Monday, November 3, 2008

Disco Queen

At the glamour fair a few weeks ago I fell in love with a pair of pants. Couldn't afford them at the time, but boy were they fantastic. I recently found myself with the L to make the purchase I so desperately wanted, and headed on over to Mimikri to splurge. To my delight I found a pile of goodies to be had for free right here!

You can be a dancing queen or a glam queen, of absolutely zero L. There are three outfits to be had, one of which is a Mimikri tank top with and even cuter lace skirt.

You want to see the pants mentioned in the beginning you say? Well, here they are in all their glory. Ugh they are so fantastic I can hardly stand it. They retail for 160L and come in six different colors. I am a GLAM. FUCKING. GODDESS. Damn straight.

you will wrestle my cupcake from my cold dead hand.

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