Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Momentary Mental Vacation

Oh, you must have read my mind...

Dress - fri. - Spring.Bloom Dress (Heather) - $200L
Hair - fri. - Summer - Sensitive Black - $250L (Color Pack)

As my city digs out from record-setting snowfall, has released a brand new dress called Spring and a brand new hair called Summer. Seriously, it could not be better timing. I so desperately need to immerse myself into some beautiful tropical beachy paradise fantasy. And these new pieces really help ;D

The dress even converts into a perfect little one-piece bathing suit, simply by detaching the sculpted skirt. So, you're really getting two wonderfully made outfits in one. Such thoughtful design. LOVE!

Dress - fri. - Sweet.Heart Dress (Amethyst) - $200L
Hair - fri. - Miley - Paranoid Black - $250L (Color Pack)

Unfortunately, I've been buried in work leading up to next week's Accessory Fair (yes, there will be coverage, sweet minions ;D), so I'm totally late showing you the previous release from You've seen it a 100 times by now and probably have it in three colors already, but I don't care, cause it's just too pretty not to take pictures of :P It comes in such vibrant colors, too. This Amethyst is just so rich, it really does feel like a jewel.

And, like the Spring.Bloom Dress, the Sweet.Heart converts to a perfect full coverage bathing suit. Only this one has a plunging back that manages to be a little sexy, while also being totally modest at the same time. Don't ask me how they pulled it off. All I know is that the further I drift into this gorgeously perfect blue pixel water, the further away those snow blowers outside seem to be...

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