Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's that time again

yaaaaay for updated hunt lists! Its a lot shorter today! Tomorrow it'll be even shorter :O Here you go enjoy!

Alyssa Bijoux - ending soon, probably today Nov 2nd
A piece of candy ends today, Nov 2nd
+Apple Pop+ on until 11/07
Bay City Treasure Hunt - ends today, Nov 2nd
Beautiful Isle hunt - Through Nov 9th
BLD Hunt -Through Nov 7th
Comme il Faut -probably ends today Nov 2nd
D-Hunt - starts on 11/03
Deviant Kitties - probably ending today Nov 2nd
Heart of Dragons hunt on until nov 5th
Hell's Haven - probably ends today Nov 2nd
Hollywood Gestures - no clue when this ends.
HOH/Bewitched - dunno about this one either
Kaizen Pumpkin hunt - Ends today Nov 2nd
Lantian Village - on until Nov 20th
LDI Hunt - Ends Nov 4th
Lemania Turkey Day Hunt - Starts Nov 10th.
Lifing Room hunt - Through Nov 9th
Lucky Chair Stalkers Mushroom hunt - 24 hour hunt Nov 9th
Matika - ends today Nov. 2nd
Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt - Ends today Nov 2nd
Orage Creations - probably ends today Nov 2nd
Rayskin Hunt
Razor Mall - probably today Nov 2nd
S&M designs -Through Nov 5th
SinDecade - Ends today Nov 2nd

Anything I'm forgetting? Leave a message on this post and I'll update it.

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