Saturday, October 18, 2008

LVS &Co, I love you so.

OK, so if you have not gone to to the LVS main store for their Halloween event, you are crazy. They have a pumpkin hunt, a corn maze, a 7seas fishing area filled with exclusive custom prizes, dollarbie gag gift costumes, a gorgeous dress in the midnight madness board, and now they have these fabulous dollarbie punkin dollie dresses!
The dresses come in five colors, all 1L each. And if the dresses themselves weren't great enough, they have a cute spider backpack on them. The spider even has his own lil trick or treat bags!

I really recommend you go down and take a peek. It's really a fun place to be right now!

Skin by Soft Touch.
Hair by Bewitched (does not come with bangs, though the bangs are from Bewitched)

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