Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three Times the Katat0nik!

I could *almost* O.D. on katat0nik today. I got three, count 'em THREE, free items from there. SQUEE!

First is the stars dress, which is in a box in a corner and is free for anyone who wants it! It is in celebration of the voting going on the U.S. today, but it is too cute for just the U.S., anyone could totally wear it!

Second is the new lucky chair item, Buckley V2 in teal. I have Buckley V1 in black already and I was soooo excited to get this!

Third item i got is the Katty candy corn dress, which is still in the chairs from Halloween, i just hadn't gotten it until now.

OH! And while waiting at the lucky chairs, we had tons of fun all dressing up the same, like some super sexy Kata-Klones!*

Note* The group picture was not taken by me, as all the pictures i took totally sucked. It was taken by Cordi Biddle, who is totally fab and super awesome cool!

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