celebration of my now passed rezday, as well as the gorgeous season of summer, I started a hunt in my shop yesterday, and here are the prizes so far!

Each sun is ONE LINDEN. I am warning you now, so don't gripe. Especially when they say it is NOT free. There are currently SEVEN suns hiding around my store, and the garden. You have to use the button teleporter on the floor near the lucky chair to get to the garden, by the way. I will probably add more suns over the week, so check back!

Let the Sun In

You might have noticed that Love Soul isn't on the Nanba sim anymore. Why? They opened their OWN sim, and today is their grand opening, with lots of great gifts from the stores you've always known to be associated with Love Soul.

Parallel love, Honey soul, ARAI, R2, Nala and others! Every shop has a gift out for you to claim. Unfortunately, ARAI and Coveture are a little behind and their gifts will be out either later today or in the next few days, but there will be one! What is out right now is totally fab though, so don't feel too bad. I've been gushing over the new R2 gift heels, I'm going to wear those suckers to deaaaath.

I'm also completely in love with the gift nails Love Soul has put out for their opening gift. The new sim is so gorgeous I wonder what it means for future Love Soul event hunts, I can't imagine zombies overruning this place :(

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've got to die die, dye my hair black

Recently, Dead Town, Lolli Munster's latest venture was unveiled, bringing with it a dark aesthetic, and lots of great spooky shopping. Violent Seduction's new main shop is located in Dead Town, along with the Hotel Munster, Tacky Stars, Rotten Toe and a host of other great stores. If you haven't been yet, here's your chance.

This morning Ikaru released a new dress in her shop, Violent Seduction, as well as put out a lucky chair! In the chair is the exclusive 'White Queen' Lapin plush, and is probably one of the cutest plushies you'll find on the grid, especially for all you EGL and gothy kids ;). The dress is 'Chiroptera' and is as gorgeous as you'd expect from Iki, I can't get over the fantastic skirt and the textures on the bodice.

+++Blue Blood+++ recently had two new releases for the girls. I don't think I've ever seen anything resembling EGL/goth girl silks, but that void has now been filled with 'Tamed'. The great thing about them, is that they totally don't look gorean, and if you just want it to be a severely high split skirt, it works just fine. It also comes with a cape and hood, which are gorgeous and make me want to go running through a dark spooky forest.

Ghanima's second new release, is probably my favorite, its so cute I can hardly stand it. 'Dark' satisfies my love for short skirts, ruffles and high collars. I love the rouching details in the fabric, and all of the little details Ghanima is known for in her work. Both are available in her main shop. I was hoping she would have put them up in Dead Town, but not just yet it seems. So you have two places to go visit, frolic in Dead Town and being merry children of the night.

Late night delirium...

I've been kind of MIA but its just the everyday stresses of life eating away at my creativity..
I got a couple of cute goodies to show ya that got the juices flowing.
This sexified skintight barely there tank is the 3000th group member gift from Haven Designs!! YaY That's a pretty huge accomplishment and we congratulate you! The top comes in all three layers with length options and you can layer them for modesty. Hit up that subscribo its well worth it!

The hair is a new freebie from Posh "Mya Makes Bank" comes free in the four colors shown.
It can be purchase it in the shop

The Capri's shown aren't free I picked them up in the most recent Pink Outfitters Sale, called "Painters Destroyed denim capri's" They are still a good buy if you like them! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


*CanalGrande* recently restocked the lucky chairs with some brand new prizes, the camping chairs as well. Four new gifts in the lucky chairs, the *CanalGrande* group is open now to claim group gifts, but keep in mind, the group is Japanese only, so unless you are fluent, don't expect to get much talking done ;D

Everything from lingerie to new cute outfits are up for grabs. There are so ridiculously cute new outfits for sale too if you are so inclined. Don't mind me, its like a million degrees and I dunno what I'm saying or doing right now, I think I'm just going to go drown myself in a cold bath. But go to *CanalGrande* cause its awesome, like me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Learnt How To Work Eyelashes For You! o:

Well I didn't really, they just conveniently fitted me. <.< It still freaks me out that they don't blink so I'm staying eyelash free for everyday happenings.

