Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am Offically in Lurve With Lemania Indigo

Well, more of a platonic girl crush anyway :P

She is so creative, has excellent taste, and she has tons of sales!!! What could be better?

There is a secret sale going on right now. I won't spoil it by showing all the cheapies and dollarbies, but I will show you my Louise Brooks outfit I found there for only 10L!
I'm so hot!

Hair by BP* 100L
Skin is free (or 1L, can't remember) from the FreeStyle HQ
Pose is from Striking Poses


jmb said...

Me too. And there never was a more generous lady as well. My inventory closet is overflowing with her creations.

jmb balogh in SL

Lemania Indigo said...

Lurve you too -- platonically lol hugs!