Saturday, November 1, 2008

Canal Grande sim opening!

This was briefly covered in other blogs, but really didn't get the time it deserved. I knew about it for awhile before anyone started mentioning, but had decided to hold off until today to post. Why? Well the official opening date for the sim is today, and figured that would be the best day to make my post.

So. Canal Grande is probably one of my most favorite stores on the grid. I own so much from the store it's kind of silly, but with the prices, how can you NOT buy a lot? Canal Grande has a new dedicated sim and it has allllll kinds of freebies and fun for you lovely ladies.

Let's start with the hunt. The hunt is for an exclusive green outfit. You're looking for four little rusty treasure boxes lurking around the sim. I *still* haven't found box A with the top, so if you find it, could you PLEASE TP me. Most of them on in the southern part of the sim, they are a little hard to find but not terrible.

In the store proper you'll find SIX lucky chairs, and not with cheapy throw away stuff either. There are four dresses to be had, Hair and a pair of shoes. The dresses are fantastic, and she's not throwing her old style dresses away.

You might notice how the skirts don't sink into the couch I'm on. That would be because they are her "intelliskirts". Totally rawk for sitting down, it looks so much better. She didn't have to put her intelliskirt pieces into the chairs, but she did, which is RAD.

While you're hunting around the southern part of the sim, you'll probably notice her little cafe. Each table had three or four seats, and each one is a camping chair for even MORE fantastic dresses. The one below you can get for an easy peasy 20 minutes. Sit and go make lunch :D

I was totally hesitant about posting about my favorite shop, you generally keep stuff like that secret, but this sim is so great and packed with so much free and cheap stuff, I couldn't keep it a secret. The last thing I want to mention is the sale area! She has some really pretty stuff for up to 50% off. God I bought so much. ANYWAY. Canal Grande is awesome, it rawks my sawks.

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