Vive9 have put out freebies at their Eugene location. I've been wearing one of their old group gifts for a few days now and I love it but then again I haven't been inspired enough to change in a week or so. x: I think some of their skins are suited to avatars who wish to achieve an East Asian appearance and if you run to their main location you might just be able to catch the end of their 1k fatpack sale on some of their older skins. :3

Skins - Vive9 at Eugene - Freebies

on the big rock Candy Mountain

Remember that rainbow Candy Mountain hair from the Albero post yesterday? I couldn't help myself, and decided to go find the main shop. I wasn't disappointed. The shop is big, the shop is colorful, the shop has piles of freebies, and two lucky chairs in the back of the shop.

The chairs are literally stuffed to the gills with skins and toys and other pretty things, and as if that weren't enough, in the middle of the shop is a stand with a big old box of freebies, and other free and cheap boxes of goodies for you to claim.

Make sure to look around too, there are other freebies floating around the shop, and a lot of really good deals to be had, everything in the shop is reasonably priced, and fun and colorful to boot. I hope we'll be seeing a lot more from this designer in the future, cause there is a lot of really great potential.

after the flesh

There have been a pile of skin gifts in groups it seems like recently. Not that I'm complaining... not at all, hell Cupcakes could drop a skin gift daily and I doubt anyone would complain. But they did drop a skin gift last night from their new 'Enchanted' line. Meet Daisy, a skin apparently inspired from one of the best shows ever made 'Dead Like Me' Its available in the group notices, and the group is only 100L to join. Probably one of the best group join values around.

M&R Cupcakes 'Enchanted' Daisy skin - Group Gift (100L join fee)

My goddess Trin from -SinDecade- also dropped *another* skin from her new 'Fluke' line on the group the other day. This is more of a fun, summery skin. It's called, as you might imagine, 'Sunburn'. It looks like me after the first real week of summer -.- ouch. This skin is also available in the group notices, so grab it while you can!

-SinDecade- 'Fluke' sunburn skin - Group Gift

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Its HOT!

Today the Albero Summer Fair started! Lots of deals on clothes all over the place, but even better? Lots of fun freebies and dollarbies for you to claim. And I do mean *fun* from colors, to summery and fun wading pool to soak in, is making my house that much more comfortable, and the temperatures are quickly jumping into the 90s here *craiface*

Candy Mountain Vivi hair - 1L
Taklamakan Usagi tee - Free!
Avant Melon uneven cuteness pants (red) -Free!
: *BR Summer Noodle Chair - 1L
+mocha+ Vinyl Pool & Swim Float Ring - 1L from Gachapon! (five colors available)

The *BR chair KILLED me, it comes with four versions of the same chair, the shadow on it facing different directions, and it comes PACKED with poses. The items up for sale are amazing too! There are some chair poofs with fun poses, and probably the best beach towel I've ever seen, color change and piles of poses in it. I have a feeling I'll be going back for it before too long.

That fantastic Lounger is the -SinDecade- Shellby lounger, and is 500L, and has a pile of different poses, as well as skins to really let you personalize it. I'm also wearing the -SinDecade- Auri T1 skin, in [Manyme]. I Heard a rumor that the Auri skins, and other old skin lines might not be available much longer, so if you've been eying them, you might consider buying them before you don't have the chance to anymore!

For all of your Hunting Needs

I'm starting to feel a little more normal blogging again, which is nice, and it makes it a lot easier. The Creator Stamp Rally is only a few days away, and the girls and I did our research and we once again bring you the CSR buying guide, so make sure to check that out. The big ticket hunt right now is no doubt the Slice of Summer hunt, but make sure to take the time to do the Cinderella's lost slipper hunt too! Its over in a few days, as is the Gone Fishing hunt! I really enjoyed the first Gone Fishing hunt, so I was excited to find out there was a new one. The peppermint blue hosted hunt started a few days ago, so get on that, and enjoy your summer while you have it kids!

