Monday, July 26, 2010

beep boop bop boop

Feeling a little bit like a trashy raver today, but it's all in fun. I blame Violet Voltaire and her new Double rainbow set she released the other day. You can buy it as a full set, or in pieces, so if you're tight on cash this week, you can get just the pieces you need. Great, jewelry sets based around internet memes. I fully expect a Jessi Slaughter set sometime next week Vivi. It's cute regardless, and it's so kandeE it kind of makes my soul ache... just a little. It's good bait for punching E-Tards at the very least. Mmm punching E-Tards.

INDI has completed yet another freebie puzzle in store this week, that means all previous week pieces are out for 5L, as well as this week's 1L piece. Grab them now while you can, and don't forget there is a men's freebie puzzle too! I'm actually wearing pants from the men's freebie puzzle. THEYARESOHOT. There are six pieces to each set, a full set costing you 26L if you buy all pieces, otherwise old pieces are 5L, and the current piece 1L. The freebie puzzles are upstairs, men's with the men's clothing and women's with the women's. You have until Saturday to grab these goodies, when they will disappear to be replaced by another freebie puzzle starting.
INDI 'Bierno' camo pants - 5L through Friday

I almost forgot to mention, the skin is a new group gift from (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) it's not too dark, and the makeup is nice. There is also a new skin in the MM which is a much darker version of the skin. Too dark for me, but I know plenty of you appreciate that.

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