Sunday, November 2, 2008

Honey Kitty and EkoEko Wins!

OK, so I know you've missed me, but I'm back! I'll be posting more often now that the Trick or treat fair is over and I'm back to actually having a teeny bit of free time.

OK! On to the goodies.

if you like lucky boards and cute things and free (which should include most if not all of our readers :p) head over to Honey Kitty and try your luck.

This dress has been on the lucky boards for a while, but I didn't blog it since i thought everyone knew about it. I was totally wrong. It's so cute and comes with 2 skirt options (high waist and low waist) and i love it so much! There is also another item on the boards that i can't seem to win. Let me know if you win it, and maybe I'll post a pic of you in it on here :D

Here's a close up for fun.

And here are some so freakin awesome ten times cute bear mittens from EkoEko's lucky chair, a store that opened up next to our beloved TekuTeku. they have tons of stuff with bears and bows and'll want to check it out. Prices are reasonable and quality is very good.

OK, I'm off to find you more goodies! Have a fabulous day!

Hair by Old Gravy
Skin by Heaven's Gate
Eyes by Miriel (only 50L and so big and cute!)

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