Cinderella's lost slipper hunt - Through the 30th
Coyura Creations (for a snail) - Ending unknown
Curious Kitty hunt - Through the 31st
Dare Designs
Golden Sarcophagus quest - Through August 5th
Gone Fishing GW - Through July 31st
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Hope Hunt grid wide - (being rescheduled)
Just for the guys! Hunt - Through the 31st
Lemania's Prozac hunt - Through the 30th
Magia july hunt - There is a new one of these every month.
Ohana Isle hunt - Ends today!
Passion's GW - Through the 31st
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
Seashells by the Seashore GW - Through the 31st
Shopping Bag Treasure Quest - on four sims, through July 31st
Slice of Summer Hunt - Through August 9th
Silk Road Pirate treasure hunt - Starts July 20th
Tiny Sim - Ongoing
Witchy Woman Designs - Through July 30th
XTC Designs - Through august 7th

take care :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So one of my most favorite shops, who is always giving away great goodies for the masses to drool over is [AV]. Each month a new fabulous dollarbie, two lucky board prizes and this month an amazing hunt prize!! Hit up this subscribo you wont regret it.

On Left: [AV] 3pc. Prozac Hunt Special Gift TP to the Lemania Location HERE.
On Right: [AV] "Urban Sixties" Dress and Scarf Weekly Dollarbie Gift, Leggings and Shoes can be won in the two lucky boards!! woot.
Ohhhh I was so anxious to post this I totally forgot to mention the hair I'm wearing! Its from the lucky boards at Designs by Katie! I was lucky enough to score the reds and blondes packs and the band has a color change menu! I think they are just perfect for the vintage look of [AV].

Raiding Grandma's closet

Tyranny dropped a nice gift on the subscribo this morning, these 'gramma' shoes are so cute, I'd wear them just about anywhere, with just about anything. The details on it are fantastic, and for the price of FREE, you can't say no.

Purple Princess

If you've never been to Indi, its definitely a place you should take a few minutes to check out. I bought my first set from the store during RFL. They do a weekly dollarbie thing, a set for boys and a set for girls. Every week a new piece is released, for 1L, and if you miss a piece, when the full set is out, the pieces you've missed are available for 5L.
This week is another skirt, but you'll be able to get the last two weeks pieces soon, for cheap! The set is already hot, and its only going to get better, so go pick up the skirt now. New pieces are released on Saturday, so don't dawdle!

Friday, July 24, 2009

in before noon \o/

I have a bunch of random and fun goodies today, mostly jewelry, some skins and a top that Narita would normally be covering, but she's out of town this week, and I miss her :[. So we're going to start out with the Chai outlet skin sale. ALL of the skins in the outlet are 25L right now, and once they're off sale, they are GONE FOREVER. Do you understand? FOREEEEEEVER. I know you've eyed those skins before, we all have, and now, you have ZERO excuse to not buy up your whole skin tone.

This morning ~Tea Lane~ Dropped a note for a ridiculously cute jewelry set, than I lept for. Pink, and swirly, and it comes with a tiara, but I totally didn't realize my hair had eaten the tiara for breakfast, poor tiara. Anyway, this set, necklace, earrings, and tiara, are 2L and hiding in the back of the store, but not very well.

In my rompings on the gird I recently came across a small shop called Ya-Zuya. The sign says it is a Bindi shop, and its true, there are bindis, but there is also some reallly pretty jewelry. There are also a nice selection of freebies sitting on a table in the middle of the shop, and I thought I'd show those off.

Closing up today's post is the most recent group gift from Cupcakes. Cupcakes is 100L to join, but more than worth it with the skin gifts and random droppings of clothing and other such yums. They recently released a new skin line, with means there is no doubt going to be a new skin gift in the near future, but for now, this flirty summer top will totally keep me occupied.

Squatting in for a bit.

I know I don't post much anymore, but I couldn't pass this one up when I saw it. *BP sent out a group gift this morning. It is totally the cutest potty ever. You get three types, wear, and two rez one of which has less features to conserve prims. Nonetheless the toilet it adorable, so join *BP Update Group and have a potty. I wish our bathrooms were remotely as fab.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of goodness at Reasonable Desires!!

Reasonable Desires has been one of my favorite stores and one I found early in my SL life. Austie Pegler owner, designer never fails to disappoint! I love how each set comes with bunches of accessories and layers this recent release "Cigarette Girl" is really fun. You can stock the tray with whatever items you like and when people click it they get the goods!
There is also a tray with gift boxes on it if your a non-smoker. ~_^

Reasonable Desires ~ Cigarette Girl ~ 175L

I do love to dress up so I had to good time with this next gem called Amelia.
Ready to fly the friendly skies!
Reasonable Desires~ Amelia ~ 199L
(boots not included)

