Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last night I overheard Gertie talking about a strange Japanese hunt in Vain chat. It was too late for me to start it, but I resolved to do it after getting a good nights rest, and have been well rewarded for having done so. So I ventured forth to +Apple Pop+. You need a HUD, there are directions in English, but they really aren't that clear, so just follow what I say. Put the HUD on and if you look around, you'll see GIGANTIC red arrows. Follow the arrows to the mystical blue portal. Click on the portal and you'll get a note card with an LM to the haunted house.

Hopefully you clicked the LM, because you should be in the haunted house. Once you enter you will be greeted with cut scenes of a mean ghost making threats, and telling you about the mystery of the house, and the evil creature you must defeat! The house is filled with all kinds of tricks as you explore. You are looking for keys. Four specific colored keys, and then ten normal keys. When you find one it will highlight on your HUD. But beware! There are fake keys among the real keys. Now you aren't just looking for keys, as you explore you will find allll kinds of camping chairs, 10, 20 and 30 minute chairs. The 10 and 20 minute chairs help you put together this ridiculously cute avatar

The other camping chairs have cute hair in them. You use the specifically colored keys to open certain doors, the red key will open red doors, blue will open blue, etc. Find the keys, do the camps, and then when you've found all the keys you're going to go to the bookcase on the bottom floor next to the two camping spots. I couldn't figure out how to open it, so just cam into the room, and click on the treasure chest to get your weapon. Once you've received your cudgel, head back upstairs to the gold door. Go inside and sit in the first chair. You will be teleported to a big room with this nasty waiting for you.

This is a mimic, he pretends to be a treasure chest until you get close... and then he attacks. The name is self explanatory. Make sure your cudgel is equipped and chase him around until you've depleted his HP. Upon defeating the monster you'll receive another note card. Follow the LM in the note card, and you'll find yourself here.

Pillage your treasure! You deserve it! Go to each chest, click on it and click on the corresponding key below. There are ten gifts, one of which being the head to the tiny av above. There is jewelry, a pumpkin bunny pet, and lots of other stuff. Here are a few of the prizes you can get.

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