Friday, October 17, 2008

So Much Sweetness!!

So, I am doing another post related to Spoonful of Sugar because it is awesome and I feel like it. I did the hunt, and even though I only found four pumpkins (*cries*), one of them was this awesome Conker-Chestnut costume! Weeeee! Bask in the awesomeness!!!!
For the freebie hunters, you can get the above fabulous smarties glasses for free! They are so quirky and cute and they make me smile big.
And if you love them enough to join the update group, you can find this super cool gigantic angry candied apple in the notices. It'll make your avi go nuts...believe me.
And if you are willing to spend some bucks, for 175L you can get this blueberry pancake costume. When I saw this ad, I TPd away to get it faster than you can say HOOOO! Seriously, it is so cool. Like, way too cool for me; in fact, I believe the outfit might be itching me for a cooler avi any minute here. But hey, at least I'm sweet!

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