Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running to Stand Still

OMG, I cannot tell you what a freaking bear and a half RL has been these last two weeks. Between the neighbors from hell and another major computer meltdown, I've totally had it with RL. I don't care how pretty it is outside, the real world can suck it. :P So much catching up to do, so let's get to it!

Dress - Lark - Mourning Dress
Earrings - Donna Flora IRENE silver earrings

Bracelet - IrEn- Prayer beads

Yeah, okay, you've all been to Melt by now, or at least you should have. If for some crazyfaced reason you haven't, there's still time. The Melt exhibit closes on March 21st and there are some truly lovely pieces to stop in and get. Lark debuted two fabulous new dresses: the mini (below) elegantly incorporates the image of an industrial wasteland into the bodice of the dress, and the gown (above) comes with a wonderfully rendered and fully functioning clock at the waist. There are piles of options and layers and pieces to this dress, so it's worth way more than the humble asking price. Run down to Melt and grab them all before it's over!

Dress - Lark - Consequences Dress
Skin - !Imabee: Light - Vivian - Vivian feels pretty

Necklace - GSC Draped chain necklace SILVER


SL is overflowing with events these days, among them the incredible Accessory Fair! Sure, I'm a little biased, but there's just so much great stuff on offer, and so many exclusives, you're just going to kick yourself for the rest of the year if you miss out. The Fair runs until March 27th, so you still have time to shop your butt off before it's over. Plus, the major mobs have petered out, so you can browse all day without all the laptop killing lag. In addition to the earrings from Donna Flora, the prayer beads from IrEn and the bracelet from Rozoregalia, one of my favorite discoveries was the Draped Chain necklace from G. Sloane Couture. It looks entirely handmade and folds over the shoulder in the most perfectly casual way. Plus, the gems are color change, so you can rock it with a bunch of different outfits. It even comes with matching earrings. Love it! Little jealous. Go get it!

I also need to mention the skin in that last pic. It's from a new-to-me shop called Imabee that I discovered during the new Super Bargain Saturday sale event a couple of weeks ago (before all RL hell broke loose). The skin set was just $60L for the event and comes with both freckle and cleavage options. You can stop in now and grab a different makeup from this skin line for just $300L - such a great price. Be sure to check this place out!

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