Monday, September 20, 2010

We'll infect your carnal mind

In the event that you'd forgotten we are drawing ever closer to the Sn@tch INFERNO fashion show, two days and counting down to Wednesday night (the 22nd) at 7:30 pm until one of the biggest alt fashion shows of the year. The show will be featuring designs from Sn@tch, Nomine and Forsaken, and is sure to be an awesome time.

In the mean time I'll show you a couple more new releases from Sn@tch, separates and flirty, casual dresses. If you haven't yet, clear your calendar and be ready for the alt event of the season, come lag or demons bargaining for your soul, make sure to be there. I paired everything with some of my favorite hair for Hair Fair, from the store Ava-Tare. Her new releases are exciting, fun, and completely creative. I know a couple of creators who fawned over the Sultana hair above when I showed it to them. Hair Fair closed last night, so you should expect to see these hairs in store in the next few days, if not hours.

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