I cant end this post without telling you about the lingerie sale going on now at
Reasonable Desires!! Practically everything in the lingerie department is marked down to between 20-50L! Everything but vintage is on sale!
From Left to Right:
Juliette Lingerie - 50L
Brandy Tintable Set - 20L
Tintable Purrr Lingerie - 50L
Sophie 6 pk. or Tintable - 50L
Elegance in Cream - phat pack for 50L
There is bunches more out for sale go have a look before you miss out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pisa is pretty

The other day Narita invited me to come watch Fabulous Fashion being filmed with her. I'd never been before, but it was a lot of fun. In the last segment they were discussing accessories, and a shop named **Pisa** was among those discussed. The jewelry was gorgeous, so I went running as soon as the show was over.

I won't lie, the jewelry is a bit pricy, but it's beautiful and worth every penny. But for those of you who can't afford one of the pieces right now, this gorgeous pink moonstone and diamond necklace is sitting on the middle showcase in a black box, and is absolutely free.


Right now at Unzipped and Steampowered Nuts you can get this jacket and boots for free! They are sitting at the TP point waiting for you to grab them. There is even a black pair of boots for the guys, or girls ;D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Huff Prims

I'm in a mad dash to get 519326746524 hunt prizes done before I leave town tomorrow & the frenzy has brought on a serious spazz-attack. Thought I'd share XD

Top - []::Tuli::[] Wide sleeve shirt [white] (Group Gift)
Pin - Ken's Store - Mayor MCcheese campaign pin 09 - FREE

Head - {soap} Lego Head - FREE

Pose - [LAP] - Official LAP Pose (Former Hunt Prize)

The top is the latest group gift from Tuli. The pants are a Lucky Chair Prize from Kosh, and I'm pretty sure they're Unisex. The pin is a Mayor McCheese '09 button that I picked up at the new Elliot Sim, outside the Ken's Store, near the Happy Meal (also FREE). The pose is from Long Awkward Pose & was - I think - part of one of the hunt prizes in last year's Poop Hunt. Designer Dove Swanson hinted today that she might revive that hunt again this year & I'm totally praying that she does! And, lastly, the Lego Head is from Paper Street Soap Co. I got it while searching for the Slice of Summer Hunt prize, which I never managed to find. The place was so laggy & I was clicking things randomly so I'm not sure if I got it from some kind of scripted giver, or if it was a result of my crazy clicking. Either way, it's adorable & I'm not taking it off for the rest of the night.

RoCkiN your Gypsy Soul with a 50% Off SaLE!

Gypsy Soul is having a 50% off sale! What I like about Gypsy Soul is there is lots of good staples in the sets. Many things to mix and match, and you get every layer imaginable! I'm not sure how long the sale is running but you can find it in Tully, at the Gypsy Soul Mainshop.
Check out my favorites!

~Gypsy Soul~ Shroom - Shroom Tee and Frayed Hoodie (many layers and lengths) 75L
~Gypsy Soul~ Emily Jeans - Underwear and Pant Layer with Seamless Cuffs 75L
The Sneakers were a tip from Sileny, called "Chuckerz - Wild Thing" from Coquette you can get them for 10L HERE on Xstreet for one week!

~Gypsy Soul~ Peaches Set - Cropped Sweater, tee, skirt, leggings,
stockings, hood and sleeves many layers many options! 150L
Opoque - Timeless Shades - Group entry gift
HOC Apparel - Knee Boots Scripted Grunge colors - 40L

let your hair down

Last night I decimated my hair folder. Inventory dropped by about 800 \o/. Think about it, all of those freebie fatpacks from Hair Fair. You don't need that style in Periwinkle, and unless you're Terry Toland, you probably don't need it in green either (donthurtmeTerryihartu). It was kind of horrifying, seeing artifacts of my noobdom. I just had to wonder how some of those pieces made it through my first hair folder genocide. Anyway, this morning I started in on my skin folder, came across Cyber Rapunzel, and thought to myself 'I wonder whats up with that shop lately?'.

A new lucky board is whats up. Its been awhile, because I do check in periodically. Its an odd skin, but that's what Cyber Rapunzel is good for, it has always made her work more interesting to me. So, the Lucky Board is on a 20 minute timer, so bring your friends so the wait doesn't get to be too much.

Also, if you've never grabbed the mountains of gifts from Tigerclaw in the past, they're available across the street.